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The Summer of 69′

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Big Tits

Unlike the old movie, it wasn’t the Summer of 42′, but it might as well have been.

I had just turned eighteen, looking forward to Graduation, which was just a few month’s away. I wasn’t looking forward to the draft however, Vietnam still very much apart of the American way of life at that time. It was a period of self-discovery, decisions, and a very uncertain and somewhat frightening future.

I had being going ‘steady’ as was the term then, and perhaps still is. My High School sweetheart and I had known each other off and on since Grade-School, on into Junior High, which is now called Middle School in most places. And then of course, finally on into High School. But it wasn’t until High School that we finally got serious about our relationship.

But of all the time we knew each other, after all the dates, flirtations, and everything else that went along with it, Tracy had remained a ‘chaste’ albeit very flirtatious virgin. We’d spent more evenings together than you could even begin to possibly imagine, with my never getting off “first-base”. Another one of those ageless terms. Some might think, “Why bother?” Especially since most, if not all of my buddies back then were obviously having sex with their girlfriends, so why wasn’t I? God knows I tried. Even to the point sometimes of threatening to break up with her if she didn’t relent. Then we would breakup, and then I’d relent, and we’d start the whole damn process all over again.

There were several reasons we stayed together, even after short periodic weeks apart from one another. We honestly enjoyed being together, number one. Number two, Tracy and I both felt that after all these years, we were “meant” to be together, and God help us, that meant getting married one day too. Three…and this was mainly my reason more than hers of course, was that she had a fantastic body. True, I’d never actually seen it…but she had enormous breasts, and a shapely figure that the guys were always drooling over, and teasing me about constantly as I’d never actually seen it.

Perhaps it had something to do with that final year. The “war”, talk about future plans, including the possibility of marriage (someday) or what. But whatever the reason, Tracy suddenly began to loosen up. Not all at once, but gradually. But like all typically horny teenage boys, even finally getting to second base wasn’t good enough, or nearly fast enough.

Tracy and I had spent many evenings together like I said. Sometimes at the Drive-Inn, or sometimes simply sitting in my car overlooking the city. “Watching the submarine races” as we called parking back then. We had some pretty hot sessions together too. A lot of kissing, hugging, but never much more than that, though Tracy did enjoy hinting at wonderful things to come if I simply remained patient with her, and so on and so on.

Each time I was about to throw in the towel however, she’d do something to surprise me. And not without a lot of back and forth arguing and manipulating in between. We’d been up at the local ‘Lovers-Lane’ watching the twinkling lights of the city. I had recently had another girl at school begin to pay particular attention to me, and more importantly, I did know a guy who she had dated for a while, who had bragged about how good she was in bed. So this sudden outside interest, and the possibility of finally going to bed with a girl was more than a little tempting. I’d basically decided to (once again) break things off with Tracy, and do a little exploratory research on my own. Sitting there in the car, it was obvious to both of us that something was in the air. Neither one of us spoke initially, and as I soon discovered, it was because we both had several things weighing heavily on our minds.

“David? Do you really love me?” She asked.

It was perhaps the worse possible question she could have asked me at that moment. True, I did love her, or at least I honestly believed I did then. And here I was, considering breaking up with her long enough to at least finally get some girl into bed for no better reason than to finally lose my virginity, after all I was eighteen I had argued with myself.

“Yes Tracy. I do love you.” And then suddenly realizing this was an opening for me to lead into what had always been a constant tug of war between us, I added.

“And that’s one of the reasons I have wanted to be with you, now, not later, not (if) and when I go into the Navy, or somehow make it into College. A point that wasn’t missed on her at all as my folks didn’t have the means financially to support me in school, and so to do so would pretty much mean doing it myself. And at the moment, the odds of my being able to do that looked pretty slim. I worked a part-time job, but the meager wages I earned barely kept me in gas and insurance money on my car, let alone the few extra dollars I still had for dates.

Tracy looked as though she was actually considering what I had said. But her mind still seemed to be focused on something else entirely. antalya escort We had reached some sort of crossroads in our relationship. She knew it, and I knew it, and neither one of us had to mention it. The next few moments have remained forever burned into my mind as one of my fondest Teenage memories.

