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The Stress of Revision Ch. 03

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Part One.

Bianca led Jon to her room by the hand. Jon, still trying to replay the kiss that he had just seen in his head, merely followed her looking quite dazed.

Stopping outside her door, she fiddled around inside her bag, looking for her keys. When she found them, she looked up at Jon. “What’s up honey? You look like you’ve never seen two girls kissing before.”

If Jon’s eyes could grow wider, they did so here. “How can you just say that?” he said incredulously. “It’s like every guy’s dream to see that right there in front of them, and you just pass it off as an everyday occurrence!”

“Well, it is just about. Especially when there’s some guys around to ogle us.”

“Right…” Jon said, trying to get his head around it. “But you’d do it anyway even if there weren’t guys around?”

“Well, I dunno, yeah I guess. But it’s more fun if there’s a guy around, just to watch the reaction.”

She opened her door and walked in, leaving Jon in the corridor shaking his head.

“You coming sexy?” she asked him, leaning on the wall next to her door, in such a way that seemed to highlight her cleavage.

Jon nodded dumbly and walked forward into her room, the door closing behind him. Bianca flung her arms round his neck and leapt on him, wrapping her shapely legs around his waist.

“So then sexy man, are you looking forward to your surprise?” she said, flashing her teeth in her smile.

Jon nodded slowly, still finding the power of speech beyond him.

“Close your eyes then, put your hands over your ears for good measure for me and face the door please,” she told him authoritatively.

Jon obliged, unable to hear or see anything. What on earth can she be doing? It’s gone a bit far to be a big wind up, so what’s going on? He could feel his heart beating quite firmly in his chest, making him realise he was a little nervous.

He felt her tug his hands off his ears. “Don’t open your eyes,” she said quickly. “I just want you to be able to hear now.”

He heard her settle down on her bed. “OK sexy, you can open your eyes.”

Jon did so, and turned round. The first thing he noticed was Bianca laying on her side on her bed, knees just slightly bent. Jon’s eyes widened as he took the scene in fully. She was wearing lacy red lingerie, highlighting the contrast to her creamy skin. Jon became very aware of the swelling in his groin, as her toned body began to take effect on him. He just couldn’t remember a sexier sight, than a girl from his dreams, decorated in erotic underwear, wearing a look that just had “I want you. NOW!” written all over it.

She held out her hand that wasn’t supporting her head. “Come here then gorgeous,” she said delicately. Jon felt that invisible hand pushing him forwards again. He stumbled forward, grabbing hold of her hand and settling down on the edge of her bed. A fruity scent filled his nostrils. Must be new perfume, he thought. Crumbs, she’s made an effort here.

“You like?” she asked, smiling sweetly at him.

Jon nodded, hoping the image would be burned on to the inside of his eyelids. Good God she’s absolutely smoking hot!

She frowned. “You not going to say anything?”

“W-words j-just seem t-to fail m-me at t-t-times like this-s,” Jon managed to say, after opening and closing his mouth a few times.

“But I can be safely assured that it was worth the effort, and I’m going to be ravished?” she asked, twirling a finger in a lock of hair that was hanging around her shoulders.

He nodded, trying to get his brain to function coherently. “I th-think that can b-be arranged,” he whispered hoarsely.

Suddenly, he found himself looking at her, and there was what felt like a pause in time, as their eyes locked, and if by some sort of magnetism, they were drawn to each other, Jon slipping his arms around Bianca’s waist, as hers slipped around his neck. Simultaneously their eyes closed and they were joined together by a passionate kiss, tongues encircling each other, Jon entranced by her sweet smell radiating from her body. Bianca felt like she was melting in his arms.

The kiss lasted several moments. As it broke, Bianca moaned softly and whispered in Jon’s ear, “Undo my bra.”

Jon felt around her back for the clasp, struggling with it for a few seconds, before her breasts were released into the open. He threw the bra over his shoulder somewhere, once Bianca has slipped her body out of it. He cupped them in his hands, using his thumbs to press lightly on her nipples, causing them to extend slightly.

She gave another quiet moan, causing Jon’s dick to twitch in response. Blimey, he thought, I never realised a moan could have that kind of effect. What does she want me to do next though? I can’t play with her tits forever. Well, I quite easily could, but that’s probably not what she wants…

Spookily as if she could read his mind, Bianca said in a husky voice, “Kiss me.”

