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The Valentine’s Day Mix

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I have stopped in at the local nightclub, Celebrations, on a couple of occasions after the new management took over and renamed the club. Before the make over, the joint was a sports bar named Barnaby’s. The new owners must have thought that renaming the club would bring in a more diverse crowd. It brought in a younger crowd, if that’s an improvement.

The exterior of the bar pretty much looked the same, a round corner rectangle bar, with a highly lacquered wood finish. The counter top was a deep marbled green. The only difference was the lack of sports memorabilia that covered every square inch of wall and the television screens now show non-stop music videos instead of non-stop sports programs.

I’m not all that into sports, but it is a lot easier to pretend to be interested in a game, then to watch a big screen full of images of people dancing in a music video. At least with a ball game, no one accuses you of looking pathetically alone. Seems to me, you look more alone watching those music videos. It wouldn’t be so bad if the bar wasn’t now overrun by 20 year old singles with attitude. At 40, sitting alone with a lack of interest on your face makes you the old guy in the bar.

As I was pulling into the parking lot of Celebrations, I hadn’t noticed the big pink and red lettered sign welcoming the lovelorn to the Valentine’s Day Singles Mix. In fact, I didn’t see the sign until I got to the door. It was only Thursday night, not my usual night out, but I needed a change of scenery. Celebrations was just a mile down the road and I thought that I could just drop in for a couple of beers and be out before that lack of interest crosses my face. God, is it Valentines Day? Do I need a day to remind me that I’m alone?

I didn’t want to go back to the apartment, so I decided to go inside. Occasionally, I have seen women my age in the bar. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have someone to talk to tonight. Of course the only people who go to these things are loving couples and misfits from the island of lost toys. I must be from the island.

It was a pretty upbeat crowd inside. As I walked in through the sea of faces blurred by a fog of cigarette smoke, I though to myself that my chances of finding a seat at the bar were pretty much non existent. Great, I’ll have to sit on one of the stools next to a half wall. The one next to the dance floor where everyone can see how much fun we are having tonight. That’s if I’m lucky. The only other space available would be a pretty pathetic piece of real estate next to the restroom. I would have left right away, but I just paid $5.00 to get in the door. It sort of throws you off when you don’t expect a cover charge. I could either look cheap, stupid or glad to be here. I think my smile fooled them.

All the beautiful people were out tonight. A lot of red. I was about to begin my favorite social activity of finding that gap between the seated for the long stand while watching the bartender make eye contact with everyone else but me, when I spied an empty seat. Even more of a miracle was that the empty bar stool was next to a very striking woman. The first thing I noticed about her was her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes had that one third closed, sleepy look to them. I guess you could say they were bedroom eyes. She had dark brown shoulder length hair with a relaxed curl that would have given her an extra 3 inches of hair when it was wet. She was physically inspiring. And best of all, she wasn’t wearing red. She was wearing a soft blue, low cut, long sleeved pullover blouse with a floral design embroidered on the chest. Her slightly faded jeans graced the top of her caramel colored low top boots. Of course, her socks matched her blouse.

I was wearing the color befitting my tormented soul—black.

As I made my way to the empty stool, it occurred to me that this woman’s boyfriend was either close by or busy relieving himself. If I was sitting next to her, I’d have to relieve myself quite often. Well, if nothing else, I have a momentary shot at getting the bartender’s attention in an open area.

When I reached her side, I put one foot up on the bottom rung of the bar stool that sat on her left side, as if to claim a well ventured piece of ground and leaned across the bar for my first attempts of getting a beer. I pretended to make no notice of Miss Sleepy Eyes while I tried to keep that pleasant, hey wait on me face. It wasn’t working.

To my surprise, I heard a soft, sensual voice say… “there’s no one sitting here.”

I look around to see Miss Sleepy Eyes smiling at me. I hadn’t noticed her mouth. I mean, I hadn’t notice how perfect her lips were, how they pouted even when the corners of her mouth curled up to reveal a beautiful smile.

“I’m sorry, what did you say”, I said with a cracked voice that clearly wasn’t ready for speech.

“The seat, it isn’t taken if you care to sit down.”

