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The wrong kind

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Big Dicks

There was something seriously wrong with Jared. He knew it, and yet he couldn’t help himself. There was something about her demure nature, her shy smiles, her glossy black hair, and long coltish legs that drove him wild.
Of course, any average teenager would have sexual fantasies about other girls, but this particular girl was his sister for fucks sake!
It had begun with a dream. In it they lay naked, arms entwined, her breasts pressed against his chest, his hardon against her hip. They stared into eachothers eyes, never moving or speaking. It had been the most erotic dream of his life, though he couldn’t say why.
Jared was the head of the football team, which kept his body toned, he had black hair and thick eyelashes that girls seemed to love, add to that a good nature and a confidence that was rare at his age, and the highschool girls didn’t have a chance. Their legs spread easier than warm butter.
So why, if he could get laid whenever he felt, did he have to be such a freak, drooling over his twin sister? He contemplated this on a Saturday morning, moodily pulling a chocolate muffin apart instead of eating it.
‘Morning brother.’ Megan greeted him as she entered the kitchen, and he jumped guiltily. She was clad in a pair of pajama bottoms and tanktop. Her hair was still tossled from sleep, and he could see through the thin fabric of her tanktop that she was braless, as she plopped down in the seat across from him her small breasts jiggled freely.
‘Something wrong?’ She asked as she began to peel a banana. He merely grunted and shook his head.
Though they were twins, they didn’t much resemble eachother except for their black hair. While he was tan, tall, and broad shouldered, Megan was slender, willowy, and fair skinned, with honey colored eyes and a light spray of freckles across the bridge of her dainty nose. She was definately a looker, and would have attracted a lot of male attention if she wasn’t so shy and bookish.
He watched against his will as her lips parted, revealing the pinkness within, and she took a bite of the banana, licking the corner of her mouth where a piece had stuck. This was too much for Jared, who had little control of his sex drive at the tender age of sixteen, and he groaned as he felt his cock spring to life, no doubt tenting the front of his sweat pants.
She looked up, meeting his eyes questioningly.
‘Are you sure? Maybe your getting sick.’ She questioned, concerned, and to his horror she rose and circled the table to press a hand to his forhead.
In his seated position Jared was eye level with her chest and couldn’t help but stare at the indents her nipples made beneath her shirt. He took in her wonderfully clean scent, free of the perfumes most girls blasted, and shook his head from her hand.
‘No I’m fine, really. Just tired I think. I might go back to bed.’ Megan pulled away and reclaimed her seat, searching his eyes for a moment before nodding.
‘Maybe you should.’ She agreed. And with that he headed for his room, careful to turn away as he rose to hide his erection.
Once safely in his room he sat at the computer and began surfing porn, hoping to find a girl that looked like his sister. To his dismay, none quite matched up with her, and even the ones that resembled her looked so slutty that it ruined it.
Suddenly he had an idea. It took him just a few moments to pull up the folder of photos from last summer’s beach trip, where he found what he wanted; a picture of Megan stretched out on a beach towel, wearing a modest one piece wrapped around her slim frame, but her long legs were visible escort numaraları up to her hips, and because one arm was raised over her head he could see the faintest hint of the side of her breast.
He eagerly unzipped his pants, and his cock sprang free. Devouring every detail of his sister, Jared began to stroke his cock. As he did, he mentally mapped out her body, and what he would do to it, how her soft skin would feel against his hand, nipples erect as he licked and sucked them, how her tight little pussy would feel wrapped around his cock. He began to jerk faster, imagining what it would feel like if he slid his cock up her ass. That thought sent him over the edge, and he groaned as he shot his load, his hand a blur as he finished himself off.
Immediately after coming Jared felt guilty. This was his sister! They were twins, but he’d always thought of her as a younger sister because of her shy innocent nature, and suddenly he felt like a monster.
Never again. He told himself firmly, I’ve got to put it out of my head.

That lasted about a week. He managed to stay strong, partially because he made it his mission to fuck every girl he could, and it seemed to help. Then one morning he was sprawled across the couch watching a movie, when he heard a scream from upstairs. Worried about Megan, he rushed upstairs and heard her scream again – in the bathroom. Without thinking he flung the door open.
