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The Servant Pt. 04

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The days turned into weeks and I settled into the routine of my new home. I worked harder than I ever had but it was not without its rewards. I had one day off every week, usually Monday. There was always a car at my disposal and Joel drove me if I asked. I could have gone to see my friends but wasn’t entirely comfortable with telling them about my life. Email was easier because it gave me time to invent answers for their questions. I’d said that I was a paid companion for a wealthy older women, but that was as close to the truth as I was able to admit. No one from my old life would ever understand how happy I was to be owned.

I’d never been an early riser but I rarely got the opportunity to sleep in anymore. Mistress always had a list of chores for me and if I didn’t get an early start I couldn’t finish. She taught me how to do their laundry, how to iron Master’s shirts, and exactly how they wanted their bed made. I cleaned the bathrooms twice a week and tidying up after meals was always my responsibility.

Every morning after breakfast Mistress made me mop the kitchen floor and it was obviously her favorite chore for me. No matter how diligent I was she would always point out a spot I’d missed. Then I’d be down on my hands and knees scrubbing, bare ass high in the air. She would sit behind me and watch while touching herself. I would work away at the same imaginary spot until she called me to her. Then I’d crawl to her chair and she’d pull my face between her wide spread legs. It was hard to say which one of us enjoyed it more.

My one day off every week was the only rest I had from licking Mistress’ pussy. She was insatiable and I had gotten very good at knowing just what she liked. She got off on the control and mostly held my head tightly, rubbing herself all over my face. Her favorite position was riding me. Sometimes she would face forward so that she could steady herself by holding onto whatever was in front of her. Sometimes she would face my feet so that she could twist and pull my nipples. During those time she would often slide forward, spread her cheeks wide, and demand that I thrust my tongue as far up her asshole as I could.

She was right when she told me that a horny pet was better behaved. I was rarely allowed to have orgasms and was literally obsessed with pleasing Master and Mistress. If I worked especially hard, I might be allowed that random and rare release. It was all I thought about. That neediness is also what got me into trouble one day.

Master and Mistress were planning a big party for the following weekend and they decided that small gifts for their guests would be a nice touch. Usually I ran errands with Mistress but today she’d decided to shop alone and leave me at home to clean. A few people would be staying over and the guest rooms needed clean linens and airing out. I had already had the grand tour of the estate but rarely had the opportunity to explore alone. I prowled around the guest rooms as I cleaned, and that’s when I found the toy chest. It was a discreet wooden box that could easily have been a large jewelry box. It wasn’t.

Pandora had nothing Escort bayan on me as I sank to the floor and dived into the contents of the box. Vibrators, nipple clamps, dildos and more begged me to play with them. I couldn’t resist. There was a pretty pink rabbit type vibrator and I quickly acquainted myself with its functions. Surely just a minute or two with it couldn’t hurt. Mistress would probably be gone for hours.

The minute the rabbit licked my hungry clit, my self control was gone. Before I knew it I was lying on the thick rug, legs spread and vibrator buried in my pussy. The steady pressure and random pulses pushed me over the edge before I could stop myself. My orgasm seemed to shake my whole body and I moaned loudly, shoving the rabbit up my cunt as far as it would go. I’d made so much noise that I hadn’t heard Mistress walk into the room until she spoke.

“Tsk, tsk, little slut. You were instructed to clean the rooms. Not play with the toys.”

I leapt to my feet, vibrator falling to the floor.

“I’m sorry, Mistress! I didn’t mean…”

I trailed off, realizing I had absolutely no excuse. What was I going to say? That masturbating removed dust? I hung my head low and waited to hear my punishment.

“Clean up the mess you’ve made and meet me at the back door.”

My legs shook as I grabbed the vibrator and washed it. I put it back with the other toys and tucked the chest away into the cabinet where I’d found it. The request to meet Mistress at the back door worried me. My ninety day probation was still a month away. Surely she wasn’t going to tell me I’d failed and had to leave? I hurried to the back door practically trembling. Mistress was waiting with her hand on the door that led to the back garden.

“Go and see Mr. Johnson. Tell him that I need a birch.”

“Yes Mistress”

I was so relieved that she hadn’t told me to leave that I rushed out the door without another word. Mr. Johnson was the head gardener and I’d not yet had any reason to deal with him. When I found him in the greenhouse I stopped dead in my tracks, blushing as red as the roses on the potting benches. He had two helpers today. Their eyes roved my naked body as I tried to ignore them and focus on Mr. Johnson.

“Mrs. Standish sent me to ask you for a birch.”

The gardener laughed and exchanged glances with the two young men. Obviously all three of them knew something that I didn’t.

“Sit right here, Miss. It will take us a few minutes.”

Mr. Johnson indicated a rough wooden stool and I climbed up and settled my bare bottom onto it gingerly. I was already in enough trouble for masturbating. I didn’t want to add to my punishment. The three men came back about ten minutes later. They had a bundle of slender tree branches that they dropped into a pile on a garden bench. Mr. Johnson wielded his pruners expertly, whittling away at the branches. Then he grabbed a roll of electrical tape and bound them all together.

“Here you are, Miss. Mrs. Standish will know exactly what to do with this.”