If I wasn’t strong of will, my ass would have hit that seat harder than most butts hit the floor when someone has pulled a chair out from under them. güvenilir bahis “Thank you”, I replied. “This is my lucky night… I mean, to get a seat.” I almost laughed out loud when that voice in my head said…yeah, I’m a pretty smooth talker as well.

I watched the bartender go by again as she made her way to the other end of the bar to wait on… my God, he just walked in. Next time she comes by, I’m going to knock an ashtray on the floor in front of her. If I’m lucky, she’ll trip and break her leg or something. I was in that dream state where all the injustice in my life was solved by a few random acts of mental violence or karma induced unfortunate accidents, when I heard that voice again.

“Hey, Melissa”, she called to the bartender, “how about something to drink for my friend here.”

It was her, Sleepy Eyes…and she knew the bartender’s name! I watched in disbelief as the booze jockey made her way to my corner of the bar. The bartender seemed pleasant enough as she took my order and refreshed my new friend’s drink. I looked at Sleepy and said, “Is she a friend of yours?”

“No, we just met,” came her reply. She then proceeded to tell me about her experience with barstaff. She felt that it helped to get their names when she first encountered them. She believed that you had a better chance at getting their attention if you were on a first name basis. She’s probably right…I’m sure…hey, you freakin blind moron bitch wouldn’t work too well. It’s not that I’m hostile, I just get tired of being patience and polite while watching the other people rudely jump in and get served. I theorized that bartenders are partly responsible for the lack of bar etiquette.

I didn’t bother to give my theories on bar etiquette to my new friend. We talked of other things. During the conversation, I found out that her name was Maria. The song started playing in my head immediately. I liked the name Maria better than Sleepy. I told her that my name was Nathan. I also made sure that she knew that I had no idea that tonight, a Valentines Singles mix was being held at this bar.

She looked up at me as she cupped her chin in her hand. “Don’t you like Valentine’s Day Nathan?” “Are you one of those men who doesn’t like romance?”

“No, nothing like that…I just didn’t want to appear as though I am one of those people trying desperately to find someone to share an evening with …well, you know what I mean?”

“No Natahan, I don’t. Tell me what you mean?” I had the feeling that she was aware that I was trying desperately not to put my foot in my mouth and she was giving me a leg up. I kept talking anyway.

Trying to change the subject, I resorted to cleverness. “Tell me, Miss Maria…why is it that you are all alone on this Valentine’s evening? Surely there is someone waiting patiently somewhere for you? You’re kind of pretty, and you seem right nice.”

Maria laughed and explained that she had a few relationships over the year, but nothing worked out for her. She was aware that she was pretty and she was also aware that her looks may make her unapproachable. Being old fashioned in some ways, she wasn’t about to ask men out, so that left her at home a lot. Instead of allowing loneliness to get the best of her, she decided to keep herself occupied by going out and doing those things that seemed to be of no interest to former boyfriends. She enjoyed hiking, skiing and she liked to travel. Once and a while she liked to go out and watch people interact. I agreed with her that it was always interesting to watch people and I thought that finding new experiences on your own was brilliant.

Somewhere in the middle of a conversation, Maria stopped me and asked again… “you still haven’t told me if you like Valentine’s Day Nathan.” She looked almost sad, but she had a devilish grin on her face. I felt as if she was trying to look into my soul. Lord knows my eyes have tried to pierce the souls of many women on more then one occasion.

“Well… I like romance, if that is what you mean. And it is nice…or rather, it would be nice to celebrate a day set aside for those who wish to express their love. Sad, but true, I have no one at this time in my life. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but…” I was about to go into comic relief so that I didn’t appear to be so pathetic when Maria cut me off.

“Well let’s see, you appear to be a nice guy, except that you’re dressed in black… in fact there is something about your face that makes me feel as if I’m with someone I’ve known all my life. It’s your eyes. I feel that I could trust you. Like, you’re a caring person”

This blew it for me. I was already undressing her with my eyes. Her low cut blouse revealed a healthy, natural set of beautiful breasts. I was thinking about what I would like to do with her…with all due respect of course. It’s not that sex was foremost in my mind, it’s just the thought of sex is a natural occurrence when the opposite sex get together. Now, I feel more like slaying a dragon with no more favor than türkçe bahis a beautiful smile and a kiss on the cheek.