His hands still playing with her naked breasts, he met her halfway in another canlı bahis steamy kiss, Bianca’s desire evident as she kissed him hungrily. As this kiss broke, she was tugging at the bottom of his t-shirt. Reluctantly, Jon let her breasts go, putting his arms straight up, so she could slip his t-shirt over his head.

Bianca screwed his t-shirt up into a ball, and threw it back over Jon’s shoulder, in a similar style to how he had dealt with her bra, causing them both to laugh.

Any tension or nervousness that had existed between them, was now gone, and Jon suddenly found himself in control of the situation. He pushed Bianca on to her back, as her hands roamed all over his chest and torso, Jon shivering as her touch came into contact with his tickle spots. Bianca noticed his wriggling.

“Are you ticklish sexy man?” she asked him, teasingly, her fingers poised, ready to tickle him if he denied it.

Jon sensed this, and merely responded by stroking up and down her sides, causing Bianca to squirm beneath him, as he came into contact with her sensitive areas. “I guess we both are then,” he said. Bianca nodded, bracing herself for a tickle onslaught.

With both sets of hands wandering all over the other’s bodies, gently squeezing nipples, and stroking the outlines of muscles, their eyes constantly locked together, Jon felt his penis reach diamond hardness.

Bianca was the first to make a move, dipping a hand inside the waist band of his shorts, briefly coming into contact with his helmet, causing Jon to groan with pleasure, as he felt the tingling sensations course through him.

“I think we’d better take these off sexy man,” she said, gently tugging at his shorts. He gave her a hand in slipping them off his legs, leaving his dick still encased in his underwear, the head threatening to expose itself at the waistband.

Bianca, her eyes smouldering with intimate desire, also tugged down his underwear, without help this time, allowing his rock hard erection to spring free at such an angle so it was pointing at her panty covered sex.

Bianca made her next intention expressly clear. “Put it in me.”

Jon pushed aside her bright red underwear, releasing a scent of her female arousal, which heightened his desire even further than he thought humanly possible.

He slipped the head of his cock inside her hot depths, causing a series of small moans as he kept going all the way to the hilt.

“God, Jon, that’s wonderful, I feel like I’m splitting in two!” she cried as he impaled her slowly on his length.

Jon too was feeling wonderful, like he had just put his cock into something that was just slightly too small for him. She was all around him, so wet and tight. He made slow thrusts with his hips until her sopping vagina had adjusted to his size, Bianca moaning her approval all the while. He was inside properly now, reaching every corner of her velvet tightness, still taking slow, deep thrusts, trying to keep control of himself in the situation.

“Oh please Jon, don’t hold back, fuck me, fuck me…” she breathed through her moans.

Jon responded by increasing his rhythm so he was around mid tempo. He then took hold of her perky pink nipples, giving them a quick squeeze, causing Bianca to squeal. He changed his hand position so that he was cupping her breasts in his hands, her nipples grazing his palms, and increased his tempo further, driving his hips into hers with increasing force.

“I’m not going to last much longer, don’t stop lover,” she cried out, still managing to fit a moan in between words.

Her moans increased and became more shrill as he continued to increase his thrusting, feeling his balls beginning to tingle at the prospect of release.

He took his hands off her breasts and held her hips, as his thrusts reached maximum tempo, Bianca grabbing hold of the headboard behind her, the mattress bouncing up and down with their movements.

“Oh, oh… fuck me! I’m so close, I’m so close,” Bianca cried out, her loins beginning to shiver around Jon’s incessant thrusting.

Jon responded with a few deep grunts, giving an almighty final thrust, and releasing his seed into Bianca’s pussy. He gave several large spurts, followed by a few less powerful ones.

She squealed as the sensation of his seed splashing inside her set off her own climax, Jon feeling his cock being squeezed as if he were in a vice, as she began to spasm around him, reaching the height of erotic pleasure.

Panting for breath, Jon slipped his cock out of her pussy, losing his balance, and falling off the bed, landing in a heap on the floor. He lay there, completely out of breath, his head still spinning from his own orgasm, which had been one of the most intense he could ever remember.

After a few moments, he opened his eyes to find Bianca staring down at him. She was smiling at him, a wide cheesy grin he’d not seen before.

“That was amazing,” she said. “Think you’ve got enough in the tank to do that again?”

