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The Surprise Visit Ch. 02

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The Surprise Visit


This is the fourth part of the continuing saga of Brooke and Brad. After their stay at Pine Lake and their honeymoon in Hawaii they embark on a new life with their new friends. On their first assignment things go a little awry, but ultimately work out. Now they are back on Maui and enjoying the time off from their new jobs. I recommend reading the first three sagas. Couples Camp, Honeymoon in Hawaii and The Island of Anguilla.

A word of warning, most of my stories contain elements of cuckolding, chastity, BDSM, and sharing. Some contain elements of consensual non consent and extreme situations that some might find disturbing. Everything I describe is pure fantasy. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Brooke was just waking up when she heard Brad getting into the shower. Brad had already been off training for the morning and was washing the sand and sweat off just like he normally did, before continuing his day. She had slept later than normal and was feeling left behind as she quickly got out of bed.

“What are your plans today?” Brooke called out as Brad stepped into the shower.

Brad was a little surprised, figuring she was still asleep but yelled over the streaming water. “Max and I are going with Michelle to meet with some clients of hers!”

“Back to work?” Brooke responded, knowing all too well this meant Michelle and Ron had come to Maui for more than just another social visit.

“Please be careful.” Brooke apprehensively said as she slid the shower door open rather than yell over the sound of the water crashing from the showerhead.

“I will,” Brad reassured her as if there was no reason to worry.

“Yeah, well you know, nothing with Michelle is without risk.” Brooke responded with a serious tone.

“I know, but I don’t think it’s much of anything. Max said Logan didn’t need to come. He was going out with Mia today and that’s why Max wanted me to tag along.” Brad said, trying to reassure Brooke as he continued to lather up.

“Ok.” Was all Brooke said as she slid, the door closed and left Brad to finish.

Half an hour later and Brad was ready to head out, leaving Brooke to get herself ready for the day.

“I love you.” Was the last thing Brad heard as he closed the door and headed downstairs.

Brooke slid on her swimsuit and pulled her hair up into a ponytail. She planned to grab a simple bite and then go swimming and just relax in the oasis of Max’s backyard paradise.

The sun was already casting its rays fully on the pool as Brooke sat at the backyard table to enjoy her bagel. As her mind awoke and the thoughts of the previous night washed back over her, she felt a smile take over.

“Had a good night I see.”

Brooke turned quickly to see Kim smiling down at her.

“Uh yeah, it was nice.” Brooke hesitantly responded, worried at what Kim’s reaction would be.

“Nick told me how much he wanted to make love to you last night, but he wanted to wait a little longer.”

Not sure if it was the situation or her brain not up to full speed yet, but Brooke was having trouble figuring out how to respond to this confrontation. Kim was Nick’s wife and while it was certainly no secret what was going on between him and Brooke, it seemed a little awkward to discuss the intimate details with his wife.

“Yeah, I wanted to so badly, but he told me he wanted to wait.” Brooke blurted out before she should completely assess the wisdom in revealing such a detail.

Kim’s knowing smile reassured Brooke that her disclosure was welcome as well as expected.

“He is a master at building anticipation, you should know that from all your time together at the Lake.” Kim reminded Brooke

“You’re right, but something about this time seems different.” Brooke paused before continuing.

“Back then I felt like a student. He was teaching me how to live a different life. I found myself looking to him for direction and guidance. This time I feel like I am more aware of what I want. I’m not waiting for him to tell me what I want.” Brooke respectfully divulged, before once again realizing who she was talking to.

Kim looked at Brooke with a reassuring smile, before leaning closer and giving Brooke a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“That’s why he likes you so much.” Kim cheerfully exclaimed, getting up from the table and jumping into the pool.

Brooke wiped the crumbs from her face and took her plate to the kitchen before returning to join Kim in the pool. The two women enjoyed the time together as the sun made a slow journey over the island. They discussed the way Nick made them both feel so special when he was with them and how he was such a commanding man. They agreed his ability to make them feel empowered while maintaining his dominance was so sexy and an amazing turn on. Brooke felt a bond with Kim she hadn’t before. They were more like two sisters now sharing intimate details about the man they both felt so deeply for. The fact that it was the same man they were both now sharing was a detail Kim istanbul travesti was well accustomed to and Brooke was becoming more at ease with.

