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The Teacher

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He’d seen her before. She would occasionally stop for an iced tea at the same little place he did, but this time it was a little different. She’d taken a booth and had spread out a bunch of papers and was engrossed in writing on them. A little here, a little there, rather curiously.

Then it struck him. She’s grading papers! She’s a teacher! Now it all made sense. He’d never really known a teacher before, but the rhythms that he’d observed her during could be explained by her being a teacher. Now, at least he had something to talk about, and today was the perfect day for it since the place was full and there was nowhere for him to sit at the moment. Except for the unused portion of her booth. Walking directly to her, not taking his eyes off her, then stopping some three feet short of the table, he quickly said, “Ist hier frei?”

This had worked before. He would apologize for his absentmindedness and quickly explain that he had spent some time in Germany and it was perfectly normal to share a table with someone unknown to you after first asking permission. Only this time something seemed to have gone wrong.

She simply nodded and said, “Ja.” For a second he stood staring blankly, wondering why she wasn’t looking up when it dawned on him. She’d answered him in German! This was new to him. Always before, the woman would look at him confused and allow him to have the upper hand. Only this time, he was looking confusedly at her and she wasn’t paying any attention to him at all. Well, this certainly wasn’t going quite the way he’d planned. Actually, he hadn’t really PLANNED anything, other than the lead in. That usually was enough to pry a little chink in whoever’s armor he’d spotted. This time, however, the chink wasn’t so obvious.

Or was it? Quickly regaining his balance, he said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I lapsed again, but then, so did you. How long were you in Germany?” Marianne looked up, finally, not a little miffed at losing her train of thought. Displeasure soon departed as she looked the source of the interruption over. Her eyes slowly climbed from tabletop to the top of his head, with growing approval with each inch. She smiled a coy little smile while feeling just a slight twinge in her crotch, a signal she never ignored.

She said, “I’m sorry, I heard you say Germany, but I really wasn’t listening until then. What did you say about Germany?” And what did he mean by lapsing, she wondered. Larry had felt her penetrating sweep of vision examine him thoroughly in just a few seconds and was thrilled by the fact that she had done it. This one was different. This one thought like he did and he liked that.

“I just asked you how long you had spent in Germany.”

Before she could realize that she wanted to ask how he had known she had been in Germany she said, “I was born there.” She quickly added her question. “How did you know I’d even been there?”

This guy was starting to look intriguing because he was smart. She liked smart. It always made for a fun time. Not brilliant, not stuffy academic smart, but just above average intelligent. With a sense of humor. She began instantly hoping this guy, whoever he was, had a sense of humor. “Oh, OK, that explains it.”

“Explains what?” she asked. “Your answering my question in German,” he said, with a grin that said something to her, but she wasn’t sure just what. “Did I? I wasn’t really paying illegal bahis attention. I guess I was too deep into Harry Potter essays. What did I say?” She laughed at this. This was exactly the cue Larry was hoping for and he took full advantage, sitting his tray down carefully so as not to disturb her stacks of papers. “You said yes.” This was said with a quick smile and a pause while the words sank in. Larry hoped that Marianne would see a double meaning to them just before he explained the innocent meaning.

“I asked if I could sit down and you said yes. Is that still OK, now that you’re fully conscious?” He laughed and she smiled, both of them feeling that this, whatever ‘this’ might turn out to be, was starting out very nicely. Marianne thought to herself that this warmth she felt warming her inside felt just right. Larry found himself breathing slowly, consciously slowly, feeling air enter his lungs, pause a while, and then slowly, purposefully exit them. For the longest moment they just looked at each other, communicating, but not really knowing what they were communicating, except that they knew they both liked it and they knew the other one liked it as well.

“So, what do you teach?” Larry said, breaking the spell before it got too heavy and possibly spoiling things because it started too soon. “Sixth grade. These are essays about a Harry Potter book we just finished reading. Some of them aren’t too bad. And then we have some others…..”

Her voice trailed off, leaving no doubt what she meant. He immediately picked up on her meaning and asked what else she taught. He wanted to know if she taught all the subjects or did her students move around to other teachers? He said that his sixth grade teacher had been a man and they had everything with him, except gym. She started in with an explanation that she had a teammate and they shared the basic subjects and after a minute realized that he had her talking quite readily and was completely attentive to her every word. This made her pause and ask him if he was really interested in all this. He smiled without taking his eyes off of her and said, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher so this is fascinating to me.”

“Well, before you decide you want to be a teacher you should have some idea what you’re getting yourself into. You should help me grade some of these papers and that might change your mind.” Marianne laughed, thinking this would make him say something about already having a busy schedule and that he wouldn’t really know what to do. Instead, he responded, “I’d love to. What do you want me to do?” Now it was Marianne’s turn to be off balance.

She heard herself telling him she was about out of lunchtime and had to get back but she’d be grading after school in room 214 if he was serious. “I’ll be there” was all he said as she gathered her papers and made a getaway, wondering what was going to happen next.

What she taught that afternoon Marianne never knew. Her mind was elsewhere. She could not get the stranger from lunch out of her head and she didn’t even know his name! He wasn’t strikingly handsome or strikingly anything, but he did have a nice smile and the way he looked at her made her start to heat up inside. That made no sense because he hadn’t said anything, or reached to touch her hand or even shake it. But something about him had her attention and she could not seem to let illegal bahis siteleri go of it.

