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The Unexpected Affair Ch. 04

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They both got a good night’s sleep and woke up right before 7:00 a.m. Paul was laying on his side and Joy reached over and started rubbing his back. She lay next to him and reached out and rubbed her hands up and down his back with just a little bit of pressure. Paul moaned a little and then turned to her.

“Hi” she said and she pecked kissed him all over his face.

Joy wakes up horny and so does Paul, but this morning he decided to tease Joy a bit.

She started to move over to him and Paul said “No, no, no, no. I am not fucking you this morning.”

Joy felt her pussy go on fire and said “What? You have to fuck me.”

Paul sat up and took his finger tips and brushed them lightly on the inside of her pussy, just enough to tease her and said “You want me to fuck this pussy right here?”

“Yes, fuck that pussy right there. Don’t you feel how hot and wet it is? You can’t leave it alone this morning” Joy said figuring she’d play along.

“Nope, not going to do it” he said and he lay back down on his back.

Joy was in shock. She couldn’t believe he was going to say “no” to her. She knew he was wanting to play around, but still, she didn’t expect him to say no more than once.

She figured she would continue to play and start begging him. “Please fuck me. Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me so bad because you fuck me so good.”


Then Joy thought that she would have to take matters into her own hands. She reached over and felt that his cock was hard, so she knew he would have to give in sooner or later, but he enjoyed teasing her.

“Ok” she said, and she climbed down to his cock and started sucking his cock. Up and down she went thinking all the while that she knows he won’t be able to resist this. She took his cock in her mouth and took it to the back of her throat every time just like the first time they met. There she was curled up in a little ball in between his legs sucking his cock.

Paul tried not to moan, but it didn’t work. She heard the little moans and she started sucking his cock harder. She sucked it hard, but was still gentle enough where it still felt incredible.

Joy noticed Paul grab the sheets with both of his hands as she heard his moans at the same time. She was thinking that her plan was working. He will have to fuck her soon.

She sucked his cock for a few more minutes all the while rubbing his hip bones and sides and then she hopped on his cock and it slid right in.

“Ha, ha, I knew I’d get what I wanted” she said to him as she started to ride his cock.

They rolled to their sides and Paul started having sex with her on her back and him on his side doing her from the side with her legs spread apart and she said to him “What’s your name again?” Hugh?”

“Dan White.”

“Ohhhh, that was good. You got me on that one” she said to him remembering that was the name he used when he chatted.

He rolled over on top of her and started fucking her missionary style and he said “Oh, my little whore.”

“Yes, your little whore loves you controlling her and being on top of her” she said.

He pounded her pussy hard until he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out and came all over her tits again.

They got up and took showers one by one and went down for breakfast. They went to the same coffee shop that they went to yesterday and they ordered the same food, and they started discussing the plans for the day.

As they were talking about the day Joy thought about how much she enjoyed eating breakfast with him. She kind of wished he would ask her what her favorite part about the trip was so far like he did that last time they were together. If he did, she would have told him that her favorite non-sexual part so far was eating breakfast with him every morning.

As Joy ate she thought about something she wanted to discuss with Paul.

“Paul, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I don’t think I’ve ever really had a big orgasm” Joy said.

“I’ve noticed.”

“Really? I mean I think its partly my fault, I have such a hard time not getting fidgety and staying still, and I just love to be fucked so much that I don’t think I relax enough. Know what I mean?” she said.

“Yeah, I think so. The last time we were together though I think you started to have small ones when I was using that toy on you, but you were screaming and you made me stop. You will orgasm big with me sometime, I promise” he responded.

They finished eating breakfast and headed to the casino. Now this time Joy started drinking at 9:00 am. She drinks long island ice teas because she doesn’t really like the taste of anything, and they really do taste like ice tea, but she forgets just how much liquor is in them.

They went from hotel to hotel gambling and drinking and Joy was getting way too loaded. She started giving all her money away to one of the cocktail waitresses and was telling her how pretty she was. Joy was getting out of control.

Paul decided that he’d better take her back to the room, canlı bahis or to go get something to eat, and he took her from the table. Joy said she had to go to the bathroom so Paul waited for her outside the ladies room and when she came out she was crying, and she had another woman with her.

