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The Reverend Staci Ch. 01

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Last year our Church in NC searched for a new Pastor. I was the Chair of the Search Committee. We finally settled on a woman priest named Staci from the State of New York, who was 41 yrs old. In addition to her outstanding religious qualifications, I noted, to myself of course, that she appeared to have a very nice set of jugs on her and filed that thought in my memory banks for future use. Mother Staci settled in very nicely to our area and congregation. Based on our previous conversations I knew she was not a virgin by any means. Another thought filed for future use.

A few months ago, I happened to discover that Mother Staci was taking a few hundred dollars from our Sunday School fund every few months. Last month, I invited her to my house for dinner. She arrived wearing her normal street clothes – a white blouse, buttoned to her neck and black slacks that were just a bit tight around her ass & thighs.

I opened a bottle of wine and poured her a nice size glass into which I also secretly poured a shot of vodka and we had a very nice dinner and good conversation. We then adjourned to the living room sofa with Staci working on her fourth wine & vodka. I sat next to her on her right. I then raised the issue of the missing money. She first denied it, but finally did admit that she took about $600, and begged me not to tell the Church Board.

We quietly discussed it some more. As we did, I gently reached my right hand over, placed it on her left breast, and began to gently rotate my hand over her tit. She pulled back and went to grab my hand. As she did, I squeezed her tit very hard and told her I was her only good option. She quickly recognized her situation and leaned back in submission.

I then quickly decided to test her submission. I opened the third, fourth, fifth buttons on her blouse, slid my right hand quickly in and into her left bra cup, pinched her nipple hard, and then began to massage that fantastic tit. I asked her what size bra she wore. She said a 38-D!

I told her to stand up and face me while she unbuttoned her blouse and took her bra off. As she started, I opened my pants & lowered them to my knees for she could see my dick harden up. She looked scared as she removed her blouse & reached behind to unhook her bra. Those tits were fantastic. Heavy, just a trace of sag. etiler escort I told her to lean over, place her hands on each of my knees, and look me in the face while I massaged, squeezed, and shook those fantastic jugs of hers. I fingered her nipples and watched as they grew and hardened (as my cock was). She was shocked as she realized that she was also getting very turned-on. “You are going to be one fucking bitch for me!” She began moaning, breathing hard, and panting. She would be a very hot submissive Bitch!

Then I told her to stand up and drop her long shirt to the floor. She had on old fashion white cotton panties on, but I did notice they had a very large, very wet stain over the entire crotch. The Bitch was turned on! I told her to get them off and to lie on the floor with her legs spread wide apart toward me. I then told her to start playing with herself. I wanted to see two or three of her fingers stoking that clit. Was I surprised to see how fast and how well she did it. I then told her to sink those fingers deep into that sexy cunt. The bitch came immediately groaning and yelling.

My 8-inch dick was now standing straight up and at full thickness. Then I shocked her and shocked myself even more, when I told her to put her blouse and skirt back on, no more bras or panties – ever!, and to go home. I told her go about her work and she’d hear from me again. I waited a full week to let her stew about what I might be up to. I must say that week was equally hard on me – I had a raging hard-on almost every minute of the day and wacked-off 3 or 4 times every day! After the Sunday service, I caught up with her in a hallway that was then empty, but could have someone enter at any second. I suddenly grabbed her long skirt in the back with my left hand and pulled it up to her waist. I then grabbed her ass with my right hand and found it totally bare! I dropped her skirt and said “good girl” just as two women entered the hallway.

I called her the evening before her normal day off. I asked if she had gone every day the past week, sans underwear. She said yes — damn good thing! I told her to dress in a very tight sweater and a skirt above the knee. She said she did not own anything like that. I told her to head out to Target tonight and find what I wanted. I told her to fındıkzade escort be at my house at 9 AM sharp, ready to “work.”

