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The Salesman

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The doorbell rang and Janet opened the door and was greeted by a young guy with a holdall and a name tag on his jacket.

” Hi I am Andy and I am selling personal items if you would like me to demonstrate?” the chap explained to her.

Janet was intrigued and let the guy into the hallway of her home out of the cold.

She then said, “come into the lounge and you can show me what you have.”

The young lad looked only about 18 to Janet as she looked him up and down as he passed her and walked into the lounge.

” Sit down, make yourself comfortable,” Janet suggested. She noticed him looking at her as she moved around the room in her housecoat. She had not long showered and was naked under the housecoat, but she did not feel threatened by this guy at all.

Janet was shown various creams to reduce aging and wrinkles and then Andy showed her the erotic collection he had in his bag, such as vibrators, strap on items and all manner of harnesses and straps and DVDs.

” Wow, I did not know they made these so big!” Janet exclaimed as she held up a rather large Dildo. The thing was about 12″ long and was really thick and had veins standing out like mountain ranges throughout its length. She seductively smoothed her hand over the tip of it as she looked Andy in the eyes.

Janet was playing with the lad now and loved the way she had him squirming in his seat on the couch. She even saw him have to adjust his trousers when she was playing with that big Dildo.

” How can anyone take such a big thing inside them?” Janet asked the lad. She wanted him to blush with embarrassment and she was not disappointed.

” You have to be gentle and prepare yourself well”, he said in return.

Janet looked at him with a smile and asked if he would show her, if they went upstairs and she turned and walked to the door.

” Come along”, Janet commanded and the lad, eagerly followed with his bag over his shoulder.

Janet showed the lad into her bedroom. It was a beautiful room with a big bed covered in lace white sheets and pretty pillows, with white sheepskin rugs scattered around the floor. There was also a large dressing table that ran along the wall under the window, which had a very long mirror above it, which seemed to make the room look double the size.

Janet sat on the bed and motioned for Andy to do the same. She watched him place his bag on the chair by the bed and sit down beside her.

” What do I need to do first then Andy?” Janet asked him in an innocent voice that she thought would tease him a little and get him into this some more.

She was pleased when Andy suggested she lay back and get comfortable. She smiled when he said that most women have to cum at least once first before they are wet enough to take the big one.

She watch with anticipation as Andy removed the big weapon from his bag and placed it carefully on the bed next to her.

” Do you have anything else in there I can use first?”, Janet asked looking at the bag on the chair.

Andy handed her a smaller vibrator güvenilir bahis from his bag and this one was only about 6″ long and much slimmer. She held it easily in her hand and brought it to her mouth and kissed it with her bright red lipstick covered lips, making a loud kiss sound as she did so.

Andy asked Janet to lie back on the bed and as she did so, she let her housecoat drape open at the bottom revealing her long shapely legs to Andy.

She could see was interested in her as his eyes were all over her, undressing her in his mind as he looked her up and down.

” Can you undo my buttons for me, Andy?” Janet asked him. She then watched as the young lad moved his trembling hands to her housecoat and started to fumble with the buttons. She knew she was at least 20 years older than him, but the sight of this young lean man, taking an active interest in her and her body was exciting her.

She watched as one by one he worked the buttons loose and then parted her housecoat, revealing her naked body to his lustful gaze as he did so.

She heard Andy wolf whistle, when the material parted and this made her feel wonderful inside. She knew that her ample breasts and neatly trimmed pussy were now on display to the lad and that he liked what he saw. She had kept her figure well and she loved getting admiring glances from guys when she wore he bikini on the beach as they eyed her curves, so she had hoped that Andy would approve.

” You can touch if you like” she told Andy and he did not need to be told twice. He felt her breasts and nipples and then slid his hands over her body and down between her legs like his life depended upon it.

” Slow down, I am not going anywhere and you won’t get caught” Janet told him. He appeared to be acting like she was quick grope in the cinema. But he followed her instructions and was soon delicately caressing her body, giving her pleasurable feelings inside.

She held his hand and pushed in between her legs, then she took his fingers and showed him what to do with her clit, brushing it gently and caressing it with her own juices from her inner lips.

” Oh yesss, that’s really good” Janet said as he soon caught on and became an instant expert in manipulating her most delicate erogenous zone.

She could feel that she was really wet and she asked him to use the Vibrator now.

The coldness of the latex head of the small vibrator nudged her lips and she felt Andy moving it up and down the lips, then over her clit and back down again getting it really wet.

Then she felt it part her lips and slide into her easily.

In and out, in and out it went with each trust of the vibrator she felt so good down there, a warm tingling sensation that was getting more intense all the time.

She looked up at Andy’s face and saw him smiling and loving what he was doing to her as she lay there below him, naked and at his mercy.

Janet looked down her body, past Andy’s hand that was pushing back and forth with the vibrator and over to the mirror, she could see türkçe bahis herself and Andy on the bed and could see the vibrator as Andy pulled it out and plunged it back into her, when it disappeared from view as she took it completely.

