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The Tuesday Matinee

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By the time Jason made his appearance in my life, let’s just say I was ready for someone to show me what I was capable of. I’d always been a late bloomer, puberty had hit me HARD, and seemed to last years longer than for most girls. My flirting had only two settings, sulkily staring at the object of my desire in hopes they’d talk to me and blurting out whatever was on my mind, two opposite ends of the spectrum that shockingly rarely worked. Whenever girls were swapping stories about their sexscapades I would make an excuse to leave, knowing they’d eventually turn to me and ask if “you’ve even kissed anyone yet?” So when I got my first boyfriend in college I was just relieved to have someone, and I’m pretty sure he was too. It was fun, we always giggled and enjoyed ourselves when we had sex, but I certainly wasn’t having wild nights of passion or explosive organsms, or really orgasms at all. He wasn’t a fan of going down on me and really out of spite I claimed I wasn’t a fan of blowing him either so we just never did. We broke up after graduation, I got a job and dated casually but never anything serious, and in my mid-twenties truly believed that if I never had sex again it really wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But sometimes life gives you what you need in unexpected ways.

My life took a real turn when my father passed away and I moved back in with my mom on their farm. I was able to work mostly remotely, and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. The farm wasn’t doing too well though without my father. Then one day, two men showed up at the farm asking to speak with us. One was tall and thin, well dressed and immaculate. The other was average height but built like a warrior (ok, I have a bit of a thing for historical fiction, most of my fantasies involve vikings, gladiators, you get the picture). He was clean-shaven with light brown hair and brown eyes. He didn’t say a word our whole first encounter, and had this incredible ability to look me straight in the eyes with an almost robotically neutral expression which made me just have to look away instantly. And he didn’t take his eyes off me, the whole time. The conversation didn’t last long. Basically the farm was screwed and they represented a company that owned the farms to the east and north of ours and to avoid crippling debt and ruin we should sell to them. It was so cliche, the whole “good cop, bad cop” thing, smooth talking lawyer offering us a generous sum of money with some ex-military thug lurking menacingly behind him. We told them to get out of our house. They came back two more times, and admittedly, our financial situation was getting worse and worse.

But this ‘thug’ started making his way into my fantasies, a man I’d never spoken a word to, in somewhat unusual ways. Falling asleep at night I’d find myself thinking about him doing things to me no one had ever done, things I didn’t even know turned me on. He’d break into my room at night and and cover my mouth with a rough, calloused hand and put his other hand into my pjs and rub my clit while I clawed at his muscular back, or he’d come to my office in the city, sneak up behind me and pull me into a meeting room and bend me over his knee and spank me over and over, or follow me after a night out and corner me in an alley and pin me against a wall, then shove me down onto my knees and take his cock out, forcing me to suck on it, then ravage me for hours. In these fantasies he never said a word, how could he? I didn’t know what his voice sounded like, I couldn’t begin to guess. At first I was reluctant to take these fantasies to the next level, I’d never pleasured myself while thinking about a real person, it seemed perverse and disrespectful. When they visited for the third time I had thought of hundreds of ways he’d use me and pleasure me, and when I saw him I felt my cheeks burn and I ran inside the house, insisting to my mother that we not even answer the door this time. After that I stopped resisting the urge to rub one out when I thought about him. He disrespected me with his silent glaring, coming here to scare us into giving away our farm, well I’d disrespect him right back, sometimes three or four times a night.

A few weeks after their last visit I was starting to think they’d given up, when I found him leaning against the wall outside my work while I was in the city for some meetings. Just him, no slithering companion. I saw him and stopped dead in my tracks. But I was determined not to let him see how uncomfortable he made me, so I held my head high and walked right past him. He caught up with two strides and blocked my path.

“Miss Reed, I’d like to speak with you.”

His voice was sexier than I could have possibly imagined, deep and very slow, like he wanted me to hang on every word, and I obliged.

“No.” I said firmly and tried to walk passed him but he quickly reached an arm out and grasped the wall, effectively cornering me.

“Your farm is in worse condition than you think, your mother has been keeping it from you. She’ll listen to you, you -“

“No! Look I know this is just your job but that farm has been in my family for generations, the answer is no.”

