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The Sultan’s Hospitality Ch. 02

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Bible Black


I had originally not intended to write a second chapter for the story of the Sultan’s Hospitality, but several people asked for more. In the end, what I wrote became so long (too much sex!) that I’ve had to split it into at least two chapters. This simple one chronicles Alex’s journey back to the Sultan’s palace. The next chapter, which is already more or less finished, describes what happens when he gets there and will follow shortly. This one starts with Alex arriving home from his first trip to the palace and is interwoven with a non-sex story that continues to the end of the series.

* * * * *

When Alex’s plane finally landed, his chauffer-driven car was waiting for him, despite the delay and he was soon at his office. He threw his bag into his own car, which he had left in the car park and made his way up to see his secretary, Penny.

“Hello! I wasn’t expecting you until later today or even tomorrow. Why aren’t you at home asleep?”

“My plane was delayed and realising that you’d be here by now, I thought I’d pop in and see you.”

She smiled. “Well, that’s nice. Which bit of me were you hoping to see?”

Alex laughed. “All of you.”

“Er, well, I don’t think I can get naked in the office, but I might let you see certain parts of me — your favourite parts, of course.”

Alex turned the key in the lock. “Yes, please.”

She reached up under the blouse and undid her bra, walking as she did so into the stationery alcove, which had become their regular office sex location. Turning to face him, she lifted her blouse up.

“Ooh, nice!”

“Do you want to see anything else?”

“Yes, please.”

“Only if you promise to make good use of anything I show you.”

“You bet!”

She lifted her skirt and removed her panties.

“I can’t see very well like that — get up on the photocopier.”

She did as she was told and opened her legs for him.


He undid his belt and dropped his trousers. After fingering her for a few seconds, he stepped forward and pushed his cock in. Having discovered a couple of weeks previously that the photocopier was just the right height, this had become one of their favourite office positions.

“Oh, god, yes! I’ve missed your cock. Fuck me hard and make me come.”

Alex pumped hard and fast, spurred on by Penny’s muted gasps. Fucking in the office was always difficult because of the danger of people in adjoining offices hearing and Penny was not normally one of the quietest girls when she had a cock in her.

After several minutes of hard fucking, she came: “Oh, yes, Alex! Aaaarggggggghhh. Yes!” He managed to come more or less at the same time. “That was really good, but I need more. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

He laughed and pulled out. They now kept a box of tissues handy in the stationery alcove and they both helped themselves. They were soon decent again.

When Penny walked back to her desk, he followed her, extracting the necklace that the Sultan had bought for her from his pocket, he reached round her neck and put it on her.

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Just a little something I brought back for you.”

She reached for her handbag and got out a powder compact that had a mirror in it, which she used to look at the necklace. “Wow! It’s fabulous, thank you.”

“Solid gold — 24 carat so it’s quite soft and delicate.”

She turned and throwing her arms round him, gave him a big kiss. “Looks like I’m going to have to open my legs much wider for you in future.”

He laughed. “That’s not what it’s all about.”

“I know; I’m only joking, but thank you. Nevertheless, any time you want me to open my legs, you know you just need to ask.”

“Best offer I’ve had all day!” Alex unlocked the office door. “I’m knackered — I hardly slept on the plane, so I’m going to go home and get some sleep. Is there anything urgent that I need to do before I go?”

“There was only one urgent thing that couldn’t wait until tomorrow and you’ve already dealt with that. Although what this girl really needs is some proper attention in bed, rather than just a photocopier quickie.”

“Well, my body clock is all over the place, so I’ll probably be awake at some unearthly hour tomorrow morning. How about I come round to your place and wake you up — about 7:00?”

“Make it 6:30 — I’m going to need lots of attention.”

He laughed again. “Okay, 6:30 it is.” He kissed her on the cheek and left the office, stopping on the way at the washroom to wash his cock. Knowing Wendy, she’ll probably pounce on me when I get home and having a cock that smells of sex definitely wouldn’t go down very well.

* * * * *

When Alex got home, he was relieved to see that Wendy’s car was not on the drive. What day is it? Ah, yes, it’s her bridge morning. After showering, he drew the bedroom curtains, got into bed and was asleep in minutes.

Later, when Wendy peeped round the door, he was fast asleep, so she left him for another hour. The third time she looked, he opened one eye.

“Hi, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sleepy head! You’re awake at last.”