See, I’m a romantic.

I smiled and as if on cue, a woman with a basket of roses came by our corner of the bar. I bought a single rose and offered it to Maria. “A beautiful woman should not be without a rose,” I exclaimed.

“Thank you, I’ll except if you say that you’ll be my Valentine.”

I didn’t expect an offer to be one’s Valentine and I felt a warm rush flow through me. I excepted her offer as she excepted the rose. We both smiled at each other and continued talking. We shared our thoughts on love provoked by lust and how clueless the veneered and swallowed people were. I couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous creature could reach such depth. I didn’t see myself as anything less than easy on the eyes, but I was well beneath her.

The volume of music seemed to step up a bit as the night went on and it really made our conversation more of a yelling competition. I wasn’t about to say anything cliche’ like… “let’s find some place quiet.” I was just glad to be sitting next to her.

As if she read my mind, I heard these words… “Nathan, would you like to find some place quiet to go … some place where we can hear ourselves? It’s getting kind of loud in here.”

My mind frantically searched for some perfect place. Some place softly lit…someplace where we can be alone in a crowd of people. Don’t say your place Nathan…don’t scare her off. Seconds became minutes as I search my brain for a solution to a lack of privacy. It’s funny how your brain will betray you at a time that you really need it, because I couldn’t think of a single solution.

Then, she said it. “Do you live around here?”

“Uh, yes…about a mile down the road. You’d think that I’d know my way around …”

“Good, let’s go to your place. We’ve already established that you are a person I can trust. And if not, I must warn you that I know self defense. It’s one of those experiences that I’ve notched on my belt.”

Well, this is good, I thought. I could show her that I am a gentleman and that I can be trusted. And my place would be quiet…we could talk and neither of us would spend Valentine’s Day alone. It will make a nice heart warming story to tell somebody, someday. And I’m not all that interested in learning the extent of her self defense training. In my best, I’m your friend voice, I replied… “Okay.”

In all of ten minutes, we reached the front door of my apartment. I switched on the light as we entered the living room, and I admonished myself for lacking the desire to pickup after myself. I am usually a neat person, but I really hadn’t planned on having guest. Besides, it was only a couple of drawings scattered about the floor next to my drawing table.

“Your an artist! Wow, I’m surprised that you didn’t invite me back to your place to see your etching’s.”

“Yeah well, usually…we artist strategically have our artwork in the bedroom. I wasn’t clever enough to set my drawing table up in there…perhaps because it wouldn’t fit. The living room provided the most space and it’s right next to the kitchen. I’m the stereotypical artist at work on a painting as I sip a glass of wine.”

“Speaking of wine, would you care for a glass?”

Maria thought that a glass of wine would be perfect. I went into the kitchen to gather a couple of crystal glasses and to make a selection from my rather modest collection of wine—three bottles of red wine hanging neck first in a metal rack that appeared to be more of a sculpture than a wine rack.

As I was uncorking a bottle of Merlot, I heard Maria ruffles through the drawings that were sitting on my drawing table. “I see that you like the figure Nathan”, she called from the living room. I think you artist draw the figure so that you have a reason to look at totally strange naked woman.”

“Yeah, it’s cheaper then going through medical school and you can be more selective in your models”, I replied. “Here’s your wine.”

“Thank you. I’ve always wanted to be drawn nude…while I was still young. In a couple of months, I’ll be turning 37, so I guess I better get my ass in gear. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone for does figure drawing do you?”

I almost choked as I took my first sip of wine. I scanned her body once again…she had nice hips and a well rounded ass. It’s seems that the lower half of her body was just as well put together as her upper portion. It’s not that I hadn’t notice, I felt it impolite to ask her to stand and model herself when we first met. My little voice told me that drawing her would be a pleasure, but my vocal cords uttered an alluded wit of a reply.

“I don’t know, perhaps the yellow pages?”

“Very funny, do you think that I would be worth drawing?”

At that moment, she playfully pulled at the neck of her blouse to expose the most magnificent cleavage that I have ever seen. In more of a coarse whisper I replied…”well, most artist are good at omitting flaws and I think güvenilir bahis siteleri that I can help you there…” I immediately felt a rise in my pants and a flush of warm blood blushed my face. I blushed evenly in embarrassment as well as excitement. My face wasn’t the only thing gorged with blood.