Morning turned to afternoon and then to evening. The two had laughed, shared a lunch and even taken a short nap under the shade of the palm trees together. The sun was quickly falling in the sky, and sunset was approaching when Brooke realized she hadn’t heard from Nick or Brad all day, and no one else was around. She began to grow concerned about Brad and the business meeting he was supposed to have gone to with Michelle and Max.

“I wish Nick hadn’t had to leave.” Kim said, interrupting Brooke’s thoughts.

“What? Leave? What do you mean?” Brooke panicked.

Kim went on to explain that Nick had to go back to the Lake to take care of something and wouldn’t be back on the island for a few days. In the meantime, Kim was instructed to keep her company and make sure his absence didn’t leave her feeling abandoned.

“He felt bad about having to leave you right now. He knows it’s hard to abstain from sex with your own husband, and on top of that he has left you all hot and bothered.” Kim playfully laughed.

Brooke let out a forced chuckle as she failed to see the humor in it. She felt as if the flame of desire had just been fanned by Kim’s revelation. She had been distracted by the companionship of Kim all day and had forgotten about the burning desires to have Nick take her, but now that thought was all too frustrating. Her concern for Brad was forgotten as the wildfire of desire for Nick reignited.

Kim could see the sorrow in Brooke’s eyes as the fantasy would have to be put on hold a little longer. She knew what a frustrating and yet exhilarating game Nick was capable of and obviously Brooke was not yet used to it.

“I know what we need to do. There’s a party up north and we need to go.” Kim declared.

Brooke started to protest and question how Nick would feel about her going to a party without him, when Kim interrupted.

“Listen I know him, and he would be happy we’re going there together. We’ll have fun and it will take your mind off him for a little while. By the time you know it, he’ll be back and making you uncontrollably cum again and again.” Kim laughed.

Brooke continued to put up a little resistance but soon she was convinced by Kim to relax and just trust her. The two women got cleaned up and dressed for what Kim called a formal party. Kim helped Brooke pick out a dress and the two women got ready together in Brooke’s room. Hair, makeup, stockings, shoes, everything was a joint decision.

The two women looked stunning as they got out of the limo and walked up to the door of the social gathering.

“Ms. Kim. So good to see you.” The door man said as he opened the door for her to enter the mansion.

“And Ms.?” He questioned as he looked at Brooke.

“Oh, this is Ms. Brooke.” Kim declared.

“Ms. Brooke, so nice to meet you.” The man quickly responded as he motioned for her to enter.

Brooke was expecting a formal cocktail party, and in a way that is exactly what it was. This however wasn’t your typical cocktail party, unless your typical cocktail party entails a bunch of flopping cocks. There were a few men walking around with nothing on but a bow tie and silk dress cuffs on. They looked like fine waiters only without clothes. There were four women sitting on one of the white couches in the center of the large room. All four women were dressed much like Brooke and Kim in formal black dresses and high heels. Each was a picture of perfection when it came to sexiness and class.

“Oh my god.” Brooke gasped.

You see she recognized all four of the women. It was Leilani and Kailanni the two beautiful Hawaiian sisters that worked at the hotel she had honeymooned at. Next to them was Mia, her once rivel and now associate and friend. And in the center was a tall muscular blond woman who she had met numerous times in what she now thought of as her previous life. Eva Walker, the wife of Brads former boss Edward Walker. Eva got up from the couch and approached.

“It’s good to see you, Brooke.” Eva authoritatively announced. Eva was the most powerful women Brooke had ever met besides Michelle.

“I’m so glad you made it.” She continued as she leaned in and gave Brooke a big hug.

Eva returned to the large couch, inviting the two new guests to join her, and take a seat on the smaller couch facing her. No sooner had Brooke and Kim taken a seat, when one of the male servers asked to take their drink order.

Brooke quickly forgot about the oddity of the male cocktail waiters lack of clothes when Eva started to question her.

“So, I hear you went out with Nick last night. How did that go?”

