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The Post Game Activities

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I’ve been playing softball with the same group of friends for quite a few years now, I probably should have retired from it by now but I’m able to recover every week. As is normally the case somebody on the team has everyone over to their place on Saturday night but this one turned out differently.

I get along very well with Dan and his girlfriend Ashley. Dan is a real athlete, 29 years old 5-10 tall and 175 pounds I think he’s on some kind of a team for a different sport 5 days a week. Ashley is 28, very short blonde hair 5-0 tall and 110 pounds she’s a former competitive gymnast who coaches now and she has the hardest compact body I’ve ever seen, she’s a rock with incredible stamina. Unlike me, 45 years old 6-1 tall and 245 pounds who gets winded scoring from second base.

As the evening went on we were all sitting around the TV not paying much attention I was on the end the sofa when Ashley came over. I was going to get up and offer her a seat when she sat down on my lap. I didn’t mind and she settled herself in. With nowhere to put my hands I put my arms around her and folded my hands.

We made small talk when she asked if I was comfortable, I said, “I’m fine but it difficult to be a gentleman in this position.” Ashley asked how so? And I said, “There’s a genuine opportunity and desire in this position to ever so discretely grab your ass.”

Ashley wiggled some and smiled replying, “Well if you can do so discretely I would love to have my ass grabbed.” So with that invitation I slowly eased my hand around and down until I had a handful of the firmest little ass I had ever had in that hand. Spreading my fingers wide and giving the most appreciative and discrete squeeze Ashley asked softly, “How’s that feel to you?”

I looked her in the eye as I fully enjoyed the feel of full firm ass in my hand and whispered in her ear, “I have to say it feels fucking fabulous.”

Ashley wiggled her butt in my grasp and said, “Good to hear.”

Making my way to the back porch where the drinks were I came upon Dan who said, “Getting well acquainted with Ashley?” I grabbed a can of Pepsi and said, “Some women like to climb on a big guy, beats me but I can’t just toss them on the floor you know.”

That’s when Dan throws me the curve, “How’d you like to give her a tumble?”

I looked at Dan, toasted him with my can and said, “You need better material if you’re going to do stand up.”

He slapped me on the shoulder and said, “No, Ashley has been wanting to have a threeway but we’re more than a little selective about with who and she suggested we ask you. You and I get along great, she thinks you’re fun, you’re a nice guy, which matters a lot.”

Staring blankly at Dan it took me a while to comprehend what exactly he was saying. He’s a great guy and Ashley is terrific, they weren’t the type to be yanking my chain to make a fool out of me. When Dan’s words finally hit me I realized he was serious I asked, “Been thinking about this long?”

Dan smiled and said, “A couple of weeks, Ashley suggested it and when I thought about it for a while I agreed with her.” Escort Sincan

Well if I was ever going to have a wild time present itself it was now and I wasn’t going to wait to accept the second chance. “I’m not too crazy but you’re on.”

I parked my car and made my way to their apartment just as they were unlocking the door. We stepped inside and Ashley grabbed my hand pulling me towards the bedroom. Dan said, “You two can get started I’ve got to feed the cat, I’ll be there in a second.”

Ashley didn’t hesitate and she was quickly helping me off with my pants. I returned the favor giving her two hands to get out of her clothes.

Having already felt some really good parts of Ashley’s fully clothed hard little body without clothes she looked even better. Fabulous firm 34C breasts, flat stomach, absolutely magnificent full calves and a clean shaven pussy. I thought for a second, Dan must love that cat to wait even a second on this. Ashley put her arms around my neck and I easily straightened up lifting her off the floor then I turned and laid us down on the bed. Ashley rolled me onto my back and straddling my chest slid her bald beaver onto my waiting mouth.

It was an intense sensation licking Ashley’s perfectly shaved pussy even more so with her grinding on my face and me squeezing her firm round little ass with both hands. Ashley was enjoying herself just as much massaging her firm breasts because she got off at least twice before she sat back on my chest and said, “Oh Kurt you munch like a girl needs to get munched.”

I kissed her thigh and said, “That was a sweet treat Ashley.”

At that point Dan came in and stood by the side of the bed. I looked over as Ashley reached out to take his cock in her right hand and did a double take because she was holding one seriously big dick. As Ashley stroked Dan’s cock it stiffened to its’ full 12 inches she was moving back and forth on my chest humping my body as I stroked her rock hard thighs and she worked the shaft of Dan’s huge cock with her hand which looked so small as she held his huge rod. A horny little multi-tasking babe indeed.

Finally Dan handed Ashley a condom which she rolled onto his cock then she crawled off of me and knelt down at a 90 degree angle to me and began stroking my cock which was already at a full 9 inches. Dan knelt down on the bed behind Ashley and positioned her just so as he tapped his cock on her firm little butt. Then as Ashley took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking me off Dan eased the fat head of his foot long into her pussy.

Damn I thought, this girl is super hot, as Ashley didn’t miss a beat, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked more of my cock down her throat while Dan, with a firm grip on her hips, pumped his big dick into her from behind. Ashley’s body moved with Dan’s slow deliberate thrusts into her from behind but she kept her head steady and focused on giving me head. As Dan was pushing every inch of his cock in and out of Ashley’s pussy she was deep throating my nine inches with relative ease. Nothing like a woman who can give as Eryaman Escort good as she gets on both ends.

