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The Seduction

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“Welcome to my rooms! I do not invite just anyone into my private chambers. We make ourselves comfortable in here, and I prefer no clothes. As does Mark. This piece of furniture we are sitting on has been in my family for almost three hundred years. We call it The Lounge. It is a very unique piece, handmade by my ancestor after he arrived on the East Coast. It has passed down through the generations and has been enjoyed by many. I have a special attachment to it, and it to me. Come, sit with me and feel it’s softness underneath you.”

Sheraz had just stepped into the bedchamber of Izabel Lutein, erotica magazine magnate and one of the most alluring and mysterious woman in the area. Although she was just introduced to Izabel earlier that day, she felt very comfortable around her. Sheraz was 23 and still a virgin. She wanted to change that and Izabel had offered to help her with her “little dilemma.” The catch, however, was Sheraz would not be told how the evening would unfold. She had been instructed to arrive in the bedchamber at a certain time. And now that she was here, she felt nervous.

Izabel smiled at her and patted the space next to her on the lounge. Sheraz grinned and sat down. She couldn’t help but stare at the naked bodies displayed before her. Izabel was beautiful. Her skin glowed in the candlelight. She looked completely at ease with no clothes on, sitting next to someone she’d just met. The man lounging on the end, Mark, was also quite stunning. He reminded Sheraz of Greek god drawings from her college days. He had one knee bent and one arm casually resting on the back of the lounge. His muscles were chiseled from working out and the sight of his long cock hanging down made Sheraz blush.

Sheraz next looked at Izabel’s erect nipples. The breasts were firm and round. A small triangle of pubic hair sat above her thighs. Izabel bent one knee a little and Sheraz couldn’t help but peek to see if any hidden skin was visible. It was. She felt that her face was on fire from her blushing. However, her groin contracted at the sight of the glistening pink/brown folds suddenly exposed.

Izabel had turned to face her. She reached out a hand to cup Sheraz’s cheek again, and then let her fingers fall down Kolej Escort along her lovely neck and onto a breast. Sheraz was breathing heavy as Izabel cupped the tender breast in her hand, then strummed the blouse-covered nipple with her thumb. She kept her hand there as she moved to sit behind Sheraz.

The Lounge felt solid under Sheraz, full of history and mystery. It dulled her mind yet awakened her senses. A chill swept over her, but before she could comment, Izabel was wrapped around her from behind. She pulled Sheraz into her embrace as she kissed that long neck. Izabel’s legs went over her thighs, her feet pushed down her calves. Her skin was warm and comforting. She ran her hands down Sheraz’s arms, all the way to her fingers, and intertwined them with her own. Izabel pressed her chest and damp groin against Sheraz’s back. She was excited at the touch of Izabel’s hands on her body and she felt wetness between her thighs.

As Izabel continued to kiss and nuzzle at Sheraz’s her neck, Val approached from the front. He knelt in front of Sheraz and kissed her mouth, carefully pulling on her lips and then inserting his tongue between them. He darted in and out of her mouth, then captured her tongue between his lips and sucked. His hands gently covered her breasts, then massaged them in circles, focusing on the tight nipples. She moaned into his mouth, relishing these sexual feelings that were not out in the open.

Izabel still had her hands in hers and had pulled her arms to the sides. With her legs Izabel spread Sheraz’s thighs apart, revealing the new panties that had been purchased that afternoon. Sheraz had been shopping earlier in the day and had found a new outfit just for tonight. Her lacey panties were bright red and there was now a large damp spot in the middle. Her black skirt was mid-thigh and was now riding up underneath her ass.

Val let go of one breast and put his hand directly on her panties. He could feel her blood pounding around those lips and folds, and where her wetness had soaked through. He squeezed gently, and as Sheraz gasped, he moved his mouth to her breast, sucking through the light top material. Izabel let go of her fingers Sincan Escort and Sheraz’s arms stayed open wide. She undid the two buttons on Sheraz’s top, revealing her rosy pink nipples, tight and protruding. Val had removed his mouth, and now sucked gleefully at the bare skin while Izabel fondled the other breast. He worked his fingers around the edge of the red panties, brushing the soft short hairs that escaped.

