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The New Girl

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Big Tits

You are a sweet, sexy guy who just happens to know the owner of the brothel (perhaps you are a regular, I don’t know) You want something different, and the madam asks if you would do her a “big favor.”

What favor might that be, you ask? The madam tells you how she has a new girl, who has never been paid for sex. The madam feels the new girl is smart and sexy, but she does not wish to throw the new girl to any of the other “johns,” fearing they might “mishandle” her. You are so kind, so sweet, so respectful– the madam says– would you mind introducing this new girl to sex for hire?

No problem you say, getting ready to pay. The madam tells you your money is no good, this one would be “on the house.” You put your wallet away, and sit on the couch. The madam brings you a Chivas Regal, neat, telling you the new girl would be down in a few moments to meet you.

The New Girl– known to me as ME, walks gracefully down the stairs. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin– wearing a silky blue long nightgown– you are for certain (or you hope) she is wearing nothing underneath. You stand up, finish your drink, ready to meet the woman whom you will introduce to forbidden pleasures.

The madam introduces you to me, telling you a bit about my education, and background. Thank heavens, I think, she neglected to mention I was not wanting to play “call girl” for the money, but for the “experience.” I am nervous as I take your hand, asking you if you like what you see? You answer affirmatively, then tell me you are ready to go to my room. I ask you if you would like for me to fix you another drink to take with you. . .you say no.

We climb the stairs to my room. What a fancy brothel– each girl has a gigantic room, with a large bathroom attached. I tell you the rooms are all soundproof, and we can play the stereo as loud as you like. . .I ask you what you would like to listen to, showing you the selection of cd’s. I am trying very hard to remember to “service” the Avcılar Escort man- you are paying for your orgasm, not any silly chick stuff. I am there to please you!

You politely tell me to relax, and just be myself. I smile, as I say thank you. You pick out a cd, something unknown to me. As the first selection starts to play, I realize it is smooth music, something perfect to suck and fuck to! Cool, I think, as I ask you if you would like to get more comfortable. You tell me you are okay for right now. I ask if you would like for me to get more comfortable– you tell me you are enjoying the sight of me, as well as the company.

We make small talk. You tell me a bit about what you do, where you are from, etc. — all those general nice things people make conversation over. I was still nervous, not wanting to waste your time with conversation– I kept thinking surely you could find a beautiful woman to just “talk” with– you paid money to fuck me. And I wanted you to get your money’s worth!

You could read my thoughts, telling me how sexy I was– how you could tell I was new to this– I didn’t have the “jaded, hard-worn” look. I thank you. You then tell me you are really enjoying the line of my nipples as they poke through the silk.

I ask you what you would like for me to do– I am here for your pleasure. Yes, you politely say you know that. You just haven’t figured out yet exactly what you wanted to do with me.

I offer up a few selections I think I am good at– would you like for me to suck your hard cock? Do you want to see me play with myself? Do you want to fuck me missionary style, or would you like to do something a bit more avant-garde? Would you like to see me play with “toys?” Just tell me what I can do to make you happy, I say. Tell me how you would like to take pleasure in my body. . .

You make a little bit more small talk, telling me a good girl always takes the time to listen to Beylikdüzü Escort the man. Some guys want a woman’s undivided attention, without the worry of mortgage, who’s doing the laundry– etc. The fantasy is the woman who is there for him, ready to be devoted only to his needs. Yes, I say– that is me. What do you want to do with me?

You tell me how much it would excite you to see me play with my nipples through the silk. You want me to lay back on the big bed, and caress myself. You want to see me spread my legs, and make myself so horny I am practically begging you to give me your hard cock.

I begin to do as you request. You find this to be even more pleasurable than what you thought– I am not shy, and willing to let you see me play with myself and turn myself on. I wonder at what point you will just fuck me. . .in fact, I am starting to wonder if you will, or if you just plan to watch me get myself off. That would be okay, too. I have the preconceived film noir version of a call girl– one where she gets naked, sucks the guy, and submits to him fucking her– then bam! she’s onto the next john.

But your name is not john, so perhaps that is why it is different. You watch me, and I can see the hardness in your pants. I ask you if you would like to remove your pants, and let me relieve some of your tension with my mouth. You tell me not right this moment. . .you are going to taste my hot snatch first. . .

You immediately stick your hot wet tongue into my wet pussy. This drives me wild, making me hotter! You begin to expertly lick me– making me wetter than ever! The more you lick, then probe me with your tongue, the more I just want to let go and cum! Soon, you have my hips bucking, and I feel the sweetness of an orgasm overtake me. . .I flow onto your tongue, as you eagerly lap up every bit!

You lift up, and start to unbuckle your belt– you let your pants and undies fall down to your knees– Esenyurt Escort I wonder if you are going to undress even more– instead, you just push my lingerie up over my breasts, revealing my hard nipples. You then gently push my legs open, as you lightly touch my clit. More waves of pleasure shoot thorough me, as I feel your rock hard cock opening me up.

The red hot flash of you entering me goes thorough my mind, replaced by the magnitude of your prick in me. . .you being to stroke, giving me pleasure. I can only hope you are finding pleasure in this. . .

I begin to softly giggle as the end of your tie falls down and tickles my cheek– you must have wondered what was so funny, because the giggle caused you to start to shove your man meat into me harder and faster. I think I should giggle some more– this action drives me wild!

I wrap my legs around your hips, pulling you into me some more. . .you continue to give me the fucking I so richly deserve! You lick my neck, asking me if this is how I like to be fucked? Yes, yes, I gasp, in between the pounding!

You then tell me you want to pull your dick out of my pussy, and have me finish you off by sucking– yes, yes, I tell you!

You pull yourself out of me, and stand up. I quickly slide to the end of the bed, where I start to suck your hard cock. I massage your nuts, feeling them tighten in anticipation of your orgasm. I can even feel your dick swelling in my mouth. This makes my nipples harder, and my pussy wetter, as I listen to you moan in pleasure. You begin to tell me how wet my mouth is, how much you are enjoying my tongue on the underside of your dick!

I can feel you tighten up, as you prepare for the release only an orgasm can bring. I start to suck you harder, giving you all the pleasure you can stand. In a moment, I feel your release, your hot juice shooting into my mouth! It is all I can do to not let a single precious drop slip out, as you continue to enjoy your orgasm.

You then gently pull yourself out of my mouth, telling me how wonderful I am, how much you loved cumming in my mouth. . .you tell me you are just a bit tender, as you pull your pants back on. You quickly buckle your belt, telling me you think I will make a good call girl.

Then you quickly leave the brothel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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