“And hungry too; what’s for breakfast?”

“Breakfast? More like lunch. How about having me first then I’ll get you something to eat.”

“Best offer I’ve had all day!” As he said it, he realised he’d already said the same thing to Penny earlier.

Wendy stripped off, lifted the end of the duvet to expose Alex’s feet and then slid up his legs under the duvet. He turned onto his back as she did so.

“Ah, god, Wendy, that feels fantastic.” She’d always been good with her mouth and he was growing rapidly.

When he was ready for her, she shuffled the rest of the way up his body and her head popped out from under the duvet. She kissed him then lowered her hips so that her cunt gave him a warm, wet welcome home.

He sighed. “Ooh, you don’t know how good that feels.”

“I haven’t started yet, but I guess this little fella’s feeling desperate, not having seen any action for almost a week.”

Alex gulped, feeling very guilty. “Yea, he sure is.”

He rolled her over onto her back and started thrusting hard.

“Give it to me Alex. I’ve missed it too.”

He continued pumping, gradually building her passion and because he’d come a few hours earlier inside Penny, was able to make it last so that Wendy got a really good seeing too.

“Aaaarrrrghhhh, yes, give it to me, Alex. Pump your cum into me. Aaaarrrggghhhhhhhh.”

Alex emptied his balls for the second time that morning and rolled off her. “God, I needed that.”

“Me too. So what was it like at the Sultan’s palace?”

He gave her a highly censored account of his visit, missing out all references to any of the girls he’d played with, but did say that the Sultan had arranged for some girls to do a belly dance.

“What were they like?”

“Yea, they were really good — I had to jerk myself off in bed later, before I could get to sleep.”

Wendy laughed. “All a woman has to do is flash a bit of bare flesh and the men go wild. Maybe I should arrange some belly dancers for you here — I’d get much more cock then.”

“Sounds okay with me.”

“Yea, right! I’m sure it would be. Come on, it’s lunch time.”

He got up, dressed and went downstairs. In the kitchen, he walked up behind her, as he had done with Penny and put the other gold necklace on her.

“Wow! Is that for me?”

“Yes, solid gold — 24 carat so it’s very soft and fragile.”

“Must go and look at it properly.” She walked to the hall, where there was a large mirror. “Oh, Alex, I love it. Thank you. Mind you, it doesn’t go with this jumper, but it will look really good with my black dress.”


After lunch, Alex decided to go for a walk for some exercise. “You coming too?”

“No, I’ve got things I need to do here. I’m doing a coloured wash in a few minutes, so throw any dirty clothes into the machine before you go.”

“Okay.” He emptied his bag and took the coloured items down to the washing machine.

“Do you need anything from the shops?”

“Don’t think so.”

On the way back from his walk, Alex dropped in to the newsagent and bought a paper to read on his return. He needed to catch up on what had been happening while he had been away. That occupied him till dinner was ready. By the time they’d eaten, he was feeling tired again.

“I think I’m going to have an early night; it’s going to take a day or two to get my body clock back to normal. If I wake early, I’ll go into work early too and catch up with a few things.”

“Okay, no problem.”

He gave her a kiss and went off to bed. He woke again at 5:00, got up and after grabbing his clothes, crept out of the bedroom and into the main bathroom where he shaved, showered and dressed. He made himself some breakfast and then set off to Penny’s flat.

* * * * *

Penny opened the door, wearing her dressing gown. Alex stepped in and she closed the door and without saying a word, ran into her bedroom. Alex followed her. By the time he got there, she was lying on the bed with her legs apart, wearing nothing but her new necklace. Her eyes were closed.

Alex was puzzled. “You okay?”

“Yes, I’m asleep, waiting for you to wake me like you promised. I’m wondering how you’re going to do so.”

He laughed. “I’ll think of something.” He stripped off.

The next thing that Penny noticed was his tongue on her slit. “Oh, god, yes, I wish I could wake up this way every morning.” He continued to work his tongue on her, sometimes dipping into her cunt, but mostly rasping it across her clit.

“Oh, Christ, don’t stop; don’t stop. I’m nearly there.” After five more licks, she came: “Yes, oh, Christ! Aaaaarrrrghhhhh. Yes.”

Alex sprang forward and jammed his cock right up inside her. “Oh, Christ, yes. Fuck me hard, Alex. Make me come again.”

