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The Unexpected Guests

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My husband Felix and I had just moved in our new two story house in Waxahachie, a suburb of Dallas. We I loved it. It was five acres with a pool and sauna. The house was in the middle of the lot and the houses around it were spaced so there was privacy. Our dream.

My high school friend Paige was just down the road and past her was Charles and Sandra McKee’s replica of the Munster’s house. Paige and I were together all the time, shopping, etc. My hubby Felix’s job requires that he travel…a lot. It sucks big time, but it pays for the bills.

One summer evening I called Paige, told her, “Hubby was on the road again. This time for two weeks.”

Her husband Ralph was out of town too, so she came over and we sat by the pool and had drinks and shared our erotic fantasies. Her bathing suit was a one piece with a deep v neck and no back, letting her firm breasts bulged out the sides. It was a sensuous seductive swim suit not meant for the beach.

After a few drinks we were ready for the sauna. The sauna is relaxing. After twenty minutes Paige took warm water and poured it over me. The stream ran down my stomach, under my bikini bottoms and between my pussy lips. Damn that felt good.

We played around, teasing each other, grabbing each other’s breasts and ass, kissing, fondling. Then I got brave and took off my bikini and exposed my bulging thick bush. Paige was amazed how much of a bush I had. “I never shave my pussy, I like a natural hairy pubis,” I told Paige.

Paige quickly removed her one piece bathing suit and spread her legs to show off her shaved pussy lips. Bending down so my face was close enough to smell her womanly aroma, I told, “It looks like a little girl’s pussy.” She didn’t have a bit of hair between her legs or on her ass. Not even a landing strip. The hot steamy sauna made her sweat and her pussy glistened. Smiling coyly, she ran her hands over her soft body, down between her inviting thighs, up to and around her 38 C breasts. With a sigh, I said, “This is getting me too horny and hubby isn’t home to fuck me.”

Paige got a wicked gleam in here eye and said, “Not to worry.” Then using her cell phone, she invited two guys she knew to come over. I put up a stink because I didn’t know them. Before they arrived I quickly put my bikini back on. But Paige didn’t. Instead she ran, her pretty breasts bouncing sensuously and jumped in the pool to cool off. I followed her and swam with her playing touchy-feely under water until the guys arrived.

I asked Paige to tell me about these two strange men coming over.

“What do you know about them?” she asked with a smile. Then with a wicked gleam in her eyes again, Paige said, “They’re good guys, trust me.”

When they arrived they were already wearing their bathing suits but one guy stood out more than the other. His cock was bulging out under his trunks. Paige said, “That’s Rocky. The guy with the huge bulge. And it isn’t even hard yet.” My amazed eyes spoke to Paige. So she smiled and said, “You ought to have a taste of it.” Seeing the look on my face, Paige said, “Relax.”

Rocky and Garth joined us in the pool for a short swim and then we all went to back to the sauna.

They were perfect gentlemen and we had a great time just talking and drinking. “The guys weren’t so bad after all,” I admitted. The drinks were making us all a little tipsy but I held my own.

I knew I was crazy to allow strange men in the house, in the sauna with us even if Paige knew them and they were gentlemen…and HOT.

Paige was still naked and me, well my bathing suit was so damn sheer, being wet, that my bushy, woman’s mound pushed out. I could even see my nipples through my wet suit. Garth commented, “Your pubic hair is coming out the sides of your bikini bottoms,” and that, “”I’d like to see more of it.”

I smiled and said, “No.”

Rocky and Paige headed back to the pool but Garth stayed in the sauna with me to tease me more about my mound of hair. He said, “I’ve never seen a woman with so much hair on her pussy. But I love it since it lets me know that you’re a real woman.”

I smiled and pulled aside my bikini bottom, exposing my full bushy dark mound. The hair covered all my pussy and ran up my crack to my ass. Awed, Garth reached over to touch me between my legs. Thinking to myself, “I’m married. I can’t let him touch me,” I pulled back, but deep in my gut, though, I was longing for him to do nasty, sexual things to me.

Looking out the sauna window, I saw Paige kissing Rocky. They were both laying on a blanket nude and he was lying between her legs. She had her legs wrapped around his waist, rocking him. The sight of them fucking made me hornier than ever.

