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The Shoot Ch. 01

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Jane Parsons was excited about her two new assistants; Ellen Good and Connie Grills. They both had such good resumes that Jane couldn’t decided on just hiring one of them so she decided to hire them both in assisting her with an upcoming photo shoot for her fashion magazine; DAMSEL, featuring world renowned action star and celebrity hottie Derrick Phillips.

Ellen Good, 24, was taking up photography at a small community college and working for Jane’s fashion magazine publication was the huge break she had been waiting for. She was reasonably a cute girl with a light golden skin complexion, shoulder length chestnut brown hair with bangs down her forehead, big dark brown eyes, double-chinned and being 5’4, she was a bit on the plump side which only enhanced her curves. She was the more easy going between her and freshly turned 19 year old wallflower Connie Grills.

Connie had dropped out of high school and found employment at a sewing factory. She got tired and bored of the long 8 hour days, 5 days a week routine for minimum wage and decided to apply for the assistant job in fashion in which, she loved. She was surprised to had been hired by Jane because she had no photography experience like Ellen. Connie had adorable looks with ivory white skin, long flowing jet black hair, ocean blue eyes concealed behind her Lisa Loeb style glasses, a few pimple blemishes and a slight overbite that gave her an adorable goof smile. She stood 5’6 and had a very slender figure with narrow hips, long legs but had bit of a belly bulge.

Jane really didn’t care about what was written on their resumes, experience or not, as one look at each girl and she knew they had the right “assets” for the job. Both Ellen and Connie simply had one thing in common that caught Jane’s attention immediately; gigantic breasts!

Jane was a bit obsessed with women’s breasts especially overly large ones you just don’t see walking down the street on a regular basis. She herself was a bit on the small side. Although she preferred men, there was something about a pair of huge knockers that excited her and she was hoping her passion for big tits would get her an exclusive and in-depth interview and photo shoot with movie star Derrick Phillips.

Before he became a mega movie star, Derrick admitted in an interview a few years back that he loved women with really big breasts. He was obsessed with big breasts but for HR reasons, Derrick had small breasted women such as models and actresses accompany him to red carpet events like award shows and movie premieres. Once all that was done, he fooled around with big breasted women whom were mostly silicone bimbos. Ellen and Connie were just your plain, ordinary looking girls whom were blessed with incredibly large natural breasts at young ages.

Ellen’s brassiere size, according to her resume, was a 38F and shaped like huge perfectly-rounded cantaloupes. Her big round jugs sat perky and high on her chest and fitted her well-rounded body type perfectly without looking out of proportion on her frame. Connie’s brassiere size, according to her resume, was a staggering 34HH. They looked so colossal and disproportioned on her slim frame. She had one of those narrow skinny ribcages and backs that it made truly unbelievable that such a tiny girl grew and carried around such monstrous boobs. The humongous heavy set twins had that conical pear-shape that obtruded from of her chest and sloped naturally near her navel even with a sturdy supporting bra on.

Surprisingly, neither one of the girls were self-conscious or ashamed about their overwhelming gargantuan knockers like most women. Since starting out a week ago, both girls wore mostly loose fitting or skin-tight tops that molded into their tits to make them looks bigger. Luckily for the girls, Jane’s staff was made up of all females but even they at times couldn’t keep their eyes off the two top-heavy personal assistants.

Jane couldn’t wait to see Derrick’s reaction and erection once he got a look at what Ellen and Connie were packing under their shirts. She heard rumors that Derrick was a pretty hung guy and she wanted to see it for herself and videotape it…

“Alright ladies. Derrick will be arriving any minute now, so if your having second thoughts on what the task at hand is, now is the time to speak so I can find someone more suited and in needing of a big payday,” announced Jane, as the attractive, mid 40 year old editor and chief of DAMSEL paced back and forth in front of her two personal assistants.

“I’m not questioning your wisdom or anything but are you sure he will let his guard down so fast?” asked a slightly nervous Connie.

“Ah, Connie. I love the shirt. Once he sees you in that, he will have an instant boner,” replied Jane.

“Relax Connie. Its not everyday we meet a celebrity, let alone being asked to screw him so we can get thousands of dollars,” said Ellen. “Its easy money and he’s hot. How many of your friends can say they had sex with a big time celebrity?”

“But göztepe escort blackmail is so ugly. I mean, I would really love the money but…” Connie spoke, second guessing her boss’s plan.

