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The Storm

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Ass Fucking

We both jerked awake when the thunder hit, and both settled back into bed when we realized what it was. I smiled a bit and snuggled back down, sleepily looking at the window and then shutting my eyes, letting the light patter of rain put me back to sleep. Then another loud crack echoed through the house, and my eyes stayed open. I glanced over at Markus to see him roll over. The man could sleep through anything. I pushed the covers off of me and got out of bed, putting on my slippers to protect me from the cold hardwood floor.

I pulled the curtains apart just a little and watched the lightning light up the sky. Our neighbors had a tendency to keep their porch light on, which Markus hated, so we had black-out curtains to keep the light out. I quickly opened them, stepped towards the window and then shut them behind me, hoping it kept enough light out of the room so he could sleep. A flash of lightning, and I counted to myself, “One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand…” and made it to ten. Ten miles away, I thought, enjoying the game of my youth.

A louder boom rolled in, and I heard Markus get out of bed, assuming the thunder had woken him enough to where he needed to use the bathroom. He wouldn’t be surprised to see my slippered feet under the curtains and the shape of me hiding behind them. He knew I loved thunder storms, and would leave me to my musings. Suddenly, I felt the curtains opened quickly behind me, jumped, and glared back at Markus. “Jerk,” I mumbled, as he wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder.

For awhile we watched the storm come in, and as the rain started to come down harder, Markus slid his hand up underneath my tank top and up to my breast. I smiled, and placed my hands on the window frames beside me, allowing him full access. His other hand pulled the tank top up over my breasts, and he rubbed them softly, my nipples already hard from the cool air coming in from the drafty windows.

I leaned back into him, letting my head fall back and presenting my neck to his eager kisses. He nibbled on it lightly, and I sighed, his caresses on my breasts becoming a little rougher. He took my nipples between his thumbs and fingers, rolling them, making me break out in little shudders of pleasure. I bent my canlı bahis şirketleri knees slightly, and slid my ass up his upper thighs and rubbing it against his hardening cock, feeling him groan against my neck as his nibbles turned into long and deliberate scrapings of his teeth across my skin.

One of his hands slid down my belly and made it’s way under my pajama pants, rubbing the soft and trimmed hair of my pussy up and down. I placed my feet a little further apart and Markus slid his middle finger down my slit, rubbing one side of my clit, and then the other, making me shiver and let out a light moan. I was already dripping wet from the nipple play, and his finger slid easily from one side, up and around the top, and down the other side. He then put his index finger on one side of it, his middle on the other, and rubbed it up and down slowly. A flash, and then a loud crack of thunder followed a few moments later, letting me know the storm was almost fully upon us.

The hand that was playing with my breasts moved to my neck, and Markus squeezed lightly, knowing how much I loved it. I felt a hot flash in my privates as he held me in place by the throat, quickening the movement of his hand between my legs. He kept his fingers apart, only occasionally touching my clit, and it was driving me mad. I removed my hands from the window frame and squeezed my breasts roughly. I was moaning loudly now, pinching my nipples and pushing my ass back against his now completely hard cock.

“Shhhhh…” he whispered in my ear, slowing the up and down movement of his hand, making me whimper in protest. The hand that was around my neck squeezed a little harder, and then left my neck to slide down between my breasts, which were still in my hands. A moment later his hand left my body, and I was curious to know where he was going to put it. His other hand slid slowly from my pussy to the waistband of my pajama pants. I felt his other hand on the opposite side, and he pulled them down slowly over my ass, and let them fall to the floor. He stepped back away from me, and I took my feet out of my slippers and kicked them and my pants aside while taking my tank top off over my head at the same time.

I stood there, waiting to feel his hands on me again, my pussy pulsing and canlı kaçak iddaa waiting for his touch to return. The storm was in full rage now, flashes of lightning going off every few seconds and thunder rolling almost continuously. A movement caught my eye, and I turned my head slightly to see our neighbor, Ryan, running out to his car in full rain gear. I heard a light chuckle behind me, and then felt Markus grab a handful of my hair slowly with his left hand. My pussy was on fire now, and he slowly pushed me forward until my face and whole upper body were pressed up against the cold window. I placed my hands on the glass up near my face, and Markus spread my legs apart with his knee.

He had my face turned to where Ryan was trying to hurriedly turn on his car and roll up his windows. He slapped my ass, making my shriek in surprise, and I knew he was hoping it would get Ryan’s attention. Markus always caught Ryan checking me out, and I am sure our poor neighbors had seen Markus and I having sex on multiple occasions. I knew Markus got a kick out of it, but when he slapped my other ass cheek, I held my shriek in. He made the fist in my hair tighter, and slapped my ass harder this time, and I let my shriek loose.

I glanced down to see Ryan getting out of his car and looking around. Markus slid his hand down the back of my ass and then slid a finger inside of my pussy. I sighed, watching my breath fog up the window. He slid his finger out, and then pushed two fingers inside me, making me moan. He pulled the fingers out and then pushed them back in, harder than the last time, and I let out another moan, a little louder than the last. He tightened his fist in my hair again and pushed my face a little harder against the window, which in turn pressed my breasts up against it a little more. “Get his attention,” he growled, pulling his fingers out and slamming them into me, making me yell out as the walls of my pussy started to tighten around his fingers.

I saw Ryan glance up and then dart around to the side of his house that faced ours. It was completely in shadow, but a flash of lightning revealed his location. I was far enough away that he couldn’t tell if I was looking at him, and he knelt behind some shipping pallets he kept on the side of his place for bonfire canlı kaçak bahis nights to conceal himself. Markus started working his fingers in and out of me, roughly, then tender, then rough, making me moan and sigh and yell out at times. I pushed my hand down between me and the window and started fingering my clit, making my orgasm build faster and stronger.

The wind was blowing, thunder rolling, rain pouring, and I came loudly, pushing back against Markus’ hand and shuddering uncontrollably. I wasn’t even done coming when Markus pulled his fingers from me, grabbed me by the hips, and pulled me away from the window. He bent me over, and I placed my hands on the window sill to keep from falling over. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his boxers fly to the side of the bed, and felt him start to push his hard cock in my still quivering pussy. He slid in slowly, savoring the feel of my pussy caressing him, and then pulled almost all of the way out. He slid back in, and then out, in, and out, making waves of pleasure shudder over my body over and over again.

He started to thrust into me faster and harder, and I placed a hand on the window to be able to push back. He moved me forward, bit by bit, and soon I was a little more upright. I braced my hands on the window frame and he started to fuck me relentlessly. My tits bounced every time he thrust himself into me, and I could feel another orgasm building in me. From the grunting behind me, I could tell he was getting close, and I suddenly remembered Ryan. I placed my hand on the window in his general direction, and turned my gaze that way as well.

As my orgasm overtook me, I yelled out, making sure he would be able to hear me through the window, the rain, and the little rolls of thunder that still remained. I felt Markus’ hands tighten on my hips and he thrust into me hard. I could feel his cock pulse as he shot his load inside of me. I felt him bend into me, and he placed small kisses on my shoulder blades. He was breathing hard, and between gulps of breath he asked “Where?”

I chuckled a little, starting to straighten myself up. “Pallet pile.” Markus pulled himself out of me and I felt our juices start to run down my inner thigh. He moved closer to the window, and pulled me to him for a deep, long kiss. Once his lips left mine, he turned in the direction of where Ryan was hidden. He waved like a little kid to Ryan and then pulled me away from the window and closed the curtains. We both burst into laughter and turned to make our way to the bathroom for a shower.

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