Now if Joy gets too drunk, she starts crying. She doesn’t know why that happens, but when she passes a certain point of being drunk, the tears just come.

Paul walked up to her and said “What’s wrong?”

“I lost my sunglasses” she was crying and carrying on, and the lady with her was trying to help her find them.

Paul was thinking “Where can I hide?” but at the same time it was quite comical. He also thought to himself “I am betting $400 a hand on blackjack, and she is crying about losing her sunglasses.”

Paul started laughing to himself as he watched her and the lady look around for her sunglasses. Joy does have a way about her when she talks to others, and she was able to pick up a nice lady to help her look for her sunglasses, and the lady looked quite concerned.

Finally he went up to her and said “I’ll buy you some more. Let’s go.” He thanked the nice lady and he took her back to the room because she obviously needed to lay down or something.

When they got back to the room Joy said “I want to do my strip act for you now” and she ran to her suitcase. She started throwing clothes up in the air and was yelling “Where are my fuck me shoes?”

She found the red outfit that he bought for her and she started to change. Boy she was drunk. She took off all of her clothes and put the red thong panties on and actually threw the other part up in the air and it landed on top of the armoire. She told Paul to sit on the bed and that she was going to dance for him.

He sat on the bed and Joy started dancing. She was dancing and stumbling at the same time, it really was funny and he was starting to laugh at her. She was putting on a show all right, and it was quite entertaining, but not the way she thought.

She is a good dancer, he knew that, and he could tell by the way she moved her hips, but she was so drunk that it would be a hip move, then a stumble, a hip move, and a stumble, and she tried to look so serious and sexy.

She put on a jacket over her, so now she is wearing a black jacket and a red thong. She kept going over to her suitcase pulling out more things to put on and after she was finished with each article she would just throw it up in the air, including shoes. She was trying to do a strip tease act, but it looked more like a magician comedy act. Paul was smiling and laughing.

“She sure is something else” he thought and realized he better try to make her lie down.

“You need to lay down Joy and sleep it off. Lay down and I’ll go to the casino while you get some rest, and you can call me when you wake up” he told her.

“No! No! Don’t leave me up here. What if there is a fire while you are gone?” she cried.

Paul started cracking up and thought “A fire? How the fuck does she think up this shit?” Then he said “There won’t be a fire….”

But Joy cut him off and whined “What if there is a fire, and I am on the 25th floor and I won’t be able to get down by myself. Don’t leave me, please.”

“Ok, but you need to lie down” he told her.

They lied down and Joy was out like a light. Paul put on a basketball game and watched it lying next to her. “Boy she is a handful” he thought.

She slept for about an hour and woke up.

“Wow! What happened? Actually, don’t tell me. I know once I pass that point I can be a handful. I have got to stop doing that.”

Paul smiled and said “Yes, you were something else.”

“Was I dancing for you or something?” Joy asked.

Paul sort of smiled, bit his bottom lip, and shook his head up and down and said “Yes, and at one point you were wearing just these” and he held up he red thong panties.

“Well I see I’m naked so I know I did something” she said as she looked around the room and saw half of her wardrobe all over the room.

“Come on baby, fuck me, I need it, I already feel like I have a hangover and it is still early in the afternoon” Joy said.

Paul got on top of her and started to undress and she helped him.

Paul got naked he started playing with her body. He sucked her nipples and then went down and started licking her pussy. He sucked on her clit and since she was so tired from feeling a hangover already she was able to lay still. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her pussy and started moving her hips around on his face.

Paul sat up for a minute and said “You know I love it when you grind that pussy on my face. I love the taste of your sweet sweet pussy.”

“And I love it when you suck on that pussy” she responded. Then she sat up and said “Let’s get naughty, Paul.”

She got up on all fours and told Paul to spread her ass cheeks.

He looked in her ass thinking about how erotic it looked and said “You know, always tell bahis siteleri you how beautiful your pussy is, but you know you have a pretty little anus too.”

“I do? Tell me why it is pretty” she said.

