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The Neighbors Ch. 06

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Author’s Note: Everybody’s favorite redhead is back! Due to popular demand, and request, I am returning to my original on-going series. I will also try and continue Diary of a Rockstar, along with other one-shot stories here and there. Though updates may be infrequent, I do make it a point to keep up to date with my erotic writing…

Catching Up: Lana, is a beautiful and voluptuous redheaded teenage nubile not unlike any other young girl trying to put herself through college. Life is rather routine for Lana. But when her neighbors, Tina and Mark—a married couple for whom she babysits their infant child occasionally—lure Lana into the outer circle of their dangerously addictive sex life, the nubile redhead becomes Tina and Mark’s personal sex toy. From learning about facial cumshots, to discovering her repressed bi-sexuality, Lana quickly has a sexual awakening that her married neighbors attempt to promote and breathe life into. Last we saw Lana and Tina together, the forbidden lovers were making love after getting their faces painted in multiple loads of semen thanks to Mark and his very “giving” friends. That was Lana’s last sex-capade with her married neighbors. Lana has since been visiting family back home and enjoying her summer travelling and hanging out with friends. The erotic-turned-hardcore romps slowly faded into memory until they started seeming like wet dreams lingering in the back of her mind. But after summer finally came to an end, it was time to return to her apartment back in the city. And that meant returning to a sex life she worried might be spinning out of control…


Lana stood under the forgotten alleviation of a hot shower. It wasn’t hers, but Mark and Tina’s. She had spoken to them infrequently over the summer though when she had, it usually ended in an exchange of illicit photographs or an explicit Skype date.

When her plane had landed, and Lana was allowed to turn her phone on, she saw that she had received a text message while in the air. She opened the message and read it.

TINA: Hey, babe. Welcome back 🙂

Lana smiled and sent her reply.

LANA: Thanks. Can’t wait to come home and shower.

Tina replied in an instant.

TINA: Come here first. I have some salts and oils. I’ll draw you a bath…

Lana smiled and shook her head. She was about to jump right back into the deep end, the magnetism of Tina’s free spirit and sexuality undeniably the most powerful force she had ever felt in her love life. And then there was her husband, the man she had let fuck, suck, and cum all over her like a cheap whore many times in front of his loving wife Tina. And on more than one occasion, she had ended up in his (or her) warm embrace late at night. It was an absurd dynamic, but she had somehow fallen for both parties involved. It was that same surrender to Mark and Tina that led to numerous nude pictures of her, many of which included proud facials she wore for the couple, being plastered all over Tina’s porn blog. A video of her first bukkake, a video where she let a bunch of strangers she had never met before ejaculate on her face, also ended up streamed on that very same blog. It was a miracle nobody that she knew had seen it. But anytime a boy on the street smiled at her or flirted with her, Lana wondered if he could actually see her naked with multiple loads of sperm on her face already. Still, it somehow excited her knowing that any one of them might have imagined it in the first place. How many guys did she pass a day, she wondered, who imagined themselves coming all over her face? She suspected more than she would have guessed before she met Tina and Mark…

When Lana finally pulled up to her apartment building, the impending school year didn’t even enter her list of concerns. It all melted away when she made it to Tina’s front door with her luggage. Lana was a hot mess and burned out after spending all night on the red eye and the previous days bouncing around various airports just to make it home for an affordable price. She hesitated at the door, wondering what she should do when she saw Tina. Would it be weird to kiss her? Would it be rude not to kiss her? She swallowed her anxiety and finally rapped her knuckles on the door. A few moments later, Lana heard footsteps on the other side of the door. When the door swung open, Tina was standing before her in a skimpy cutaway nightshirt and nothing else. Her vagina was silky smooth and clean-shaven. It took Lana aback and, for a brief second, she found herself staring. She quickly raised her eyes to Tina’s excited gaze and forced a smile, hoping that she wasn’t blushing.

“Welcome back!” Tina exclaimed.



“No, it’s just… wow… unexpected,” Lana stammered over her words.

Lana was staring at Tina’s velvety pussy.

“I just shaved so it’s still a little sensitive, I didn’t want to irritate it by putting on brash cotton or anything. I presumed too much. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

Lana dropped her luggage and pressed herself against Tina. She drew her in for bostancı escort a long, wet kiss. Her tongue was the most welcome sensation and satisfying end to her long, sex-deprived summer where she became a slave to masturbation. The nubile redhead had spent entire days lying in bed rubbing, fingering, and fucking herself in as many creative ways as she could come up with, but never wanting to give herself away without Tina or Mark there to guide or protect her.

