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The Trip Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

I sat with Jay drinking while the two couples danced. Jay and I talked a little about my law practice. I tried to answer Jay’s questions, but my attention was being diverted by Susan and Roy. During a slow number Roy was holding Susan very close. Roy had placed his hands low on Susan’s back and I was close enough to see how his fingers shifted over her ass, constantly pulling her closer. Susan nestled her face into his neck, occasionally nibbling on him.

At the same time Jay began telling me about the first time Gordon had fucked Karen. Jays description was very explicit. At one point he told me how he had gotten so excited that he had gone down on Karen after Gordon had cum in her. Jay went on to say that now after Karen has sex with Gordon she often demands that Jay eat her out. I was surprised with these revelations. I was to embarrassed to mention that I had already done something quite similar. True Susan had just got out of the shower when I went down on her, but I wasn’t sure it would have mattered, her pussy was still soaked with Roy’s cum. The fact that Jay had had a similar experience however was strangely comforting.

We continued drinking and observing the dancers, when the two coupes approached the table and sat down. Susan next to me, Roy next to her. Leaning over she gave me a kiss and told me how lucky she was to have two hot men in her life. I felt her hand in my lap. Susan gave my dick a gentle squeeze. My dick was still hard from watching her interact with Roy.

“I can’t begin to tell you how turned on I am when I feel how hard your dick is. I love that it excites you to see me with Roy.” Susan whispered in my ear. Susan’s hot breath sending chills all over me. I felt my penis throb at her touch. Susan squeezed my penis with a series of milking motions as her tongue darted into my ear. Nibbling on my ear drives me crazy and Susan was an expert at it.

“Oh you’re ready to cum for me aren’t you. Do it baby, cum for me, cum for me right now.” Susan’s words and touch were electrifying. I couldn’t control myself.

“Jeez Susan, what are you doing, not here, lets go to the room.”

“Shhhh baby, don’t fight it, I love that my little man is so hot, I want you to cum for me, right now okay.” I didn’t know if it was Susan’s touch or the drugs Jay had given me, I felt my eye’s role back into my head as she made me cum. I opened my eye’s and saw Jay grinning at me from across the table. Roy looked on smiling.

“Oh my god you already came, poor baby you needed that didn’t you. I love you so much, now go clean up, you can tell people you spilled a drink.” She whispered, as if everyone one at the table didn’t know what had just happened.

I went to the men’s room and entered a stall. Pulling down my pants I was indeed a little wet, but my cum was very watery, clear. Between Tanya and Susan my balls were empty. I wiped the clear fluids up and returned to the table.

Susan and Roy were standing up and facing each other. Roy had his hands on Susan’s waist and was pulling her close. The two of them made a striking couple. Susan laughed at something he said, then tip toed to give him a peck on the lips. Glancing in my direction she waved me over. I walked over to them feeling dwarfed by the size of the striking couple.

Karen announced they were heading over to Roy’s place. Susan was still clinging to Roy and made no effort to move away from him. Roy didn’t say a word and was almost smug the way he looked at me. I felt absolutely fantastic, I didn’t have a care in the world.

When we got to Roy’s, everyone sat down in the large living room. Susan, Roy, Karen and Gordon took seats on a huge L shaped couch. There were to large comfortable chairs across from the couch, but before I could sit down Jay asked what everyone was drinking. Taking orders from the two couples Jay asked me to join him in the kitchen to help fix drinks. We were fixing drinks when Jay told me they would be leaving as soon as they finished the cocktails.

Handing me Roy and Susan’s drinks he said, “We are going to have a threesome. I can’t wait to help Gordon fuck the hell out of Karen. Nothing excites me more. By the way how do you feel.”

“Really good.”

“That’s the X, here take one more, You will lose every inhibition you ever had.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, things are already pretty crazy.” Holding the pill, between my fingers I debated taking it.

“Swallow it now, I want to get going.” He commanded in a serious tone.

“Okay man, jeez,” I answered as I popped the pill.

“Good, now remember when I leave just do what Roy says and you will have a great time.”

I sat across from Roy and Susan making small talk for a while, then felt the urge to go to the rest room. When I returned Susan and Roy were standing in the middle of the living room kissing. I felt dizzy and was having a hard time focusing when Susan held out her hand to me. Taking her hand I followed them into Roy’s bedroom. I waited by the door as Susan started unbuttoning Roy’s shirt. Roy slipped the thin strap’s of Susan’s bonus veren siteler dress off her shoulder and the dress slipped off of her and on to the floor. I could hardly breath as Susan began working on Roy’s pants.