She was so wet and slippery, his fingers slid into her folds. By now Izabel had pulled her further up onto The Lounge and Val was bending over her to still suck her white breast. He gave one more suckle as he pushed a finger into her. He moved her skin around, drawing circles inside of her. Then he had two fingers in her and had stopped sucking her tit to focus between her legs. Izabel pulled her top off, caressing her breasts again and sucking her neck.

Mark had been watching from the end of The Lounge. There was not room for him right now, and this was to be done by Izabel and Val. He would join later. For now, he was content to watch the seduction and de-flowering of Sheraz, and it was most stimulating. His cock had been erect since Izabel secured Sheraz in her limbs. He loved to watch Val suck her tit, and now he was witnessing Val taking her skirt off, pulling it down her legs. He lifted her legs up in the air as he removed it, and as he lowered them down, he put his head between them.

As she came to rest on her back, Val had his face on her panties and was sucking her through the cloth. Sheraz was squirming and gasping, bucking underneath his skilled mouth. Val pulled an edge to the side, then quickly licked up her, ending on her clit. He stuck his tongue in her and tasted her newness. She was fucking hot and yummy. He spread her apart with his fingers and sucked. She was so turned on that when Val moved to her clit, she suddenly came, moaning and convulsing under his face. Izabel continued to play with her breasts as Sheraz finished her orgasm.

Val stood up, quickly stripped off his clothes, then lay on top of her. His cock was pulsing. He spread her legs further apart with his thighs, guided his cock into position, and pushed. Yenimahalle Escort Right before he entered her, Izabel kissed her hard upside down. She bit Sheraz’s lip with teeth sharp enough to draw blood. Izabel did not let go of the bloody skin. She sucked the blood into her mouth and her body, tasting the fresh woman in the blood.

Distracted by the pain on her mouth, Sheraz was unaware at first what Val was doing between her legs. He continued to fuck her, moving in and out of her tight pussy. His mouth went down on her tit again, and he pulled it into his mouth as his cock pushed into her. Sheraz was now enjoying this very much, and a tiny part of her mind was questioning why she had waited so long. She did not even mind the bite from Izabel on her mouth. She had one fleeting thought. She wondered why Izabel bit her hard enough to draw blood, but Val’s cock inside her distracted her enough to quickly forget.

Suddenly Mark was on the other side of Sheraz, his mouth pulling on her nipple. Val played with her clit while he continued to thrust into her. Mark began kissing her on the mouth, keeping her occupied with his tongue in her mouth and his hand on her tit. He lay on his stomach, his erect cock pushing into the coverlet on The Lounge.

Mark had positioned himself so Sheraz’s hand was now underneath him, and he rubbed against. Val was about to come inside her, Mark now had her hand actively holding his cock and he was doing a marvelous job mirroring inside her mouth the action in her pussy. Sheraz was turned on again, and Izabel had no doubt she’d come again with Val’s help. She was indeed most enjoyable and she certainly was enjoying herself also.

Izabel took her mouth off her tit, covered it with her hand, and kissed the side of her neck. Fuck, she was horny now. She needed a good fucking very soon. But first, she licked her way up the neck as she fondled the tit, still tight and hard. Her vampire teeth emerged as she hovered over the artery. Val changed his tempo slightly, pushed into her two more times, then shot into her tightness. As he did so, he lightly rubbed just her clit. Mark worked his fingers on her tit and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Sheraz came again, this time with more abandon and bucking hips, the feel of Val’s huge cock rubbing inside of her pushing over a new edge.

At that moment Izabel bit, sucking the blood into her mouth. Sheraz shouted out as her orgasm rocked her on the lounge.

“Yes, oh yes! I am yours, do to me as you will! Fuck me, love me, bite me! I come to you oh Izabel, I come to you!”

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