Jon bahis siteleri struggled to his feet. “I’ll certainly have a good go at it,” he responded, rising to the challenge.

Bianca giggled. “I’m in for a treat then if it’s as good as the last one,” she said, reaching out for his hands, pulling him on to the bed.

Jon settled down beside her, laying on his side. Bianca dipped two fingers inside her freshly fucked pussy, and brought them up to her mouth, licking them clean. The sight of her sucking their lovemaking off her fingers caused Jon’s penis to stir.

Feeling his penis rise against her thigh, Bianca immediately took it in her other hand, and began fondling it again, gently caressing the head.

Jon put a hand between her thighs, joining her fingers, which were making slow strokes across her silky slit. Bianca let his fingers take over, as they gently caressed her labia. She instead proceeded to fondle his balls, cupping them in her wet hand.

With both of her hands on his genitals, Jon soon became rigid again. Giving him a look of approval, she brought her mouth up to his, thrusting her tongue deep inside. Jon pushed his tongue back against hers, his hand still stroking up and down her slit.

Breaking the kiss, Bianca looked up at him, a twinkle in her eye. “I want to try something a little different,” she said.

“OK,” Jon replied. “What’s on your mind?”

“Do me over the desk…” she whispered in his ear, her breath tickling him.

He responded by climbing off the bed, then leaning over to help her stand up. She gripped the edge of her desk, spreading her legs slightly, giving Jon a perfect view of her glistening pussy lips. Bianca wriggled her hips slightly, making her desire obvious.

“Jonny baby…” she moaned, “Don’t tease me, I need that ramrod of yours in me!”

Not wanting to disappoint a woman in need, cock in hand, Jon positioned himself behind Bianca, rubbing his cock between her puffy labia, inhaling her arousal. He had found animal instinct had taken over, none of his usual questions were bouncing around his brain. One thing had taken over; to satisfy this woman.

“Jon!” she virtually screamed.

At that point, he slammed into her, causing the blonde girl to slump over the desk, gasping for breath, as her brain filled with stars.

Not quite sure where the energy came from, Jon began to fuck Bianca with earnest, his grunting becoming more and more animal-like in nature. The pressure of her hot tunnel soon took its toll, as he felt his balls churn and fire his second orgasm deep into her belly. Not quite sure why, Jon continued to slam in and out of Bianca’s pussy, as if there were no tomorrow, his dick rapidly deflating.

Bianca could feel the pressure of his hot rod decreasing inside her, but with his balls still slamming into her clit, sending sparks of electricity through her body every time they came into contact, she soon had a climax of her own. Jon could feel her legs begin to tremble and decided to remove his now limp penis, and thrust two fingers into her quivering pussy, coming into direct with Bianca’s tender fleshy pad. Jon pressed down, his thumb coming into contact with her little sensitive nub.

This served to set off rockets in Bianca’s brain, as she let out a high pitched scream, coming forcefully around his fingers. Her orgasm lasted several seconds, as she bucked around his hand, gripping the desk for dear life. Her knees were weak, and she lost the strength in her arms for a few seconds, causing her to slip backwards, the force of which, caused them both to end up on the floor, heavily panting for breath, Jon in particular after the shock of having the wind knocked out of him.

Taking a few moments to recover his senses, Jon realised he could feel a draught coming under the door. This served to cool him, as he felt the Bianca’s body heave up and down on top of him, as she fought for air. Somehow, she had twisted in falling over, her perky nipples pressing into his stomach, near where the perfect purple bruise he had sustained playing tennis was.

Jon gently caressed the back of her head, the blonde hair running softly through his fingers. He gazed at the gorgeous creature on top of him, covered in a fine film of sweat, making her skin glisten in the mediocre light.

She looks like an angel, particularly the way that golden hair is just splayed around her, he thought. He found her dark eyes gazing up at him, and she gave him a tired smile.

Stroking the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair, he whispered, “Thanks for my surprise.”

She gave him a look of complete non-comprehension.

Jon’s brain didn’t quite understand why she was looking confused. “You said you had a surprise for me. I thought the whole lingerie thing and the… unbelievable sex… was the surprise.”

She kept her expression neutral.

“You mean that wasn’t the surprise?” Jon asked, half disbelieving, half hopeful of something to come.

