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The Scavenger Pt. 03

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“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” I begged Shawn. I had never been more aroused, and it was all thanks to Lorna and Leanna. Both of them had made Shawn’s cock harder than ever, and now I was confident he was ready for the next woman that I had on my list. But first, I wanted an ass fucking.

I don’t always crave anal sex. Most of the time, it seems like too much trouble for something that rarely leads to an orgasm, but I could actually feel my asshole craving a pounding. Shawn and I engaged in anal sex only occasionally, and most of the time, he had to initiate it. That was why he was looking at me like I might be crazy.

“Rachel, are you sure? Last time you said it hurt so much that you couldn’t sit down for a week.” His question was breaking the spell between us, so I did my best to bring it back.

“I’ve never been so sure in my life, Shawn. Here’s the lube,” I said as I grabbed it from the nightstand. Most of the time, I needed lube for sex. I wasn’t as wet as I had once been when I was younger, but tonight my pussy was gushing with wetness, and the lube was for my asshole.

“Okay, baby. Here we go!” Shawn drew in a deep breath as he pushed the head of his cock firmly into my tight, little asshole. I was shocked at how easily my ass took his thick cock and how good it felt. The level of arousal I was at was far beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I had no idea why watching Shawn with other women was such a turn on, but I doubted it would be as sexy if he was the one going around setting up his fuck dates. I liked being in control and making him fuck. That was it! That was what turned me on about it most.

“Oh, my God!” I moaned as Shawn’s cock delved deeper and deeper into my ass. I could feel myself relaxing into the sex as his cock spread my ass open. I reached down and touched myself, pressing my clit like it was a magic button until the pleasure worked its way up to a peak. I was so close to cumming, and yet, Shawn’s cock in my ass seemed to prevent the orgasm from materializing.

“Can I fuck you harder?” Shawn asked, and I liked that he was asking me for permission. I wanted him to ask me for permission for everything sexual. I wanted him to know that I was the woman who was in charge of him and his cock.

“Yes, Shawn. I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can. I want you to fucking break me! Do you understand? I don’t want to be able to walk or sit in the morning. I want to be completely fucking disabled after this ass fuck! I want it rough! Pull my hair or something!” I screamed. I don’t know what possessed me to tell him that he could destroy my ass, but I could feel the shift in my husband as he realized that he had free reign to fuck me as hard as he wanted to.

“You know I like fucking you hard, you slut!” He grunted and then gathered my hair in his fist and pulled. His cock was hammering me pretty hard, but then he shifted into overdrive, and I was filled with fear. He was fucking me harder than anyone had ever fucked my ass. Even the gentle fuck I’d allowed last time had left me curled in pain afterward, but this time was different. This time, my horniness was so intense that I took the abuse of his cock like a seasoned slut. I wondered if this was what whores felt like, but I knew that Shawn deserved this treat. He had been a good husband and followed my directions when I sent him out to fuck other women I had hand-picked. The least I could do was give him my asshole completely.

I didn’t realize I was screaming until I stopped for a moment to fill my lungs with fresh air. My asshole wasn’t in pain anymore. In fact, I was shocked at how good it felt. My fingers were still working my clit, trying their best to ease the pain of Shawn’s cock, pounding the hell out of my asshole. I couldn’t speak, and my body seemed to be locked in position, my ass pushed out for Shawn to use. This was what I deserved. I deserved to get fucked in the ass while the other women I’d chosen for Shawn would get fucked in their pussies. It was only right.

“Damn, Rachel! Your ass feels so fucking good! Is this too hard?”

“No! Harder! Fuck me harder!” I begged him, and I’m sure he was stunned by this, but he did as I asked and fucked the shit out of my ass. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” I continued to encourage him.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Rachel, but I like it. I love pounding your asshole like this. I’ve always wanted to do this to you!”

Shawn’s words registered in my brain, and I felt something twisted inside of me come to life. I was pleased with myself for making Shawn’s cock so hard. It was stiffer than ever, and it was hitting just the right spot, a spot I had never known existed inside of me. I had never had a real anal orgasm before, but I could tell that it was about to happen. I braced myself as the full force of my anal orgasm gripped my body. I was grunting like an animal, my whole body shaking with release. I could feel myself drooling, but I was helpless to stop any of it. My body had never been so out of my control.

