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The Screen Door Slammed

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Thwack! The screen door slammed hard behind them as they tumbled into the kitchen falling all over each other in laughter.

“Shut up!” Ada screamed at him, her voice high-pitched and cracking. “There’s no way he really said that!”

“Did so,” Miles insisted in a sing-song voice, grabbing at her now, his hands poised to go in for the tickle torture. “I heard him loud and clear.”

“No! NO! Stop, Miles! No more,” Ada begged as his fingers raced across her body causing her to stumble, her knees buckling beneath her. She hated to be tickled and he knew that. He’d just had a few too many and was having a hard time pulling up. If it were anyone else, she’d have slugged them by now.

Miles and Ada had been down at the local roadhouse for the better part of the night raising hell with their buddies in the usual way; multiple beers and shots and endless games of pool. They were a fairly formidable duo and, on a good night, could hold the table for hours kickin’ ass and cuttin’ up. Most of the locals, their friends and neighbors, knew when to fold so it was extra entertaining when some new tourist talent rolled through town.

They were real good at their routine. So good they weren’t even really aware that it was a routine; they were just being them. They had a magnetism about them, though, which was undeniable. They’d act all goofy at first like they didn’t know what they were doing. That was the bait. Ada, who was sharp as shit on all counts, was a pro at acting dumb; real blonde dumb. And she was a looker so she could count on already having the newcomer’s attention from the get-go.

Miles would just act like a local blue collar guy; high school educated, simple tastes, basically uninterested and easy to please. He acted like he was completely unaware he had the hottest girl for a hundred miles in any direction. This nonchalant attitude usually worked pretty well at first; tonight had been no different. They’d had a ball and had pocketed over $200 between them.

“Yeah, the real big one. What was his name again? Umm, Jake, I think. Yeah, Jake. He said he’d be seeing me sooner than later,” Miles chuckled, a look of slight confusion on his face. “Course that was probably beer

0 talking. I doubt we’ll ever see those guys again. They don’t want to lose any more money to us!”

Ada watched Miles as he spoke studying his face for the millionth time. She loved watching him when he talked. His face was extremely expressive and had a unique elasticity to it she found intriguing and almost artistic. For being such a macho guy, he sure was a sweetheart; talkative, expressive and deeply intuitive. Those were Ada’s three favorite things about him. Well those and the size of his dick, that is. Miles Morrison was hung like a horse and Ada loved to mount up and ride.

That was another reason they were so compatible. They’d been together since high school and were still having a total blast with each other some 15 years later. Miles had been with one other woman, once, about five years back. He and Ada had decided to give it a rest for awhile and see what they might be missing.

Ada had gone on a whole bunch of dates with lots of different guys. They’d been waiting for years to go out on a date with Ada Clark, so she obliged as many of them as she possibly could. She’d had a good time; she liked kissing the good kissers and there had been a few. Most of them weren’t so good at it though; she found that a bit sad and annoying. She thought being a good kisser was almost a civic duty, for crying out loud! She’d done her duty; she was a great kisser and her only taker had been Miles for all those years.

Anyway, she’d let Tommy Reidell kiss her and then some. He’d spent hours sucking her breasts and squeezing her nipples. The way he did it had really turned her on and later, she’d gradually shown Miles how to do what Tommy had done. Eventually, Miles was even better at it than Tommy had been, so that worked out to be a win/win situation for Ada.

Miles had gone out with just a few girls; his heart simply wasn’t in it. He’d thought it was a good idea, but when the time came to actually go somewhere with someone new, he’d balked. Most of the girls talked too much, couldn’t shoot pool and were too primpy; always fixing their hair or worried about breaking a nail. Stuff like that drove him nuts he’d discovered. Ada didn’t do any of that and that’s how he liked it; simple.

There was one girl though who’d managed to have her way with him: Amanda Sorenson. She’d been making eyes at him since grade school. She was pretty and kind of quiet, so he thought he’d give her a try. Long story short, she essentially raped him. Only thing was, once she got him where she wanted him, she saw the size of his cock and almost freaked out. She got an A for effort though. She tried everything she could to stuff his dick inside her; lotion, Vaseline, even cooking oil. Nothing doing; she never could make it work. That was another thing that tuzla escort confused Miles. He and Ada slipped into each other like a cog and wheel; perfectly.