It just so happened that my car, a Chevy SS Super Sport had a bench seat. It made our make-out sessions far more enjoyable and easier to perform than most of my friends complained about in their own cars with bucket seats. Tracy was looking at me, she was wearing the pastel blue “V” necked velour pullover that I had given her for her birthday a little over a month ago. I had purchased it specifically for her, as I knew her full breasts would show more than ample cleavage in it, something she didn’t mind showing on occasion, “Proud of her own tits” I’d often secretly think. And she was, as she loved teasing me in that way quite often by exposing just enough of that ample cleavage to send me home at nights with a really bad case of ‘blue-balls.’ So her wearing this gift wasn’t too surprising, but when I saw her reach around behind her back, obviously lifting up the back of the sweater and begin to undo the unclasp of her bra, I was stunned. Unsupported now as her boobs were, they were large enough to fall slightly lower against her chest. Not something too unexpected for someone that has naturally large breasts anyway, but the sight of actually seeing them like this, was a heaven sent moment. Yet with all my coaxing, all my month’s of frustration and pleading, hot burning licking kisses on her neck in hopes of arousing her, especially as I knew this was one of her most sensitive places, I was not prepared for any of this.

Embarrassment perhaps, her sudden vulnerability? I don’t know for sure, but whatever it was that I saw, I finally spoke.

“Tracy, you don’t have to…”

I never finished the sentence. Tracy reached over, taking my hand in hers and placed it firmly and wonderfully against her breast. True, it was on the outside of her sweater, but by this time, I was actually touching her magnificent tits, something I had only done up until now in many long nights of masturbatory fantasy’s. And this wasn’t any fantasy, this was real, and was really happening! Thank God for bench seats. I quickly turned towards her, comfortably positioning myself, and now began to caress her and toy with her earnestly. I felt the hard little nipple just beneath the now loose material of her bra quickly stiffen and grow between my circling, exploring fingers. And she moaned. Oh God, how I remember how she moaned, so softly, so sweet. Almost like a cat’s purr as I touched her and caressed that magnificent full breast.

“So this was what it was like to finally reach second base,” I thought silently, thrilled beyond my wildest expectations, and here I was only touching through the material of her sweater what I knew and could feel to be…that luscious, taut firm nipple. And I could have stayed on this particular bag forever too. After all this time, after all the lost opportunity’s with other girls, here I was finally getting to play with Tracy Stillman’s tits. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. And in the very next breath realized, “Hadn’t she undone her bra?” That sudden realization told me that she had offered up her breasts, not just to touch and fondle on the outside of her sweater, but on the inside, underneath! And here I was, wasting time, or worse, giving her the opportunity to change her mind about what she and I were doing.

Almost immediately I began to lift up the front of her sweater, though doing so slowly, still somewhat afraid that she would suddenly change her mind. Her bra still partially concealed her breasts, but shit, I was now looking at them, as I’d never seen them before either, even if it was inside a somewhat lacy and very sexy looking confinement.

The “go ahead” signal came when Tracy reached up with her own hand and pulled the bra off her breasts herself. Though things were a bit tangled and in someway hampering our movements, the sight of her mature fully exposed breasts was breathtaking to me. And in fact, as I recall, I had been holding my breath at the time, almost afraid to draw another in case I was dreaming, and that doing so, I’d wake up in bed, a very painful and needful erection reminding me that this was just another one of those frustrating ‘wet-dreams’ that I’d been having a lot of lately.

What I immediately noticed, were her dark brown areola, which encircled the thickest hardest nipple’s I had ever seen. Sure, I’d seen a number of women’s breasts in ‘girly’ magazines, and more than a few hard-core stroke books, but I’d never seen a woman with “hub-caps” as we called them, the size and color that Tracy’s were. And now I had even more desire and need to touch her, explore them and hopefully, “dare I risk it?” Kiss and even suck them as well?

