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The Subject Ch. 01

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Marcia Sanderson had no idea what to expect. When her mother told her the school had called and wanted to set up a meeting, she was confused. They were still in summer break…what did the school even want?

Ever since she had turned 18, Marcia’s life had accelerated quickly. Her parents, Karen and Tom, had held off having sex with her until she was legal. She had multiple fuck sessions with her brother Steve, but her mom and dad used the evening of her birthday to “officially” start including her in their coupling.

Her mom told her that the teacher that would be coming was Mr. Bentley, who usually teaches Health and Sex Ed. Marcia and her friends would joke that all of them would love to get some REAL sex-ed from the handsome and not-too-old Mr. Bentley.

The doorbell rang just after 7pm, and Melanie answered the door. Tom walked out from his office, and Karen emerged from the kitchen as Mr. Bentley was led in.

Tom held out his hand as he approached the schoolteacher. “Tom…and my wife, Karen.” Mr. Bentley nodded. “Carl Bentley. And I know you well, Mrs. Sanderson. Remember that time you ‘wandered’ into the varsity basketball team locker room at the end of last year? I was in the locker room as well, stretching my legs. You gave me and three other seniors quite a workout!”

Karen smiled and nodded. “I remember you, Mr. Bentley! You were very helpful to the other boys…they were having a hard time…coordinating…until you pitched in. Plus, you worked my ass over really well. I had a hard time walking back to my car!”

Mr. Bentley nodded. “It was definitely my pleasure.”

Tom laughed. “Well, you clearly do know my wife! Shall we sit?” The other two nodded and they sat in the living room. Karen raised her voice to call for her daughter. “Marcia! Mr. Bentley’s here!”

The three adults looked up the stairs as Marcia started down. She was beautiful, wearing a tight blue sweater and a short denim skirt. She stepped past her dad and sat between he and her mom, rubbing both of their thighs as she looked into Mr. Bentley’s eyes with her own.

Karen leaned forward. She was already getting horny…Mr. Bentley was tall and strong, and her proximity to both him, her daughter, and her husband was making her wet. “What is this meeting about? Is Marcia in trouble?”

Mr. Bentley shook his head. “Not at all! No, I’m here because the school is starting a pilot program in the Health/Sex Ed department. It’s only for students 18 and over. It’s a class to help them not only learn about sex, but to experience it in a classroom setting.”

Karen frowned. “How do you mean, ‘experience’?”

“Just that…students will be having sex in the class. It’ll be a closed area, with a limited class size, and monitored by me at all times. They’ll learn about foreplay, vaginal sex, anal sex, even group projects! We think the class will impart valuable lessons to our seniors that they can take into the real world.”

Marcia licked her lips at the thought of this class. “It sounds so…educational!”

Tom spoke up. “And you want Marcia to be one of these students?”

“Even better! The students will be mostly male…I believe there may be a couple of girls as well. We are going to utilize four female ‘Subjects’…think of them as being like art models. They will be the focus for the class, and it’s through those four girls that I will instruct the class.”

Mr. Bentley looked intently at Marcia. “I would like Marcia to be one of my four Subjects.”

It was Marcia’s turn to lean forward. “So these other three girls and I, we’re basically going to be fuck-dolls for the class. Is that right?”

“In a way. Each assignment will revolve around sex with at least one of you. The students will be graded on execution, creativity, and ability to problem-solve. Also, bringing the Subjects to orgasm.”

“How do the Subjects get graded?”

“Mostly through attendance. You are going to be almost like TA’s. You’ll be helping the students reach their potential. I’ll be depending on you all to help me run a successful class. As I said, this is a pilot program…the administration wants to see positive results if they’re going to invest in this class for the long-term.”

“I’m really flattered, Mr. Bentley…why did you pick me?”

Mr. Bentley smiled. “You’re a beautiful girl, Marcia. You’re also sexually experienced. Though clearly I don’t have any direct knowledge of your sexual history, I have a good authority on it. One of the other Subjects is someone you know…Katy Jenkins.”

Marcia gasped, then bounced in glee on hearing the name of her best friend. “Katy’s doing it? Wait…what did she tell you about me?”

“Well, I don’t like to spread gossip, but she described your numerous lesbian sessions, as well as the times she was in a foursome with your mother and father. kocaeli escort She was very graphic about the night you took your father in your ass while your mother fucked your pussy with a strapon.” His matter-of-fact description of that very hot night made both mother and daughter squirm in erotic bliss.