Megan was against a wall, dripping wet from her shower, and gloriously naked. He stood there, moronic and gaping as she tried to cover her tiny pointed breasts, her nipples as pink as her lips, and crossed her legs in attempt at hiding the small patch of soft curly hair.
There’s a rat! She screamed, finally grabbing a towel and darting out of the bedroom.
Jared still stood there, the image of her petite little body burned into his brain. He had a massive erection, and wondered sheepishly if she had seen. Finally he came to his senses and peered into the bathtub, where the tiniest little mouse was scurrying in a panick.
Jared caught the little rodent and released it in the backyard, with just one thought on his mind: he had to Fuck his sister.
Jared thought about how to go about it for a couple of days, and came to the conclusion that Megan would never go for it willingly. She was too meek and shy with boys, and even the most experienced slut might balk at the idea of incest. He considered getting her drunk, and dismissed it immediately, knowing he’d never convince her to drink.
A month went by and he still couldn’t shake this bizzare urge. Ironically it was his mother who presented him with a way to get into his sister’s pants.
They were sitting around the table eating dinner, Jared was trying not to notice the way Megan’s lips parted as she took delicate bites of her salad. His parents were yapping away- just background noise, when his mother’s excited voice broke through his daydreaming.
“I’m so relieved the doctor finally prescribed me some real sleeping pills!” She exclaimed, “I can’t keep fighting this insomnia with over the counter crap.”
“What did he give you?” His father asked. “Ambien. Ittle knock me out cold. He said I’d sleep through an earthquake with just one pill.”
They continued talking, bit that was all Jared needed to hear. If someone could sleep through an earthquake, what else might they sleep through?
He worked on his plan, obsessed with the idea, until the chance finally presented itself. It was Friday night, and his mom announced that she and their father escort pornoları were going out to a party.
“We’ll be gone probably all night, so here’s a twenty for some pizza. You guy’ll be ok right? No girls over Jared.” He nodded innocently, and crossed his legs to hide his raging erection. This was it!
He and Megan ordered pizza and settled down to watch a movie.
“I think I’m gonna make a rootbeer float for dessert,” he said casually, “You want one?”
“Sure thanks.” Megan agreed, and he headed to the kitchen. After carefully crushing the ambien he’d pocketed from the medicine cabinet, he stirred it into her cup and brought her the drink. They watched the movie in silence, he was really watching her out of the corner of his eye, waiting. About twenty minutes in she was yawning, and forty five minutes later Megan was slumped against the couch, sleeping soundly.
“Hey Megan?” He called. No response.
“Meg? You sleeping?” He shook her roughly, testing the strength of the drug, and she didn’t even stir. Heart pounding, Jared gathered her petite little body into his arms and carried her to her bedroom. He tossed her into her bed, thinking if that didn’t wake her nothing would, and she landed gracelessly, head rolling to the side. She was definately out.
Jared sat down on the bed and just looked at her for a minute, finally free to devour her delicate features with his eyes. She was truly beautiful, angellic. Her long glossy hair was fanned over the pillow, full lips parted slightly. Jared leaned forward and pressed his mouth against hers. She was unresponsive. He slanted his face and slid his tongue between her lips, tasting her mouth.
“Oh god Megan,” he moaned, sliding his hand up her thigh, “I’ve wanted you for so long.” He kissed her hard, playing with her limp tongue, bringing his hand up to cup her breast through her shirt. He was so hard he thought he might explode right in his pants.
Pulling back to catch his breath, Jared began unbuttoning her shirt to reveal smooth ivory skin and a plain white bra. The clasp was in the front and he unclipped it, exposing her tiny breasts and rose colored nipples at their center.
“Your so gorgeous, so perfect.” He breathed as her kneaded the soft globe of flesh, letting his thumb brush over her nipples. He rolled the hardening buds between thumb and forfinger, then pinched them hard until they were totally erect and bright pink.
He was breathing hard, more excited than he’d ever been, but he wanted to make this last, wanted to feel her everywhere, so ignoring his throbbing cock he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting. He explored the flat plains of her stomach, flaring out to her newly curved hips, then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down.