Pulling his girlfriend’s butt close to his body Dan shot his load buried to the balls in Ashley’s pussy with a look of sheer pleasure on his face. Ashley let my cock slip from her lips and threw her head back enjoying the sensation of her pussy being stuffed with a foot of cock then kissed the head of my dick and rolled onto her back. Dan handed me a condom and I got onto the bed in front of Ashley. Pulling her knees up to her chest and spreading her legs I just about choked at the sight of that sweet smooth snatch screaming to be fucked.

I slipped the head of my cock into that sweet bald slit and slowly pushed forward being careful not to put too much weight into a much smaller Ashley. But Ashley wanted just that saying, “Now come on Kurt I can take it give it to me hard plant my ass deep in the sheets big man.”

So aiming to please I shifted slightly I began pumping more of my cock deeper into Ashley’s sweet wet pussy and pushing down on her more. “Oh that’s it Kurt, give it to me fuck me hard.” Cooed Ashley as I was putting my weight onto her and denting the mattress with her ass.

Ashley was up for having my weight on her and into getting banged good and hard. As I was pumping the full length of my cock in and out of Ashley’s sweet pussy Dan knelt down next to her head. He moved closer straddling her shoulder and Ashley began licking and sucking his balls. Well that was to much for me, I put my hands under Ashley’s tight round ass and pulled her up off the bed sinking my cock to the balls in her and shot my load.

I needed to splash some water on my face and a break to catch my breath Dan going with me to take a leak. When he was done Dan was washing his hands and his long dong was dangling in front of him. I reached out and took his cock in my hand saying, “I don’t really have a use for this myself but damn boy this is one impressive piece of meat.”

I was standing at the foot of the bed as Dan rolled off of Ashley. She looked like the well fucked woman she was but ready for more as she crawled towards me. I wanted to try something I had never done. I had Ashley put a condom on me then had her stand on the edge of the bed in front of me with her legs spread wide. “Put your hands around my neck, lock your fingers and keep them there.” I told her then I reached around to draw her closer to me.

I had her spread her legs a bit more to line things up then I slowly pulled Ashley forward easing my cock into her pussy. With about half of it in her warm wet slit I put my hands under Ashley’s tight little ass and lifted her off the bed. Ashley’s legs went around my waist but were too short to go very far around but she got her feet behind me. As I held her up with both hands under her ass my cock went all the way up into her pussy.

Ashley let out a shriek and threw her head back then I started bouncing her in my arms. Fuck it was awesome, I was bouncing Ashley in my arms, her firm tits rubbing my belly shaking between us, my cock buried in her pussy Keçiören Escort while she squeezed me with her arms around the neck and ground her feet into my back. And then she started yelling, “Oh my God, Oh my God Oh my God” over and over.

Ashley was getting off and I have to say it was incredible having her hang on me basically riding me with my cock buried in her tight sweet pussy. She is just about the right size to do this and strong enough to hold on. I was having no problem with her weight but she was sweating and bouncing around which made it tough to hold onto her.

Finally I was ready so I pulled Ashley close to me and held her tight before I did cum. She relaxed and I was able to collect myself an ease her down on the bed.

Dan put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Thanks a lot now I’ve got a new trick to learn.”

“You’re talented you’ll get the hang of it.” I replied.

At that point it appeared Ashley finally needed a break. She reached out and guided me behind her on the bed and I spooned behind her cupping her firm breasts and kissing the back of her neck. Dan layed down in the opposite direction in front of her and began kissing her slick pussy.

Ashley recharged and came rather quickly then after reaching back to check that my cock was hard again she handed me a condom and swung around to get on her knees and go down on Dan. If I hadn’t been hard watching Ashley go at Dan’s long dong would have gotten me there. She was soon swallowing a good nine inches of his familiar man meat with ease.

But it was my good fortune to be kneeling behind Ashley’s firm little butt and after rubbing her bald beaver for good measure I slipped my own stiff dick into it.

I was quickly working the length of my dick into Ashley’s sweet snatch being careful not to pound against her little butt too hard. Showing incredible talent she was into it on both ends sucking off Dan with a flourish.

Sensing an opportunity I checked to see that Ashley had her hands on the mattress before I took hold of her narrow hips and lifted her knees off the bed. She of course couldn’t say anything with her mouth full of cock but she did give out a serious grunt so I knew she was OK with the move. Ashley began rocking and or rolling that fine tight strong body perched on her muscular arms as I pumped my cock into her pussy and she slid her lips up and down on her husband’s long tool.

Dan came first and as Ashley came up for air I sank my cock all the way into her pussy. Pulled her ass close to me and shot my load. When I pulled out I lowered Ashley down and she rolled over onto her back. Her face was flushed and she looked very happy. Dan asked her, “Are you all right?”

She just sighed and said, “I’m fucked and happy and I think I’m out of gas.”

I sat down to catch my breath before saying to Dan, “Well then I guess it’s been a success. I think I could use a shower before I hit the road.”

He said, “Yeah this seemed to work out very well. Go ahead there are some towels in there.”

Returning after getting dressed Ashley was asleep and Dan was rubbing her back. We both just waved ‘goodbye’ so as to let her rest and I made my exit. As if there were words that would fit the occasion. That was last week and we haven’t discussed a repeat performance but I wouldn’t be able to say no if they were up for it.

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