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The Secretary

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She had spent too long waiting for a long promised fuck but tonight was the night. Even though she was in a relationship, for her the best sex was with others – the lustful dark fucking that she would only dare to do with others. He had been teasing her for the past year and she had finally told him to fuck her or fuck off. She was going to a conference where he would be and they had arranged to accidentally have adjoining rooms. It was the best cover for both of them.

The worst part was waiting during work for the appointed hour. From showering first thing in the morning until now her cunt was soaking wet in anticipation. Problem was it was only lunchtime.

Luckily with her status as head of school she had an office to herself. There were no meetings in her schedule for the next two hours. It was time to take matters into her own hands.

Imagining the fucking that was coming here way she subconsciously moved her hands towards her wet hot cunt. Slipping her manicured nails under the waist band of her skirt. Her hands were cold as the heating was not yet on in her office. The cold fingers reaching out for her clit were electric against the most lustful heat that came from her cunt. She leaned back on her chair and emitted a low moan not to draw attention from her secretary that was working in the anti room to her office on the corridor.

However her body was going under to the wave of ecstasy that was taking over her body. Her clit was engorged and wanted attention. Slowly circling her clit with her fingers was getting her more moist. She slipped her fingers into her cunt while working on her clit with her thumb. She had to hitch up her skirt over her hips to give her more purchase on her pleasure. It was so wrong to be fucking herself on the clock but it was also so right.

She heard her door click open but she was lost to the moment. It was her secretary. She was obviously louder than she had thought. He was about 5 years younger than her. She has specifically escort bayan requested him as his dark good looks always made the day easier. “Do you need some help with that” he asked with a dark sexual look on his face and his eyes were flashing. Luckily she had her desk positioned to the door so he didn’t see her actual state of undress but saw the flushed look on her face which could only mean one thing. He proceed to walk up to her desk and sat on the edge. By this stage he had full view of her soaking wet cunt. He got back up and locked the door she said “good idea, I can see the other side of your discretion now”. He walked back to the desk with a knowing smile on his face.

The both knew was was going to happen now. She sat up on the desk facing him and he sat down in her chair. She used the heels of her stilettos to hook the back of the office chair and she pulled him close to her sitting open legged on her desk. Presenting her shaved cunt to his lips but buried under her skirt.

He ran his hands up her stockinged legs moving his hands to her inner thighs as he reached her cunt. His song hands got to work where she had left off. Rubbing gently but firmly to increase her developing orgasm. But he could feel the longing in her for more. He moved closer and ran his tongue up her slit feeling the flood of juices that had already arrived through their mutual work. He ran his tongue around her clit and gently placed his teeth around it making her moan more. The then proceed to put his fingers inside her slowly, rhythmically bringing her on. He then placed another finger inside increasing the speed and then another until his whole hand was inside. The feeling was intense. It was like her cervix was being gently punched and her cunt was so full it was beautiful. He knew that she needed a proper fucking.

They switched positions so he was now sitting on the desk and had slipped down his trousers and shorts so his engorged cock was standing to attention. She nilüfer escort was surprised by both the length and breath and got down on her knees to suck that wonderful cock that would soon be inside her. It was already leaking pre cum which she greedily swallowed up. But he wanted to come inside her so he pulled her up to kiss her roughly and she knelt up on her desk she moved down on his body slowly taking in his big cock inside her. He sucked on her neck gently so as not to leave any visible marks. She moved herself up and down on him quickly and roughly. She wanted to beat his juices out of him.

Just then the phone in her office rang. She glanced at the caller id. It was her boss. She answered the phone with him still inside her. He was on his way over, one flight down and needed to speak to her urgently. He knew from the online work calendars that she was free. In a panic she pulled down her skirt opened the lock and tried to tidy herself up. At that minute her boss walked through the door. Her secretary ducked under her desk, the were both about to come at that moment and still needed to see through their lust. Her manager walked in an sat down in the chair across from her desk. It was at that moment that she noticed that her panties had somehow ended up on top of the bookcase that she was looking at. At least they were black so they were not obvious. Meanwhile she didn’t have much leg room as her half naked secretary was under her desk at her feet with a raging hard on. She could feel her wetness as she squirmed in her chair. Her manager proceeded to talk about amendments to programmes and other administrative issues but she managed to keep the quick meeting as truncated as possible. Lucky she did as her secretary a started to run his fingers up her legs which was not helping her concentrate and look professional. As her manager droned on, his fingers got higher until his was fingering her covertly.

Her boss got a call on his mobile, something altıparmak escort more urgent that preventing her orgasm had come up. He made his apologies and quickly left the room. She promised him a follow up email on the issues. Once the door was shut again. She locked it firmly and put a chair against it. They both started laughing but she told him that he had to be punished for what he didn’t during the meeting. She grabbed him and pushed him to the desk and slapped him. He moaned with every strike. He then pulled her to the floor and pushed her skirt back up again and freed her breasts from her black bra. He sucked on each one and then, as his cock was still erect, pushed himself back into her. Her cervix spasmed with the deep thrusts of his engorged cock. She had never been fucked so deliciously roughly before. Then without warning she felt his fingers enter her anus. It was so good and she wanted more. She wriggled out from under him and lay on her stomach so her could penetrate her from behind. He wanted to see her face when she came so he got her to stand by the door where there was a mirror. She leaned forward so her ass was primed and her hands against the wall in front the mirror. She took a quick look at what they were doing and it turned her on even more. His cock in her tight ass. She wondered why she had never done this before. But her cunt wanted action too. She started to finger herself but it wasn’t enough. There was a presentation bottle of champagne on her book case that she received for a research prize. It was never opened but the neck of the bottle was roughly the size of her vibrator at home. Her secretary realised what she was up to and helped her to ram it into her cunt. She was being penetrated by champagne and a cock. She could feel both rubbing inside her and she came like never before. They collapsed in a heap of spent but satisfying sexual energy; panting and exhausted but satisfied.

Her secretary took that bottle of champagne and opened it. As it had just been used to fuck her it was very fizzy and spilled over her cunt which he dutifully licked up. They toasted the development of their professional relationship by taking gulps out of the bottle for lack of glasses. She knew right then that she had made the right hiring decision.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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