Marcia’s head was starting to swim. She tried to stay focused. “Okay, I want to help. Will I get fucked in every class?”

Mr. Bentley nodded. “I believe so. I’ll get you a copy of the curriculum. I do have one request. I mentioned earlier that there will be at least one group project. I would like to see how you do in a group setting. Do you know what being ‘airtight’ is?”

Marcia shook her head, and Karen looked at her. “It’s when you’re stuffed in all three holes.”

“Exactly. Marcia, I would like to see how you cope with this unique situation. Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson, would you help me make your daughter airtight?”

Tom nodded. “Of course, Mr. Bentley. Marcia, are you good with all three of us fucking you in three different directions until you cum screaming?”

Marcia’s mind boggled at the thought. “Y-yes, dad…please fill me up, all three of you.”

Karen thought for a moment. “The other kids are in their rooms right now. Why don’t we go in the den? I need to go upstairs and get a strapon…Melanie? Can you watch from the kitchen…let any of the others know that the den is being used for a little while?”

Melanie responded from the other room, “Sure thing, Mrs. Sanderson!”

“Tom, please take Mr. Bentley and our daughter into the den. Both of you strip her down and get started on her. By the time I get back, you both should be inside her. Tom, you take her pussy from below, and Mr. Bentley, do you mind fucking her mouth?”

“Not at all. I’ve been looking forward to it.”

“Good, and I’ll lube up my fake cock and take you in the ass, Marcia. Okay, get going, young lady…our guest is waiting!”

Marcia shot up out of her seat and made a beeline for the den. The two men followed quickly after, watching as Marcia pulled her sweater over her head as she pushed open the swinging door to the den. By the time the two men entered, Marcia had already slipped out of her skirt and was naked in front of them.

“Both of you, take off your clothes. Daddy, lie down on the couch and let me mount you. I need your cock in me!”

Tom obliged, admiring his daughter’s directness. He stripped down quickly, and then laid down, his rock-hard cock standing at full attention. Marcia wasted no time…she swung her right leg over her father’s body and positioned herself so her father’s throbbing member was nestled between her tanned ass cheeks. She reached back and aimed the cock into her dripping snatch, lifting herself at the same time. When she felt the head slide between her pussy lips, she lowered herself, groaning with pleasure as her dad’s fat cock pressed into her.

Marcia threw her head back. “Uhhhhh! So big! Oh FUUUUCK!” She slowly rose up then back down, spearing herself by an inch or two deeper each time.

By this time, Mr. Bentley had disrobed and was standing next to Marcia, his own thick cock aiming toward the teenager’s gasping mouth.

After about 30 seconds of rising and falling, Marcia got all of her father’s penis inside her. She loved the fullness of having this monster inside of her, and she put both hands on Tom’s chest.

“Dad, fuck my pussy! Mr. Bentley, fuck my mouth!”

The teacher did not have to be asked twice. He took one step forward and pushed his cock into Marcia’s mouth, the girth of it stretching the girl’s mouth wide. He gripped the sides of her head, and face-fucked her with powerful strokes. At the same time, Tom grabbed his daughter’s ass and began pumping his dick into her young hole.

Marcia screamed and shrieked into the cock buried in her mouth. She flexed her fingers and toes as the two men pushed and pulled. Her mind was fogged by erotic clouds as she could feel tingling in her abdomen. Her first orgasm was building like a pressure wave.

Then, her mother mounted her ass.

Karen had returned, naked except for a large dildo hanging from a strap around her waist. The strap also had another dildo that was currently buried in the wearer’s snatch. Karen had slicked both phalluses with lube, and she climbed up on the couch. She put the head of the dildo on Marcia’s little rosebud, then looked at Mr. Bentley.

“Are you ready to observe, Mr. Bentley?”

“Yes, ma’am. Please begin.”

And with that, Karen began to push, all the while holding Marcia’s hips in place to keep her from going anywhere. Marcia’s eyes went wide at the sudden intrusion, and her limbs began to move in a random panic. She was definitely attempting to say something, but it was all garbled due to the cock still jammed down kocaeli escort bayan her throat.

The anal invasion was relentless. Both Tom and Mr. Bentley held Marcia fast, allowing Karen to push into her daughter’s ass slowly but surely. Karen watched with fascination as Marcia’s anal sphincter stretched to accommodate the fuck-toy. Marcia mind was firing wildly, but all she could do was shiver in place and scream into Mr. Bentley’s rod.