But that spell was all over now with Tina’s tongue massaging her own. Tina pulled away and looked Lana square in the eye, smiling devilishly.

“Relax Lana, don’t kiss me back. Don’t move your lips at all. Just keep your mouth opened and let me massage your tongue with mine, okay?”

“Won’t…” Lana turned back to the open doorway. “Won’t someone see…”

“I don’t care if anyone watches, Lana. Let them watch.”

Tina kissed her and she froze, just as she had asked her to do. She simply opened her mouth and let nature take its course. Tina’s tongue was wet and very welcome inside her mouth, dragging over the tope of her tongue back and forth and then along its sides back and forth over and over again. It was a simple motion Tina teased her with over and over. The taste of Tina’s lips slipping over her own, and the invasion of her tongue in her head brought with it a familiar smell. It was distinctly masculine and musky in a way that reminded her more of Mark than his wife.

And then she knew what it was.

Lana pulled away from the kiss.

“Is that… Mark I smell?” Lana asked, her heart racing from the kiss.

Tina nodded. Her heart was racing as well as she breathed into Lana’s waiting mouth, a simple strand of saliva connecting their lips as one. Lana felt it and made no attempt to break it. It reminded her of the many times their lips had been connected by semen.

“I sucked his cock this morning before he jumped in the shower, deep and hard. But I just realized I forgot to brush in the shower myself. Oops…”

“Did he give you a facial?” Lana asked.

“Actually, he stuffed this pair of your panties…” Tina began, removing a pair of crumpled, old cotton panties of hers that she had given to Mark and Tina after she soaked through them one night. The panties were covered in crusted-sperm and her own dried nectar. The panties smelled pungent, reeking of cum, pre-cum, and sex.

“Into my mouth and came all over them. A little got on the tip of my nose, but most of his load ended up on the panties. He wanted you to wear them today but not wash them,” Tina added matter-of-factly. Lana smiled at the thought of being clean again and slipping on that filthy pair of panties covered in dried semen and her own juices.

“I’d love to.”

Lana’s heart raced, the carnal, pungent aroma of sex and cum biting into her most forbidden desires.

“Here, you’re too tired to fuck. You need a bath. How rude of me, I’m sorry. Let’s get you across the threshold here,” Tina said, stepping out in the hallway half naked. She dragged Lana’s suitcase into her apartment as Lana followed her inside and notice that Tina and Mark had done a little remodeling since the beginning of summer.

When Tina shut the door, she led Lana into their luxurious bathroom. When Tina opened the door and showed her the filled, steaming tub lined with candles, the sweet smell of forbidden oils and salts lingering inside the water, Lana just about died right there. It was everything she wanted to feel like a normal girl.

“I’ll let you alone in here. Let you freshen up…” Tina said as she slipped her shirt up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. She also took her used panties and tossed them out of the room onto their bedroom floor. Lana looked back into Tina’s eyes and then reached around to unhook her bra, instantly freeing her massive breasts to sit freely on her chest. Tina’s eyes went wide as she let out a barely audible moan of satisfaction. “Oh, sweetie, I forgot how perfectly made these were…” Tina breathed.

Tina began to tease her puffy, pink areolas and the rock hard nipples that sat a top of them. Tina took both of Lana’s nipples in her mouth, sucking on them like an infant.

“I don’t have any milk in these things…”

“Will you nurse me anyway?” Tina asked, looking up at her from beneath her breast.

Lana smiled and began consoling Tina by running her hands through her hair as the married woman continued to suck from her nipples.

“Mother’s here, it’s okay…” Lana heard herself say.

Tina moved to her other breast while using her free hand to massage the one left coated in saliva and slightly more swollen than the other. The sensation caused Lana to literally flood her panties with nectar. She had to cum, but there was a problem…

Tina made a move for her belt and she stopped her quickly.

Tina looked up at her in confusion.

“It’s been a while since, well… that last Skype date a couple months ago…”

Tina looked perplexed, but then büyükçekmece escort smiled reassuringly when she seemed to get it.

“You have a bush. It’s okay. If you’re embarrassed I’ll leave you to it.

“It’s a little embarrassing is all. Why don’t you let me get freshened up and then we’ll continue this on the bedroom floor.”