I stood by the door weak kneed, as Susan pulled Roy’s pants to the floor. Susan knelt down in front of Roy and took his cock into her hand and looked up to him adoringly. Then slowly I watched as her tongue gently licked his shaft from the base to the tip of his cock. I was in a trance as I watched Roy’s magnificent cock grow larger and larger.

“I can’t get over how big your cock is, no matter how many times we are together.” Susan moaned.

“Take your cloths off,” Roy commanded snapping me out of my trance. I took off my cloths, then Roy told me to join them. I walked over to Roy and Susan.

“Get closer, let her suck your dick.” I moved into position and Susan took my penis in her left hand and began stroking it. All the while she continued mouthing Roy’s black beast. Standing next to Roy I felt small. Roy towered over me, I looked down to see Susan switch from Roy’s cock to my much smaller dick. The contrast between the two of us couldn’t have been more different. My dick was smooth and thin, while Roy’s cock was thick and heavily veined. His black shaft was more than twice as long as my penis and his cock head was three times bigger than mine.

My dick was very hard and with the first touch of her tongue I was ready to cum. I guess Susan could tell as she stopped kissing me and asked, “Already?” Then with a couple of practiced strokes from Susan’s hand I began to cum. I wish I could say I shot sperm all over the place but Tanya and Susan had done a good job draining me. My cum came out watery and seemed to dribble from my penis. Susan looked at me as she squeezed the last few drops of sperm out of my dick. I remember feeling embarrassed by my performance.

Roy pulled Susan to her feet and they both got on the bed. I was left standing by the bed my dick limp and exhausted.

“Come on mon get in bed.” Roy commanded and again I did as I was told. I crawled up on one side of Susan with Roy on the other. The two of them were kissing so I began sucking on my wife’s nipples. Susan’s nipples are get very thick and hard when she is excited and that night they were both. As the evening progressed Susan gave my head a gentle nudge, our code that she wanted me to eat her pussy.

I didn’t hesitate, dropping down on the bed till I was between her legs. I couldn’t help but notice that her little landing strip of black hair was gone. I realized this latest change must of just happened and was not something I had requested. Roy’s request, I wondered.

Susan’s pussy was so wet I could hardly believe it. Susan’s cunt lips are pretty pronounced and so is her clit. I love sucking on her clit because it makes her crazy. So I licked her slit and then started nibbling and sucking on her clit. Susan’s hips began undulating and I knew that between Roy and I that Susan wanted to fuck.

“I need you in me,” Susan moaned.

I knew she was speaking to Roy. I looked up between Susan’s legs to see her passionately kissing Roy. Roy who was on his side repositioned himself so he was up against Susan’s left side. I closed my eye’s and began licking my wife’s slit and sucking on her clit. I felt Roy shift his body and something touch my cheek.

When I opened my eye’s I realized Roy’s massive cock had flopped over on to Susan’s abdomen mere inches from my face. Up close it was impossibly huge. The huge black helmet oozing thick pre-cum.

Susan’s using her left hand began caressing Roy’s cock head which seemed to continually leak copious amounts of thick pre-cum. Susan placed her right hand on the back of my head, pressing my mouth harder into her undulating cunt.

Susan and I made eye contact and then with no warning she squeezed the purple black cock head causing more pre-cum to gob up on the slit of his cock. With her index finger she scooped it up and rubbed the cum on her slit and my lips.

“Do you like that baby,” Susan purred.

I answered by hungrily lapping at her pussy and fingers. All the while I watched Susan massage and tease Roy’s cock. When Roy was good and hard he pulled Susan over and on top of him. Leaving me to watch them. Susan straddled the big man. Then Susan reached between her legs and began working that huge cock head into her wet slit.

Susan had a massive orgasm almost immediately.

I began playing with my penis which once again had become hard. The X was making me crazy. They fucked like that for a good 6 or 7 minutes, when Roy wanted to change things up.

“Turn over girl I want you ass up. Get up under there mon I want you to have a good view of this black cock and my pussy.”

At first I didn’t understand what Roy wanted me to do. Susan got on her hands and knees and it was Roy who directed me to move again.

“Turn around mon, like sixty -nine.”

I swung around till my head was between Susan’s legs as I watched bahis Roy line up his cock head with my wife’s slit. I was inches away and I could feel the heat and smell of my wife’s sex. My dick got harder, to the point it was almost painful. Roy grabbed his cock and began sliding it up and down Susan’s slit. The black cock head was impossibly large as he pushed it between the folds of my wife’s slit.