“Almost…there we go!”, announced Karen triumphantly as suddenly the fake cock descended much quicker into Marcia’s compromised ass. Suddenly, she was at least eight inches deep and marveled at what she had done.

“Great job, sweetie! You took just about all of my cock…now I’m going to work to get the rest in there…you boys can start fucking her as well. Here we go!”

Marcia was now airtight. About two feet of cock, two-thirds flesh and one-third plastic, invaded the teen from three distinct directions. All three attackers had their own agenda, and Marcia tried to keep her wits about her to cope with their assault. It was no use…she could feel her mother push deeper into her asshole, her father grinding his groin into her inflamed clit, and Mr. Bentley throat-fucking her to no end.

Marcia bucked and grunted. She was mashed between her dad, who had both arms around her shoulders, and her mom, who pressed her palms down on Tom’s arms, effectively pinning their daughter in place as the fucked her front and back. She felt like a piece of meat being taken by predators, though it reality it was her mother, father, and teacher, and they weren’t eating her…they were FUCKING her.

The thought of all of that pushed Marcia past the brink and a massive orgasm ripped through her. She moaned as she climaxed, and her lower holes clamped down on the twin invaders, slowing their rhythm. Tom grimaced as his daughter’s powerful cunt muscles milked his cock.

Karen, while trying to slide her cock deeper into Marcia, looked up at Mr. Bentley.

“So, Mr. Bentley…how do you feel about my daughter’s ability? Did she pass?”

Mr. Bentley surveyed the scene, then looked down at his cock, and the young girl’s face attached to it. He shifted his position a bit, forcing the rest of his member all the way in, and his crotch pushed up against Marcia’s face. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her oxygen was cut off.

He waited a moment longer, then pulled himself back, evacuating the oral intruder from Marcia’s abused throat. She took a huge gulpful of air, and then the cock pushed forward again. Mr. Bentley had changed his attack pattern…he would pull out almost all the way, give Marcia a chance to breathe, then force himself all the way in.

Through grunts of his own, he finally responded to Karen, “She…God…she is v-very good, Mrs. Sanderson. You shou-should be proud of Mar…FUCK…Marcia. She’ll…takeittakeitTAKEIT…she’ll make a great Subject.”

Melanie, the Sanderson’s loyal housekeeper, was in the kitchen making baked ziti for tomorrow’s dinner. It was a favorite of the family, but it was always better to prep beforehand, since it wasn’t something you could rush.

The sounds of intense fucking were flowing freely from the den, and it made Melanie smile. Marcia’s erotic moaning, Tom’s harsh grunting, Karen’s words of encouragement, the sound of slapping flesh. It meant that the participants were very happy. She hummed lightly to herself as she continued to work.

The phone began to ring. The intense sounds coming from the den had only increased in volume, so Melanie walked as far away from the den as the phone cord would allow.

“Sanderson residence…oh, hi Katy! How are you dear? Good! Marcia? Well…”. Melanie looked back toward the den and all the fucking. “She’s right in the middle of something…hold on.” Pressing the receiver to her chest, Melanie walked into the den.

From her initial angle, she could see Marcia’s exposed nether regions, stuffed full of cock. They were pumping in and out like a perverse engine. Melanie sidled next to Karen.

“Mrs. Sanderson…it’s the phone, for Marcia. It’s her friend Katy.”

Karen looked up to Mr. Bentley. “Would you allow Marcia to speak on the phone with her friend for a few minutes?”

Mr. Bentley smiled. “Of course!” And with that, he slid his saliva-slick rod out of Marcia’s throat and mouth. Marcia suddenly wondered where her mouth-cock went when she saw Melanie standing there. Karen took the receiver and held it to Marcia’s ear and mouth. “It’s Katy, dear. Say hello.”

Marcia was still riding an orgasm that rippling through her…she tried to focus enough to form words.


The familiar upbeat voice of Katy Jenkins came back. “Hi Marcia! Whatcha up to?”

As if on cue, both parents plunged their dicks into their izmit escort respective holes, making Marcia moan audibly.

On the phone, Katy gasped. “Are you being fucked right now? Is it Steve? Or your dad? Tell me!”

“It’s…ah…ahfuck…it’s Dad, Mom, and…ooh-ooh-ooh…Mr. Bentley…”

“The Sex-Ed teacher! He’s fucking you too?!”

