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The Visitor Ch. 02

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Mark looked at the long row in front of him and sighed audibly. This was the most inefficient way to do things, he thought with irritation, and he could increase their productivity in a heartbeat.

“Hey, man,” Tsotsi called out with a grin, a few yards ahead of him,”This is your third day, you don’t have any more excuses to fall back behind the women.” He was shirtless, sweat dripping down his dark brown skinned body and into the waistband of his cut off jeans.

A couple of the women looked back at him and giggled, and then went back to hoeing.

Leaning against his hoe, Tsotsi straightened up.

Mark couldn’t help noticing the bulge in the front of the shorts. Damn, what was happening to him?

“Look, Tsotsi,” he called back hurriedly, “We gotta talk about this.”

Tsotsi walked back, “You know we have to get this done before we can put in the seeds, right? And all that needs to be done by the end of the week. We can’t keep chatting every five minutes.”

“You know machines can do all of that in a day, right?” Mark looked at Tsotsi, “No back breaking hoeing. No blisters…”. He looked at his bandaged hands ruefully.

Tsotsi shook his head, “We had to have this conversation at some point, I guess. How you lasted this long, I don’t know.”

“Well, I thought this farming thing was some sort of exercise to get the blood flowing. But it looks like you do this for real. It totally is inefficient.”

“So why are you here, Mr. Efficient?” Tsotsi grinned fondly at him, “You were really efficient back in New York, right?”

“What do you mean?” Mark was defensive.

“In your rush to be efficient, you became really inefficient, didn’t you? In the last couple of days, haven’t you had the best sleep in years?”

“The best, yes, I am so beat I can barely stay awake after 10,” Mark said quietly, thinking of the 20 hour days he had put in many weeks, “But …”

“But nothing, boss,” Tsotsi said, walking back to his spot, “Tell me your sex drive hasn’t picked up either. You have better orgasms too, yeah? This may not be efficient as a process, but you are happier.”

“Ah, man!” Mark hadn’t gotten used to this frank talk. He also saw one of the women – Thulani – look back at him with a saucy look. She straightened up and her wrap slipped a bit. She turned, and looked at him, loosening the wrap and pushed her chest out at him. She retied the wrap, but not before he saw her dark nipples peek at him through the beads. She had firm breasts that were hard to ignore, tight – and as saucy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as she often herself was.

The damn tease, he thought as the women giggled at him again, aware of the tightness in his pants.

He picked up the hoe again and kept digging, a little quicker this time.


As it turned out, that day was shorter than the others because Tsotsi sent everyone back to the huts in the early afternoon after they had lunch under a tree.

The girls – there were four of them, beautifully sexual – had sat with the two men, and eaten with them, but scarcely said a word. They didn’t need to say much, though. They would each make eye contact shyly with him, and then would look away. Thulani was more forward with her flirting, once licking her lip as she looked at him and then making sure her thigh touched his. If Tsotsi noticed, he was playing mum and was ignoring them.

Right after lunch, he sent all back, saying something about a dance that night, that they needed to rest up because it would be a longer night than usual. It was obvious that this was no surprise to the girls as they looked at each other with a knowing smile. They got up and filed down the path back to the huts.

“A dance?” Mark had asked, looking at Tsotsi quizzically. Was this related to the “healing” that Tsotsi had talked about in the morning?

“A dance,” he’d responded with smile that told Mark he was not going get more out of him. He sighed with barely concealed frustration and walked after the women. These past few days had been filled with the stupor of culture shock and jet lag, but the complete relaxation had pulled him out of that, and now he needed them to get on with the program.

Tribal dances and field work were not part of his idea of therapy.

He was relaxed alright, but he could have done this by a beach. When he got back to new York, he would have something to say to Marilyn.

As he walked by Jennifer’s hut, his heart nearly stopped and all his anger vanished. Through the open gate, he saw bare legs, tanned and very inviting, in the shadows of the porch. She wouldn’t be naked during the day, would she? Damn, between Jennifer and Thulani, he would be stroking all the time. And it looked like he would get something more eventually from one of them.

But first he really needed to talk to this South African chick and correct her impression of him from the last encounter.

With his breath quickening, he walked into his yard space and looked over the fence.

“Fucking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hell…”, he whispered under his breath.

