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The Pantyhose Party

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My taxi was booked for 7.30 Greg’s pantyhose party was at 8, drink would be provided, all I had to do was attend wearing my smokey gray pantyhose and have two spare pair with me as I may need them!

The time was a little after 7 having showered I was ready to dress for the party. I had laid my pantyhose on the bed earlier and now picked them up to slip into. Sitting on my bed I balled up the pantyhose left leg placing my toes into the silky hose, pulling the nylon over my foot up to my knee, I did the same for my right leg enjoying the fine mesh as it travelled up my leg. I stood to continue pulling the hose up each leg a little at a time and as I pulled them over my ass and hips I playfully let the waistband snap back against my abdomen.

As always when I pull on pantyhose my cock had risen, due to the wonderful feel of the silky material against my sensitive cock head. I gave my cock a squeeze letting my fingers travel to my balls rubbing the nylon around them. My fingers wrapped themselves around my shaft very gently moving slowly up and down as my mind drifted to a room of men clad only in pantyhose with hard bulging dicks, I was going to enjoy the party. I continued moving my hand across and around my silky covered dick, a wet spot appeared and I rubbed it into the nylon. Lost in my enjoyment I glanced at my watch, shit, 7.25 my taxi would be here at any moment!

Dressing quickly I threw on jeans, a shirt and a .jacket, no socks and no briefs, I’m sure I wouldn’t be needing them! Finally I pulled on my cowboy boots, they slipped on easily over the silky pantyhose. I heard a horn outside and glanced out the window, my taxi had arrived. I picked up my two spare pair of pantyhose and stuffed them into my jacket pocket, I was off to the party.

I arrived at Greg’s bang on 8 and rang the bell, a moment later Greg’s head appeared around the side of the door, his eyes covered by a small mask with a Mr Tan sticker above the bridge. He invited me in, the hall was dimly lit but I could see Greg was dressed only in tan pantyhose with his bulging cock clearly visible beneath.

“Glad you could make it,” Greg exclaimed as he ushered me into his cloakroom. “You can get undressed in here, let me help you, two pair of hands are quicker than one, pantyhose only tonight!”

As I slid off my jacket Greg was already at my feet and had a hold of my left boot, I lifted my leg and he pulled at it. The boot easily slipped of my silky nylon foot and Greg quickly had my other boot in hand sliding it off just as effortlessly. My cock was growing rapidly as it always does when someone undresses me, especially when they are only dressed in pantyhose. I had my shirt off as Greg unbuckled my jeans, unfastened the button and slipped the zip down, his hands moved to the side of my thighs and slid my jeans down slowly bringing my throbbing dick in to view.

“Mmm, I love those smokey gray pantyhose your cock looks great in them,” Greg smiled as he completed the removal off my jeans.

Greg got to his feet and hung my jeans on a coat hook along with my shirt and jacket, he clearly did love my smokey gray pantyhose as his dick was now rock hard tenting his tan hose.

“Did you bring spare pantyhose with you?” Greg asked. “You will likely require them!”

“I brought two pair, they are in my jacket pocket,” I replied.

Greg pulled the hose from my pocket and placed them at the end of the shelf below a small window. I noticed there were 9 different hose colors laid out neatly.

“Now remember anything goes here tonight, but you can always politely refuse any request you’re merter escort not comfortable with. The one rule that must be adhered to though, is if you see a throbbing cock you are obliged to make it cum!”

Greg looked down at my own throbbing dick and reached out his hand feeling around the head.

“I can’t dictate rules and not act upon them,” he smiled as he sank to his knees and licked my shaft from base to tip.

Fuck, I was only in the door two minutes and already I was dressed only in my hose with my dick being sucked off! This was going to be some party!

Greg had my knob in his mouth and was slowly but expertly sucking my cum from my balls. I leaned back against the wall as he swirled his tongue around my cock head, his left hand was fondling my balls while his middle finger ran from my balls to my butt hole. I felt my legs tremble a little as my cum grew close, Greg sensed this too as his hands slid up and down my silky thighs. My cum rose quickly as he sucked on my cock with the force of a vacuum cleaner!

Like a volcano my cock erupted, three days of cum hit my hose as Greg sucked it through the fine mesh.

“Oh my god, that felt so good,” I gasped.