“After breakfast.”


“There’s a razor over there and shaving cream and my pubic trimmer beside it.”

Lana blushed, her porcelain, freckled complexion flushing red.

“Thanks. I’ll be a while. I need to just soak and relax too…”

“Of course. I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re done,” Tina said, not moving at all.

Lana was confused. Had she missed something?

“I at least want to see. I’ve never seen what a natural redhead looks like el natural.”

Lana blushed even more, heart racing with extreme embarrassment. She sighed and gave Tina a playful look. She smiled and continued to fumble with her belt and fly. It didn’t take long for Tina to unlock both and rip her pants and underwear off of her hips in one fell swoop, instantly revealing Lana’s crimson forest of hair that Tina looked at with wonder and awe. Tina fell to her knees to stare at her furry privates face to face, which only made Lana more self-conscious about herself.


Tina ran her hands through it slowly.

“It’s so soft and… red!” Tina exclaimed. “Wait, stay here…”

Tina jumped up and disappeared in the bedroom. When she returned, she had her camera in her hand, which caused Lana’s heart to drink with terror.

“No! Not like this!”

“I want Mark to see how beautiful you look like this.”

“I’m shaving right now.”

“After a few pictures. Besides, your fans will love it.”

“My fans?” Lana shrieked a little too loud, suddenly aware that Tina was leaking excitement from her own pussy. She saw a thin trail of nectar glimmering in the light as it ran down her inner thighs.

“Your pictures have gained a ton of e-mail response and comments. People want to see more of you.”

“Oh boy…”

Tina took the moment of confusion and shock as an opportunity, grabbed Lana by the hand, and led her stark naked out into the bedroom where she guided her to the edge of the bed. The whole room reeked of sex and cum, and made Lana wonder how many times Mark and Tina had screwed just in the short period of time since she went home. She wondered how many of those times took place in the very room she now stood in.

“Legs spread now,” Tina demanded, pulling the camera up to her face before Lana could even think to object.

“Take off your shirt,” Lana demanded in turn.

Tina smiled, set the camera down, and peeled off her shirt revealing her large tan areolas and erect nipples covered in gooseflesh, sitting perkily a top her chest. She picked up the camera again as Lana instinctually spread her legs to show Tina her hairy pussy in full bloom.


Lana looked away as her embarrassment was continuously captured on camera to be sent out to Mark and the world.

“Spread your lips too, Lana.”

Lana used her fingers to peel open her labia and show Tina her pink.


Satisfied, Tina lowered the camera and looked lustfully at Lana on the bed, spread-eagle, her hairy pussy glistening for attention and leaking nectar all over the bed.

“Go take a bath,” Tina finally said.

That had seemed like days ago, Lana thought while she stood under the hot shower, draining every last drop of hot water that she could. The bath was relaxing and a big help in regards to shaving. All that remained of her pubic hair was a thin wisp, a tiny strip that she trimmed down to stubble with Tina’s pubic trimmer. Everything else Lana had shaved clean. She still liked leaving a little something down there to show her “fans” and any potential lovers that she was, indeed, a natural redhead. Her drapes were a unique color already, which meant that only she could get a matching carpet and wanted to show that fact off. She ran her fingers over her silk smooth lips and through her crimson landing strip when the hot water was just starting to run out. She looked down at her pruned fingers in the candlelight, which cast long dancing shadows all over the room. Lana sighed and finally turned the shower off, stepping out of the shower dripping wet and clean.

Lana walked into the kitchen, towel wrapped around her, and was shocked to see Tina’s naked backside staring back at her. Both of her cheeks sat idly on top of her golden thighs, but with each step she took to grab various ingredients, her cheeks jiggled sensually where her back met her legs. It didn’t take long for the redhead to remember the taste hidden between her cheeks or how beautiful she looked nude from behind.

Lana continued on around the bar, getting a perfect view of Tina’s perky breasts as they wobbled around freely as she continued frying fresh bacon. The smell had come later, çağlayan escort her senses still warped from a lack of sleep.


“It’s almost ready?” Tina said, looking up at Lana and raising an eyebrow.

Lana smiled, nervous, and let the towel fall off her body, revealing to Tina her new, freshly trimmed, and nearly all-but-shaven pussy.

“Mark is going to love that…” Tina breathed.