So after a few tries with other women, Miles decided to stick with Ada and just wait for her to come around which she did in no time. They were probably apart for less than 6 months at the final count. You could have heard their reunion clear across town too.

“Well whatever, honey,” Ada murmured as she buried her face into Miles’ neck. “Those guys were pretty lit up by the end of the night. Who knows? Maybe they plan on passing back through town on their way back from wherever it is they’re going?” Giggling, “Mmm, you smell good, baby; like something I didn’t even know I was starving for. Why don’t you go on upstairs and I’ll be up in a minute? Grab us a couple of beers on your way up, would you?”

Miles straightened his arms out in front of him and held Ada by her shoulders. He just stared at her for a little while, then smiled, “Sure baby. Put some music on before you come up.” He stopped by the fridge and pulled out two Heinekens, heading up the stairs. Ada quickly fed the cat, popped in a CD and bounded up the stairs, two by two, her excitement audible.

“Whoa! What’s the hurry darlin’? Miss me already?” Miles chided. He was completely naked and lying on the bed, propped up against the headboard, stroking his enormous, semi-hard cock.

Ada watched his cock grow in the candlelight, licking her lips and smiling. “You are so fucking fine Miles. I never get tired of seeing you there like that. I don’t know what it is about you, baby.”

With that, she began to slowly pull off her jeans and T-shirt, gradually revealing her lovely tanned body to him. Miles loved the way Ada looked; she was strong, her breasts were just a little more than a handful and she had a big hairy bush he couldn’t keep out of. Although strong, Ada was still soft and curvy; the way a woman should be in Miles’ opinion. And finally, she had a nice full ass, not some bony butt that you couldn’t grab on to.

Ada climbed onto the bed, opening her legs and shimmying up Miles’ thighs, leaning forward to bury her head in his crotch. Miles closed his eyes at the moment he saw her open her mouth and stick out her tongue. It felt hot and wet as she lapped at the underside of his balls. He started to moan at once, his sounds the pleas for her to continue. Ada, familiar with the music of Miles’ passion, quickly flicked her tongue over his dark, puckered ring as she parted his thighs even further. As her tongue worked to moisten and loosen his opening, her hands found his thick shaft and balls and began to alternately stroke and squeeze.

“Oh baby. I’m right on the edge tonight,” moaned Miles, his body rigid with harnessed desire. “I want you to climb right up inside me.”

Ada plucked her tongue from his ass and laid it flat and hard across the base of his rigid, upright cock. Purely to torture him, she slowly dragged it up the backside, her hot breath searing the taut skin as she crested the hood. Her mouth stretched to its widest point to accommodate his gigantic pole and she gradually covered, then swallowed his engorged head.

“Suck me hard now,” Miles begged. “Swallow all of my fat dick, baby.”

Ada nodded and released more saliva to help coat the inside of her mouth; she was going to need it to gag down Miles’ 9 inches. Her breath was torn and caught in her throat as she opened it to let Miles through. She’d learned this trick the first time she ever blew him; how else would she be able to take him down she had wondered at the time? There’s only one way to do it; open your throat and keep your neck straight.

“Can you feel my hot juices seeping down your throat?” hissed Miles as he arched his back and thrust his hips forward, working to jam his full length down Ada’s gullet. “I’m about to bust because you suck me so good.”

Ada’s groaning vibrated against his cock, sending reverberations through his balls and asshole. He loved when she groaned like that; it produced a feeling that was impossible to replicate in any other way. Miles was grinding his hips now, pumping his rock hard dick in and out of Ada’s mouth, his fingers clutching at the bed sheets.

Ada sensed his imminent release and slowed her sounds. She carefully backed off his cock, loosening her throat’s clutch on his shaft. As she pulled up, her tongue had more room to swirl about. When she reached the ridge of its head, she stayed there, flicking her tongue on the sweet spot, pulling her hardened lips back and forth over the ridge, her suction sure and strong.

“Oh God, yeah! Just like that, that’s it,” encouraged Miles, his hips rocking in time to Ada’s sucking.

Ada, knowing she needed to simmer him down so he would be ready for what was coming, stopped her movements. He really is rearing to go tonight, she thought to herself. It’s a good thing; he’s going to need atalar escort every bit of it and then some.