She bahis şirketleri gave her coy smile. “It wasn’t much of a surprise was it? Some lacy underwear, new perfume and a new position. Sheez, you can’t have lived if a girl’s not put on her finest drawers and well… taken them off again.” Bianca patted his cheek and reached for her mobile phone with her other hand, pressing a couple of buttons. Must be checking for messages, Jon thought.

“I can’t really remember any other girl making an effort quite like you have. It’s always been sex really, no romance or anything involved.” Makes me sound like some kind of stud that, he thought to himself.

“I think you’ve missed out then,” Bianca responded, putting her phone back where she got it from, seeming satisfied.

“Obviously… I actually feel comfortable talking to you after sex, rather than having to curl up and sleep on the floor. Makes a change to actually be able to share a bed,” Jon admitted.

She turned to him and frowned. “So you’re saying you’ve never been in a proper loving relationship?”

“I think it depends what you consider to be a loving relationship, in all fairness,” Jon replied defensively. “I mean, is this a loving relationship?”

“I know we used sex as an ice breaker and it’s been something that I would normally not do, but I had a sense with you that you were different in some way,” she countered. “And I’ve been proved right so far, sex with you has proved that we have a connection, you just seem so in tune with my body, it’s spooky. And although we’ve not been out on a date as such yet, that feeling when you put that dick of yours in me… I’m not willing to call that just sex. There’s feelings behind all that. Am I right?”

Jon thought about what she’d said for a minute. It’s true, I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve actually cared about the girl quite as much as I have with Bianca, he decided. And I hope there’s more to this than just sex, I don’t want to end up as fuck buddies or something, I quite like the company, she’s a fun person to be around. And you just don’t see brains, beauty and an easy-going nature in the same place much… Maybe two of the three, but definitely not all three. And if I add ‘willing to sleep with me’ to that… Yeah, I’d love to have her as a girlfriend. No complaints.

In response to her question, he eventually nodded.

“I so know you wanted to say something there, you’re just too scared,” Bianca teased.

Jon swallowed a couple of times, and decided to be honest with her. “Yeah, you’re completely right. I do have feelings behind all this sex. A helluva lot of feelings. Ever since I was a teenager, I dreamed of one day marrying a pretty girl, and I’m not suggesting we get married, but if at some point in the future, I did marry you, I’d be over the moon. As for a relationship now, the sex has certainly been an ice breaker, but I hope that won’t stop me from doing normal things with you, like going to the cinema, or wandering around the European markets on a Saturday, being able to admire the fountains or the ducks on the river. Being a couple, y’know… things like that.” He broke eye contact, a little bit embarrassed at everything he’d said. Why does being open with girls have to be so embarrassing, he wondered.

When he looked up again, he began to realise what Bianca meant when she wanted to capture expressions. Hers was of complete shock, her eyes bugging out, her mouth wide open.

He leaned forward, putting a finger under her chin, closing her mouth. That seemed to galvanise her into moving, and she threw her arms around him in a fierce embrace.

A knock at the door made them jump.

Jon looked panicked, but Bianca merely smiled at him. “It’s ok, I think I know what this is.”

Jon looked helplessly at her.

“I think this could be your surprise…” Bianca said, climbing off the bed, still completely naked, and walked to the door. “Who is it?” she called out.

“It’s Jon surprise!” came the reply.

To his disbelief, and not for the first time that day, Jon was rendered speechless, as Holly and Frederica walked in.


Part Two.

“Hey you two,” Holly said, smiling brightly.

“What’s been going on in here then?” Freddy asked, mock seriously. The two of them turned to Jon, who had turned a deep crimson colour and had covered himself in Bianca’s sheets to hide his modesty.

“Bless him,” Bianca said to her friends, “he gets so embarrassed. But his mind under all that shyness will be churning away with dirty thoughts.”

Jon couldn’t deny it, and gave a helpless shrug. His mind had been wandering, considering the possibilities that lay before him. Somehow though, he thought it would be wrong to make any moves, he was certain that Bianca would have it all planned out.

“I guess it’s just an instinctive reaction to be embarrassed,” he said. “And I can’t help being a guy, dirty thoughts are what make us tick.”

The girls all laughed.

“Oh Jon, you can be so cute sometimes,” Bianca told him, sitting down on the bed and ruffling his hair affectionately. “Now, shall I bring you up to speed with what’s going on?”

He nodded. “That’d be nice,” he said bemusedly.

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