Rocky pulled away from her and I could see his erect cock and balls and they were huge. Damn, I wondered, what his big cock would feel like inside my tight pussy cumming against my fertile cervix? Rocky was built like a stallion. His hard cock stood out straight and throbbed with his heart beat. beypazarı escort Moaning painfully, Paige franticly reached out and grabbed its head and guided it back deep into her brazen, shaved pussy. In no time Paige was again wrapped around this guy and giving him a wild ride. The sight of it made me wet. Paige’s ass spread apart as Rocky fucked her hard, deep, and fast. Her pussy lips were stretched tight around his massive shaft. At times, to tease her, Rocky would pull out, showing her pussy gaping wide open and not closing, then shoving that cock back in.

Garth was at my side watching Paige and Rocky for the longest time until Rocky pulled out, shooting cum all over her body all the up to her breasts. Watching what was happening, I thought to myself, “I wonder what that first cum shot felt like inside her? Uuuummmm. It must have reached all the way up.”

Rocky was still shooting rope after rope of cum and Paige stroked him intensely, spilling the remainder of his cum in her belly button. ‘I wonder if her husband cums hard like that? I thought. Felix certainly doesn’t.”

We heard Rocky tell Paige, “I pulled out just in time.” Her face had a look of relief after he said that since, like me, she wasn’t on any kind of birth control.

I could see Paige rubbing the puddle of cum on her belly but none between her pussy lips. She looked up at me and smiled. She then took his cock between her breasts and let him titty fuck her. I couldn’t believe it, her pussy was still gaping wide open. Startled, I backed up and bumped into Garth and felt his dick through his bathing suit. I thought, “Damn, he’s much bigger than my hubby Felix.”

Garth, too, was turned on watching Paige and Rocky fuck. He commented on her breasts moving with each of Rocky’s deep thrusts. Then he told me, “Rocky loves Paige’s soft body and breasts and how her pussy gets sloppy wet.” He said, “Rocky tells me that she is a wild fuck and loves it when she gets fucked by more than one guy. Her pussy then gets loose.”

Garth then gently pulled me closer and I didn’t resist. Without saying a word our lips met. The kiss was soft gentle yet passionate as his lips quickly nibbled at mine. I felt his hands on my firm bottom pulling my mound against his cock. I felt my pussy lips part under my bikini bottoms and a gush of girl juice pour out of me. I didn’t think a little playing around like this would do any harm or lead to anything so we started making out more passionately. Our lips met and ignited our bodies in flames. Our lips and tongues danced to each other’s passions. My sexual urges were building to the point that my body was demanding relief…satisfaction. And I knew that Garth’s hard, long, thick cock could provide it. The teasing and playing continued for a little while, getting progressively hotter and more intimate by the minute. Then I untied my bottoms, one string at a time, asking myself, “yes or no, do I let Garth play with my pussy?” Deciding “yes,” I pulled his bathing suit down and off. Both our sex organs were now exposed and that got me even hotter. I brushed over his cock with my hairy pussy and it throbbed and pierced my lips a little. Garth untied my top and my breasts fell between us, much to Garth’s delight.

The sauna was hot and our wet, exposed, salty bodies melted together. Standing, we moved our bodies over each other, teasing, rubbing, having fun. I told Garth, “I want to have some excitement and this teasing feels so very good. So as long as we didn’t get carried away like Paige and Rocky it’ll be all right.”

My pussy was telling my head that it wanted more, though…much more.

The head of his cock pressed a little between my pussy lips again. It throbbed with his heartbeat just like Rocky’s. That excited my clit and chipped away at whatever will power I had left. In the background I could hear Paige and Rocky heating up their lovemaking again. I was wondering what Rocky’s cock felt like inside Paige and what it would feel like in me. I reached around Garth and pulled him closer to me.

Our hearts were pounding as my soft breasts were rubbing against his chest and I moved my hairy pussy closer over his shaved cock and balls. I let the head slip into my pussy a little and then remembered that he didn’t have a condom on, I guessed as long as he didn’t cum in me it would be all right. But deep inside I wanted to know what his cum spurting on my cervix would feel like. My head was telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this, but I kept thinking about Rocky and Paige, especially Paige’s open pussy fucked by Rocky and my pussy was telling me otherwise.

I played with Garth’s cock between my pussy lips longer and longer, teasing him with my warm pussy juices. His balls were as large as Rocky’s and I squeezed them and made Garth moan. He kissed my erect nipples and rubbed my ass, which made me loosen up more and more. I felt comfortable with this stranger so intimately close to me. His mouth was nibbling and büyükesat escort sucking my neck, biting and softly kissing me. I let down my guard and got weak from all this foundling. By now my pussy was sopping wet and begging for Garth’s hard dick.