“Really? You think…” Lana said, looking down at it, still trying to decide if she should just shave her whole pussy like every other girl, including Tina. But she thought not.

“You’re a redhead. Let guys know it’s the real deal,” she said finishing the bacon.

“I will. Thanks again for the bath. I definitely needed that. How long was I in there?”

“You fell asleep. I checked on you and made sure you were still breathing, but you’ve been in there for a couple of hours. It’s actually almost lunch time, but… oh well!”

Lana forced a smile.

“Sorry. I hope I’m not keeping you.”

“The least I can do…”

“And with a view too,” Lana quipped, pulling up a stool to the kitchen bar across from Tina, taking in the beautiful detail of her naked breasts and hard nipples.

“Where’s the little one?” Lana asked.

“With Mark. Be back tomorrow morning.”

Lana nodded as Tina handed Lana a plate of fresh cooked bacon and then turned back to the fridge.

“He can’t wait to fuck you,” she said as if it was the most casual sentiment in the world.

“I can’t wait to get fucked by him,” Lana replied, feeling her excitement flood out of her freshly cleaned pussy all over the bar. She looked down to inspect the mess. Tina saw and smiled. Lana blushed when she could tell that Tina knew she had just made a mess of her own cum all over her stool.

“That easy, huh?”


“It’s okay. Here.”

Tina handed Lana an opened container of yogurt and handed it to Lana. Lana smiled and took the container. Looking into the container, she saw that granola had already been dumped in it, but even more odd was that on top of the granola was an opaque white glaze that almost resembled icing. Lana checked the label to identify it, but did not see anything in the ingredients or label that she recognized. Had it gone bad?

“Is this frosting?” Lana asked.

“A kind…” Tina said.

Lana looked up at Tina, confused, but then shocked when she realized what it was.

“Is this… cum?” Lana asked as Tina put a spoon in her hand.

“Semen, my husband’s, yes.”

“I… you… why is it on the yogurt?” Lana asked, the notion that she had almost eaten cum like it were a delicacy deeply shocking to her, though she didn’t know why considering she had ingested much more than that when Tina and her let Mark and his friends turn them into two little bukkake-sluts.

“Mark’s seed is a precious gift that I try not to waste, Lana. That’s why I photograph every facial and cumshot he sprays on my face and body and swallow his loads dutifully. But then he started requesting that I make sure my diet consists of sperm on a regular basis, so I started telling him to cum in my breakfast or lunch. I find it enhances the taste. Semen is basically just fructose sugar, ascorbic acids, salt, and various B vitamins. Here…” Tina took her own container, swirled the creamy sperm on top into the yogurt and granola until it was completely blended. She then took a scoop of the forbidden cocktail and held it out for Lana whose mouth opened hesitantly, the idea of eating Tina’s husband’s semen as a garnish a bit new to her.

“Mark always works up a good load for me before he showers and ejaculates in these little containers for me. Sometimes we cook with it too. Soufflés or casseroles.”

Tina slipped the spoonful of sperm-laced yogurt into her mouth.

Earlier, Tina had been the infant at her breast, now she was feeding Lana like one.

The yogurt tasted… good. It was a bit salty, with a unique taste she recognized as Mark’s seed. When she made sure she had swirled the substance all over last taste bud, Lana dutifully swallowed the mouthful of yogurt, excited that with it went a little bit of Tina’s husband with it. She imagined the little sperm traveling with her yogurt down her throat into her stomach. She imagined that with every mouthful of this forbidden breakfast, Mark was once again marking his territory inside of her mouth.

“Yummy!” Lana exclaimed.

Tina took a thick spoonful into her mouth, spilling a little ever so slightly over her luscious lips. After Tina wallowed her breakfast with her husband’s seed, she used her finger to playfully scoop up the remains on her lips back up into her mouth.

“Glad you like,” she said playfully.

Lana looked back down at her full yogurt container and couldn’t wait for it to be in her stomach. She started taking thick spoonfuls into her mouth, relishing the cum as it swirled around with the yogurt in her mouth. Tina took mouthfuls in at a time.

“Lana, you’re more than a friend. You’re both my husband and I’s lover. We want you to feel at home here and we know the times are tough for college students, so…well… Mark and I want to buy you a new car. We know you’ve relied on the bus system here, and well, that’s no good. A girl your age, and as beautiful as you, needs a pair of wheels she can call her own,” Tina explained before finishing her yogurt.

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