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The New Boyfriend

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Public Sex

An acquaintance of mine hooked up with a new boyfriend a few months ago. I wouldn’t call this guy a friend, as every conversation is all about him and how awful his life is and how people are mean to him. I don’t think he’s ever asked me how I’m doing.

So, one day I met him on the street, and he proceeded to tell me about he new boyfriend. In typical fashion, he went on and on and on about his new Daddy, telling me that they were in a closed, monogamous relationship.

“Oh, good for you,” I told him, rolling my eyes. He didn’t notice the sarcasm. He never does.

I finally met the new boyfriend a few weeks later after chatting with him online. He’s a hot fucker: beefy, hairy, tattooed, balding, thick graying beard. Since I was stag that weekend, the plan was to meet up and grab a bit of dinner and chat after work on Friday. But once we saw each other, the plans changed. Fuck dinner. Fuck chatting. Just fuck.

We got to my place and got right down to business. Within a minute we were naked, hard cocks pressed together as we kissed and rolled around on the bed. Before I knew it, he was sucking my cock, fondling my balls, and teasing my ass with his thumb…and we’d just gotten started!

The image of his bearded face servicing my cock was so hot, I came almost immediately, shooting a quick load in his mouth. He looked at me with an evil grin, leaned over, and spit my load in my face. Most of it landed in my beard, so I left it as a memento.

Now it was my turn. His cock was average in every way, except that it was attached to him. His thick bush hid part of its length, but as I buried my nose in it I was rewarded with that mixture of sweat and piss and funk of a man who’d put in a hard day’s work since his last shower.

His balls were real low-hangers, ping-pong ball sized, and istanbul travesti his sack was covered with bristly fur. And even though his cock was fully hard, his balls stayed low and loose. After I’d sucked his dick for a while, I popped one fat nut in my mouth and started to pull back gently, holding it in my mouth with my lips. Suddenly, I lost my balance and pulled a lot harder than I’d expected. Instead of a cry of pain, he groaned, “Aw, yeah!”

I knew then what was going to happen next, and it’s something I don’t get to do very often. I grabbed his sack tightly with my left hand, so that his bulbous nuts strained against their furry enclosure. With my thumb and index finger of my right hand, I flicked his nuts, one at a time, in succession. With each mild blow, he flinched and groaned in pleasure. I grabbed his sack tighter, pulling rather hard, and started slapping his balls with an open hand. Even more sounds of ecstasy came from his mouth. His cock was as hard as ever, and he was writhing.

I let go of his sack with my left hand, and grabbed his nuts in my right hand, and squeezed. “Fuck yeah!” he cried out. I clamped down harder and harder, like I was getting that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. And all of a sudden, he came, without any warning and without either of us touching his dick. The jizz oozed out of his cock just like the toothpaste, seven or eight contractions worth, and pooled in his thick bush.

We cuddled and kissed for a while, then dozed a bit until we were ready for round two. He started licking my armpits, first gently, and then with increasing excitement. My cock got hard again, and when he kissed me, I could taste my funky pits on his lips.

He started working my cock with his hand while he played with my nipples. I shot a second load for the evening, istanbul travestileri a big glob landing in my beard. My second load mingled with the first one there.

When I’d recovered, I picked up where I’d left off earlier, namely sucking his cock. I started toying with his ass, sticking a finger in. He was a bit tight, but with gentle coaxing, I got him to open up enough for a second finger. I was then able to reach his prostate, and got him to moaning again.

His ass relaxed enough for a third finger, and I started seriously working his hole. The fourth finger slid in easily, setting him to writhing on the bed as precum dribbled out of his dick. He response made it very clear that he wanted to get fucked.

And so I obliged him. After I’d rolled a condom on, I teased his asshole with the head of my cock while stroking his dick slowly. My fingers had loosened him up, and so the penetration was easy. My cock reached quite a bit further into him than my fingers ever could, and he responded by throwing his head back and whimpering.

“Yeah, fuck me Daddy,” he moaned.

I growled, “Yeah, boy, you take Daddy’s cock. You like getting fucked, don’t you boy? You like feeling Daddy’s hard dick inside you, invading you, violating you. Right boy?”

“Yes, Daddy, fuck your boy,” he groaned.

His compliance turned me on even more. I’d reduced this hairy slab of beef into a whimpering pile of goo. I glanced down and watched my dick sliding in and out of his ass, watched his cock bounce with every thrust, felt my pubes mash his balls into his crotch every time I was in him to the hilt.

Soon I felt his ass tightening up, and with a cry of “Oh, yeah, fuck me daddy!” he shot his load, the cum splashing on his hairy chest. A few strokes later, I felt my balls draw into travesti istanbul my body, and I unloaded again, filling the condom rather than his hot ass. I pulled out, sucked my cum out of the condom, and spat it on his hairy chest, where it mingled with his own jizz.

Thinking we were done for the evening, I went to the bathroom to wash the cum off my softening cock. But he had other ideas. When I’d returned, I found that he’d rummaged in my toy drawer and pulled out the double-headed dildo I’d pretty much given up on out of frustration. He waved it at me with an evil grin.

“Oh, all right,” I said. I lay on my back while he slid one end into my ass. I have to say, having him push it in me was much hotter than doing it myself. He laid down on his back, took the other end of the dildo in his hole, and moved so his asshole was just inches from mine, our legs intertwined. And somehow, we got the rhythm going so that we were fucking each other with the dildo, sliding in and out at the same time so that our assholes met as if in a kiss as the toy filled our asses.

After a while I realized that there was no way I was going to come a fourth time that evening, so I decided to turn my attention to him. I pulled the dildo out of my ass, and started working it as far as it would go up his. I was amazed at how much he could take. He was working his cock with one hand and his nipple with the other, while I fucked his ass with the dildo. When he started a low growl, signaling his imminent orgasm, I grabbed his balls and pulled, while yanking the dildo roughly from his ass. This time, his cock erupted like a geyser, splashing cum all over his belly, my belly, the bed, the wall….

We took comfort from our encounter in each others’ arms, hugging and kissing. And then, he left.

A few days later, I ran into my acquaintance. He started telling me proudly how his new Daddy was an exclusive top. “What’s best is he doesn’t make me play with his ass at all, not even rimming. I really hate doing that, you know….”

“Oh, good for you,” I replied, smiling to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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