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The River_(1)

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The River

by TW aka RatFink

Wally, loaded down with camping gear, along with his new friend Mat, tramped along the narrow trail that followed a river that flowed through the outskirts of their town. They had recently met at a church retreat where they discovered their mutual love of the outdoors. They did make a bit of an unlikely pair though. Wally was a little over six feet with a decent build and an outgoing personalty. Mat was small framed and about 5 foot five. A bit of an introvert too. As they passed into the cool gloom under a highway bridge they saw two guys on the other side of the river with their pants down around their ankles and their boners extended.

“Hey check it out!” Wally exclaimed in a muted voice as he squatted down and held his hand out to signal Mat to do the same.

The larger of the two waddled up behind the smaller guy then and worked two lubed fingers into the smaller guys ass while the smaller guy stroked patiently at his boner.

“Shit! They’re not going to do what I think they’re going to do? Are they?” Mat asked big eyed.

The larger guy confirmed Mat’s suspicion then by centering his hard on in the smaller guy’s crack so the smaller guy could push back to get it in. They watched then as the larger guy fucked rapidly upwards into him while holding down on his shoulders as the smaller guy beat steadily at his dick enjoying the rapid plunging of his friend. When the larger guy slammed up hard to put his semen in the smaller guy let go too ejecting three wads of cum that arced through the air before falling onto the concrete below.

“Oh man! That was hot! So fucking hot!!!” Wally exclaimed.

Mat just looked at him and shook his head. His mock disgust didn’t fool Wally for a moment though. He could tell by the vertical lump under Mat’s zipper that he was just as turned on by it all as he was. As they trudged on then toward the clearing where they would camp, Wally couldn’t stop talking about what they’d seen.

That night, while the two slept side by side in their tent, Mat woke bursa escort to a rhythmic rustling of the fabric of Wally’s sleeping bag that told him Wally was jacking off.

“You’re not doing what I think you’re doing are you?” Mat questioned.

“Hey those guys were so fucking hot!” Wally said, flipping his sleeping bag open then turning on their lantern before resuming his jacking.

Mat rolled over to face him then only to see one of the biggest most gorgeous dicks he’d ever witnessed in all of his life. A good eight inches in length with a slight upward curve. His lengthy glans had a concave curve that ended in a wide flair. The most beautiful specimen Mat had ever witnessed in his entire life! His mouth watered while his mind struggled with his sexuality. Wally’s dick was winning that argument.

“Hey…ahh… Ever touch another guys dick?” Wally asked, “It’s wicked man”.

“Well… yeah… been awhile”, Mat said with a blushing smile as he uncovered then rose from his sleeping bag”

Wally was quite happy to see the nice stiffy that was straining against the fabric of Mat’s jockeys. The evening was headed in the direction he hoped it would! He oh so wanted to unload his achingly full balls in Mat’s cute little bottom. Thought’s of what they had witnessed earlier that day still plagued him. Mat couldn’t stop thinking about those guys either. When his hand wrapped around Wally’s thick warm shaft the last of Mat’s reluctance evaporated.

“Oh man that feels good” Wally moaned as Mat began to slowly jack, “But ahh… it would feel even better if you’d put your mouth on it…”.

And that Mat did. He fondled Wally’s balls as he worked his tongue at the sensitive bottom side of Wally’s dick. Then he went all the way down, pushing Wally’s bulbous tip back into his throat. It was obvious this wasn’t Mat’s first rodeo. When Matt pushed his jockeys down with his free hand, so he could stroke himself as he sucked, Wally said “Hey. Nice dick guy. Let me suck on it”.

The way Mat was going after him Wally knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer. So Wally gobbled his up. Wally bursa escort bayan was saving his deposit for Mat’s other end. Wally was a butt fucker from way back. Didn’t matter to him if it was a male or a female’s butt either.

“Ever had your prostate messaged” Wally asked after he’d sucked for a bit.

“Yeah. Feels good. Not without lube though” Mat said with a laugh.

“We’ve got lube. Right here dude” Wally said as he drug their grocery bag over. After rooting around in there for a bit he came up with a bottle of cooking oil. He had brought it along to fry any fish they caught.

Mat pulled his knees up over his chest then to present his asshole to Wally’s lubed finger. His mind was headed in the same direction as Wally’s. And right away Wally could tell that Mat was no virgin just by the look of his hole. The first finger went in easily. So did the second. When Mat asked for a third he knew he wouldn’t have any trouble getting his thick dick in.

“Ah man… That feels good” Matt moaned as Wally stirred his fingers around and around.

“I know something that would feel even better” Wally suggested.

“I bet you do! Go ahead. Do it man. Fuck me!”.

With Mat’s legs pushed back over his shoulders, Wally centered his bulbous tip in Mat’s hole then began to press in, He was taking his time to give Mat’s sphincter a chance to stretch and adjust to his girth. All the same, when Mat’s anal ring slid over the wide flair around the base of Wally’s glans he did flinch.

“You ok man? Want me to take it out?”

“Hell no man! Put it in man. All of it! I want every last inch of that thing inside me man”.

At that Wally began to fuck into him with his heavy ball sack slapping steadily against Mat’s ass. The oh so tight ring of Mat’s sphincter sliding up and down his shaft felt so good. Mat was jerking like crazy at himself, tossing his head from side to side in ecstasy. When it appeared Mat was nearing orgasm Wally pulled back to work his sensitive tip in that tight ring to achieve the stimulation he needed to go off. When he did Mat went off too splattering fragrant semen escort bursa all about his chest. When Mat stood, Wally’s sperm literally dripped from his distended anus!

They cleaned up with baby wipes then left their lantern on for awhile after they’d crawled back into their sleeping bags. Wally could tell Mat was troubled. He had pretty good idea as to why too.

“You OK dude?” Wally asked

“Yeah… that was one hell of a fuck. Awesome. I really do like being on the bottom … I guess I’m gay. Just going to have to except that”.

“Maybe yes, maybe no. You could be bi too. That’s me. My golden rule is ‘ if it feels good, do it ‘ . My first fuck was with this chick that lived across the street. Only way she’d do it was in the ass because she was afraid she’d get pregnant. Smart girl huh? Then I ended up fucking her brother too”.

“Could be…”, Mat said looking thoughtful, “Hey ahh… while we’re on that subject… Wanna fuck me again?

“Hell yeah!” Wally answered.

This time Mat straddled Wally facing him then sat back to fully impale himself on Wally’s hefty shaft. A bit of clear liquid emerged from Mat’s slit as Wally’s big glans passed over his prostrate. Mat caught it on his finger then licked it off.

“When you cum, do it in my mouth man. I want to taste your stuff” Wally said.

“Be ready right after you go off. Just have your mouth open man”, Mat said with a big grin.

Mat knew how to get what he wanted. That was every last bit of sperm left in Wally’s balls! He worked his sphincter rapidly back and forth over Wally’s sensitive glans and that area just below his slit until Wally shoved up into him and groaned as he provided Mat with more of what he so badly wanted. Mat barely got his dick into Wally’s mouth in time to have his sperm gushing over Wally’s tongue.

With their libidos finally satisfied they cleaned up then turned their lantern off and went to sleep. The next day, after sucking each other off, they hiked back. They hung out for awhile under the bridge hoping those guys would show up. No luck there so they agreed to go camping again the next weekend and try to come by there at the same time as as the day before. Mat reminded Wally to bring cooking oil and plenty of baby wipes too.


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