I quickly put a towel down on the hot sauna bench and lay down with my knees raised. Slowly I spread my legs wide to expose my inner thighs to Garth and spread my lips to show him my ringing wet pussy. I was inviting him closer…my pussy was winning the battle with my head. I guided his hands over my wet body, moving his crotch over my hairy pussy. His fingers moved from my asshole to my clit as I let him enjoy his advances between my legs.

Deep down I wanted him to get even closer. He rubbed the hair between my thighs, kissing my clit and licking between my open pussy lips. I was slowly losing my inhibitions a little at a time. Garth’s tongue probed me while his hands, now under my ass, lifted my body to his powerful tongue. His face moved over my hair, getting me even more excited. No man has ever teased me like his is. Garth moved from my open pussy, licking up my belly making me quiver as he went.

His lips were sucking my nipples like a good man would. He was pushing all my buttons.

I let him nibble my neck. Giving me little love bites. I couldn’t believe I was allowing him to leave marks. His cock dangled over my pussy and his cock head rubbed over my slit. He was getting closer to my inner nest, I still had thoughts of stopping him, but much stronger thoughts of him deep inside. I closed my legs tight, capturing his throbbing, thick cock for a while, squeezing it.

He told me to stop because that would make him cum. And deep down inside, we both knew where his baby batter would end up. The excitement for him was getting him ready to cum so I stopped playing with Hiscock and let him explore my body in any crevasse he wanted.

But my eyes were still on his cock. That large reddish/purple head looked inviting to fuck but I was hesitant to have him penetrate my pussy further without protection and didn’t want…or DID I?…a strange cock in me without a condom. My body’s medieval instincts wanted him in me, not holding back his own body’s mating instincts. I reached up and played with his nut sack.

Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his throbbing head. The shaft was red and hot from me playing with it and from being in the sauna. I pulled it closer to me, moving the head up and down my slit, parting my engorged lips and spreading his creamy, sperm laden pre-cum into my pussy and massaging my clit. With each stroke his cock the head pushed into my pussy a little bit more. The small amount of penetration was putting me further under his and my pussy’s control.

Garth wanted to push deeper, but I held his advances off. “Remember, Garth” I told him, “You can’t go in deep, we’re just playing around and having fun.”

I let his cock and cum swollen balls rest over my wet slit as I squeezed my nipples and breasts then closed my eyes and was enjoying every throb of his cock, which was laying over my mound as his balls rested between my thighs. The aroma of my pussy filled the hot sauna.

Garth poured water over the sauna rocks and steam filled the room. Droplets of warm water collected on our bodies.

Then I guided his hands over my body, letting him massage my neck and breasts. This went on for what seemed like forever. With all this happening his shaft spread my open pussy lips and before I knew it my relaxed body let his cock head part my inner lips. Looking down, I watched his cock being devoured by my hungry pussy until the head was out of sight between my thick, large pussy lips. My lips caressed his cock head. My pussy tensed and responded to his invasion and held the head just inside, right over all those tingling nerve endings. I heard Garth moan, “Uuuuuuugh,” as he tried to penetrate me deeper. I loved his flesh slowly slipping into my willing pussy even though I couldn’t let him cum in me.

“What the fuck am I thinking, I can’t even let this go this far,” I thought.” Garth,” I said, “let’s not go any further.” But he ignored my plea and just kept sucking on my nipples. “Maybe I better have him wear a condom,” I thought, but his unprotected cock felt good,

He started to pull out and then push back in, setting a slow sensual pace. I could feel that large knob inside my lips, teasing my resistance to nothing. The in and out rhythm allowed him to go in deeper and deeper and I made no effort to stop him. I could feel my pussy loosen up and drip from my juices. My legs relaxed, going slightly wider and my pussy opened up more for him, I was feeling him gradually filling my sloppy opening, then his cock head pressed up against my cervix and his pre-cum was leaking right at my womb, his balls slapping against my ass. I watched his face and heard him moan more and more as I allowed this man to couple with me. I thought, “Damn it’s too çankaya escort late, I let him penetrate me.”

What was I letting him do? I was his, coupled with his cock.