I decided, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. And I immediately antalya rus escort bent downwards and tentatively began licking one of her hard little protruding nipples. The feel of her hand on the back of my head, pressing me to her was not only erotic, but I actually found myself having an out of body experience as though I could see myself actually flicking her nipple with the tip of my tongue! It was an honest moment of unspoken permission, as well as total surrender on her part, and I sat there, sucking her, licking her, and shaking like a fucking leaf!

All too soon it ended however, Tracy reminding me we’d been gone well over two hours, and that as curfew was quickly approaching (for her anyway) that we’d have to hurry in order to get her back home in time. With one eye on the road, and the other watching her re-harnessing those wonderful twin globes of hers, I knew that when I masturbated that night, I’d have a lot more than just fantasy images of her to play with, I’d have the additional sensations of memory, and taste, and touch to go along with the actual visual.

For a time, this was more than adequate to keep my active mind busy, and my lustful needs at bay. But as the proverbial forbidden fruit had finally been tasted, so then was the urge for more, far more as well. And it wasn’t all me either. Tracy seemed to suddenly change overnight. For a period of two weeks at least, we repeated that first evening together, nearly every night, or at least every other night. But along with the excitement of what we were doing, came the desire for more.

Tracy’s father worked a nightshift at a manufacturing plant. He left for work, and then as we always had it planned, as he didn’t much care for me in the first place, I’d eventually show up at her place. Her mother worked too, doing odd jobs and sometimes worked late as well especially during any Holiday seasons at a local shopping mall. It was a Friday evening, her dad had left for work, and her mother would be working late. We had the house to ourselves, another rarity, as her younger sister and older brother both had plans to be away for the evening.

This night, I parked my car at the School, which was only a block away from her place. This way, if anyone did come home unexpectedly, I could sneak out, or we both could in fact without being discovered as even having been there. One major advantage to all this, was they had an enclosed carport, the door of which no longer worked and had sufficient things stacked against it to prevent anyone from even trying to open it. Hearing a car pull into the drive was immediate and without question that someone was home. Even the gate being opened was an additional precautionary measure to alert us if someone came into the yard and headed towards the front door. Which was, the only access into the house, except of course for the back door, which was the only entry-exit into the backyard, and the semi enclosed carport. There was an old, but still useful and comfortable couch that sat on the far end of the carport, still covered by the overhanging roof, but open-faced into the backyard. This too was concealed by a tall standing redwood fence that ran around the property, and which also held wild clinging vines that had overgrown it over the course of the years. Sitting there on that couch, we were safe from prying eyes, and reasonably safe from ever being caught.

The moment we sat down, Tracy removed her blouse or sweater almost immediately. It was almost a given. Another sign that Tracy had changed in more ways that I could have ever possibly known. And it was on this particular night, that we advanced our sexual explorations in a near gigantic leap again, something of which caught me totally by surprise, but not at all un- welcomed.

As I sat there on the couch, Tracy standing in front of me, I watched her pull the sweater over her head, and as was usually the case, unclasp her bra as well. I anticipated her to then sit down next to me, where I would begin anew the discovery of her breasts all over again. This time however, I sat there watching as she reached down, and slowly began unzipping the zipper on her jeans. Before I knew it, she had shucked these off and was now standing there wearing only the thinnest briefest pair of panties that I had ever seen, anywhere, anytime. The faint dark patch of her pubic hair was clearly evident beneath the fabric, and I felt my cock immediately begin to throb and harden beneath my own jeans.

“Stand up David,” she had spoken to me saying. And I felt her reach out, holding my hands and lifting me up off the couch. In the next instant, I felt her unbuckling my belt, and then likewise, unzip my own zipper. Once this was done, I quickly stepped out of my Levi’s carefully ensuring their close proximity to me lest we have to make a hasty and quick get-a-way. We stood then, facing one another, she in those soft silky-like sheer panties, and me, in cotton briefs with a very antalya ucuz escort noticeable and hardly concealed bulge clearly in evidence. I felt her hand sneak under the waistband of my shorts, and felt her hot fingers touch me for the first time. She toyed with my cock inside my pants, not stroking it really, but fondling and exploring it, a sensation, which quickly had me climbing the walls. I soon reached down, and though I did not attempt to slip my fingers down inside her panties, I did begin to trace the outline of her pussy slit with my finger. The softness of each was wonderfully and excitingly explored. I felt her wetness seeping through the material of her panties and realized perhaps for the first time that women leaked too, just as my own cock did when I played with it, producing that nice slippery bit of pre-cum that I used to further tease and delight myself with.