“I don’t think Derrick will care once he’s fucking the two of you. You’ll change your mind Connie once you see how beautiful his dick is. I got the inside scoop from some of Hollywood’s leading ladies who got to experience a fuck of a lifetime,” said Jane. “Just follow my instructions and Ellen’s actions. You’ll do just fine and above all else ladies, just have fun. I gave the entire staff the night off so enjoy yourselves.”

Shortly after the small prep talk to the girls, movie star Derrick Phillips arrived at the studio in full anticipation for his interview and photo shoot. The man rarely did interviews and photo shoots but Jane promised him an experience unlike any other without going into full details or revealing her personal help. Derrick was all ears and agreed to it only if she was welling to paid $80 grand. It was a depth price for Jane but one she was willing to make.

Derrick walked into the studio and was greeted by the DAMSEL’s chief editor.

“Welcome Mr. Phillips. I am so glad you that you decided to do this. I know your not a fan of interviews and photo shoots but your fans will love you for it as the producers, directors and the cast of your lately action flick. Its good publicity if I do say so myself,” Jane said smiling.

“Um, yes of course and just call me Derrick. Mr. Phillips is my father’s name,” he replied.

Derrick Phillips was certainly a heartthrob in his prime at the age of 32. He shared remarkable looks with British comedian actor Russell Brand except he was an American and had a Dave Navarro short haircut with goatee.

“Okay Derrick. Will you please follow me further into my studio where the set up is all ready,” requested Jane.

Derrick followed Jane to where all the equipment was set up. He noticed Ellen was adjusting the lighting on the tripods and he didn’t have to take a second look to see she had an amazingly huge rack under her hooded-sweat shirt. His eyes were literally trying to burn a hole through her hooded shirt to see her fantastic goods. He dick started twitching at an increasingly fast rate.

“OH MY GOD! It’s Derrick Phillips!” screeched loudly and fanatic Connie, as she walked into the room wearing a thin, little sky blue tee-shirt with the word DAMSEL massively stretched and blurred across her gigantic cannons. The shirt basically draped over her heavy mounds and ended just below their plump curvy bottoms. Her nipples were plain obvious, erected and pointed straight out in the size of soy beans. Derrick was rendered speechless with an; “Oh my fucking God!” look on his face.

“Oh Derrick. I almost forgot. I would like for you to meet my two assistants. This is Connie and that’s Ellen,” Jane said. “They are just as eager to get this session rolling. What do you say?”

Derrick finally snapped out of his shock with a full blown hard erection that was quite noticeable in his skinny jeans.

“Yes, of course! Lets get started, shall we. I have a lot I would like to unload in our session.”

“Oh, believe me Derrick, you’ll get your chance. Now I would like to start with the photo shoot if you don’t mind,” Jane suggested.


Derrick walked onto the set and stood in front of a large green backdrop. Ellen begun taking photos of him while Janet directed how she wanted him to pose.

“Could we lose the shirt?” Jane devilishly requested.

With no hesitation, Derrick removed his shirt and stood in front of the ladies with his bare bird chest and ripped six pack. He wasn’t much of a gym guy but took very well care of his body. After taking several shots of him shirtless, Jane was ready for the next step.

“This may be a bit much but, would you care to do some photos in just your underwear?” Jane asked.

Derrick shrugged his shoulders and kicked off his black boots. Before he could undo his jeans, Jane stopped him.

“Hold on Derrick. I want my assistant Connie to do what she is paid for and that’s assist. Connie, will you be a dear and help Derrick out of his jeans.”

Connie made her way over to Derrick. His eyes were immediately drawn and fixated on her giant unrestrained supple titties as her walking motions caused them to move around loosely beneath her thin little shirt in a lewd manner. He felt his hard cock was on the verge of bursting through his skinny jeans before she had the chance to take them off.

Connie dropped to her knees in front of Derrick and unbutton his jeans. With one swift tug, she pulled them and his tidy-whities down to his ankles. His huge cock sprung right in her face, fully erected and throbbing.

“Dear God,” Jane mumbled in amazement under her breath. Ellen’s eyes were wide open at the sight of this actor’s large hard dick.

“You can touch it, if you like,” Derrick said, istanbul escort looking down at a wide-eyed and nervous Connie.

Connie reached up and grasped his fully erected manhood as best as she could with one hand. She slowly jerked him off with one hand and used her other hand to fondle his low-hung fat balls. Derrick moaned and looked over at Ellen. He nodded his head for her to join Connie on her knees. Ellen set the camera down and dropped right beside Connie.