Her breathing was getting quicker and she could not hold back, as her orgasm built inside her body, she knew it would not be long and she would cum all over his hand and the vibrator.

” Fuck me, fuck me harder” she screamed at Andy as the feeling went wild inside her.

” Push deeper, fuck me, fuck me harder”

She felt Andy speed up and pushing hard as he really fucked her pussy with the latex shaft in his hand.

” YESSSSSS!!!!!” she cried as she came and her juices began to flow in her pussy. She could hear the vibrator start to make squelching sounds now as she was so wet down there.

Her body was shaking and her breathing heavy as she looked at Andy and asked him to use the big boy now.

” Give it to me nice and slow with that big brute Andy” she said to him as he picked up the 12″ Dildo and moved it towards her hot wet pussy.

She felt the weight it as Andy laid it on her belly as he parted her legs wider. Then she felt it against her mound and touching her lips as Andy got it wet on her pussy juices which were everywhere.

She was eager for this, but still a little worried about its size.

” Take it easy with me” she said to Andy as she looked into his eyes and held his wrist.

She saw him wink and smile and he said it would be ok.

She released her grasp on his wrist and he was now free to work the head of the big Dildo around her lips to lube it up.

Andy asked her what she wanted

” I want to feel it, I want to feel it inside me, I want you to fuck me with that huge thing” She said in return.

She then felt a pressure starting against her lips. She could feel just pressure, getting harder against her delicate pussy lips.

It did not feel like normal, it did not feel like any cock she had taken before, this was different. It was so big, the head was so big, almost like a fist, but more rounded.

She tried to watch it in the mirror, but the bulk of if was blocking the view of her pussy. She raised up on her elbows and looked down to see the head was pushing against her and was drawing her lips inside her as they were pressed by the massive head of this cock.

She smiled at Andy and watched as he pushed it harder against her.

Then she felt something give a little and then some more and looking down she could see that her lips had finally parted and were stretching apart to allow this monster inside.

She felt it go in an inch and her pussy was starting to open to accommodate it slowly.

The feelings were intense and she knew she would cum anytime.

” Oh my god, that is just so fucking big, I feel so stretched by that thing, Wow!!”

Andy asked her if it was ok to go on.

” Don’t you dare stop, I want that thing in me”

Andy continued to push.

Janet came as the huge head güvenilir bahis siteleri burst through the opening of her pussy into her love tunnel beyond.

” Yes, yes , I want it, I want that big bastard up me, I want to be fucked hard” she cried out at Andy.

She felt the cock sliding ever deeper into her and she felt almost like she was being split apart, but it felt great.

” More Andy, push it deeper, get that big dick right in me, I want its balls slapping my ass” she screamed.

The big cock disappeared, inch after inch. It got tight at about 8 inches, but she moved about a bit and seemed to be able to take some more of it, then she felt it, the feeling she had been waiting for, she could feel the balls slapping her ass as Andy pushed the Dildo all the way inside her.

” Oh Andy, that is great, It has so full of cock, fuck me with it Andy, fuck me now”

She felt the cock withdrawing as Andy pulled it out some and then pushed it back.

She was in heaven, she was being fucked by this big powerful cock, it was pumping a good 7 ” in and out of her soaking wet pussy, making her cum over and over.

” Fuck me harder, deeper, harder Andy” she knew she was going to cum again.

She felt it building as Andy pulled the cock almost completely out of her and plunged it all the way back in. The feelings were electric as they sent shock waves through her body as she approached another orgasm.

” YES, YES, i’m going to cum again, oh yesssss”

Then with a final big push Andy brought her off again and her juices flooded out of her as best they could with the big dildo filling her so fully.

Andy finally pulled the Dildo from her and it made a ‘plop’ sound as it slipped out and her pussy lips were released from their stretched position.

Janet lay there exhausted on the bed, sweat on her brow and breasts and juice running from her well fucked pussy.

She looked at Andy and asked him to undress.

” Come and lay naked with me Andy, I want to feel a real cock now, lay behind me”

Andy stripped and she watched as the young lad with his stiff boner pointing skywards got back on the bed and snuggled up behind her.

” Just be gentle” she whispered

She felt the young hands on her again; they began to caress her breasts and tummy.

She felt the head of Andy’s cock pushing impatiently between her butt cheeks and she just relaxed and felt him slip inside her pussy.

Andy had a good stiff 7″, but it was not too thick so it did not stretch her anymore.

She loved the feel of this young stud as he rode her from behind, pushing deep into her whilst he fondled her breasts.

Then she felt him tense up and knew it would not be long, so she pushed back at him and made him go deeper and then she felt him cum deep inside her pussy, filling her with his cum as she drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke, she was still lay on her side on the bed.

She looked around and she was alone, she knew her pussy felt different and reached down with her fingers to find it soaking wet with her juices and cum. She had wondered if she had dreamt it all, but the note on her pillow thanking her for her order let her know it was no dream.

She eagerly awaits Andy’s next visit when he delivers her new toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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