He took something out of illegal bahis his pocket and handed it to me, I unfolded it to find it was a blank check, made out to me and signed. “Write whatever number you want.” He said, and handed me a pen. He was used to getting what he wanted, I could tell. He could tell me to take my clothes off right here in public and I’d do it, 100%. But this was the one thing I wouldn’t do. I took the pen and took a book out of my bag to write on. I wrote in the amount: ‘Get fucked, you thug.’ Then for good measure I decided to draw something lewd in the memo section. Most people go for a cock and balls or the like, but I drew a woman from the waist down, sitting on the memo line with her legs splayed out to the sides to display her hairy vagina and puckered asshole. I really took my time, enjoying making him wait for it, feeling his eyes on me the whole time. When I handed it back to him he raised an eyebrow and the left side of his mouth twitched like he was trying to hide a smile.

“I’ll pass along your message.” He said, slowly, and walked away.

I stared after him, was he really going to show that to the company? The thought of a room full of men looking at my drawing made me suddenly panic and I ran after him.

“Wait!” He didn’t stop. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to face me. His arm was so firm I forgot for a second what I was doing and just held on to it, squeezing gently, then let go as I realized how creepy that was. He let out a chuckle, embarrassing me further. Focus, why did I run after him? Oh, right.

“Give that back to me.” I mumbled. He didn’t move. “…please?” I sounded pathetic. What I would give for even a fraction of his confidence. He still didn’t move so I decided to give it a try. I looked him straight in the eyes and said “Give that back, NOW.” And I didn’t look away until he pulled it out of his pocket and put it in my open hand. Then he turned and walked away again.

I always think it’s so gross when I see men ogling after a woman in a tight dress with a great ass, but as he walked away I ogled the fuck out of his ass. It was delicious, I wanted to sink my teeth into it. And when he rounded the corner, I don’t know what came over me, I just… started following him. The next block he turned into a parking garage and I kept following him. I was worried he’d notice so I started ducking behind cars. I lost track of him while ducking behind a big blue SUV. When I turned to leave he was right behind me. I let out a gasp followed quickly by a nervous laugh, realizing how creepy this seemed.

“I was just…um…” I didn’t bother finishing, it was pretty clear what I was doing.

“Have you changed your mind Miss Reed?” God, his voice was arousing, I wanted to hear him say fucked up things to me while he spanked me raw-STOP IT! I could feel myself turning red and I was starting to sweat too.

“No. N- never.” I stammered. He just stared at me. I tried to stare back but it was impossible, every time I tried I just flushed and looked down. My mind kept slipping into one of my fantasies, I wanted him to pin me up against this car and have his way with me, right here. I tried to reign it in but I wanted him to explore me so badly. Neither of us had spoken for a while, I had to do something.

“I just thought… if you’re going to keep stalking me…” I stumbled. Jesus, get it together. Clearly he responds better to directness than your pathetic mumbling. I took a breath and looked him in the eyes, “you might as well have my number.”

He studied me for a few seconds and then raised one eyebrow and said in an almost James Bond-like voice “I already have it.”

I tried to keep myself from smiling but couldn’t help it, and a goofy sounding giggle escaped before I could clamp my hand over my mouth, but he was laughing too, if only for a few seconds. It made sense, my number is even on my LinkedIn, it would be easy enough to find.

Being bold was clearly working so I took a step towards him.

“Don’t.” He said, and glanced at something over my shoulder. It was a security camera, pointing in our direction. I shrugged and gave him what I hoped was a coy smile. But he said “It would be unprofessional for someone in my position to be intimate with someone I’ve been hired to -“

“Intimidate?!” I snapped. He raised an eyebrow. “Negotiate with.” I let out a sarcastic snort. We stared at each other for a few seconds, me looking away first, of course.

“Do I intimidate you, Miss Reed?”

“It’s Jessa for fuck’s sake, call me Jessa.”

“Do I intimidate you, Jessa?” Hearing him say my name gave me a jolt of adrenaline so strong I shuddered.

“No!” I barked. I’m a terrible liar. He raised an eyebrow again, fuck me that’s sexy.

“Yes…” I said. He smiled, gave me a quick nod, and walked past me to his car.

“And it turns me on.” I called after him.

He turned around and looked at me, he even looked a little surprised. “Hm.” He said, studying me again. I was determined not to break the silence this time, I held my head high and stared at him. He opened his car door, then turned, putting an arm on the roof of the car and tapped his illegal bahis siteleri fingers a few times.

