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The Violation Of Lena Giovanni Ch. 5

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Jia Lissa

Chapter 5: $2300.00 In Just One Night!

Lena finally found the energy to leave her parent’s house. She walked slow & deliberately. Her as was still swollen from being gangbanged in it. Once in her red BMW convertible, she drove to the mall & did as Rusty instructed. She purchased eleven different sets of lingerie with matching garters, hose, gloves, two pair of thigh high boots with metal spike heels & five pair of six inch high heeled pumps. And as Rusty requested, they were all crotchless with only under support bras for her plump 44DD to rest on, leaving them exposed for use.

On her way back from the mall, she stopped at the drug store & purchased eight boxes of condoms in various sizes, each box containing 24. She also bought tubes of lubricant. She had Rusty’s keys made & attached them to one of her father’s gold keychains she knew he wouldn’t miss if Rusty decided to keep it. On the drive back home, Lena thought to herself in amazement how she was helping her “Pimp” prepare for countless men to fuck her in every way imaginable. She felt a tear roll down her face as she thought of what she faced for the rest of the summer but curiously, she felt her pussy get wet at the same time.

Once inside the house, Lena went to work clearing her things out of the nightstand that now belonged to Rusty & his paraphernalia. She then went & hung all of her new outfits in the guest bedroom closet, with the boots & shoes aligned on the floor of the closet. She left the bags with the condoms & the extra large salad bowl in the middle of the queen-sized bed.

After cleaning up the glasses the trashmen left, she called the liquor store & ordered the $200 worth of booze they’d requested. Also placing an order to restock the liquor they’d drank that morning, their order was to arrive on Monday & the restocking was to arrive Friday afternoon with one extra bottle of cold JB for Rusty. Lena spent another half hour wiping up the cum stains from around the floor of the bar & the living room carpet that had seeped from her then gaping asshole. Afterwards, Lena slept into the night & morning of the next day… Friday.

Lena awoke at 9:50am to a knock at her front door, it was Hank & two other men from the tennis club.

“I assume there’s no need for introductions.” Hank said, his voice dripping in sarcasm as he pushed past Lena. She could see the bulges in the pants of his friends as they followed Hank into the living room. Lena felt herself get wet involuntarily as she closed the door. As she entered the living room, Hank had his dick out already & his two, quite muscular friends, were taking their pants off as well.

“Lena dear, would you be so kind as to take care of this.” he said pointing to his cock. Lena walked over to Hank, kneeled in front of him & proceeded to suck his thick cock without a word. Behind her, she felt one of his friends push her skirt up & tear off her panties. She then felt a quite sizable dick rub the inside of her ass cheeks & then slowly sink into her pussy & start escort service pumping. Lena gasped as Hank’s friend started slamming his cock into the back wall of her pussy. Hank backed up to the sofa & sat down as Lena continued to suck his dick.

She then heard another slurping noise & she looked up to see Hank’s other friend feeding Hank his cock. Hank sucked hungrily on his well hung young friend. And after a few minutes, his friends switched. Now the one that had been fucking Lena was now face fucking Hank & the other one was fiercely fucking Lena from behind as she continued to suck Hank off. Lena felt so strange yet turned on by the whole thing & she felt herself cum from the guy banging her so deeply from behind. Hank then laid Lena on her side & drove his cock into her pussy. Meanwhile, one guy began fucking Lena’s sore ass while the other one started fucking Hank’s ass. Hank came almost instantly, pumping his steaming loads inside of Lena’s cunt.

When he was done, his friend took over fucking Lena’s snatch while Hank took turns sucking Lena’s pussy while she was being fucked & sucking his friends balls as they pumped Lena full of their cum. Finally, Hank came again, only this time he shot his load in her face, his friends licked it off.

Afterwards, Lena fixed herself a drink as she watched the three of them go at it. Hank fucked the younger one wildly & seemed to enjoy Lena watching the whole thing. The older guy stood to Hank’s side as Hank licked his balls & sucked his shaft. Eventually, Lena walked over & joined them. Sliding under the younger one & having him fuck her as he was being pumped from behind.

In seeing this, Hank took turns at both of their asses while they were fucking. He’d drive his cock into the ass of his friend for awhile & then he’d ram it up Lena’s ass for a few minutes. He & the older guy both jerked off in Lena & the younger guy’s faces as they continued fucking. He & Lena kissed deeply, licking the cum off of each other’s faces until finally, they both came themselves. Lena had never cum so hard in her life, she thought. After they all dressed & left, Lena looked at her watch, It was 4:30pm, Shit!

She jumped & ran to shower, wiped her pussy completely dry, put on her collar good & tight & awaited Rusty’s arrival. The liquor delivery guy came & went. And later, true to his word, Rusty showed up at 8 o’clock carrying two more duffel bags. Lena let him in & he led her to her bedroom where his keys were waiting for him next to his James Bean & glass of ice. He sat down & Lena unzipped his pants & proceeded to suck his dick as per his rules. He hadn’t even said “Hello” to her, he just wordlessly let her suck his cock as he pored himself a drink. After he finally came & she drank every drop, he told her to lay on her bed with her arms over her head & legs spread-eagled.