9 AM the next day, I hear a knock on my door. What a fantastic sight to behold. Those 38D tits looked fantastic as did the short skirt. I invited her in and complimented her choice of clothes. I then pulled her to me and tried very hard to get my tongue down her throat. My tongue did not succeed, but I knew that in a few minutes some other part of my body would be exploring her throat.

I striped my clothes off and sat on the sofa slowly stroking my cock. I told her to stand & remove her sweater. Then I told her to start playing with the big tits. As she did, she started to moan with her nipples growing large & hard. I ordered her onto the floor and reached between the sofa seats & tossed her an 8-inch battery dildo. Told her to sink it in her pussy, turn it on high, and fuck herself with it in one hand while the other hand stoked her clit. Wow, did she take to it. Sinking that vibrating tool all the way up her hairy cunt and then sliding it over her clit. The bitch came 6 times in about 10 – 15 minutes. Being such a nice guy, I let her rest for about 10 minutes, and then ordered her to crawl over between my legs and get worshiping my balls, cock, and asshole. I was a bit surprised at how quickly she did so and with no argument.

I had her lick and suck on my cock first & then move to my heavy balls next. She did a great job. Then she hesitated when I told her to tongue my asshole. I didn’t get mad. I just then slide my ass a few inches closer to the edge and put my heels up on the cushions with my knees spread wide and grabbed a handful of her hair in each hand and pulled her mouth tight into my asshole and yelled at her to get that tongue wet and out and curled in a “U” and use it to fuck my asshole. The Bitch finally did it correctly. Mother Staci got a lot of saliva flowing and really got into lapping my asshole and licking the length of my ass crack and up onto my balls. She was quite an ass-licker! Then she’d stick her tongue into my hole as far as she could. I let her go about 15 minutes and I could see she was finally getting tired. So I cut her a huge break and said, “Well cunt, you did an excellent job at that. Now you can sit up göztepe escort here and take a rest while I toy with your fuck-hole with my finger and as a reward, I just might give your clit a workout!”

I let her lay back on the sofa and I began to slowly rub my middle finger up and down the length of her wet slit. Then I’d pause at her clit and rub my fingertip on her clit in circles. As she started to squirm, I’d slide the finger down to the bottom of her slit & push it in and wiggle it around in her increasingly wet cunt. I kept these movements up for 5 minutes or so and she was getting hotter & hotter. It quickly became obvious that she was not getting much of a “rest.” She needed badly to cum and CUM she did!! I kept it up with no break until she had her fourth orgasm. I then just held her in my arms as she calmed down.

After a few minutes, I told her, Well we now know exactly what a great little fuck-machine you are and we are going to give you a lot of practice you little fuck Queen. However, before you can go make lunch for us you need to suck me off!! I had her kneel in front of me. I grabbed a handful of hair and an ear in each hand and I just needed to give her a serious face-fuck! I knew I was hurting her throat as I slammed into her, but I didn’t give a fuck. Some other day, I’d teach her how to let a big cock slide down her throat and how she could use her swallowing muscles to make a man cum directly into her stomach. For now, I just needed to unload a lot of heavy sperm into her. Once I started squirting I told her not to spill a drop and to swallow every drop. When I pulled out, there were tears in her eyes & I told her to open her mouth wide. She really did swallow it all. I patted her on the head and told her to get cleaned up and make us some lunch with some nice white wine.

As she got up, I told her I had one more service I needed from her. I followed her into the bathroom and told her to get a clean towel, a washcloth, with hot water and a bar of soap. I stood with my legs apart and had her kneel in front of me and wash my thighs, balls, cock, and pubic hair and even turned around so she could was my entire ass crack & cheeks.

She took a shower and started to put her blouse and skirt on. NO, NO, NO! Fix lunch in the nude you little cunt. We then had a nice lunch and a couple of glasses of wine and I told her she could have the rest of the day to do as she wished. I’d call her when I wanted another performance! I also told her, our next sessions might be even more adventuresome!

More to CUM!!!

Email me if you like this and give me some feedback/suggestions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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