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The Trip

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I was so excited that school was over and I could leave on my trip. We hadn’t been with each other for a while, and thoughts of all the fabulous sex had me dripping already. The weather was great and I should easily be able to drive it in two days.

I headed up my usual route, through MS, AL, TN and so on. I go to the mountains in TN at least once a year and know the area well. I love it there and hope some day to at least have a vacation home there. I know every curve of the mountainous roads in eastern TN and western North Carolina.

I was dressed in jeans and a three quarter length shirt. The jeans were stretchy lyrcra that moved with me. The shirt was a soft pastel pink. The ac in the car had my nipples hard, not something that was out of the ordinary anyway. I was rounding a corner when the car made a strange noise and then just shut off. I pulled it over to the shoulder and tried the cell phone, but I was out of range. I could see a sports complex up the road a bit and a bunch of cars and trucks so I knew they were playing a game. I locked the car and walked down the road. Standing by the fence was a tall brown-haired guy in gym shorts and a muscle shirt and boy, he had every right to wear a muscle shirt. He looked me up and down as I approached and then flashed me a big smile. “Hi,” he said casually. “Hi. My car just died down the road and I was wondering if y’all could help me.” Southern men are real suckers for the helpless little woman act. I played up my accent a little. Just then a shorter stout blonde guy came bounding up like a puppy dog. “Hey John, whatsup?”

“The lady’s car died Wayne. She needs help.” Wayne immediately responded that his brother had a shop and he’d call him to tow it in. “But you’re stuck here with us for a couple of more innings,” John added. I was genuinely relieved and replied that I was so grateful and didn’t know how to repay them. John kinda laughed and restrained himself from saying anything.

I sat up on the stands for the next couple of innings stewing and fretting over what was wrong and how much it would be and if I’d be able to finish my trip up to NY. The guys left the field and started throwing around some beers. “Here, catch,” John said as he tossed me one. He walked closer and said that some erenköy escort of the guys go to the club after the game for some pool and drinks and asked if I’d like to come along. Not that I had a choice. Not that I would NOT go. This guy was gorgeous. “Sure, I’m at your mercy.” He laughed easily again and said, “Oh I’ll be gentle.” The heat was incredible.

The club was a nice hall that the league had. It had a big bar with mirrors behind it, a pool table, a dance floor and some tables. Friendly puppy dog Wayne bounced behind the bar and assumed the role of bartender. He handed John and me a Corona and then starting setting out shot glasses. I looked at John and he told me that the losers had to buy the winners shots. Wayne put out ten glasses—nine for the guys that showed up and one for me. He filled them with tequila and he and John slugged the shot down. I took a sip and scrunched up my face. “No, just swallow it all,” John said. I looked him straight in the eye, slugged the shot and then said, “I always shallow,” and then looked down at what was now his growing groin. “Oh really. Hmmm.” My eyes on his cock were not lost on him. “Well, I bet you couldn’t swallow what I have. No one ever has.” Bingo. A challenge. You know me. My major slut pride went into overdrive. “What do you want to bet?”

“I’ll pay for your car repairs, no matter how much.” I grinned. “Hmm, that might be awfully expensive.” He chuckled, “Naw, ’cause you won’t win.”

“You’re on,” I said without missing a beat. He stood up and started to drop his shorts and I said, “no, over there,” and pointed to the pool table. Well by now you could hear a pin drop. All eyes were on us, just what I like. I pranced over to the table, really putting a wiggle into it, and jumped on the side. I twisted myself around and dropped my head over the edge. The whole time I saw flashes of the big black cock on the cruise. Hell, I thought. This will be easy. John walked over to the table and dropped the shorts. My eyes got wide. He was every bit as long as the black guy, but a little thicker. I’d have to really stretch my mouth for this one. I was soaking wet.