Greg stood up and kissed me, letting a little of my sweet cum slip between our lips, I could feel his hard cock push against me.

I broke off the kiss and looking Greg in the eye said, “I can feel your hard cock throbbing through your hose, I’d better adhere to the party rule and make it cum!”

With that I grabbed his nylon covered cock, the head was already wet with precum, my thumb rubbed this around his knob, he moaned as I slid to the floor and licked at his balls. My hands travelled up the back of his thighs finding his taught butt cheeks, moving effortlessly across the silky nylon as I rolled his balls around my mouth. Playfully I bit a little on his right ball drawing a gasp from his lips, my tongue travelled up his shaft and engulfed the head. I sucked gently around the head as my left hand slid from his butt to his balls rubbing them gently through the nylon. Without warning Greg’s cock gushed it’s creamy cargo into my mouth, I hadn’t sensed it and was pleasantly surprised as I drank it down.

“Fuck, I was trying to hold back longer, but you’re too good at sucking cock. You are going to be a popular boy tonight!” Greg exclaimed as I got to my feet.

“Hadn’t we better get to the main party before you’re missed?” I asked.

“Yes we’d better,” Greg replied as he handed me a mask with Mr Gray marked on it.

I slipped the mask on as Greg grasped my still stiff cock and pulled me out of the cloakroom, it felt nice being led by my cock. Greg gently tugged on the head as I followed behind, my nylon thighs swished together as I walked and this too was a pleasant experience, usually when wearing hose I had pants on. or was simply stationary pleasuring myself. I made a mental note to myself to wear hose only around my house!

As we entered the lounge I took in the picture before me, the room was softly lit with an oak floor, easy to clean up semen stains no doubt! To my right Mr Blue was sat in an armchair being blown by Mr Yellow, neither saw me enter as both were engrossed in their own sexual pleasure. Mr White was kneeling on a pink chaise lounge in front of the window, grasping the side, his ripped pantyhose exposed his butt as Mr Purple fucked him gently.

An empty sofa sat off to the left with a large rubber plant next to it in the corner, an oak bookcase with an inset plasma screen sat against the last wall nişantaşı escort next to a door that led to the kitchen. Mr Red exited the kitchen with a couple of drinks in his hand, I noticed his hose were sheer I could clearly see his semi hard cock beneath. Greg led me to the centre of the room where Mr Black, Mr Nude and Mr Mink were in conversation about football. Mr Red joined the group as Greg introduced me to them.

“This is Mr Gray, whom I mentioned to you all earlier.”

“You have a bit of a reputation to live up to, Greg here has praised your cock sucking prowess and we are all pretty keen to find out how good you are!” Mr Nude smiled.

“I’ll get us a drink,” Greg smiled at me. “Large vodka isn’t it?”

“Yes please, with a little lemonade,” I replied.

“We were discussing football, do you have a team?” Mr Nude enquired.

“I’m a Steelers man,” I replied as I saw him check out my hard cock.

“Mr Black here is a Steelers man too, Your cock looks like steel in those gray pantyhose, I’ll see if I can soften it,” he grinned as he reached out and felt my hard cock.

He handed his glass to Mr Mink as he started gently stroking my nylon covered cock and then pushed me, I fell back a little startled onto the sofa behind me as he got on his knees between my open legs. His hands slid up my thighs before moving them under, he pulled me forward a little putting both my legs over his shoulders as I felt his tongue lick my balls. I felt both my ankles being grasped and looked up to see both Mr Black and Mr Mink smile down at me. Both men slipped my pantyhose toes into their mouths as Mr Nude continued sucking on my balls, his right hand slid up my dick slowly jerking the head.

“Here’s your vodka,” Greg offered.

I gladly took it as my mouth was a little dry, it was difficult to drink as the angle my head was at was not great and I apologized as vodka ran off my chin and on to the sofa.

I was enjoying the attention I was receiving, as both set of toes were sucked upon while my cock was being gently stroked by Mr Nude who was still sucking and licking my balls. I felt his finger probe and then push into my butt, I heard a rip as his finger pushed through my hose and embedded up to the knuckle. I choked on my drink and put the glass down as he fingered my hole, his hand left my cock as I felt the hole in my pantyhose being ripped open, his hand slipped under my hose and grasped my cock moving the head against the thin nylon. I felt his tongue lick at my hole as my heart pulsed wildly out of control. His tongue probed my hole and that was all I could take, I moaned loudly as my second load of cum on the night splashed through the front of my hose and trickled down Mr Nude’s fingers.