Tracy’s soft moaning as I stood there stroking her like that soon had her up to a feverish pitch.

“Oh David, that feels so good. You…feel so good to me too. Your cock is so hard, so warm, and so exciting!”

I don’t remember our removing our underwear, but we did. All I do remember is suddenly sitting down on the couch, side by side, mutually masturbating one another. The way she played with my cock was so different than the way I did. But the fact that she was was far more stimulating to me than anything I could have done to pleasure myself at that very moment anyway. She was clumsy, and tentative, but she was also bold and uninhibited as she toyed with me, explored me, and pushed pulled or twisted the skin of my aching prick. I am sure I was equally showing my inexperience as well. I had no concept, or knowledge if she ever played with herself either. I think then, that it was a “given” that most boys did, but the concept of a girl, or woman doing that to her self was rarely if ever really discussed. Yet, somehow I knew that she must have, and she guided me, showing me where and how to do it, just the way it felt best, and I immediately had the impression that she was showing me, teaching me, the way she liked for it to feel, the way she liked doing it to herself when she masturbated alone in her bed at night. And I wondered then, how often had we done so together? How many nights had I lay in my own bed at home, jerking off thinking about her, and Tracy, likewise at home in her own bed, playing with her own pussy, and (hopefully) thinking about me too.

These thoughts had gotten me far more excited than I had ever anticipated being. Not to mention sitting here looking at her completely nude for the first time, my fingers and hands running up and down her wet slit, and touching and caressing her clitoris, though I am not sure I knew exactly where it was, only that I was doing something right. Being a virgin, she had told me NOT to try and put my finger inside her, so I didn’t. But whatever I was doing to her slit, to her lips, to her clitoris was obviously bringing pleasure to her.

And unfortunately, it was bringing additional pleasure to me as well. So in combination of what her hand had been doing to my cock and the sensations I was enjoying in touching her, I found myself losing control, far more quickly that expected, and someone embarrassingly so as I felt the beginning of the cum warning in my balls start to sound off, but before I could stop her, before I could beg off and warn her, I felt the sperm in my balls gush forth in a premature ejaculatory release of surprised pleasure and ecstasy.

“Ah shit!” I exclaimed. Both in alarm, as well as in uncontrollable climax as I jettisoned stream after stream of thick white cum. Tracy continued stroking me however, obviously expecting and anticipating it. She cupped the palm of one hand over the top of my spurting prick in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent too much of my spunk from falling someplace where it might be noticeable, or reveal to anyone who might see it, and realize what it had been that we’d been doing out here. Tracy’s hands were covered in my gooey-sticky cream, and she then began to massage the cum lotion into her breasts. I watched her rub it in almost to the point where it was actually absorbed entirely by her skin, and actually felt a little tingle, and a little throb of reawakened interest begin in my now flaccid cock.

But the sound of the front gate opening soon had us scurrying for our clothing. Too late even for Tracy to get inside and pretend that she had been there all along as well. Our only option was to hide out momentarily until the coast was clear, and then to slip away around the other side of the house, climb over the fence near her bedroom window, and then sneak off down the street and back to the school where my car sat waiting for us.

As we sat hiding behind a stack of large boxes, we watched as the lights in the kitchen came on. Moments later the silhouette of Tracy’s mother passed by the curtained window. She was headed towards the back door!

We both ducked down behind the boxes, my heart was beating harder than I ever imagined that it could. At that moment I was more scared and afraid than I’d ever been before in my entire life. I was only slightly more comforted by the fact it was her mother and not her father that was about to come out the door.

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