The room was spinning, but Shawn şirinevler escort wasn’t done, and I forced myself to keep taking his dick in my ass until he was finished. I screamed wildly, my fingers working my clit with fervid strokes, trying to soothe my fears. I was afraid that Shawn would never cum, and I would be left with one of those assholes that you see in porn that’s more of an outie than an innie.

Shawn was holding me down, his cock still hammering my ass. I could feel how much he was enjoying this fuck, and I didn’t want to get in his way. I knew that I could have tapped out at any time, but this was my self-punishment. This was my way of letting Shawn know that even though I called the shots about which women he fucked, his reward would always be my humiliation and pain. I didn’t tell him this with my words; I told him this with my raw asshole on his dick. I told him with my current level of submission.

“You okay, honey? You need to stop?” he asked with concern.

“Don’t stop until you cum in my asshole! I’ve always wanted a big, fat load up my ass!” I taunted him with my sexual words as I looked over my shoulder at him. “Fuck my tight ass until you cum, Shawn. You deserve it. You deserve to dump a load in my tightest hole!”

“Fuck, Rachel!” he moaned, and I knew my words had gotten through to him. I could feel him getting close to his orgasm, his cock stiffening more inside of me. “Yes! I love cumming in this asshole!” He dumped his entire load in me, grunting and moaning as he emptied himself.

“Good one?” I asked.

“Hell yeah! I never thought that would happen in a million years. What’s happening with you, Rachel? You’ve been different lately.”

“A little anal sex doesn’t make me different,” I tried to explain.

“No, it’s all this shit about me fucking Leanna and Lorna, and now this,” he gestured toward my ass.

“You don’t like it?” I pouted a bit.

“No, I do like it! I just don’t understand it. I don’t trust it. I’m afraid one of these days that you’re going to be mad at me for doing it and leave me or something. I love you. I don’t ever want to lose you, that’s all.”

“Well, as long as you listen to me and only fuck the women I want you to, then we’re good.”

“I’m too tired to argue about this,” Shawn said with a smile, “I guess I’ll just have to fuck who you tell me to.”

“I guess you will. By the way, we have two vendors dropping off paint and wood for the maze in the backyard tomorrow,” I told him. The haunted house we designed every year was in the building stages. Shawn and the kids, plus all their friends, were set to come over the next day to help build.

“Okay. The guys I’ve been working with will be installing the dragon tomorrow evening. I should be home in time from work unless…do you have any plans for me tomorrow that involve my dick?” Shawn asked.

“Maybe…” I teased him. “You’ll have to find out tomorrow.”

“Like I said, too tired to ask more questions. Can you turn out the light?” Shawn was on his side of the bed with his eyes closed and his arm outstretched for me to lie with him.

“Sure.” I flicked off the lamp on my bedside. “I hope the kids didn’t hear my anal sex sounds,” I added, but Shawn was already asleep. I crawled into his arms and settled myself on his body. I was tired too, and it didn’t take long before I was sleeping.

I woke up early, exhausted by all of the work Shawn and I had been doing to build the haunted maze in our backyard. I took my handwritten letter and stuffed it into Shawn’s large lunchbox along with the lunch items I usually packed him. I made sure the kids’ lunches were packed as well. I set everything on the counter and then dressed for the day.

I tried to take as much time off in October as I could, which wasn’t so hard to do since I had my own business selling on Amazon. I had a few lucrative products making me money while I busied myself painting backdrops and shopping for animatronic figures for the haunt. Shawn still had to work forty-hour work weeks, and he came home and went right to work on the haunt. Then I had been making him fuck women I hand-picked on top of that. Shawn was probably exhausted, but I hoped that it was the kind of tired that he enjoyed.

In fact, I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from him yet. If he ate his lunch, he would have seen the note I planted inside his lunch box. I glanced nervously at the clock, my heart pounding. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this.

Chanel Ponce was a prissy, blonde woman that Shawn had always had a crush on. We first met her at a church gathering, back when we had gone to church each Sunday. We had mostly gone for our kids, trying to set them on the right religious path before burning ourselves out on Bible studies and fundraisers. Chanel was probably the most difficult to convince to help me with my plan, even though she was now divorced and probably horny as fuck.

“You know I’m not that kind of woman,” she told me when I had taken her out for lunch to şişli escort try to convince her to help me out. “I just don’t think I could sleep with another woman’s husband.”

“Even if his wife is begging you to do it?” I asked.