He pumped away at full pelt, while she writhed about on the bed underneath him and he finally dumped his load where it was meant to go.

“Jesus, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Penny, you’re one sexy kitten this morning. That was fabulous!”

“Well, it was you that made me like that.”

He pulled out and rolled over to lie beside her and they chatted for about half an hour. He looked at the alarm clock. “We should be thinking about getting up soon, if we’re going to get into work at a half reasonable time.”

“Yea, but do me again first.”

He laughed again. “Okay, turn over.” This time he fucked her from behind. She came first and he followed soon afterwards. They dressed, had a quick breakfast and were in the office by 9:30.

* * * * *

Over the next week or so, they fucked at every opportunity, mostly in the office, but whenever possible in her bed. Then one morning, they were at work, when the phone went. Penny took the call. “It’s the Sultan.” She handed the phone over.

“Good morning, Mr. Alexander. How are you today?”

“I’m very well thank you and you?”

“I’m fine, but I need to ask you something.”

“Well, if it concerns the new quotations, I’m nearly ready — just waiting for a few details to be finalised.”

“No, it’s about another matter. You remember, when you visited me, I had to cut our day at the camel races short so that I could attend a meeting about one of my other projects that had gone wrong?”

How could Alex forget? He had spent the time while the Sultan was in the meeting, fucking that fiery redhead. “Yes, I remember it well.”

The Sultan laughed. “Yes, well, anyway. I found out yesterday why the project went wrong. It appears that my project manager accepted a bribe to give one of the contracts to a particular contractor.”

“Really! That’s incredible. And presumably this particular contractor was not competent enough to win the contract on merit, which is why it went wrong?”

“That’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well. The other contractors have been complaining about the standard of this contractor’s work. I must admit, I didn’t pay much attention to the complaints to start with, until I discovered the bribe.”

“How did you find out about it?”

“My project manager photocopied his bank statement and made the mistake of leaving the original in the machine. I spotted it there later and on seeing a large payment from one of the contractors did some investigating.”

“He sounds like an idiot as well as a criminal.”

“Yes. I fired him immediately of course and now I don’t know whether any other bribes were accepted and whether any other contracts are in the hands of incompetent organisations.”

“Yes, I understand. It all sounds like it might be a bit of a mess.”

“Indeed, so the reason for my call is to find out whether you could spend a few days looking at everything to give me an assessment of the overall situation. I need someone with experience whom I can trust and who is totally independent — preferably not someone local. So, I immediately thought of you.”

“Er, well, I’d be very happy to do so, but what about these new projects I’m looking at.”

“They can wait a week or so. I’m in Amsterdam at the moment on another matter, but I have a small house in Geneva and will be there this evening. I know it’s very short notice, but one of the contractors is based near Geneva, so it would be perfect if you could join me there, so that we can visit them tomorrow. We could then fly back to my palace the day after tomorrow and continue the work there. In view of the short notice, I’m happy to pay double your normal rate — if you’re available of course.”

“Er, one moment, please, I’ll check.” He turned to Penny. “How’s my diary looking over the next few days?”

“You’ve got a couple of meetings, but nothing that can’t be moved.”

He nodded and turned back to the phone. “Yes, I can make myself available.”

“Excellent. I’ll get one of my aides to sort out the tickets and everything. I think there’s a flight at about four o’clock, which I’ve used before. My aide will phone back and let you know when the car will collect you. I suggest you allow for two nights in Geneva and at least three at my palace.”

“Yes, that’s fine; I’ll go home and pack a bag and I look forward to seeing you this evening.”

“Yes, many thanks.” The Sultan hung up.

Alex turned to Penny: “Well, it looks like I’m off to Geneva this afternoon and then on to his palace again in a couple of days.” He explained the gist of what the Sultan had said. He looked at his watch: 9:45. “I’d better pop home and pack my bag. Can you cancel my meetings for the next week? Uhm, just in case this exercise takes longer than expected, don’t reschedule them just yet; we’ll sort that out when I return.”

“So, I’m going to be left all by myself again with no one to take care of a girl’s basic needs, am I?”

“Well, I’ll make it up to you. In fact, I’ve been thinking: I might need to take a business trip to somewhere like Paris or Vienna for a few days in a couple of weeks. Nothing güvenilir bahis şirketleri to do with the Sultan; I’ll be going to see a blond girl by the name of Penny.”