He came closer and I started in on him with all of my best tricks, the little figure 8s etiler escort and all. I wanted him so ready that when I did take him down my throat he’d cum fast. Putting my head at an angle like that made my throat a straight shot. By now every cock in the room was out being stroked. One guy on the left and one on the right were seriously getting into some jerking off. I loved it. I was the star and I was controlling all of these cocks.

Wetter by the minute. John started to get so hot that he shoved his cock deeper and deeper and I kept taking it. He was wild and when his balls hit my nose he lost it. I gulped and gulped the flood of cum. It seemed like a river. This guy had some balls. He pulled out and staggered backwards, weak in his knees. “Jesus. You’re fantastic.” I reached for the cock to my left and took it right in. This average dick seemed like a toy and I finished him fast.

The guy to my right couldn’t take it and came on my cheek. I took my fingers and scooped it into my mouth, that slut move you love to see. I heard another guy moan and lose it too. Off to the corner was the only black guy in the group. He was kinda hanging back. It was the south and I guess he was scared. After that big cock of John’s I wanted more and his was next. “Come on over here. Let me have some chocolate cock. I just love it.” He didn’t hesitate. Right at that moment, I could feel my jeans being unzipped and pulled from my hips.

John was burying his face in my very, very wet pussy. His tongue was just as big as his cock and I came almost immediately. But he wasn’t letting up and I was glad. Before I knew it, the whole nine guys were done and John had made me cum twice. I was in total major slut mode and ready for some serious action. I looked down at John and saw that he was hard again. I wanted to feel that monster inside me too. I looked at him and said, “I won.” He nodded, “uh huh. You surely did. You deserve a medal.”

“How about a bonus instead?” He looked at me with intense desire but didn’t believe me. I hopped off the table and went to the bar. I motioned to Wayne to pour me another shot and downed it. “John, come here.” He walked to me in a trance. “I want you to fuck me, right there, in front of those florya escort mirrors.”

Without hesitation he lifted me up onto the bar. I unbuttoned the blouse and threw it to the floor. I wanted them to see my tits bouncing, a real show and I wanted to watch his cock in the mirror because I had gotten on to all fours. “I want to feel you really deep baby.” He let out a little groan. He knew I was so hot for him and he teased me at first, just rubbing the big head against me, making me push back begging.

“Oh please fuck me, please, please….oooooohhhhh,” I gasped as he drove hard all the way into me. Then he started slowly in and out while he fingered my clit. Bam. I came again. This boy knew how to fuck. He started to increase the thrusts, faster and deeper and I was going insane. Then he took his wet fingers and started to play with my bud. I knew what was going to happen and bucked wildly. First one finger, fucking me fast. His fingers were long and thick like his cock. Then two.

I was whimpering and begging. Then three and the fullness of his cock and his fingers drove me over the top in the wildest orgasm ever. I bucked and thrashed and shook for what seemed like forever. Another guy came over and attempted to touch my tits. John barked out a stern, “no” and the guy backed off. He lasted forever and when he finally came, again it was torrents filling my ass.

I thought I would faint. He pulled me by the waist off of the bar and handed me my shirt and bent down and kissed my mouth. This was the first time we actually kissed. Strange. “Wow. I wish that I had taped that,” I boasted. “Actually….” Wayne pointed to a security camera on the wall. “You did.”

“Really? Oh, can I have the tape?” I wanted to show you what a slut I’d been. One of the guys groaned, “damn” softly under his breath. John reached into the camera and took the tape and gave it to me. I excused myself and went to the ladies room to clean up. I had cum all over my face and chest, dripping out of my ass, everywhere. When I came back out, everyone was gone except for John. “Car won’t be done until tomorrow. Guess you’re stuck with me.” I grinned ear to ear. “yep, I guess I’m yours for the night.” He took my hand and led me to the door.

“That was a mighty expensive bet,” I said the next day when Wayne’s brother handed him a bill for $1000.”

“Worth every nickel….” I smiled and thought I’d be stopping back this way on my way home. Maybe there would be a double header that day…..

I started getting excited again because I couldn’t wait for you to see the tape!

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