She popped her lips from Miles’ cock and looked up at his flushed face and smiled. She crawled further up his body, leaning toward the bedside table for the beer. She took a long pull and handed the bottle to Miles. As he took a swig, she opened the drawer, pulling out a blindfold made of soft red leather with black piping and stitching.

“Surprise,” Ada whispered as she lifted the tanned hide to his face.

“Mmm, what have you got up your sleeve?” Miles chuckled, lifting his head toward her so she could put the blindfold in place.

As Miles leaned back against the headboard, his world in total darkness, Ada recalled the earlier conversation she’d had with Jake. She’d noticed him keeping his eyes glued to Miles while they’d all horsed around playing pool and drinking. She knew it might be a long shot but something in her gut told her there was a chance that he was the guy she’d been waiting for. Sure enough, she was right.

While Miles, Scott and Brad had been focused whether a pocket had been called during a particular shot, she’s sidled up to Jake and asked if he had any interest in stopping by later for a nightcap. He’d responded with a vigorous nod immediately, but Ada had shut him down before he’d gotten too excited. “First of all, it’ll be with both of us, but mainly with Miles this go ’round, cowboy. You still up for it?” she’d asked as she winked at him.

“Even better,” had been his response. “No offense to you though. You’re just not my number one preference, that’s all.”

“None taken, man. Not at all. It’ll be his first time, so you’ll need to follow my lead. We gotta break him in real slow, OK? I want him to like it so he’ll want more later. Got it?”

“That’s what I figured,” Jake had said while unconsciously rubbing the swelling bulge in his jeans. Ada had slapped him on the back and laughed out loud, like they’d just shared a funny joke. She’d gone back to the pool table and sunk the next four shots. She was on her game tonight!

Ada watched Miles now, the tempo of his stroking increasing, his head cocked to one side; he seemed to be craning to hear something. Thwack! The unmistakable sound of the screen door slapping shut downstairs. Ada gently placed her hands around Miles’ wrists and pulled his hands up to the headboard. She encircled each wrist with a leather cuff lined with sheepskin. Miles closed his eyes and heard the clink and snap of the his hands being fastened off to the wooden slats. Ada had deftly stretched his arms out wide, leaving him wanting and vulnerable. Suddenly the music that had been playing downstairs was silent, the clangor of the emptiness deafening. Silence prevailed except for Miles’ heavy panting as he listened and waited.

“Ada,” he stammered.

“Shhh,” Ada whispered. “I have another surprise for you, Miles. Something we’ve talked about for a long time. Just don’t say anything, OK? Trust me, baby.”

Miles nodded and relaxed his body slightly. The tension slowly ebbed and was replaced with a keen sense of curiosity and intrigue. A few moments later he thought he heard the distinct sound of a footfall downstairs; he turned his head toward the sound and listened. The steady slide of a shoe on each tread of the stairs was audible from the bedroom and it seemed as though the sound was getting louder, thus closer. A warm smile slowly spread across Miles’ face as he put two and two together.

The footsteps were in the upstairs hall now, the person approaching the closed bedroom door. With one quick turn of the knob, the door sprang open shifting the shape of the air in the room. Miles heard the door close, the shuffle of footsteps again and the soft wheeze of someone else’s breathing now joined his and Ada’s.

Almost immediately the sounds of sucking, labored breathing and licking, all distinctly signifying sounds of passionate kissing, filled the empty room. Next the clamor of a metal belt buckle, the zzzip of a zipper’s undoing and the jumbled rustle of fabric sliding quickly over smooth skin. Miles wished he could get his hand around his throbbing cock; the sounds of feverish passion were arousing him.

Ahh,” Ada gasped through clenched teeth. “Mmm, oh yes.” The bedsprings creaked as the additional weight descended upon them and Miles could now smell the scent of another human being. He lifted his head forward and licked his lips, listening for any clue or sign which would reveal the identity of the mysterious person in bed with them.

“Oh shit! Mmm, ahhh!” Miles barked as he felt the entirety of his rigid cock slide down someone’s throat. “Fuck!”

A hand grabbed his balls and started to twist the sack and pull down. The touch was unfamiliar to Miles; or was it? “Oh God!” he yelled out as more hands moved across his body. The bedside drawer was opened again with the clanking sound of metal not cevizli escort far behind. Within seconds, his tits were being pinched and flicked, both motions that were sure to render his tender nipples hard in no time. Miles shook his head from side to side as he felt a hot, wet mouth suckle his breast while a clamp was applied to his other one.