At 3:15 the bell rang and 27 pent up bundles of energy fled her grasp for something more interesting than social studies. She found herself looking at the door, waiting for HIM to come in, while at the same time thinking that idea was crazy. He was just a pleasant diversion at lunch and not anything else. She was back into the essays now so she didn’t hear him approach. She started a bit at his, “Hi!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I guess I should have knocked, but the door was open.” She remembered that she’d left the door to her room open even though she usually kept it closed in the afternoons. “Oh, that’s OK. I usually get into my grading and lose track of what’s going on around me. I didn’t really think you’d come. Do you really want to help with this grading?” He smiled and said, “I’m here, aren’t I? I would like to help. I’d like to get a feel for what you do all the time.” She thought he sounded sincere and she really could use the help, plus, he still had those eyes that smiled at her and made her feel wondering inside. That feeling reminded her that she still didn’t even know his name. “I’d love to have some help with these….uh…….?”

“Larry,” he said, realizing immediately what it was she wanted to know. He offered his hand and she gave hers in return. The first moment their hands touched something passed between them that they both felt. He held her hand just a moment longer than necessary and she made no attempt to pull it back until he released it. She lost track of what she was supposed to be doing in those few seconds and he waited but a few more before asking what she wanted him to do.

That snapped her back into focus and she handed him an example of a good essay and told him to read it. Their hands touched again when the paper passed between them. Again, neither of them made a move to break the contact. It was as if a force was holding them together, letting them feed energy from each other. Larry had moved to her side of the desk ostensibly so that he could look over her shoulder. But he knew and she hoped he had moved there to be closer to her. She smelled of soap and shampoo and the image of freshly clean was exceedingly heady as he bent down to put his head level with hers to see what she was showing him.

She could feel him right there, right next to her, confident, sure of what he was doing, and very male. She KNEW he had moved to be close to her because he wanted to be close to her. His hand lingered in contact with hers because he wanted to touch her. She loved the idea that this man desired her company, desired her nearness, desired her. She never figured out exactly how it happened, but as she turned her head to say something to him he turned at the same time. They were close, very close. He kissed her. And she let him.

As he continued to kiss her, feeling her respond and not pull away, he let the kiss take on a life of its own. He felt her mouth slowly open and her tongue inched its way out, hesitantly. He met her tongue with his and they began a dance. Probing, licking, investigating, their tongues got to know each other.

Her arms had found their way around his neck while he had pulled her slowly to her feet and now held her firmly in his arms. His hands had progressed to her canlı bahis siteleri beautifully rounded ass cheeks and she felt herself being pulled into him, becoming instantly aware of the hardness in the front of him that pressed against her belly.

As she savored what she had done to him one of his hands had wandered around to her breast and was cupping it, rubbing it’s thumb over the fabric over her nipple, which was rapidly growing as stiff as his cock. She moaned and he ground his pelvis into her, telling her with body language just how much he wanted her. His hand had slipped under her top, under the bra, and was now fondling her bare flesh, sending tremors to her groin, forerunners of greater tremors and floods to come.

She had to have him, and now! Without breaking the kiss, without moving his hands, she reached down and undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and reached in. Feeling along the length of his fabric covered cock made him catch his breath. She smiled at that, looked deep into his eyes, and then dropped to her knees, flipping the waistband on his briefs over the engorged head of his cock and then sliding them part way down his legs. Her mouth engulfed his cock and her tongue explored its eye, eliciting a gasp from him. As she slowly worked his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into her mouth she felt her skirt being pulled upwards. He gathered all the material of her skirt into both his hands as she feasted on cock.

She was sooooo good and he had to strain to avoid cumming too soon. With her skirt up around her shoulders she came up for air. He took advantage of the timing to stand her up and slide her soaked panties down her legs. He then had her sit in her chair and proceeded to lick the inside of first one thigh, and then the other, gradually closing in on her neatly trimmed bush. Soon, his nose was wet and enjoying thoroughly the aroma of her dripping pussy. It’s taste was soon familiar to him, too. Gently sucking on her clit brought her to the edge of the chair and to the brink of orgasm. He slowly lapped at her lips, avoiding her clit for now, letting her come back down from the edge. When she was breathing a little more slowly he began sucking again, alternating sucking her very erect clit with licking as deeply into her cunt as his tongue would go. Again, she began shaking, only this time he did not back away.

He felt her stiffen and then start to buck, then stiffen again. Picking her up, he sat hin her chair, lifted her above his skyward pointing cock and sat her down on it. Caught between orgasms, she helped fit herself down onto him, burying his cock to the hilt, dripping pussy juice over it knowing it was running down over his balls as well. Completely impaled, she rested, and they looked at each other and kissed again. This kiss began as gently as the first, but quickly escalated into urgency. She had cum, was about to cum again, and he needed to cum badly.

Feeling her suck his tongue into her mouth was all it took. He could feel his cum come rushing up, up, up the length of his cock and burst into her pussy, spraying its walls thoroughly with spurt after spurt. She could feel him cum and that put her over the edge once again and she clamped down on his cock, milking it of every drop his balls had to offer.

They were spent, but still joined. He did not want to leave and she did not want to get up. They wanted this to last. If they could stay this way for a while longer he would get hard again and they could make this go on. But suddenly it dawned on them that this was still school and there had to be other teachers around who might drop in at any moment…

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