“I’m just not convinced this is a good idea,” Chanel stared deeply into my eyes and leaned in toward me. “Why do you want other women sleeping with your husband?” She looked so confused that I almost gave up, but I was staring at her big tits and her blonde hair, and I knew I needed to see Shawn’s dick in her.

“It turns me on,” I explained. “In fact, it turns me on so much more than anything else I have ever been into. I like watching Shawn please other women, you know, make them cum really hard.” My voice had turned sultry, and I hoped that it would convince Chanel to do what I wanted.

“How would this work?” Chanel asked. “I’m not saying I’m going to do it, I’m just curious how…”

I explained my plan, and Chanel’s eyebrows raised a few notches. I could tell that she was weakening and that deep down, she really did want to fuck my husband. My pussy was so wet that I was afraid that I had leaked through my pants and that Chanel would see it when I stood up.

Of course, I had convinced her, and she even offered to host since I wasn’t sure what time my kids were coming home. Chanel had no children, and she honestly seemed like a very lonely woman.

Not for long.

My phone rang, and I smiled when I saw that it was Shawn.


“Chanel Ponce? From church? Come on, Rachel! The Lord is going to strike you down!” Shawn was joking, but he still sounded slightly perturbed.

“Rough day at work, handsome?” I asked, my voice smooth and buttery.

“How do you expect me to go to work all day, fuck another woman, fuck you, sleep, and then do it again the next day. I only have so much energy.”

“Well, save some for Chanel. She’s expecting you on your way home from work.” I was smiling widely at the thought, and I couldn’t help but be annoyed with Shawn. Why was he being such a pussy? Why wasn’t he just excited the way that any man would be about fucking another woman?

“Honey, we need to talk about this. Every time I’ve tried, you just shove another pussy my way. It’s just… it’s…”

“It’s what? Sexy? Fun? Adventurous? Exciting? This is for our anniversary, don’t you remember?”

“Our anniversary isn’t until Halloween. I’m tired and cranky.”

“Poor baby. How was your lunch otherwise, besides the note I sent?”

“It was good, honey. Thanks for making my lunch. I’m just not sure this is the best thing for our marriage; you sending me out on fuck errands for your amusement. I’m starting to feel like some kind of pawn in your little game, except I don’t even know what game I’m playing.”

“Well, go dump a load in Chanel and get her panties for me. I’m sure it will make you feel better.”

“What’s happened to you, Rachel? You’re not like you used to be.”

“I’m still the same Rachel you know and love,” I explained. “It’s just that I realized I like watching you fuck other women, and I wanted you to finally get all the pussies you wished you could fuck since we’ve been married. I’ve told you this several times now. I’m starting to think you aren’t enjoying yourself?”

“What if I don’t want all that? What if I only want you?” He sounded so sweet and sincere. There was a part of me that wanted to hug him and thank him for being such a good husband. There was another part of me that was beyond annoyed with his hesitance. Why did he have to be such a fucking pussy? Why couldn’t he just fuck some pussies for me instead?

“I want you to fuck Chanel today. I went to a lot of trouble to set this up,” I said coldly.

“I got your note, yes. Honestly? Chanel Ponce? She’s such a priss.”

“I know. That’s why I’m dying to know how she fucks,” I told him.

“Rachel?” Shawn cleared his throat.


“You’re not going to get mad about me fucking all of these women later, are you? I don’t want to lose you!”

“The only way you’ll lose me is if you don’t fuck them.” I was shocked at how callous and removed I sounded. “And get their panties for me. You know how to end this if you don’t want to continue.”

“So, if I don’t fuck Chanel, you’re going to leave me?”

“If you don’t fuck her and get her panties, then all of this ends. We go back to our boring marriage and our softcore swinging. If you get her panties and put them in the urn, then things will keep getting more exciting. I have a lot of plans for you this year for our anniversary.”

“You do? Like what?” Shawn’s voice cracked.

“Fuck Chanel and find out,” I spat into the phone, and then I hung up on him. I threw my phone down onto the couch, disgusted with Shawn. How could he be so cautious? Wasn’t he a fucking man? Why didn’t he just do what I wanted him to do? Why did he have to be so fucking complicated?

I was furious, and I headed out to the backyard to paint one of the backdrops suadiye escort for the haunt. I angrily sloshed some red paint into a tray and slathered it on a wooden fence so that it looked like blood running down the side. I planned to hang a fake dead body right over the blood to make it look extra terrifying.