“Mmm, more,” he begged, his voice thrust into the darkness before him, full of longing and lust. His balls were twisted tighter and pulled down hard now. Whoever was blowing him knew exactly what they were doing. He bent his knees in total surrender and spread his legs wider offering more access to whoever was ravishing him so.

With his nipples clamped off, the sensations between his tits and cock were hard wired for joint bliss. Miles scooted down and pressed his head back into the pillow as he poked his cock ever upwards into the hot, waiting mouth above him. He thrust once more then pulled back, his orgasm balanced unsteadily on what felt like a tight rope above him.

“Ahh, God, yes,” he belted out as he felt what he thought was yet another mouth swallowing his cock. Yes, there were definitely two bodies he felt kneeling between his legs. He draped a leg around each neck and bucked hard against the cool air, silently pleading for his cock to be sucked by one of them. His pleas were answered repeatedly; they were taking turns blowing him, their two mouths creating a single ecstatic sensation. Still he had no sense of who was there with Ada and him.

The duo was setting a steady rhythm with Miles’ cock when the spontaneous introduction of multiple fingers flicking around his asshole furthered his passion. As fingers circled and probed, his dark ring relaxed and tightened on cue. Miles moaned as the pair played with him, his yearning growing with each passing minute. He wanted more in his ass, more stimulation to the nerves that were sizzling with desire. As if his mind was being read, he felt a warm wad of saliva slip down his balls and slide across his hole. Almost immediately, two fingers were sunk inside him, pumping and stretching his asshole wider.

“Mmmore,” he whimpered just under his breath, trying hard to follow the instructions that Ada had told him and be quiet. Again, as if someone was able to see his thoughts, Miles felt the prodding of something warmer and larger against his tight bud. He groaned as he felt the size of it rolling across his moist spread cheeks and again opened his legs wider in hopes of taking whatever it was inside him.

He wondered if it was Ada who was teasing him so; lately she had become enamored with ass play and had brought home all kinds of toys she’d wanted to experiment with. Was this one of her new dildos or that butt plug she’d just gotten? Or something else all together? The anonymity was driving him wild; he’d never not known who was fucking him. Hell, it had always been Ada for as long as he could remember so this mystery was particularly stimulating to the likes of Miles.

Ada and Jake were working hard to please Miles while keeping their identities mysterious. Jake had been the perfect pick for this little adventure. Without so much as a word, he’d fallen right into the pace and spirit of the play and Ada found herself very attracted to him as a result. Jake’s cock was the perfect size; not too long, not too thick, just right. She knew it would take some time to get Miles aroused enough to be able to take it all; they had all night though and it didn’t look like anybody was getting anywhere near quittin’ time.

Ada left Jake swallowing Miles’ cock and went to the bathroom to fetch a bowl of warm water. She quietly returned to the bedroom and submerged the new dildo she’d gotten for her harness. While it warmed, she rinsed her pussy with soap and water. She didn’t want Miles to recognize her familiar taste or smell. For all he knew, Jake wasn’t a man at all but some other woman Ada had invited to join them. She wanted to suspend the period of disbelief for as long as possible, knowing the curiosity was amplifying Miles’ desire.

She wiped herself dry and gingerly swung her leg over Miles’ chest, straddling him. He could feel the presence of another person above him, could smell the faint fragrance of soap. As he sniffed, Ada opened the luscious folds of her cunt and spread them across Miles’ mouth and nose.

“Mmmm,” he moaned instantly, his hands pulling against the wrist restraints, wanting to latch onto each ass cheek and pull her cunt closer to him. Hungry for the taste of pussy, he lapped like a dog at the bowl before him. Ada, wanting to tease him, wiggled her ass and pulled up a bit, now just out of reach of Miles’ darting tongue. He groaned in frustration and again rocked his head from side to side.

Miles’ mind was racing as his confusion mounted; he couldn’t figure out who was who now because whoever was sucking his dick down there was doing it just like Ada did. Whose sweet hairy snatch was spread across his face then, if not Ada’s? His tongue worked quickly, slipping in and out of the wet folds, probing deeper into her hole. He stretched his tongue out flat and reached to feel the puckered spot behind her cunt. Perfect; her felt her asshole tighten as his tongue stabbed inside it.

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