“There’s a movie theatre on Oak street, just past the train tracks. There’s a matinee at 12:30 on Tuesday. Wear a dress.” I flushed bright red at that last comment and he laughed before getting in the car and driving away with me staring after him with my mouth open.

I’d never experienced the hunger I felt for this man before, ever. It consumed me, I couldn’t think about anything else. I went home and tore through my closet to find the perfect dress, but nothing seemed quite right. So I went shopping. I wanted to feel confident before I even walked in the door, and my outfit was important. I went to several lingerie shops before finding the perfect set, dark dusty purple, a bra with lace that extended down my rib cage with no padding so my nipples made an appearance when they were hard, and a lacy thong to match, I looked so sexy when I tried it on I’m not ashamed to say I pleasured myself right there in the dressing room, clamping a hand over my mouth to keep from moaning as I imagined what this stranger would do to me in the theater. The dress was easier to find, in fact it was fate. Leaving the lingerie store I saw it directly across from me on a mannequin and knew it was the one. It was dark blue, with loose sleeves and medium scooped collar, tapered in the waist but not too tight, and a swirling skirt that fell just above the knees. Despite being a looser fit it settled delightfully on my ass, which has always been on the bigger side.

Tuesday I wore my hair in loose waves and wore plain white sneakers, no need to have him think I’d tried too hard. On my way to the theater I started to panic. Should I wait outside for him? Should I go in? How would he find me? And the far scarier question of What would be expected of me? As I parked my car I was shaking and sweating, and starting to seriously consider standing him up. I sat in the car for a few minutes and took some deep breaths, realizing I had nothing to lose. I was here to have fun, to have a naught dalliance with a complete stranger I found very attractive, and clearly wanted me too. So I held my head high, paid for my ticket, and walked into the theater. There were probably a dozen other people in there, and I looked for the spot farthest from all of them, near the front and to the right side.

The movie started. Ten minutes past. I was starting to get nervous again. But them the screen went dark for a few seconds during a night-time scene and when morning came he was sitting beside me. In my surprise I let out a gasp, but I was more delighted than scared. I looked over at him and our eyes met for a few seconds, he was smiling too, and gave me a wink, then turned back to the movie.

Several minutes passed.

After what felt like hours he finally touched me, grazing his fingers over my arm, which was resting on the armrest between us. The touch jolted me, and I jerked my arm away, holding it to my chest like he’d shocked me. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed the quick movement or heard my sharp intake of air, but no one had. I was suddenly very nervous, this was so unlike any situation I’d ever been in before, I didn’t know how to act. I sat clutching my arm for a few more minutes.

He leaned over close to me, I could feel his breath on my neck, and I had the sudden thought this was the closest I’d been to him. It was an incredibly arousing thought, and my fear started to melt away, replaced by curiosity, and almost unbearable lust.

“Put your arm back on the armrest.” He ordered me, his voice so low it was more of a vibration than a sound. I did as I was told.

I saw his hand start to move again and promised myself I wouldn’t flinch away again. He reached for my wrist and picked it up gently, then slowly he turned my forearm over so my palm was facing up. Then, starting at the inside of my elbow, he slowly grazed the backs of his fingers down the exposed underside of my arm to my wrist and then back again. The second time he did it there was more pressure. Then he picked up my arm and placed his fingers underneath it, and with his thumb gently rubbed the same path, from my elbow to wrist. I swear if he’d kept going I could have climaxed just from that. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be so aroused from someone stroking a part of my body I’ve never associated with sex. It was incredible, what he was doing to me, and my body was reacting to his touch. I was breathing heavily, and my other hand was gripping the other arm rest like I’d fall off if I let go. If he could turn me on this much with just his fingers on my arm I was dying to know what he could make happen with the rest of me.

He stopped, taking his hand away and leaving me absolutely reeling. I looked over at him, begging silently for him to keep going, but he was looking intently at the screen. Feeling suddenly bold, I reached over to put my hand on his thigh, but without even looking he grabbed my wrist before I could touch him and gently placed it on my lap. Frustrated, I leaned my head back and stared up at the screen, barely watching what was canlı bahis siteleri going on.

