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The Surprise Visit

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You let me in and as you go to sit on the couch, you hear me lock the door and then join you. You are wearing a blouse and skirt with a bra and panties, thinking I wasn’t going to show up, but there I am. We sit very close together on the right side of the couch like we always do and cuddle while talking. Already you can feel my hardness against your thigh and know that no matter what we agreed to, we are going to make love. As we talk, our faces get closer until finally we begin to kiss, passionately and very heavy. My hard cock is pushing more into you and neither of us can stand the fact that clothes are separating us.

We stop for just a moment as I lift your blouse over your head and proceed to unclasp your bra to relase your huge tits. At the same time, you untie my shorts and slide your head underneath, grasping at my hardon and pulling it out into the open. We look at one another as we now have our toys out to play with. You stroke my long, hard thick cock and enjoy watching as the pre-cum collects at the head and lubricates it for you. You look down at your chest and see my hand caressing your heavy boob, teasing at the nipple to get harder than they usually are. We moan together at the wonderful feeling we are getting.

I then stand up, my cock is right at your face level. You take your large breasts and wrap them around it, allowing me casino şirketleri to tittie fuck you. As you hold them up, my hands come down to help you and together, we hold hands and ensure my huge cock stays in the warmth of your mountains. Suddenly, you release them and grab my cock, guiding it into your mouth. You suck on it and take all my pre-cum over your tongue. My hands run through your hair and I try not to push my hips much, but you are so good at sucking on me that I can’t help but explode. My cum shoots from my cock and you swallow as much as you can as it squirts 8 times.

A heavy sigh comes from me and look up, licking your lips. You then stand with me and we kiss passionately, my tongue explores your mouth. My hands take hold of your skirt and I pull them off, followed by your panties. Then, I playfully push you back into the couch and I strip off my shorts and underwear. I kneel between your spread legs and you sit on the edge of the couch, then lean back. You then feel my hot tongue licking at your hot wet pussy. It runs up and down, licking at the lips and teasing the hole before it centres on your aching clit. You feel a finger pushing into your pussy hole and you close your eyes and I eat you and finger fuck you. Soon a second and finally a third finger gets inside you. Then, my lips wrap around your hard clit and I begin casino firmalari to suck on it like you did to my cock and my fingers curl upwards inside you and begins to tickle your g-spot. A rushing wave comes over you and you suddenly release all your pent up frustrations…your body shivers and shakes as your pussy spurts your cum all over me.

As you calm down, I take you hand and help you up to walk to your bedroom. You know the moment we go through the doorway that we will become one again. You lay back on the bed and I lay beside you. We kiss some more as I know you love how I do that to you as we embrace one another. You can feel that my cock is back to being hard again. We rub one another’s asses and you pull me up on you, your legs spread open and feel my cock rubbing around your public hair and along your slit. Our bodies continue to move and rub as we kiss harder and with more passion. The head of my cock starts to rub over your clit, making you all the more hotter. Our juices begin to mix and you can’t stand it much longer. You whisper for me to put it in and you reach over for a condom. You were thinking that you should have one handy just in case. Then my hand touches your arm and stops you.

You look up at me and see something different in my eyes. My other hand strokes at my cock and teases your pussy again. Then you feel güvenilir casino it, my cock entering your pussy unprotected. For the first time, you feel my bare, hard, thick, young cock burying itself inside your hot, wet, mature, tight pussy. You drop the condom and grasp me, drawing me on top of you as we kiss more passionately than before. You wrap your legs around my thighs and push your pelvis up into mine. We begin to create a syncronized rhythm together and you feel every inch of my cock driving in and out of you. I reach for your left breast and begin to suck on the nipple, not letting it go for anything as I fuck you more and more, enjoying the taste of your leaking breast. You hold it for me, almost like you were breast feeding me while my cock spreads your pussy open with each thrust.

I get up and you get on your hands and knees. You feel my cock once more pushing into you, this time from behind and going even deeper than before. You came from being in the missionary, but this just makes you want to cum over and over. After experiencing so much, you fall down on your stomach and I begin to pile drive into you from behind more. You suddenly realize I am getting worked up to orgasm and before you can ask, my cock plunges as far into your pussy as it can and begins to shoot more cum, this time swimming up inside your pussy. After over 10 shurts, I pull out.

We lay side by side, you can’t believe what just happened. We cuddle and soon you sleep. When you wake up, you find that I had left, but a note was folded up where I was. I thank you for that sweet moment and I say I will see you soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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