Roy would pull it out and slap it against her pussy. On several occasions his cock would also slap my face and mouth. I tried to move away but my position between Susan’s legs made it difficult.

“Here Steve lick her, make it wet for me,” Roy commanded as he pushed down on Susan’s ass.

My wife lowered her pussy down on to my face as I licked at her slit. Susan was moaning with excitement as my tongue dipped into her pussy. I licked her slit which was gapped open now.

“That’s right Steve, that’s it make it good and wet for this black cock,” Roy said as he suddenly pushed his cock between my tongue and Susan’s wet gash.

Again I tried to turn away but Susan’s legs kept my head firmly in place. My lips and tongue made contact with Roy’s cock, as he sank his massive meat into my wife. Over and over he would push his shaft deep into Susan causing her to whimper with pleasure. Pulling his cock almost all the way out he would drive it back in, trying to go deeper.

“I love your cock in me.” Susan voiced as Roy relentlessly pounded her pussy, touching her in places I could never reach.

Whack, whack, I heard as he slapped Susan’s ass forcibly.

“Oh god fuck me Roy, I love it, harder baby, cum baby, cum, cum.” Susan screamed with pleasure.

Whack, “You love this black cock, do you want me to cum in you?” Whack.

“Oh god yes pleaseeee. please, yes, fuck me, yes cum.” Susan was cumming hard, and could hardly speak.

“You want me to cum in her don’t you mon?” I was mesmerized by the fucking he was giving my wife. I couldn’t answer. Roy’s massive balls rubbing on my face as I lapped at my wife’s clit.

“Tell me you want me to cum in her. Tell me now.” I couldn’t help myself, any semblance of my self control seemed to disappear with his command.

“Yes.” I answered weakly.

You want me to cum in her, say it louder. tell her you want me to cum in her.” Whack I heard him slap Susan’s ass again.

“Yes baby cum in me, cum, please.” Susan cried.

“Steve.” Roy said raising his voice.

“Yes cum in her.”

“Cum in her and give her my baby, is that what you want mon.”

“Yes.” I said louder, overwhelmed by Roy’s domination. My acquiescence seemed to spur his orgasm as he began to cum. Roy pushed deep and then with a guttural sound began to shoot his black seed deep into my wife’s fertile womb. Over and over he pumped his potent seed into Susan. Susan was visibly shaking. The mixture of their cum appeared as a thick white lather around the base of his black cock. Susan’s collapsed on my stomach as once again I too started to cum.

Then Roy slowly pulled his shaft out of my wife. The head of his dripping cock slipped out of her gapping slit, drops of their mixed cum seemed to drip and ooze, landing on my lips. Roy took hold of his cock and then rubbed it against my lips.

“Go on give it a taste mon, open up,” he ordered, like it was expected. For a moment I almost did as he commanded. My lips parted and he pressed his cock head into my mouth. The smell of sex overwhelmed me. I licked my lips as their cum dripped down. Then I found myself swirling my tongue around his cock head. I swallowed more thick cum as he squeezed his cock and forced it deeper into my mouth. My lips closed around his shaft. He started pumping in and out of my mouth. I suddenly realized what I was doing and turned my head away forcing his cock out of my mouth.

“Don’t stop mon you are good at it, you know you wanted it mon, there’s nothing wrong with sucking cock.” Roy said. As he pulled his cock back and squeezed more cum on to my lips and mouth. Roy stood up on the side of the bed, looking down on his conquests. Then he spoke with Susan.

“Sit up girl let Steve have some of that black seed.” With out a word my wife placed her hands on my stomach and pushed herself into a sitting position. Spreading her knees she planted her cum dripping slit over my mouth. I cupped her gapping cunt with my mouth and plunged my tongue into her hole.

“Lick it baby, that feels so good, lick it.” Susan moaned with pleasure as my tongue lapped at her cunt. I didn’t hesitate, it was as if I was controlled by a demon.

Maybe it was the drugs or just my perversion, I sucked on her gapping slit hard. I couldn’t believe how wet Susan was, my mouth filled with the stringy thick sperm, as my tongue provoked Susan to contract her pussy. The more she contracted her pussy muscles the more sperm oozed from her gap. Susan began grinding hard and I could tell I was bring her close to another orgasm. I pumped my dick and I felt myself getting hard and near cumming, but I had nothing more to give.