Her panties were thin cotton, light blue with a little bow in front. Jared pulled them down, feeling as if he were in a trance, and soft curles sprung free. Gently spreading her legs, he leaned down and pulled her pussy open to reveal the pinkness within, her tiny clit quivered at being exposed, and he leaned in to lick it.
Meg moved. Jared shot up in a panic, ready to bolt, but she was still deep asleep. Curious, Jared kept his eyes on her and rubbed her pussy with his hand. To his shock, he detected a bit of moisture, and though she remained unconscious, her hips bucked slightly.
She was enjoying this! Eagerly he dove back down to lick the velvety folds of her pussy, pressing his tongue into her tiny slit. When he dragged his tongue up to bathe her clit in light circular escort portalı motions she let out a breathy moan and arched her back. This response was better than he could have hoped for, and as he worked her clit with his tongue he began to tease her entrance with his fingers before sliding one into her now slick pussy. He immediately discovered she was a virgin-no real shock there- and was careful not to break that while he finger fucked her, lapping at her clit with increasing speed. It wasn’t long before Megan’s breathing had sped up, and she was writhing in her sleep.
Probably having one hell of a dream, he thought, sucking her clit into his mouth.
“Oh!” She cried out, her entire body going rigid as he felt her pussy tightening around his fingers. Her pussy was gushing by the time she had relaxed again, and Jared couldn’t believe he’d just given his sister an orgasm.
His cock was still rock hard, and throbbing insistently in his pants, so he kneeled between her legs and unzipped his pants, letting his hardon spring out.His sister’s tight virgin pussy looked so inviting, spread open, glistening, just waiting for him to violate her. He leaned forward, wanting to see everything as he pressed the bulbous head of his cock against her pussy hole. The sight of his cock sliding slowly into her pussy, combined with the incredibly tight warmth that surrounded his dick almost made him come on the spot.
“Oh God Fuck Megan your so tight!” He panted, feeling the barrier of her hymen and beginning to press against it.
Suddenly he stopped, despite how incredibly turned on he was, guilt flooded him. Was he really going to take her virginity? What if she got pregnant? Regretfully, he withdrew, and sat there for a moment, cock in hand, staring at his naked unconscious sister.
Then inspiration struck.
Jared carefully rolled her over, making sure to turn her face so she wouldnt suffocate, and feasted his eyes on her generously curved bottom. He cupped each cheek, stroking the soft flesh, and spread her ass cheeks so he could see her still wet pussy, and just above it, a tiny pink dot of an asshole. He grinned and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion off her nightstand, applying it liberally to his cock, and then pressing two lubed fingers deep into her virgin ass. She was tight, really really tight back there and his excitement grew at the thought of forcing his cock into that impossibly tiny hole. He’d fucked a lot of girls, but hadnt sodomized anyone yet, and he began plugging his fingers in and out, eager to loosen her up a bit so she didn’t tear. After adding a third finger and spreading his fingers as far as he could to stretch her, he spread her legs further apart and positioned himself, holding her ass cheek open with one hand, pressing the rip of his cock against her asshole with the othey.
Next to his engorged cock, her asshole was so tiny, he wasn’t sure he could even fit it there, but he began to apply pressure anyway. Slowly, her ass gave way, stretching wide to accept him, and then suddenly the head of his cock popped into that tight ring of muscle.
“oh god holy Fuck its so tight!” He gasped as her asshole swollowed his cock, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Jared drove forward, groaning as he pounded his sister’s asshole, driving deeper and deeper with every thrust.
“Oh Megan its so good oh Fuck baby sister take my dick Meg, take it up your tight little ass!” He grunted, gripping her hips and ramming into her with abandon, his balls slapping against her pussy, her asshole contracted wildly around his cock, trying to rid itself if the intruder, and as he pounded away he felt something within her tear.
That did it, and hurtling into her, he screamed “Oh FUCK MEG your asshole is so TIGHT AAAHH!” Jared buried himself to the hilt and came deep within his sister’s bowels, ghasping from the force of his orgasm.

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