I busied myself with the haunt until I realized that I had lost track of time.

“Mom?” Stacy called out the backdoor. “Are you out here?”

“I’m in the zombie section,” I screamed to her.

“Is Dad home yet? I want to show him this paper I got an A on! Want to see?” Stacy looked proud of herself.

“Wow, Stacy! An A! I’m so proud of you!”

“I worked really hard on this. It’s about the cost of makeup in relation to its actual value,” Stacy rattled on.

“Let’s go inside!” I ushered Stacy through the backdoor and into the house. I needed to get to my laptop upstairs. Shawn would arrive at Chanel’s soon, and I wasn’t about to miss it. I scooped my phone up off of the couch and saw that Shawn had called me half a dozen times before giving up. He had left a few messages too, but I knew I had to play tough with Shawn. I knew that was the only way to get what I wanted.

I looked over Stacy’s paper and excused myself to go to the bathroom in my room. As soon as I was in my bedroom, I opened my laptop and pulled out my vibrator. I peeled my tight jeans off of my legs and made myself comfortable. There wasn’t any movement on my cameras yet, but Chanel had been kind enough to let me place them all over her guest room. She had been the hardest of the women to convince to fuck Shawn, but in the end, she had gone for it and even ended up being excited.

I thought of her heart-shaped face framed by her long, blonde hair. Shawn always did have a thing for blondes. She had a very plump rear end and thick, juicy thighs. Her boobs were rather massive, much bigger than mine, but I wasn’t jealous. I was aroused, and I wished to God that Shawn would show up.

I almost texted him. Come on, Shawn. Come through for me.

My cameras sprung to life, and I saw that Chanel was still alone, just checking the room to make sure everything looked good. She was going to fuck him in her spare bedroom because she didn’t want to dirty her actual bedroom. There was a reason Chanel was single. She was a finicky, whiny woman who never seemed to be satisfied with anything. She probably scared away every good man she came across with her neediness. Shawn hadn’t seemed that interested in fucking her, and now I was starting to wonder if he was going to show up.

Chanel texted me, “He’s still not here. What time is he supposed to come again?”

“Any minute,” I told her. “I haven’t talked to him. He had a busy day.”

“After everything you went through to set this up, I sure do hope he shows,” Chanel said sympathetically. That was sweet that she was trying to placate me when she was about to fuck my husband. Well, hopefully, she would be fucking him soon.

Shawn. Where are you?

You think you know someone, and then they do things that make you question your ability to judge their character. I had always pictured Shawn as the guy that showed up, that went along with my weird plans, that loved me. I knew that he was these things, but I had a moment of doubt. I had a moment where I wasn’t sure if he actually was the right man for me. Had I been kidding myself this whole time about our marriage?

It seemed like eons went by before Shawn made his appearance. He sauntered into the spare bedroom after Chanel with his eyes on her fat ass. I saw Chanel lead him toward the bed. Shawn looked tense, and to Chanel’s credit, she could see that he was feeling that way and offered him a massage.

“You have to take off all of your clothes for the massage,” Chanel was speaking a bit too loudly, and she sounded suspicious. “I’m going to take off mine too.” I didn’t want Shawn to find out that I’d been secretly filming him.

“So, you set this up with my wife?” Shawn asked her nonchalantly, trying to pump her for information.

“You know, I wasn’t going to do it because you two are married, but your wife was so convincing that I felt almost obligated to do it. She’s such a nice lady. Real pretty,” Chanel’s long, blonde hair had been up in some kind of twist, but she had taken it down, so it cascaded down her shoulders in wavy tendrils. She was a beautiful woman, one that I wanted Shawn to have. I wanted to watch him devour every morsel of her delicious body.

I switched my vibrator on and prayed that my daughter Stacy wouldn’t bother me while I was watching my husband fuck the hot lady from church. I pressed it against my pussy and watched.

Shawn was on the massage table that Chanel had set up. She undressed sensually, even though Shawn wasn’t watching. That was when I realized that she was performing for me. She knew that I was recording and that I would be watching this video over and over as I fucked myself. I pulled the vibe from my pussy, not wanting to cum just yet. I tried to edge myself as I watched Chanel’s performance.

She danced for me, stripping down to her bra and panties and undulating to music that would make anyone horny. Her rosy lips pressed together, and she stuck her bottom lip out in a sexy pout. No wonder Shawn wanted to fuck her. She was insanely sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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