I let his cock head stay against my cervix as he leaned over to fondle my breasts and suck my nipples. I was locked to him, my pussy craved him in me. My breasts felt sensitive and wanted Garth to cum in me good so they could grow and fill with milk. My legs around his waist kept the head rubbing at my womb opening. I’d never had a man penetrate me that deep, not even my husband Felix.

His cock throbbed with each heartbeat. I thought. “I hope he doesn’t mind pulling out before he cums.” But I knew better. “Garth, don’t cum in me,” I said. “I’m fertile right now and not on any birth control.” Letting go of his waist my soft thighs relaxed and felt him pressing deeper and starting his full stroke rhythm, first slowly then faster, then slowing. He was driving me uncontrollably wild. His balls were slapping my ass as that thick cock filled me and stretched me as I’d never experienced before. My nipples were hard and my breasts were longing to be filled with milk. I thought, “He’s fucking me, damn, I’ll let him do it all he wants. This feels much too good to stop.” My breathing was coming faster as my body was enjoying mating with Garth.

I finally lost control of what was happening between us. My pussy muscle tightened around Garth’s cock. “This is so good,” I thought. “I love his condom free cock in me.” My pussy muscles were now tightening even more, letting me know I was close to another orgasm. Garth slowed up and my pussy muscle held his cock tightly. I was pouring girl cum and smelled the musty aroma, my juices sticking to his cock as he pulled out of me. His pace quickened again, my pussy tightening around that burning column of meat ramming my body. Squeezing my nipples, he was fucking me faster and his moans got louder.

I remember telling Garth to pull out now before we go too far but in the same breath demanded that he still fuck me faster, harder, and deeper. “Let’s stop and use a condom,” I begged but I didn’t really mean it. I knew he would be cumming soon, but wanted his shaft spreading my pussy and its big head rubbing my inner muscle. Did I want to tell him to cum in me? Did I want his hot cum filling me? I finally had to admit to myself that I wanted to take his hot, potent load right at the entrance to my cervix. I pictured Paige fucking Rocky’s intense huge throbbing cock and imagined him penetrating my body too. My erect clit was being rubbed by Garth’s fingers.

The more I thought of Paige’s pussy spreading for Rocky, his cock penetrating her, ramming it in, the more I wanted Garth fucking me the same way, spreading me wider and going deeper with his thrusts. I needed him more and more and felt my body tense and contract, tightening around Garth’s cock and I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life. I heard him yell that he needed to pull out now, but I was cumming so my pussy instinctively held him in and my legs wrapped around his back, ankles locked. My body took control as I felt his cock head deep in me, impregnating me with each of his ejaculations, his cock throbbing, releasing streams of cum from his balls, splashing against my womb opening.

Our bodies were mating in an animistic fuck. I couldn’t stop this and neither could he, not that either of us wanted to. I felt every shot of cum enter me as he pumped me faster as he cummed. The vein inside his cock pulsed until every drop of cum was in me. With each throb of his cock my pussy grabbed it tighter. My cervix was sucking in every shot of his virile cum.

My body was responding to us mating as it should. At last my mega-orgasm ebbed and my heart beat slowed enough for me to catch my breath and I found my legs still holding Garth in me. I thought, “Damn this went too fucking far,” but every moment was worth the ecstasy that filled my pussy and breasts, indeed my very essence.

I rotated my thighs and felt him still hard in me. My bush was wet and sticky with globs of cum in the hair. Garth pulled his cock out of my sloppy whore seeded pussy and his warm cum flowed out my open pussy and down between my ass cheeks. Oh, God, it felt wonderful.

I squeezed the remaining cum out of his shaft into my dark hairy mound, rubbing the cum back and forth and slipping the blood red cock back in my pussy, wanting, no needing him to breed me and cum deep in my pussy again. I thought, “What the fuck did we just do? Oh fuck, I’m his bitch. His impregnated bitch at that.” But that didn’t keep me from bucking my hips up to get more cum from him.

We wrapped our arms and legs together nestled together for more lustful lovemaking. Garth pushed his cum coated shaft deep in me and I wiggled my pussy around it until I made him cum in me again. We stayed locked together for a long while. I kept his cock in me to stop any cum from dripping out. I wanted this alpha male’s baby.

I heard Paige calling us as Garth slipped out of me. Some of his cum was still dripping down my leg and on to the bench seats as we quickly put on our bathing suits. Damn his cum was making a wet spot inside my bikini bottoms and showing through. I hoped that Paige and Rocky didn’t noticed that Garth and I had been fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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