My toes were still being sucked with my legs still wide apart, I felt Mr Nudes nylon covered cock rub around my butt hole and with a gentle push his cock was in. I reached out for Mr Black’s and Mr Mink’s cocks, finding them both wet and rock hard. I started to tug on both cocks as my hole was being slowly fucked. I felt the cock inside me swell and knew Mr nude was going to cum, he moaned as his seed pumped from his cock, it caught in the mesh of his hose as I felt him withdraw.

Both my ankles were released as Mr Black and Mr Mink both offered their hard dicks for sucking. I took turns sucking on their cocks until Mr Nude appeared to my left and started to suck off Mr Mink. This left me free to suck on Mr Black’s cock, partly transparent in his semi opaque pantyhose, my hand found his balls as his breathing ortaköy escort grew more erratic, I knew he was close. sucking deeply on his cock I let it graze the back of my throat, my teeth raking his cock on the up stroke. That did it for him and he gasped as he shot into his hose, I kept sucking as I attempted to clean his hose as best I could.

He stepped back a smile on his face, “Man that was awesome!”

“Hope you brought spare hose, I need some new ones too!” The comment came from Mr White his pantyhose ripped to shreds, it looked like he was wearing stockings.

Looking down at my hose I could see they were ruined, the crotch was completely open and my left reinforced toe had been ripped open exposing my toes. I got to my feet and followed Mr White to the cloakroom. As I entered Mr White was throwing his used hose into a waste bin situated in the corner, he picked up a fresh pair of white pantyhose and shook them free.

“I’m not good at pulling on pantyhose, I wonder if you could assist me?” He requested as he held the hose out to me.

“Sure no problem,” I replied as I took the hose in hand.

I balled up the left leg of the hose and knelt at his foot, he raised his leg and I slipped the nylon over his toes and foot allowing them to slide up to the knee. As I balled up the right leg of the hose my face was inches away from a very nice semi hard cock, Instinctively my tongue licked the head drawing a gasp from Mr White. I took his cock into my mouth whilst blindly searching for and finding his right toes, I quickly had the hose over his foot before sliding them up his leg still sucking on his now rock hard dick. I pulled the hose over his ass and leaned back slipping them over his cock and around his waist.

“Please keep blowing me, finish me off, your mouth feels wonderful on my dick, don’t stop now.” he gasped.

How could I refuse. I decided to tease him a little and licked around the pulsing head allowing my tongue to slide from tip to base. I continued this for a couple of minutes until his breathing quickened and his cock twitched quicker. I knew he was going to cum and slipped his cock fully into my mouth. Two deep strokes later I let his nylon covered cock slide over the back of my throat, that did it for him and I felt his cock swell, I sucked on the head and felt his cum trickle through the hose onto my tongue. He groaned as I took his load swallowing it down. I kept sucking on his hose cleaning them as best I could.

“Man you came with a lofty reputation and that is intact, man that’s the best blowjob I’ve ever had!”

I stood up smiling at the praise given and slipped my thumbs into my pantyhose.

“No wait, don’t pull off your pantyhose I want to jerk you off and see your cum fill the mesh.”

“Ok, go for it,” I replied.

His hand found my semi hard cock exposed at the ripped crotch and gently started to jerk me. It took a minute or two but I was soon stiff. He pulled down the waistband off my pantyhose a little and then pulled the front panel over my cock, the head was now just below the waistband as he continued his soft sensual slow wank. He was an expert at jerking cock, I moaned as he continued his pleasurable assault on my cock. I moaned some more as his expert pace quickened. My balls tightened and I groaned as my cum filled the gray nylon and oozed through the mesh.

“Thank you,” Mr White whispered.

He hooked his forefinger in my waistband and pulled down my hose to my knees, kneeling now he pulled my hose from my left, then my right leg. He cleaned up my dick with the nylons and threw the soiled hose into the bin as he left the room.

I reached at the shelf picking up my spare pair of hose, shaking them out I balled up the left leg and proceeded to get into them. As I pulled the waistband over my cock, I was aware that for the first time I’d pulled on pantyhose my dick wasn’t getting hard, my cock was truly spent!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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