Penny smiled: “Will she be naked?”

“Most of the time.”

She laughed. “You’d better go and get your bag.”

“Yes, see you in a bit.”

* * * * *

Wendy was surprised to see him, but he explained what was going on and said he’d be away for about five or six nights.

“You work weekends as well now, do you?”

“Well, not if I can help it, but the Sultan has asked me to step in and sort out this problem at short notice and he’s the one paying all the bills at the moment — like your new kitchen that you’ve just ordered.”

She nodded: “Yea, I guess so.”

Alex disappeared upstairs and returned ten minutes later with his bag.

“Have you remembered your passport?”

“Yep. I don’t know the Sultan’s address in Geneva yet or any of the flight details, but if you need to get hold of me, ring the office. Hopefully, I’ll have all that information by the time the driver picks me up and I’ll leave a copy with Penny.”

“Okay. Have a good trip.”

He kissed her on the cheek and left. When he got back to the office, it was gone 11:45.

“The Sultan’s aide rang a few minutes ago. You’re being picked up at 1:00 and the flight is at 3:55. The driver will bring the tickets with him.”

He looked at his watch. They had over an hour. “There’s one thing I need to do before I leave.”

“What’s that?”

He locked the office door, turned to face her and smiled.

She laughed. “I was hoping that it was me that you need to do.”

He led her into the stationery alcove. “Bend over the photocopier.”

She did as she was told and he lifted the hem of her skirt before pulling her panties half way down her legs. Getting his cock out, he stepped forward and gently eased it partly in to her. Then he thrust hard.

“Oh, yes! Get that cock moving; my pussy needs a good seeing to.”

Alex pumped away, holding her hips for leverage until he came. He continued pumping until she had also come. Once she had calmed down, he just stood there with his cock still buried inside her as it gradually softened. Eventually he pulled out.

“That will have to keep you going until I get back.”

They sorted themselves out and then sat down together to look at the half finished proposals that they had been working on for the Sultan. Alex gave her some instructions as to what needed changing so that hopefully, by the time he returned, everything would be almost ready.

“When the final quotes come in from the remaining contractors, put the figures in the relevant documents and work out the totals.”

“No problem; I can handle that.”

Shortly before 1:00, the driver arrived to collect Alex. After checking the tickets and itinerary, Alex made a copy for Penny.

“See you in a few days time.” He would have kissed her goodbye, but with the driver standing there, that was not possible.

* * * * *

The flight was on time and at the other end, he was met by the Sultan’s chauffer who took him to the Sultan’s ‘little house’. Alex chuckled when he saw it. I might have known that his ‘little house’ would be large enough to be a hotel.

The chauffer stopped the car at the top of the circular drive. “I’ll bring your bag in for you, Sir.”

“Thank you.”

Alex grabbed his briefcase and headed towards the steps leading to the front door. The door was already open and a petite woman with long black hair and an oriental style multicoloured trouser suit stood waiting for him. As he got nearer, he realised that this was not your average maid that had answered a job advert in the local newsagent’s window. She was another one of the Sultan’s fabulous hand-picked girls. The nearer Alex got to her, the more his cock twitched. Wow! Where the heck does he get them from? He reached the top of the steps and she stood aside to let him by.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Alexander. Do come in.”

“Thank you.” He looked at her. She clearly had a little far eastern blood in her. Her unblemished skin was olive-brown, her face was oval with perfectly placed features and her jet-black hair reached down almost to her waist. Her figure looked perfect with tits that seemed to be slightly larger than average, but not too large — just right for her small frame. Where does he get all these stunning girls from?

“The Sultan sends his apologies for not being here to greet you personally. Unfortunately he’s still in Amsterdam. There was some misunderstanding over the time of the meeting that he went there for and it has now been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. He’s asked me to look after you until he arrives in the afternoon. My name is Raquel, by the way.”

They shook hands. “Raquel, I’m very pleased to meet you.”

“Let me show you up to your room.”

She turned and led the way up the stairs. Alex followed, his eyes glued to her arse. Jesus Christ — it’s enough to give a man a heart attack. Arses like that ought to be banned. She walked along the corridor and opened the door to one of the rooms.

“That door over there leads to the bathroom and there are towels on the rack on the left. If you need anything else, just let me know.” There was indeed something he needed, but he didn’t dare ask for it.

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