Finally he leaned towards me again, and very slowly took the fabric of my dress on my shoulder between his teeth and tugged it down so my shoulder was exposed. My breath started to quicken again, and I was sure he could tell how much this was turning me on. He nibbled my shoulder, much harder than I expected, and I let out a gasp, followed by a barely stifled laugh. “Shhh…” he murmured, so close I could feel it as much as hear it.

Next his hand crossed my body, and slowly he grazed his fingers along my collar bone, from one side to the other, then up the side of my neck closest to him. It was too much, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please…” I whimpered, knowing how pathetic it sounded. “…I want you.”

His lips were pressed against my shoulder as I said this, and I could feel them shift into a smile.

He made we wait for a few more minutes, kissing and nibbling on my neck and shoulder, before whispering “Take off your underwear and give them to me.” He leaned back into his seat and watched the movie again.

With both hands I reached up my dress and tugged the lace thong down over my ass, then to show him I could also tease, I took my time taking them off, trailing them slowly down my legs. Without looking away from the screen he held his hand out and I put them in his open palm without hesitating. I could feel how wet they were. So could he. He put them in his chest pocket.

He lightly traced his fingers along my thigh, starting at my knee and slowly working his way up. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, letting the feeling wash over me. His touch was almost unbearably light, so when he suddenly grabbed my whole thigh with his strong hand and squeezed I let out a gasp and put my hand on top of his to stop him from going any further. As much as I was enjoying this, I’d never done anything like it before, and I was getting a little nervous. My heart was racing, and I suddenly noticed there was an exit at the front of the theater, close to where we were sitting. It wasn’t too late, I could dash out of there.

His hand was still on my thigh, very gently squeezing it. With his other hand he reached up and cupped my chin, turning my face towards his. We were only inches apart, I looked him in the eyes but only for a second before I had to look away. Why did he have that effect on me? He waited for me to calm down, still cupping my face he leaned in and kissed my neck and shoulder and murmured “It’s ok, just trust me.” When he looked at me again I was able to meet his eyes. Once I got past the urge to look away, his gaze had a magnificently calming effect, so steady and strong. My breath started to slow and I could feel myself relaxing. He leaned in and kissed me, one long slow kiss that I didn’t want to end.

A gunshot in the movie surprised us both though, and we pulled away from each other quickly to look at the screen. Once the shock wore off we both started to laugh quietly.

We sat for a few more minutes with his hand massaging my thigh, until another nighttime scene started, and I could feel him shifting beside me. I wasn’t sure what was happening but he seemed to be… sitting on the floor? I looked around to see if anyone had noticed but no one had. When I turned back around he was sitting right in front of me on the floor, facing me, and his hands were moving up the backs of my calves. I was completely frozen in shock. When his hands got to the back of my knees he grasped them firmly and started pulling them apart. I shook my head frantically and clamped them shut. He smiled and continued stroking my legs, kissing and nibbling them as well. It felt amazing, but I really wasn’t positive I was ready for him to explore me further. Not right here anyway, this was crazy.

After a few minutes with my legs pressed together like a vice he got up on his knees and cupped my face again, coming up for another kiss. He nuzzled into my neck and whispered “Relax, it’s ok,” then kissed his way down my body until his head was in my lap. He pressed his lips into my thigh and I felt a surge of wetness. Fuck it, I was ready for whatever he was about to do to me. Slowly my legs relaxed, and he very gently pulled them apart, kissing and nuzzling them as he did.

With him sitting on the floor and me all the way back in my seat he didn’t have the best access to my pussy, so very slowly he shifted his arms so his shoulders were underneath my legs and reached under me to grab my ass. I braced myself on the armrests to help him as he picked me up and pulled my ass forward until I was almost on the edge of the seat. I arched my back so my head was still resting on the seat. He was so close now I could feel his hot breath on my pussy. I wanted him so badly, wanted to feel his tongue exploring every inch of me. He teased me for a minute, kissing the inside of my thighs, closer and closer to my clit. When his tongue finally made contact I let out a moan that surprised me so much I clamped a hand over my mouth, momentarily mortified that the rest of the theatre heard me. Luckily there was some commotion on the screen that may have distracted from my outburst. And by this point I frankly didn’t care what the fellow theater-goers thought. They could all watch for all I cared. In fact, maybe some of them were. I was surprised how much the thought turned me on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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