Jennifer was indeed naked, sitting on a cushion on the porch and legs splayed wide in front of her. She was squeezing her heavy breasts, crushing her nipples, with one hand and playing with her clit with the other. Accompanied by low, gluttural moans. Her eyes closed, her long red hair tussled, she was rubbing and squeezing with increasing intensity. Her pussy was completely shaved, and he could clearly see the plump, inviting lips. Her juices were glistening between the lips, and she would briskly pull up more up to her clit.

Mark gasped at the raw eroticism of what he was seeing and almost immediately reached for his groin over the shorts. His cock, already tumescent from watching Thulani and the girls, had sprung to life.

And then, he stepped back in even greater shock.

From behind Jennifer, a pair of darker hands took over massaging her breasts. She immediately opened her eyes in shock and looked up and behind her, and then a beautiful smile crossed her face. She reached up and pulled down the person, kissing fervently.

It was a Swazi woman, someone older he had seen from time to time. She had beautifully bead-braided hair and she was obviously very fond of Jennifer from the look on her face. The two of kissed long and hard, their hands playing with each other. Then the Swazi woman loosened her wrap to reveal small perky breasts with large aureoles, and long, hard nipples. She slipped out of her black panties and straddled Jennifer’s head, and now Mark was facing her butt but he could just make out that her pussy was being vigorously licked by Jennifer. In response, the woman arched her back in pleasure, her one hand in Jennifer’s red hair and the other twisting her own nipples. Jennifer clutched one of the other woman’s butt cheeks and the woman gyrated her pelvis in rhythm to the hungry licking. Jennifer’s hand was playing with her pussy just as hard, now digging deeper into her pussy.

With another gluttural moan, Jennifer pulled up her legs, and her pelvis started to lunge upward in short, rapid moves.Her hand was fluttering faster on her clit, wet cum glistening on her fingers in the shadows. With a cry, she started to orgasm and in a few seconds she was in the throes of pleasure. Mark could swear that he saw her nipples harden even more than before as she moaned and licked the woman. Her hand slowly stopped the rubbing.

The güvenilir bahis şirketleri other woman then sat behind Jennifer, and she started to massage the white woman’s breasts, her long brown fingers expertly touching her. Jennifer lay back against her breasts and kissed the woman, her own hands playing again with her pussy. The woman slowly took hold of the cum covered hand and guided it to her mouth. For a few minutes, she sucked on Jennifer’s fingers, eyes closed, and her other hand still on Jennifer’s breast. She then gently, fondly, guided Jennifer back to her pussy. Brown hand on white, they gently massaged the pussy that had just exploded in multiple orgasms.

Mark loosened his shorts and it fell around his ankles. His cock sprang out through his boxers and he groaned with relief and pleasure as he massaged it. He looked at the large head on his cock, the slit glistening on the shiny surface, and he stroked his cock.

“Hey, neighbor!” he was startled to hear Jennifer’s throaty voice, heavy with lust, call out to him. He looked at her, and both women were smiling, still tight in their intimate hold, “Come over and party for a bit…”

He had no idea how he jumped the fence, but he did just that. His balls were loose and his cock heavy and loaded as he went toward the women, glad to see both of them enjoying his body, lust in both their eyes. Jennifer’s mouth literally opened and she made a move toward his cock.

But he was past that. He needed a fuck, he wanted to fuck her pussy in particular. He pushed her down, to make her lie down, and the Swazi woman, confused at first, slid back so that Jennifer’s head rested on her lap. She had both her hands on Jennifer’s breasts, massaging but also almost protective.

He pushed apart Jennifer’s legs and guided his cock head up and down the pussy slit, wetting the head. He then roughly pushed into pussy, the large head disappearing into warm flesh.

As Jennifer moaned and thrust back at him, he rammed into her hard and then kept hammering her with long, deep strokes. He looked down at her breasts, his hands on either side of her, enjoying her hard nipples. And then, with a couple of grunts he started to cum, semen bursting out of him as he buried himself deep into her. The pleasure drove him to keep thrusting, each thrust weaker than the last, and then, the last spurts all but ending, he collapsed to her side.

As he lay there panting, extreme fatigue hit him and his eyes started to close. Just as he was getting completely knocked out, he saw the Swazi woman crouch over Jennifer’s pussy and lick up cum – his and her cum – lapping it up and swallowing it.

“Patience,” he heard her whisper to Jennifer, “He has much to learn… like you had. But for now, I will take care of you…”

Mark blanked out and fell into a deep sleep.

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