Trying unsuccessfully to maintain any sort Bayan escort of dignity, I climbed down from the stool and took the bundle of switches. I knew what awaited me now and I was in no hurry to get back to the house with it. I walked slowly but Mistress opened the back door and called to me.

“We don’t have all day, Missy. Get in this house right now.”

Now I trotted to the door, feeling the eyes of the gardeners on my retreating form. I handed Mistress the birch and she closed the door behind me.

“Come along then. Mr. Johnson and his crew did all the work. I think it’s only fair that they get to watch the fun.”

Mistress grabbed me by the ear and pulled me along the corridor to the solarium. Three sides of the room were glass floor to ceiling, with a beautiful view of the garden. Today that view included Mr. Johnson and his two helpers. Mistress pulled a chair over by the window and indicated that I was to bend over her lap. It was not lost on me that the position put my naked bottom very close to the wall of glass.

Mistress pulled my hands behind my back and held them in one hand easily. She stroked my ass and thighs with the bundle of switches. I shivered even though the room was quite warm.

“Danielle, I’m very disappointed in you. You broke several rules today. Playing with toys that don’t belong to you is even worse than playing with your pussy without permission. Spread your legs. We don’t want to deprive the gardeners of their view, do we?”

I spread my legs quickly. From my vantage point I could only see the terra cotta tile floor but I could imagine the smiles on the faces outside. The first time the birch landed on my bottom wiped all thoughts from my mind. It felt like a hundred tiny bees had just stung me. So many branches bundled together made the birch quite wide and every blow seemed to cover my ass and thighs both.

Mistress did not count or wait for me to thank her before hitting me again. She paused occasionally, reminding me that only filthy little sluts masturbated when they were supposed to be cleaning. By the time she was done I was sobbing and kicking my legs like a schoolgirl. At no time did I even think of using my safe word. I had been foolish and knew that I deserved this. I also knew that she was right about me being a filthy little slut. In spite of my tears and humiliation my pussy was leaking onto Mistress’ lap.

“Oh dear, Pet. The gardeners seem to be rubbing their cocks. I guess they enjoyed the show. What do you think a truly repentant pet would do in this situation?”

I was afraid to even hazard a guess, but Mistress did not wait for an answer.

“I believe you should go out and service those poor boys. I’ll just sit here and watch.”

I would like to say that I was ashamed. Maybe a part of me was. The other part of me was very happy to walk out the back door and kneel at Mr. Johnson’s feet. He’d evidently known what to expect because he dropped his pants immediately. His cock was large, fully erect, and already leaking pre-cum. He shoved himself roughly into my mouth as I heard the sound Escort of a condom package being opened. My hips were grabbed roughly from behind as I was pulled to my feet, now bent at the waist.

My bottom felt like it was on fire and I screamed at the rough treatment. It only allowed Mr. Johnson to ram his cock further down my throat. My pussy was slick from the effect the birching had on me. I had no idea which one of the helpers was behind me but I felt his boots nudge my feet wider apart. I wasn’t prepared for the boy’s girth and groaned as he speared me. Every thrust pushed me against Mr. Johnson, who seemed happy with the outcome. In no time at all he grabbed my hair and held himself deep in my throat as he erupted. He pulled out slowly and I barely had time to draw a breath before the other young man took his place.

I heard rather than saw Mr. Johnson pull his pants back up and zip them.

“Take your time, boys. Afterwards, Mrs. Standish will likely want you to hose her off before you return her.”

For young men they had amazing stamina and enjoyed my holes leisurely. The very idea of being used so publicly and thoroughly had me at the verge of another orgasm but I fought it desperately. The man behind me was slamming into me hard and every time his hips slapped against my sore bottom I was reminded of the price for coming without permission. I was afraid another whipping would draw blood. He grabbed my raw cheeks and pulled them open wider and I thought I was done for. Mercifully he groaned loudly and was done.

The young man whose cock was now pushing into my throat was not far behind his friend and soon I had another load of cum running down my throat. The pair released me and I fell to the ground in a filthy, exhausted puddle.

“You heard the boss, Mike. Get the hose.”

I had hoped that Mr. Johnson was only kidding but he’d obviously meant what he said. I screamed as the cold water hit my skin, negating the warmth of the early summer day. Everyone in the garden laughed, but Mrs. Standish instructed the gardening crew to open my legs and make sure my privates were squeaky clean. By the time they were done I was cold, soaking wet, and thoroughly humiliated. I had hoped that Mistress would bring a towel and let me dry off and come back inside. I should have known better.

“Pet, go and stand in the corner where the solarium meets the rest of the house. When the sun has dried you off, you may come back inside. Don’t forget to touch your nose to the bricks and stick your spanked bottom out as far as you can. The party is in less than a week. You need to learn that disobedience will not be tolerated.”

The look in her eye was even more chilling than the spray from the hose.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m terribly sorry. I want to make you proud at the party.”

I scurried to the corner she’d pointed out and placed my nose against the bricks. My hands were crossed behind me at the small of my back, feet well apart and reddened bottom on display. The sun was warm and I felt the water droplets begin to evaporate. It did nothing for the moisture between my legs which seemed close to dripping on the ground.

Any sane person would think Mistress was a monster but she understood me better than anyone ever had. The more she treated me like a filthy little whore, the more I became one. I couldn’t wait for the party.

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