“Well, it is so nice, and tight, and clean, and smooth inside. Smooth as my fingers and my cock slide in it” he told her and he started putting his middle finger in her ass.

“Ahhhh” she cried and she put her ass up in the air a little more.

“And you don’t have any hair in your ass?” he said with almost a question as he fingered and looked at her pretty little anus.

“I don’t have much hair on my body at all” she said to him.

“I’ve noticed” Paul said.

Joy really doesn’t have much hair on her. Even the hair on her arms is light, and she is lucky enough that she can get away with shaving her legs like once or twice a week.

He kept sticking his finger in and out of her tight little ass and she thought it felt so good. It hurt a little, but it felt like she was being controlled by him. She loved the thought of him wanting to finger her ass.

“Are you fingering your naughty little girl’s ass, Paul? You like doing that?” she asked.

“Yes, you naughty little thing. I love playing with, licking, and fucking your tight little ass” he said and he took his finger out and licked her anus. Just like the last time, he bent down and licked all around her anus.

She titled her head up in the air and said “Oh, you are so nasty to want to lick my ass and I love it. I love being nasty with you. Now I want you to fuck it baby, fuck your little girl’s ass” she told him while he licked her little anus.

“Oh, you want to be fucked in the ass now, do you? You nasty little girl” Paul said.

They didn’t bring any lubricant with them this time, so he just put his cock in her ass, nice and slow. There he was again, fucking her ass while she is on all fours.

“Look, you are fucking my ass without lubricant this time. Aren’t I a hot sexy bitch, taking your hard cock in my ass with no lubricant?” she cried.

“Oh, you are so fucking hot and your ass feels so fucking tight on my cock” he told her.

He kept fucking her in the ass all the while watching it go in and out of her tight little anus. Paul loves fucking her ass, and thinks about it all of the time.

“Oh, gosh, you are still fucking that ass, and I’m taking it so good. Oh, you are such a man, taking my ass” she said.

He continued to fuck her ass until he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out and came all over the top of her ass and it shot up to her back.

“Rub it in baby. Rub it all over my ass, I told you none of your cum gets wasted this time” she told him.

He just looked at her beautiful ass with his cum all over it for a minute then started to turn her around. Joy turned around and lay on her back and then Paul laid on his back.

“Gosh I think you are going to wear me out soon, my cock is raw” he told her.

They started discussing what they are going to have for dinner that night and Joy said she could use a steak. All that drinking they were doing she felt like she could use some protein. They both agreed that they would try the steakhouse that night for dinner.

They got up and Joy decided that she should take a quick shower. As she headed towards the bathroom she noticed her red outfit on top of the armoire, and she thought to herself “Oh fuck. What did I fucking do?”

They both got ready for dinner. Joy put on a pair of black pants and a blue sweater and Paul put on a pair of tan pants and a button up shirt. They headed down to the steak house, but it wasn’t open yet. They went ahead and made the first reservation for the earliest they could since they were starving and they just walked around the casino until it was time to eat.

They sat down for dinner and Joy ordered the rib eye.

Paul asked the server what he recommended and he said “Actually, the rib eye. What the lady picked is what I suggest.”

“Then I’ll have the rib eye too” Paul responded as he handed back the menu to the waiter.

Joy just looked at Paul and said “Oh, ‘the nine’ does it again. Now she picked the recommended item on the menu.”

Paul just rolled his eyes back at her and didn’t say anything.

During dinner Joy mentioned that she had never taken a shower with a man. Paul was surprised and couldn’t believe a woman of thirty-four years of age had never showered with a man.

“It’s true. I never took a shower with a guy. I never dated, I never really did anything because I was a single mom and a mother of two at a young age. And my husband thinks its stupid, so we never did it” she told him.

Joy’s salad and Paul’s soup came. Joy ordered a Caesar salad before her steak and Paul ordered onion soup. As they ate their food Paul started bringing up some of the things that happened earlier.

“Oh, don’t tell me, please spare me the details” she begged. She knows how out of control she can get. She is like the movie where the lady that has alcohol bahis şirketleri goes crazy, yeah, that’s Joy.

