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The Professor Ch. 02

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I stopped on the rug inside the front door, “Wait one sec…I need to get out of these boots.” I pulled my boots off by the heel of my western-style work boots one at a time and set them on the rug — then turned and latched the front door.

As I turned around she was smiling at me, “You are a very thoughtful man, thank you…now let’s go find a soft place.” She took my hand and led me to the laundry room which adjoined her bathroom, “Let’s get these dirty clothes off and wash them while we take bath.” I peeled of my sweaty t-shirt as she admired my well muscled torso, “You’ve been hiding a fine body Steven.” She kissed my sweaty chest and chills ran down my back as goose bumps exploded all over me. She continued kissing my chest down to my abs and navel. She unbuckled my belt and I undid the button-fly on my Levi’s as she pulled the wet jeans and underwear down slowly kissing me everywhere that had been covered with denim and Jockey-shorts. One last tug and my burgeoning erection popped out in her face, “Oh my gawd! Steven! You’re huge!”

I looked down to see her licking her lips a scant inch from the head of my dick as it wavered in front of her. She wasted no time kissing my dickhead, “Oh Phyl…” was all I could gasp out. I was so close to ejaculation at this point I thought my balls would explode off my body. “Slow…slow down…I…I’ve never done this before,” I couldn’t catch my breath as she put her lips back on my dickhead and slid me as far into her mouth as she could, she was squeezing my tightening balls and stroking my dick all the while swirling her tongue as best she could around my dick in her mouth…, Escort bayan “I gonna cum!” I shouted and she grabbed my ass with both hands as I tried to pull out of her mouth — I didn’t know what to do but she did, did she ever. She held me in her mouth as I shot my first load into her mouth — there was so much cum it bubbled out her nose and she was swallowing it as fast as she could. The cum flood finally subsided, I felt weak in the knees as she cleaned up my dick and kissed her way back up to my lips.

We were nose to nose, “So you were telling the truth. Steven you sweet, sweet man…you’re delicious.” She kissed me – the salty taste on her tongue had to be my cum. At that point I didn’t care she had unleashed the sexual animal in me. We broke our kiss and she bent down and picked up my clothes and put them in the washer — she turned it on and we went into the bathroom where she began filling a big old Victorian cast iron, claw foot bath tub. She poured some jasmine scented soap into the water and stepped out of her dress. As she dropped it to the floor my jaw fell with it. Her body was perfect. She held both hands out to me, “C’mon baby let me wash your back and love you properly.”

This couldn’t be the same woman who five hours earlier was trying to slice and dice me with her indignation. My brain was trying to fit these incongruent pieces of the day’s events into some sort of ill-conceived puzzle. I was working too hard at this — I relented as I held her hand while she stepped gracefully into the foaming, jasmine scented water. As she sat down she held her hands up to me, “Come to me Steven, let me Bayan escort wrap my arms and legs around you and show you what it means to make love.”

My dick was at full erection – again. I climbed over the side of that big old tub and nestled in between her beautiful, dark thighs as she raised her feet pointing her toes like a ballerina lifting them to about chest height and then wrapping them around my waist. She leaned forward, wrapping her long slender arms around my chest, kissing my back and neck, pressing her luscious breasts against my back, the rock hard nipples felt as though they were leaving indentations on my back. Every place our flesh touched was on fire…she slid her right hand down my abs and found my dick, “Steven I love your big dick, you’re delicious baby…I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” Her voice was coming in shorts gasps and she stroked my dick.

I hoarsely got out a few words, “Lissia I won’t be able to hold onto my cum if you keep doing this…” She just kept stroking my dick, massaging and squeezing it all the way to the head and back down to my balls. My breathing quickened with every stroke, the friction of her soft hand, the warmth of the water, the softness of the bath oils that she poured into the tub were combining for an amazingly sensual experience. My balls were tightening and I grabbed hold of her thighs as my orgasm shot into the tub water like a gusher from an oil rig — she just kept on with her rhythmic and wonderful stroking. She damn well knew what she was doing. Lord help me I was addicted to this woman’s ability to make love — this wasn’t screwing, getting Escort laid or fucking this was seduction in it’s purest and most spontaneously erotic form. I lay back against her beautiful breasts cushioning my relaxation as she held onto my chest from behind.

“Oh my sweet Steven I could have missed this wonderful experience for my rude and stupid behavior, I hope you’ll forgive me baby,” she whispered.

I was wasted, “Lissia you have completely blown me away. I never expected this. Wha…what changed? I mean you went from flat out hateful to the most sensual creature I’ve ever known.”

She had a natural sponge in her left hand squeezing the soapy water through it to foam it and began softly soaping and washing my shoulders and neck, “Steven my sweet baby we have an expression in the black community that goes something like this, ‘if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.’ There was no question in your mind who you were standing in front of me. You weren’t intimidated by my title or my position. You told me boldly and proudly who you are and where your line was — I crossed it and you didn’t let me get away with that bullshit. You weren’t ugly, hateful or loud. When I came down that hall praying to God that I wouldn’t break a leg chasing you and you graciously let me apologize – you had me. That’s what men do — real men and sweet baby every woman out there wants a real man. And when we were sitting on the swing and told you I was black and you said, ‘I noticed that’ you stole my heart — you didn’t run — nothing. Now I’m gonna show you how to love a woman so your life will be forever changed and whoever you end up with will wonder how you got to be such a wonderful lover.”

My heart was pounding in my chest as she washed me all over with that soft sponge…my life had already changed…she didn’t know it yet…she was becoming my Lissia…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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