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The Switcharoo

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It is the time of year when I have to travel to see my girlfriend. If I am not willing to drive, I have to settle for random texts and limited phone calls.

For the last 3 days my beauty has been an hour and forty minutes away, just off a major roadway in a large city. The last time I had the pleasure of being with her in a bed was nearly a month ago (I haven’t had time to write that story). Her departure to the city happened to coincide with the weekend, making it easy to drive any reasonable distance. No work to concern myself with.

Her early text on Friday morning kicked off the 300 mile weekend.

“Hi. I’m leaving for an undetermined amount of time. Will you come see me,” She texts.

“Absolutely. I’m bringing the dick and harness to. I really need you to fuck me,” I respond.

“Well, bring a small one for me, she replies.

“Wait, what?! Are you being serious, you’ll let me dick fuck you? I’ll go buy a small dildo RIGHT NOW,” I text speedily.

Here’s the thing about me. I consider myself on the femme end of the spectrum. But, I’m a top at heart. Prior to this affair, turned woman who owns my heart, I had slept with my share of “straight” girls. The barbies, the snobby blondes who think they’re better than me. That is, until I’m nose deep in them and they’re begging me for more. But this one, the one I’m in love with, is different. Definitely on the androgynous end of the spectrum, and undoubtedly the dominant of the two of us. Besides those minor details she’s absolutely beautiful. There isn’t a single thing I don’t love about her delicious body. I could spend my life licking her delicate pussy. She owns these little inner lips that resemble a clam shell when she’s aroused, they’re fucking sexy.

I do submit to her, it’s fun and all and I do really enjoy it. However, there is this hungry dominant girl that lives inside of me that aches to come out now and then. Never once in my 10 years as a straight married girl who licked a lot of pussy have I ever fucked a girl with a strap-on. So, imagine my unbridled excitement at the thought of dick fucking the girl I’m in love with. Holy shit, this is a big deal. I think she has told me of less than a handful of times she has allowed this to happen. Three that I’m aware of actually. Each time she had allowed it, alcohol had been involved. But not with me, stone sober and she still wants it.

Allow me to stroke my own ego for a moment. I don’t do it often, so just let me have my moment. Everywhere she goes she is desired. She could have her choice of a variety of beautiful women. She has magical lesbian gravitational pull and a highly infectious personality. She’s a boss, and she rarely lets people in. Yet, shes asking me to dick fuck her. Excuse me while I take a moment to wrap my head around my awesomeness.

The moment of pure giddiness is quickly over shadowed by my self doubt and the uncertainty of how to operate the strap-on. I’ve never used one. I don’t want to be bad at it, and I really don’t want to hurt the delicate flower that is my girlfriend. Her lady parts are small. When I finger her, It is difficult to fit the pointer and middle fingers inside of her at the same time. I typically just use one finger when I’m licking her clit, unless she asks for two. She isn’t ever on the receiving end of the strap-on. I am always the recipient Betturkey of that prize. I have to make sure I find the perfect small size before I make my drive. There’s one sex store out of the way of my route, I will stop there first. If the first store hasn’t got what I want, there is another store in my path I can stop at. Failure to find the right dick is not an option.

Hours pass, it’s after 3pm before I hear from her. She’ll be arriving at her hotel just after 8pm. I’ve been at work all day. The thought of driving 2 hours there, spending 5-6 hours together and then driving home sounds both exciting and exhausting. Of course, there’s no question of whether or not I’ll make the drive. My time with her is so limited, I would drive just about any distance to see her for as long as I was able.

My work day concludes and I rush home to tend to my house things, shower, shave and fix myself up a bit. At 7pm I depart from my house. My expected arrival is 9:45pm. First though, I must find the perfect dick. I can’t fuck this one up. It’s gotta be just right. I head straight for the dildo section at the first store. There’s a flesh colored dong hanging dead center, it appears to be perfect, short and small in width. I’m mostly sure this one will not destroy her beautifully little vagina. I’m in and out of that store in five minutes flat. I’m afraid if I delay she’ll have time to reconsider and change her mind.

Now, I’m back in my car. A bag with three dildos and a harness behind my seat. Two for me (I never know which one I want) and one for my lady. Now, I’m kind of nervous. I am seriously inexperienced with this appendage. Not to mention the fact that my girl is a well seasoned professional at serving up some seriously hot strap-on sex. All that aside, she is asking me for it knowing I’ve never used such equipment. She’s sober and wants it. Fuck it, my nice tits bouncing back and fourth while I’m fucking her will make up for my lack of knowledge.

I pull into the parking lot as predicted right on time. I grab the bag-o fun from behind my seat, I pull my phone out of my purse to read the room number, and catch the elevator a few floors up. The door to her room is slightly ajar. The inner door latch pushed all the way over to prevent the door from closing.

She’s already naked in that big white hotel bed when I open the door. Her tan muscular back is peeking out from the covers. My vagina has been throbbing since I bought the dildo I plan to stick in her. I need to focus on keeping my cool though. I don’t want to look like a damn fool by acting too excited. But I am really excited.

I must have had an unremovable smile attached to my face because she took one look at me and said, “you’re like a kid at Disneyland”.

Well duh! Now let’s get to the part where I’m fucking you is what I’m thinking. Alas, I do my best to wipe the smile from my face and try to focus on simply enjoying her company. There are few things I have enjoyed in life as much as I enjoy her naked body. Beautiful skin, the softest I’ve ever felt and the sexiest roundest butt I’ve ever had the pleasure of licking. Standing next to the bed I take my clothes off, pile them next to the night stand and crawl into bed with her.