“Uh…huh…he was in…myFUCKmy mouth wh-when you called…”

Marcia could hear Katy clap. “He JUST came from my place! My mom and I put on a show for him…I didn’t know that he’d use all that pent-up energy for fucking YOUR mouth! You should thank me!”


Mr. Bentley couldn’t wait any longer. He reached down, took the receiver from Karen, and reinserted his cock into Marcia’s wide-open mouth. He began thrusting vigorously as he put the phone to his ear, his other hand on the back of Marcia’s head, pushing her into his cock.

“Miss Jenkins?”

“Hi, Mr. Bentley!”

“I’ve just resumed fucking Marcia’s mouth, so…”

“I understand…tell her I’ll talk to her tomorrow. Thanks again for letting me be part of the class!”

“Good night, Miss Jenkins.” And with that, he handed the phone back to Melanie, who left the room.

Karen looked her daughter over. “Okay, boys. I think we have to finish this up. Are you both ready? Then let’s finish this. Marcia…let’s turn up the intensity!” And with that, Karen suddenly SLAPPED Marcia’s left ass cheek!

Marcia shrieked, trying to see what just happened, but her head was held in place. Then a second SLAP on the right ass cheek. Marcia mewled as her ass started to redden.

Karen nodded. “Now!”

The three adults used their remaining energy to redouble their fucking. Marcia, who was coming down off of a powerful orgasm, was not prepared for this renewed onslaught. She groaned and complained into the cock in her throat, but she could tell the two real cocks were building to climax…she felt both expand as they thrust.

Tom began to shout. “Ah fuck! Marcia, here it comes! I’m CUMMING! AHHHH!” He began to spray the inside of his daughter’s fertile pussy with semen, and the coupling began emitting squelching sounds as the cum was pushed out of Marcia’s vagina. This triggered another senses-shattering climax in the girl, and her head flew back, her mouth open in a silent scream, releasing the cock in her mouth.

This was too much for Mr. Bentley, who started firing ropes of cum into Marcia’s mouth, across her face, and on her tits.

Marcia was only semi-conscious, sitting up on her father’s deflating cock. Her mom wrapped her arms around her chest, just under her cum-soaked breasts, and kissed her neck. She whispered, “You were great, my love. Let’s get you in the shower.”

With a tiny, worn-out voice, Marcia said, “ok, mommy…I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m going to pull out slowly. Ready?” Marcia nodded dreamily, then winced as Karen slowly began withdrawing the dildo. It seemed to take forever to pull the twelve inches out of the teen’s butt, but when it did, Karen turned to Mr. Bentley, standing there naked. “Can you help stand Marcia up?”

“My pleasure. Okay, Marcia…here we go.” He put his head under her left arm and easily stood up with her. Her legs were very wobbly, so the teacher did not let go of her. Now clear of the girl, Tom stood up. Melanie then entered with towels, which Tom and Mr. Bentley took and began cleaning off.

At the same time, Karen began pushing all of the cum on Marcia’s face toward the girl’s mouth. Marcia immediately got the message and began licking it off her lips and face. Karen smiled, “We don’t want to waste all this good cum, do we?”

Tom, after wrapping a towel around his waist, and making sure Marcia had a towel around her as well, effortlessly swept up his daughter.

“Mr. Bentley, thank you for giving my daughter this great opportunity. I know she won’t let you down. I’m going to take her up to the shower. Have a good night!”

Marcia, her mind still foggy, turned her head. Her face still had some of the teacher’s cum on it. “Yessss…thank you, Mr. Bentley.”

Mr. Bentley smiled, scooped up a dollop of cum from next to Marcia’s right ear, and deposited it in her mouth. “I’m happy to have you in my class. I’ll see you on the first day. I will also be sending you some information about the class and the curriculum.” He started to get dressed. “Melanie can show me out.”

He regarded the naked Karen Sanderson, glistening twelve-inch dildo hanging between her legs. “At some point, I would like to talk to you as well, Mrs. Sanderson. I will reach out soon. Thank you all for a wonderful evening!”

Karen watched the man leave. She then realized that she was still standing naked in her living room, still fully strapped. She reached down and pushed the dildo in her pussy a little deeper, making her moan.

Melanie handed her a towel. “You should jump in that shower as well, Mrs. Sanderson.”

“That’s an excellent idea!” And Karen bounded up the stairs to join her husband and daughter once more.

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