“Well I wanted to say that you are quite stubborn. I think you get that from being a single mom, and my mother is just like you. She is stubborn the same as you” he told her.

“Your mom was a single mom?” Joy asked.

“Yes, and I have two sisters. She worked at a dry cleaners when we were growing up, and we didn’t have shit. I vowed that wouldn’t happen when I grew up” he told her.

“What about your dad? Where is your dad? Do you ever see him?” she asked.

“No, he took off when we were young and I’ve only spoken to him a few times since. The last I heard he was turning into an alcoholic” he said.

“Wow, I have to tell you I’m surprised. I figured with your profession and all, that you were just another spoiled rich kid” Joy said.

“Nope, my mother took care of all three of us on her own” he said.

“She never remarried?”


Joy just sat there for a minute thinking back on when she was a single mother.

Their steaks came and they were so good. With every bite they kept saying how good they were.

“Hey, did I ever mention that I have to go to Florida on business in a couple months? And I have to change planes in Miami” he said to her.

“You do? That is like an hour from where I live” she responded.

Joy took that as a hint that maybe he wanted to see her when he was there, but she suspects he doesn’t want to flat out say it because he would feel bad about asking her to drive there if it is only going to be for a few hours.

“We’ll see what we can do when the time gets closer. Maybe we can figure something out” Paul said.


Dinner was so good that Paul called the manager over to compliment the food and the server.

After dinner they headed out to the casino. Paul wanted to play blackjack again. Joy wanted to play too, only she had blown all of her money earlier and she still had a hangover from the afternoon, so she decided to sit and watch him again. She knew he would still give her another $200, but she wanted to wait until later when she felt better.

As they were playing this time, Paul asked one of the pit bosses “Hey, what can I get around here for play like this?” and he pointed to his chips. They had been rating him the whole time, but nothing had been said to him yet.

“Hold on, and I’ll call someone over for you” the pit boss responded.

A few minutes later a man in a black suit came over and introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Leonard and I am one of the casino hosts here. How can I help you?”

“Well, I’ve been betting like this our whole trip and I was wondering what kind of comps I can get at this point” Paul responded.

“Let me go check the computer and see what you are good for” Leonard replied.

Leonard left and while he was gone, Paul continued to play blackjack. Another couple sat down next to him. The girl having short blonde hair and the husband with short black hair. They started talking with Joy and Paul and asked them where they were from.

Paul responded “Wisconsin.”

And Joy responded “Florida” at the same time.

The woman said “What you two aren’t a couple? You look so cute together.”

“No, we are just friends” Joy said quickly.

The couple was looking at them trying to figure out the mystery with Paul and Joy and was getting ready to ask another question when the casino host came back.

“I have comped all of your meals and your room so far, and here is my card, call me if you need anything else” Leonard said.

Joy thought that was good and she was glad he spoke up. Joy was sitting at the blackjack table and she starting to look very tired. All that drinking she did earlier was catching up with her, but she was trying hard to be a trooper.

The dealer at the time was a very pretty woman from Guatemala named Rita. Rita talked with Paul and Joy and she took a liking to them, you could tell.

Joy was just kind of sitting there staring into space and Rita said “Oh you look so sad.”

“I just drank way too much earlier to day, way too much” Joy said and smiled.

Paul continued to play for a little while then asked Joy what she wanted to do. “Do you have enough energy to still go do that strip club?” he asked.

“Fuck, I don’t think so, but I noticed that this hotel has a club in it, and the sign I saw said go go dancers are in it. How about that? Will that do? I bet if you go get that casino host guy he’ll get us in on VIP or something” Joy suggested.

“Ok, that is a good idea” Paul agreed.

“Let’s go to the room and change, the we can go. I need to go get a second wind or I am going to fall asleep right here” Joy said.

They went back to the room and Joy changed into her other “going out” outfit. It was a hot pink sweater, very tight on her tits and small waist, and a tight pair of black pants. And of course she wore her black fuck me sandals. Paul just stayed in the same outfit from dinner, but he went and freshened up a bit, then called Leonard and asked him to get them in the club.

“Of course I can do that. Meet me out front and I’ll walk you guys in” Leonard told Paul on the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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