“Ellen, you suck his cock while Connie continues to beat it,” instructed Jane.

Ellen pushed her chubby chipmunk face forward and worked her lips and tongue all over his throbbing shaft and the large bulging head of his cock. Derrick felt like he was on ecstasy while these two extremely well-downed young girls worked over his cock and balls. The actor had his fair share of threesomes and foursomes but never had them so young and top-heavy.

Ellen engulfed half of his cock between her lips and sucked up and down for all she’s worth while Connie scooped her head down and tongued and sucked on his balls. Jane felt her pussy becoming moist and nipples hardening from this erotic sight.

“That’s it ladies. Work his cock. Work that big juicy cock like it’s the last cock you’ll ever taste,” Jane directed.

Both girls took in her words and intensified their sucking actions on Derrick’s big dick and fat balls. The actor was running his fingers through their hair while becoming overwhelmed in sexual bliss. After a few minutes, Ellen and Connie switched places with Ellen working his balls with her mouth and Connie sucking down deep on his cock.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Derrick ecstatically exclaimed. Connie was face-deep in his musky hairy crotch with his big juicy dick down her throat. Ellen had moved behind Derrick to get better access of his hanging balls. She sucked one and then the other before lodging both juicy testicles into her mouth. She literally tried sucking his balls right out of their sack.

‘Oh God ladies! Please don’t make him cum so soon,” suggested Jane, as she sat in a chair and held up a video camera. “Let this man enjoy everything you have to offer.”

Connie pulled her face from Derrick’s crotch but kept most of his cock lodged between her lips and sucked greedily on it which propel a wave of indescribable pleasure coursing through his body. Her giving head prowess was off the chants, amazing. Ellen had released Derrick’s fat ball sack from its warm confinement in her mouth and stood up in front of him and Connie. She pulled her hooded-sweat shirt over her head and revealed to Derrick’s hungry eyes her enormously huge cantaloupes, lightly golden like the rest of her body and toppled with peach-colored puffy areolas and shy nipples.

“Those looks so incredible,” praised Jane, as she zoomed in up close at Ellen’s large rack with the video camera. “I’m so certain Derrick can’t wait to cum on those F cup puppies.”

Ellen continued to undress until she was left in only her orange cotton socks. Her bushy pussy was moist and dripping with her juices. She pressed her body against his, squishing her inviting monster boobs against his skinny chest. Derrick never had the pleasure of feeling such huge soft tits like Ellen’s against his chest and he loved it.

“Is Jane right? You want to cum on these tittes?” Ellen teased, as she rubbed her soft tits up and down his chest and abs.

“God yes! I want to cum all over your big juicy titties,” he confessed, as he cupped both of Ellen’s enormous jugs and squeezed them. The pliant jello-like flesh overflowed right between his kneading groping fingers and weighted about 10 pounds each. He ran his thumbs over her puffy areolas repeatedly and felt her shy nipples blossoming into rigid form.

“Hmmm, that sounds real nice but before you can do that, you have to fuck us first,” prompted Ellen.

Derrick took pleasure in frantically groping two of the biggest pair of real tits he had ever felt while he thrust his hips back and forth fucking Connie’s covetously sucking mouth. She started gagging on his thick man meat as it pounded close to the back of her throat. After a few minutes of receiving a face-fuck, she pulled her mouth off his huge cock and watched her saliva dribble off it and to the floor.

“Time for you to join your friend here,” said Derrick, indicating that she should get naked.

“Not yet!” replied Jane. “She will undress while you fuck Ellen. Connie, please fetch a blanket from my office.”

Connie stood up, saliva and pre-cum dribbling off her chin and gigantic knockers wobbling ridiculously beneath her thin shirt and headed to her boss’s office. Derrick’s huge saliva-covered dick pointed towards Jane like a missile and she wanted to feast on it but she kept her cool and wanted him to give both her busty assistants a good fucking first. Connie returned shortly with a blanket and laid it down on the ground.

“I want to fuck you from behind first kadıköy escort Ellen if you don’t mind,” said Derrick.

“Of course not,” she happily agreed.

Ellen got on all fours on the blanket. Derrick admired her shapely fleshy ass, moist hairy cunt and how far her massive tits hung towards the blanket with her nipples nearly touching it. He dropped to his knees behind her and held onto her thick hips.

“Connie, will you do the honor of placing his beautiful big cock inside Ellen’s hot pussy,” directed Jane.