“Yes Sir.” Lena replied & did as she was told. Rusty handcuffed & then tied her arms up over head. He then cuffed each leg to a post on her bed. Rusty set up his london escorts tattooing machine again. Lena didn’t dare utter a word. He worked his cock to an erect state again, spit on it’s tip & wiggled it into Lena’s dry snatch ramming the tip all the way to the back of it & left it there. He then got to work on another tattoo on her pussy. He never pumped her, he let the vibrations of the machine make him cum again & again, four times total by the time he was finished with his newest creation. Rusty then told Lena to go & clean her pussy & come right back after he untied her.

Once in the bathroom, to Lena’s horror, her new tattoo read, “Rusty’s Whore. $100 Per Half Hour. Group Rates Available.” How degrading, Lena cried to herself as she wiped her pussy, readying it for Rusty again. When she came out from the bathroom she saw he had the swing set up with the butt plug & cuffs out.

Rusty ravaged Lena all night as he said he would. He fucked her in the ass five times & in her pussy countless times with the butt plug in & out. Each time while she was dry so that the pain was unbearable. He fisted her cunt twice & in her asshole as well. During all of this, Lena couldn’t help herself & she came many times. When Saturday morning came, he left & telling her to be ready by 7:30pm for his clients, there were 23 of them altogether. Holy shit, Lena thought. She was about to get fucked at least 23 times in one night. Lena closed her eyes & slept in the position Rusty had left her in, bent over on her stomach with her ass in the air.

Later on that day…

By 7:30pm. Lena was dressed in a white, satin cup-less bra & matching crotchless panties. Her tattoos were plainly visible. She wore her white thigh high leather boots with their gold 5″ spiked heels. Her shiny, straight, jet black hair flowed down her back & met her waist. Lena had painted her long nails a pale pink to match the lipstick she was wearing & her light green eyes were deeply accentuated by the black mascara around them. She waited in the guest bedroom as Rusty had ordered her to. Lena heard him let himself in. She heard many other voices as well. At least six or seven others she counted mentally. Rusty soon showed up at the bedroom door. He was pleased with what he saw.

“Now, don’t you go fuckin’ up my business. You do exactly what these old boys tell you to do or I’ll make your last whippin’ seem like a treat, you got me?” he said sternly.

“Yes Sir.” Lena murmured. Rusty then took the bowl & started dumping the condoms into it. They filled the bowl to almost over flowing. He shook the bowl, mixing them up. He then cleared the table next to the bed & dumped everything into the top drawer. Leaving nothing but the bowl of condoms sitting on top. He took a trash can & put it next to the bed for easy disposal used ones & wrappers. Rusty then leaned back & called to the first customer who was waiting on the stairs out of direct ear shot.

“Hey Steve! Come on up!” he shouted. Soon, Lena’s first customer of the london escort night, the first person in her life who was paying to fuck her, showed up in the doorway. He was tall & lean, about the same size as Rusty. He handed Rusty a fist full of twenties excitedly, eyeing Lena with lust. Rusty left, closing the door behind him. Steve took his pants off.

“Girl, I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” he said. Lena found that hard to imagine considering the week she’d just had. He walked over & motioned her to put his dick in her mouth, she did & he proceeded to fuck her face. His cock was average in length but quite thick. The corners of her mouth stretched to accommodate it. After she’d sucked him for awhile, Steve put on a condom & picked Lena up & pressed her against the wall as he fucked her standing up. His thick dick impaling her & the wall giving her back burns as he pumped her fiercely in her pussy. He grunted & moaned with pleasure as he drilled her. Lena gasped & moaned too & was bewildered at her own excitement. At the very end, Steve bent Lena over & fucked he wildly. Every thrust in her pussy felt good for the first time in a while. In one motion, Steve pulled out of Lena, whipped the condom off his cock & sprayed the inside of Lena’s mouth with cum, she felt herself quiver as she came too. He then without a word, put the condom & wrapper in the trash, put his pants back on & left the room without even a thank you. Five minutes later, the next customer showed up.

And he just dropped his pants, put a condom on his 9″ long slender already hard cock, bent her over the bed & drove his it up her ass. he pounded her hard & deep & came. After a few moments, he did the same thing again, pulled up his pants, put his used condoms in the trash & left as well. Moments later, the third client appeared and so went the night. By 4am, the trash can was almost filled to the top with used condoms. Lena’s ass & pussy were fucked raw. She’d done three groups, 2 guys, then later on, 3 and then finally 6. Rusty watched each time with glee as his “customers” repeatedly put Lena in different positions to get at her snatch & asshole at the same time. She could see the look in Rusty’s eyes, she knew that as soon as they were all gone, he had plans for her as well.

Many of the single customers & especially the group guys fucked her more than once each. The bowl was now half empty. Lena couldn’t believe she’d been had more than 100 times this week by 38 men and most of the time it was painful but she had to admit, a lot of it turned her on. She heard Rusty walk the last client out & then walk upstairs. He came in, his pants were already unzipped & his rock hard cock stood out in front of him.

“You know what’s coming… Bend over.” he ordered. Lena could see his clenched fists, she knew he was preparing to brutally fuck her. She begged him not to do it, Lena was so worn from use.

“This is the best time darlin’.” he said, pumping away at her snatch. “Gotta remind you who’s pussy this really belongs to…” He started to ease his fist into her ass as he plunged his dick in her pussy. Lena howled & screamed as Rusty tore away at her ass & cunt. How would she ever last until August, she wondered…

To Be Continued…

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