Before Brooke could even answer Kim chimed in joyously relating everything Brooke had already revealed about it. Kim went on and on telling the rest of the women about Brooke’s desire to be with him again, and how much she longed to have him make love to her. Brooke was listening to Kim travesti istanbul retell her story in such detail it was causing Brooke to relive the whole experience again in her mind. She was focused on the movie playing in her head. Brooke recalled the feel of his smooth cock in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around, his bulbus head and instinctively closed her eyes as she relived the glorious event.


Brooke was snapped back to the present as she opened her eyes to discover one of the men offering her up a tray with her drink on it.

Brooke reached up and took her glass when she noticed the shiny silver cage that restrained her cocktail waiter. It was no surprise to her, she was no stranger to chastity devices, but there was a sense of relief instead that calmed her. She was like a smoldering fire. Firstly, she had been keeping herself away from her husband all the while being seduced and aroused by Nick who was fanning her flame. Now she was having the embers he left behind reignited and fanned into a wildfire by Kim and the perfectly toned men displayed around the room.

It was all that pent up desire, that for a moment caused her to fantasize about the athletic men around her. Only for that fantasy to be quickly overcome with guilt. She instantly felt guilty for wanting to betray her promise to Nick. Nick had been her teacher and now he was the center of her burning desire. He had created a monster inside her. One that was dying to break free. It was the sight and realization that nothing could happen with these tan servants that settled her guilt and returned her self-confidence.

“I already miss him, but I can still feel his cock in my mouth.” Brooke snapped somewhat annoyed.

Brooke was tired of hearing Kim talk about it as if to tease her with what she almost had. Brooke knew that wasn’t Kim’s intention, but the effect was the same. Brooke wanted to try and forget about Nick for a few hours but instead it was as if Kim had taken her somewhere just to rub her nose in it. Brooke was more accustomed to being used as the toy to tease others as opposed to feeling the frustration of desire. Nick had a way about him. He was able to stir her in ways no other man ever has.

“Oh, I’m sorry Brooke. I didn’t mean to answer for you.” Kim apologized, immediately realizing what she had done.

“That’s ok, I don’t know what came over me.” Brooke responded sheepishly, realizing what she had just said about Kim’s husband.

“I know what came over you. And I know what you want to come in you too!” Eva burst out laughing.

The whole group of friends began laughing. Eva had successfully wiped away any tension and re focused the evening on the fun social event she intended it to be. The six women continued chatting about everything from shopping and makeup to what they had planned for later in the week. The casual friendly conversation continued as the male servants made sure to keep their drinks fresh.

Brooke was starting to feel the effects of the drinks when an unexpected voice rang out.

“Ok let’s get this party started.”

Brooke turned her head to see Her Boss Michelle standing there with two naked men.

“I see you have been waiting for me.” Michelle snickered.

As Michelle continued her strut into the room, her two pets obediently followed alongside, each holding one of her hands.

“Where do you want these two?” Michelle asked as she guided her two accomplices into the party.

“In here is fine.” Eva responded, as she waved for one of the wait staff to come to her.

My attention darted back and forth between Eva who was whispering something in one of the servants’ ears and the two men being led by Michelle. I was sure one of them was Ron her husband and if I wasn’t going crazy, I would swear the other was Brad. I couldn’t tell for sure because both men were wearing a venetian mask, but I knew my husband’s body and I was sure it was him.

Michelle walked up to me and transferred what I was now certain was my husband’s hand into mine.

“This is a BYOT party, and I know you didn’t bring one, so you can borrow one of mine.” She said as she took a seat in one of the open chairs.

“BYOT?” I questioned as I grasped what I was increasingly certain of was Brad’s hand.

“Bring your own toy.” Kim laughed.

“Well, where’s yours?” I asked, knowing full well her husband was three thousand miles away at Pine Lake.

Kim didn’t respond with words but instead just donned a devious smile. A few seconds later and the room filled with men from the other room. Not the same naked bow tie wearing men that had been attending to us all evening but rather five new men each dawning only a venetian mask like the two men now kneeling at their female counterpart.

That same feeling of guilt and fear flooded over me as soon as the image of Nick sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs around the fire popped into my imagination. I had promised not to allow even my own husband to fuck me before Nick had the opportunity.

“I can’t.” istanbul travestileri I franticly yelled. There was no way I was going to betray Nick. It was too important to me.