Connie started walking over with her mammoth fun bags swaying in heavy motions as she moved. Derrick could not wait to see, feel, and cum all over her tits. Connie reached down, took his enormous cock in her hand and inserted it slowly between Ellen’s warm and pink glistening pussy lips. Ellen grasped and moaned as she felt the big cock nudging its way into her tight pussy. Derrick grunted as he leaned forward and impaled his rock-hard cock firmly and fully inside Ellen’s wet womb. He felt Ellen’s pussy as it encased his cock in its warm silky hold. He held onto her fleshy hips and fucked her with long deep thrusts.

Ellen’s little chunky face was beet red and drenched in sweat as she began to take a hard fucking from a famous celebrity’s hard rod. Her huge fat cantaloupe-shaped tits looked so inviting as they swung and flopped back and forth and out to her sides as Derrick pounded her with his ever-increasing rocking hips and ruthless aggression mannerism. Her fleshy ass plopped against his crotch with each hard impact of his big dick sliding in and out of her tight wet hole.

Jane couldn’t take sitting down much longer and wanted to be close to the action. She stood behind Derrick and videotaped his firm ass jiggling as he pounded her busty assistant like it was his first taste of pussy. She then moved around front to get a shot of Ellen’s sweaty flushed face and steady moans and groans of pleasure, then zero in her video camera on the massive, round swinging melons below that face.

“I bet silicone doesn’t swing like that,” commented Jane. “Wow! Look at those big tits fly! You fuck her so well Derrick. Connie is itching to get a taste of that cock. Speaking of which, I believe you can undress now Connie. Stand in front of Ellen so Derrick can watch.”

Derrick grabbed onto Ellen’s shoulders and speeded up his thrusting as he watched young 19 year old Connie appear in front of the two. Jane stood on the side so she could capture Connie undressing and Derrick’s reaction. Connie slipped her cute little feet out of her easy to slip on shoes and lifted up her DAMSEL logo shirt.

“Holy fucking hell!” exclaimed Derrick and Jane in unison, as they both got their first glimpses of the biggest natural pair of tits neither one of them had ever seen in person. Ellen felt Derrick’s big cock becoming increasingly bigger and harder inside her sobbing pussy as he fiercely pounded her balls-deep with a renewed liveliness after Connie revealed her remarkable 34HH’s. Her huge plump sweaty tits were flying so high up, they nailed her chin a few times.

Connie’s heavy tits were utterly immense and sloped pendulously down just above her pierced naval like oversized teardrops. The gigantic double H cups were the same color as her skin and toppled with small areolas that were a light shade of pink and big fat nipples in a darker pink.

“Unbelievable Connie! Just breathtaking… What guy would not want to have his way with those huge milk bags and cum all over them,” praised Jane. “Now, why don’t you remove your bottoms and join the fun and please, keep your glasses on. You look very sexy.”

Connie gave a cheesy grin to Jane and started removing her jeans. As Connie bended over to take her jeans off, her enormous boobs prolonged down passed her skinny knees with acres and acres of cleavage that made Derrick’s eyes bulge and mouth water. The erotic scene was enough to make him blow his load.

“Fuck! It’s too soon! I’m gonna to blow,” he moaned.

“Not until I cum first!” cried Ellen, as she succumbed to a powerful orgasm and came. Derrick felt Ellen’s hot liquids bathing his thrusting cock and leaking down onto his swinging balls. That was enough for him to quickly pulled his big hard dick out of her cum-streaming pussy and staggered to his feet ready to explode.

“Spin around and let me coat those tits!” Derrick demanded Ellen, as he rapidly jerked his wet cock.

Ellen turned around, having not yet fully recovered from her orgasm and positioned herself on her knees. She gathered her enormous soft tits up in her arms and looked up at him, waiting and anticipating a warm cum bath. Derrick furiously jerked his cock off right above Ellen’s huge tits while gazing at Connie’s humongous gelatin bags and her bald pussy.

“FUCK!” Derrick cried, as he felt a massive thick wad of cum spurt out of the red hot head of his cock and between the valley of spongy flesh that was Ellen’s over-sized fat breasts. The white thick cum rolled down her jelly-like tit flesh and over her hard nipples. Derrick continued to cry out as he released a second thick coating of cum that jetted over the tops of Ellen’s breasts, chest, and neck. Ellen smiled as his cum ran down her neck and chest and disappeared into her deep cleavage.

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