I lay there with her in that bed and all of my anxieties melt away. She’s my lesbian Betturkey Giriş Xanax. I exist in that moment only for her, one hundred percent addicted to the feelings I get when I consume her. I’m obsessed with that little bend at her waist when she’s laying on her side and I’m running my fingers up and down her back, lingering at that bend just a little longer. Her uniform hides a lot, a girl would never guess so much feminine beauty lay beneath all the boyish clothes.

The long finger tip strokes lead to soft kisses on the back and neck. It’s taken a bit of time to get to this place where she just lets me have her. I appreciate her surrender. I love her so I don’t want this to sound at all cold, but there’s nothing like having a dominant masculine girl like putty in my hand. There’s a power in being handed the key to an extremely guarded woman’s heart.

Soft kisses, silly cheeky grins, little giggles and light touches fill the bed. I feel like I’m going to explode inside. She leans in an delivers a hard bite to my neck. Right where the collar bone meets the neck. Each bite takes the air from my lungs, and makes me weak in the knees. She melts me with every bite.

I’m laying there with her kissing my way down her soft belly toward the top of her landing strip. I can smell her yummy vagina just inches from my mouth and I start to wonder when it might be acceptable to put the harness on. Fuck, I should have already had it on but I didn’t know if she wanted to fuck me first. This is a dilemma I’m not accustomed to. She is always the one who’s strapped.

I knew I should have stopped to put the harness on but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m in the thick of it now and no one likes a quitter. She’s got her legs drawn up just a little, just enough that I can feel how swollen she is when I stick my tongue inside of her. The want to lay her on her back and fuck her has all but disappeared from my mind. Her taste fills my mouth and I just want to lay on my stomach the rest of the night and bury my face between her legs.

“You should have put the harness on,” she whispers.

I’m thinking to myself, yeah, I fucking know. What a rookie move.

I say nothing in response. She’s getting squirmy and close to climax. There’s no stopping now. I lick her to her finish. I love her vagina. I don’t really care if I get to dick fuck her or not as long as she lets me lick her sweet wet vagina. There’s no better view than the view I have from between her legs when she is having her orgasm in my mouth.

“Put the harness on, you should have had it on. It would have been better for you to fuck me with it for my first orgasm. Go put it on,” She says.

I toss it to her to adjust for me. My thigh and hip sizes are vastly different from hers. She adjusts the buckles quickly while I reach into my bag of dicks to grab hers. I don the harness, load the flesh colored dildo and shimmy onto the bed. I feel awkward. Really excited, but also a little weird. She tell me I look really sexy wearing the whole dick getup. I guess I believe it, but honestly, it’s kind of an odd thing to see on myself.

As excited as I am, I’m so completely in love with this woman I’m utterly concerned with doing this gently. I grab the base of the dick and lube it up. I lean over her and accidentally stick her in the Betturkey Güncel Giriş thigh with it (Don’t judge me, I’m wearing a dick I can’t feel, I’m overly excited, very concerned and extremely turned on. At least I didn’t accidentally jam it in her butt). There’s a laugh shared between the two of us and she takes a moment to assist my misguided wiener to the correct area.

The giggles quickly subside when her giggle turns into a little whimper and the sound of the air leaving my lungs fills the room. Yep, this is really happening and it is fucking spectacular. Little by little I work further into her tight vagina. If I could touch my own clit I’d cum in an instant. I can feel the wetness of my own pussy on the back side of the leather harness with every small stroke. Just as I start to get my rhythm, she takes her legs and wraps them around my waist. I get to see all of her body from the position I’m in. Her small breasts bounce slightly with every little thrust. God she is beautiful.

Everyday that passes, I think there isn’t a way I could love her more than I already do. Everyday I think it isn’t possible for me to want her more. Day after day I’m constantly proven wrong. Here she is laid out for me to have, naked in a bed completely vulnerable to me. I love her more than I did yesterday. I know that there won’t be many opportunities to have her this way, but I am truly thankful for this one.

The minutes whip by, I don’t think It’s been more than 5 of them. Her legs are still wrapped around my waist and although I wish I could just keep her there, I’m mostly sure she’s not going to cum and really I don’t want to hurt her by continuing too long on the first go around.

“Are you going to be able to cum,” I ask her.

“No love,” She responds.

“Okay. I’m going to stop then,” I say.

I pull out gently, unstrap the harness and lay beside her. We are separate but facing one another. What an awesome thing to share with such a beautiful woman. My heart is full. My vagina is throbbing to the beat of my own heart and I really want to take her hand and put her fingers inside of me. There’s a small time gap of that thought entering my brain and her rolling over, placing herself in front of me and spreading my knees apart. I didn’t even have to ask.

Im up on my knees with her in front of me. She takes my nipple in her mouth and sucks me to the brink of an unintentional orgasm. Her thumb teasing just at the outside of my opening.

“Stop teasing me. Put your fingers inside of me,” I beg.

“Will you ride me,” she whispers quickly.

I respond by getting off the bed, handing her the harness and my pink dick. She quickly adjusts the harness and lays herself back onto the bed. I am extremely wet and swollen, I do not need any assistance from KY. I climb onto her and it takes every single ounce of discipline not to cum immediately. I moan quietly in response and slowly start riding her. I lock my feet into her inner thighs and fuck the hell out of that pink dick. My vagina has been screaming for this since I left my house to drive here.

I reach out for her right hand and gently place it around my neck. She needs no instruction, she gently but firmly grasps my neck with her small hand as she brings me to the brink of insanity. She grips me just a little harder and I can’t stop myself. I lean into her grasp and finally get that head spinning orgasm I’ve been earning.

I’m exhausted. I collapse onto her and we lay naked together in that hotel bed. If only I could keep her there forever. But I can’t, not today. Work starts for both of us in 6 hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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