“Relax,” Kim calmly responded.

“You can have plenty of fun without betraying your promise to Nick.” Kim continued.

“Trust me, he was the one that wanted me to bring you here. He knows exactly what we’re doing.”

I was still concerned but Kim’s tone of voice and demeanor was convincing. I trusted her and her reassurance that Nick was not only aware of what was going on but had sanctioned it and that reassured me. If Nick wanted me here, I owed it to him to try and relax and go with the flow.

“Now first things first.” Eva announced as she waved her finger around in a circle directing one of the servants to walk around the room.

The obedient servant went around the room with a silver platter. Arranged in a circle on the platter were seven blue pills. Each time he stopped in front of one of the kneeling men, one pill was removed until there were none left.

“Well, we have about a half an hour till round two.” Eva announced.

“What do you say to a little foot massage?”

It wasn’t a minute later, and I was relishing the firm hands kneading my tired feet. It was even more obvious to me that the man at my feet was Brad. This wasn’t the first time he had pampered me with a glorious foot massage, and the feeling was all too familiar. As we all relaxed and allowed the men at our feet to do their work, we continued our conversation as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

I couldn’t help thinking how odd it was. I was used to kinky play at this point, and I was used to the sexual tension, but the nonchalant conversation while seven naked men massaged our feet and three others stood around waiting for orders was hard to process.

I was finding it hard to concentrate. I kept thinking of Nick and wondered what he was doing at that same moment. Was he thinking of me? Was he showing attention to another women? I felt a ting of jealousy at the thought of him flirting with other women at the Lakeside bar, but then realized it was closed for the season. I smiled at the thought he was alone in the empty resort and safe from the amorous advancements of wanton sluts, but then saddened at the realization that he might be lonely.

“Ok time for round two.” Eva jubilantly declared.

In unison all seven men stopped their rub down and sat up straight. It was at that moment when I realized what the blue pill was each of them had taken from the tray. That blue pill must have been Viagra. Because while I could see some men getting an erection from rubbing a sexy women’s feet, I couldn’t see all seven having a foot fetish.

I was intrigued as I watched the three servants enter the room with a glove on one hand and a tube of cream in the other. One by one they rubbed the cream liberally on the erection on the man in front of them before sliding a condom on over the now completely lubricated shaft. I looked down with curiosity as Brad patiently waited his turn and subsequently got his shaft packaged.

“Ok ladies. It’s free time. Have fun.” Eva declared as she pulled her dress up over her head, tossing it on the back of the couch.

Eva was the hostess and obviously the top mistress for the night. She gently touched three men on the shoulder, as if to pick them for her next game. Each of the men stood up and dutifully followed her.

I felt a fire raging in my belly as I watched what was certain my husband following Eva and her two other slaves. I shouldn’t have been so jealous considering all the support and encouragement he had given me, but that didn’t help when it came to me watching him with someone else. I wanted to give him the same leeway he extended to me, but I couldn’t help but feel angry and betrayed. I struggled with the idea of Brad having sexual pleasure with other women just as I had struggled with the thought of Nick with anyone else. But there was a difference. I knew Nick wasn’t exclusive to me as much as I might have wanted him to be.

Michelle took charge and instructed the remaining four men to stand up and give the rest of us a good look. I tried to enjoy the presentation, but I was fixated on my husband’s ass as it disappeared into the adjoining room.

“Entertain us, stroke your cocks.” Michelle instructed.

I tried to appear interested as the four men stood there degrading themselves for Michelle’s entertainment, but the thought of Brad and what he was doing kept tugging at my attention. God only knew what sexually perverted things Eva was involving him in.

“What do you think Brooke?” Michelle asked. Snapping me back from my preoccupation.

I didn’t know what to say. What was she asking me? Was I supposed to enjoy watching men jerking off their latex covered cocks? Was I supposed to judge them and pick the best of the four? What did she want me to say, I thought.

“Uh yeah that’s hot.” I responded.

The women all laughed at my response. It made me feel self-conscious. I had done all kinds of kinky things, many of them in front of an audience, but now I was feeling as if I was being judged. I was embarrassed that I responded like that, and quickly tried to cover it up.

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