Looking deneme bonusu up I could see that Roy was leaning over the bed kissing Susan. When they broke their kiss Roy suggested they jump in the shower. Abruptly Susan climbed off my face and went into the bathroom leaving me alone with Roy. Roy had a hand towel in his hand and tossed it to me.

“There you go mon, you clean up and let me show you the guest room.” I wiped my face and picking up my cloths and followed Roy across the house to another bedroom.

“Make yourself comfortable, you know where the kitchen is, in case you get thirsty.” with that Roy shut the door leaving me alone.

I waited there tossing and turning. I got up and walked over by Roy’s door. It was shut. I could hear the unmistakable sound of my wife telling Roy how much she loved making love to him. I lingered there for a few moments then returned to my room. I don’t know how long I laid there before going to sleep.

I woke several times during the night. Once and I could hear Susan and Roy making love. I also did some soul searching regarding my behavior, what had I done, had Susan and I gone too far. even more troubling was the way I had let Roy dominate me, was that what I wanted. Was it the drugs? I had no answers and slept poorly.

Late the next morning I awoke to Susan’s gentle kisses.

“Good morning sexy.” She cooed. Susan was sitting on her haunches next to me, nude, her tits were beautifully tanned.

Good morning, I answered, rubbing my eyes. I thought back to the wild night before. I couldn’t believe what had happened.

“You okay?”

“Yes, what time is it.”

“Almost eleven, you were sound asleep so I didn’t want to wake you earlier.”


“He left about three hours ago, he had to go to Kingston, business. You ready to go back to the hotel. Why don’t you get dressed. I want to go to the beach.”

Susan looked so good I reached up and pulled her to me so we could kiss again. Her braided black hair smelled freshly washed and clean. We kissed momentarily, but she broke it off.

“The kitty is broken,” she said with a smile.


“Yes after you went to sleep we did it two more times and then again this morning. I am so sore, even your dick would hurt I think. Come on lets get going.”

“What about the morning after pill, and hey what’s with this, even my dick would hurt, I mean was that comment necessary?”

“What about it, I thought you wanted Roy to give me his baby.” Susan smiled as she reached between my legs, and don’t worry, you are the perfect size for me Steve.”

“I, a, a, super, I was super high, I just got caught up in the moment is all. I mean a black baby how would we explain it. You can’t be serious.

“Well we could say we adopted. Everyone knows we have been trying. I would just have to come back here the last trimester to have the baby.”

“Your kidding right, you can’t mean this Susan. You’re actually contemplating it. We have only been trying three weeks.” I said super distraught. Susan laughed out loud. Don’t worry Stevie, I’ll get the pill, but your little dick is hard, it excites you to think Roy could get me pregnant. Admit it.” She said as she squeezed my penis hard.

“Okay it does a little.” The reference to my little dick stung, but after the night with Roy it was hard to argue the point.

“Good now that it is settled, put on your trunks and lets get on the beech.”

That day we went to the beach for a while and later Susan went shopping with Karen. That night Susan and I went out to dinner and called it an early night as we were both exhausted. The next morning feeling like sex, I rolled over to find Susan gone. I found a note on the dresser from Susan. She and Karen were heading to the beach with Roy and Gordon. In the note Susan asked me to join them when I got up.

I threw on some shorts and was on my way when there was a knock on the door it was Tanya.

“Good morning,” She said as she pushed passed me and entered my room.

“Today is your lucky day.” She smiled, her teeth perfect. Tanya was wearing short white shorts and a white bikini top that showed her ample cleavage.

“I was just heading down to the beach.” I managed to spit out before Tanya pulled me close and kissed me. It was a deep tongue kiss, that left me shaking.

“That can wait, take off your cloths,” she said as she disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the water turn on in the tub.

Tanya returned moments later. “Jump in the tub.” Tanya said as she pulled me into the bathroom.

“Get in the tub.” She commanded. Then Tanya soaped my balls and began shaving my thighs and pubic region.

“What’s this about?” I asked as she lathered up my balls causing my dick to grow. I was amused.

“It’s sexy, I want you to look sexy my little mon.” with that she began stroking and shaving me, my dick was ready to burst. Tanya was an expert at manipulating my orgasm though. Repeatedly she would bring me to the edge and stop. When she was finished she had me stand up so she could dry me off. Then standing before the mirror she had me admire her handy work. At first I was very disappointed, with out my dark hair it seemed my ball’s and penis were even smaller looking. Looking in the mirror, I wasn’t sure I liked the look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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