A smile graced her face as she examined my response. “I see that I’m not all that bad. You seem to approve?”

I turned away and quickly took another sip of wine. I was cursing my lack of control over my own body. I quickly walked over to the couch and sat down in order to hide my shame. She placed her wine glass on the drawing board, walked over and knelt in front of me. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you…it was quite a compliment,” she reassured me.

“I’m sorry Maria, it’s been awhile and I guess the little demon has lost his manners. I don’t want you to think that I brought you here to seduce you.”

“He didn’t look so little to me… and it was I who suggested that we come back here.”

Before I could come up with a witty response, she kissed me. I was uncertain where to place my hands at that moment because I was caught off guard. She suggested that any place on her body was welcome by reaching down and gently squeezing my extremely hard manhood. As she ran her fingers along the shaft of my cock, my hands made their way to her ample breast. She moaned as I gently massaged her breasts, tracing the outlines of flesh hidden beneath the confines of clothing.

We slowly stripped away each others clothing as we continued to explore each others body. Our embrace parted just long enough to shed our most cumbersome clothing and to gaze at each others nakedness. I felt her eyes on my swollen member that seemed to have pumped new life into it’s already out stretched skin. My cock twitched as if it were going into convulsions.

I started stroking the inside of her thighs as I watched her deliciously naked body opened itself up to me. I worked my fingers up her body as I rose above her. I started gently kissing her neck as her heavenly scent filled my nostrils. I kissed her ears, her cheek and then her lips as I descended towards her ample breasts. Her breast were soft, yet firm. I sucked hard as my mouth covered her nipples. I gently grazed her nipples with my teeth before I lashed at her excitement with my tongue.

I could feel the moisture pump between her thighs as she rubbed the head of my cock to the opening flower beneath me. “I want to taste it first,” she whispered. She pushed me aside and hungerly engulfed the shaft of my manhood. Her fingers gripped the base of my cock as she gorged herself with as much length as she could handle. She sucked hard, rhythmically as I watched her head move up and down consuming nearly all of my rigid eight inches of desire.

I pulled away from her and she looked up at me as if I interrupted a great feast. “It is my turn for a taste,” I whispered as I gently laid her back. My tongue pierced the soft folds of her womanhood, searching deep inside her sweetness. My tongue lapped hungerly and with conviction at her flooded gates as my fingers explored the rest of her body.

I wanted every inch of her. I grasped her thighs and turned her over to expose the meat that I hungered for. My fingers parted the opening of her nether region as my moist tongue soaked the virgin mouth. My tongue explored deep inside her as her body trembled. Every scent of her womanly body entreated my senses. I grew larger than skin allowed.

As my tongue continued to moisten her flesh, she arched her back to welcome my pleasure. “I need your cock inside me now, make it hard…take me.” I guided the head of my pulsating erection to the opening of her sweet flowered lips and drove every inch of hardness into her gushing well. The force of my thrust pushed her head forward, whipping her hair against the arm of the couch. I pushed hard and deep with every thrust until I felt as if I could no longer contain myself.

“I want more,” she coarsely whispered as if her body now controlled her thoughts. “Every inch, every opening is yours…I want you to violate every inch of my body. Take my ass, I want your cock to explore me.”

The moisture between her thighs escaped her sex as I slowly withdrew my cock. I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her nether mouth and ventured into virgin territory. I started slow at first, allowing her body to relax. I inched my way in until her secret path was nearly half full.

“I want all of it,” she pleaded…”slowly…take me, split me apart.” She started slowly pushing back into me, taking all of my swollen member until the base of my cock reached the circle mounds of flesh that guarded the well that engulfed me. Her fingers found their way to the moist flower between her thighs and she plunged deeply as I rammed into her from behind. Our flesh slapped together rhythmically, as I plunged as deep as our mortal shells permitted.

The excitement mounted and she gasped continuously as she came, while I released my load into her virgin ass. Our bodies convulsed as we laid waste every ounce of energy that our bodies held. I immediately removed my unloaded vessel to lessen her discomfort and we collapsed facing each as our sweat melded together.

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