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The Yellow Rose

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–Friday Night–

I stood there at the baggage claim, feeling foolish and nervous, and intimidated all at once. Airport Security has kept me from meeting you as you get off the plane, and has made me wait all that much longer. Your flight came in about five minutes ago, and I know it will take at least 15 minutes for you to make your way off the plane and down to greet me. All I know is you’re going to be carrying a yellow rose..that’s what I am to look for. Are you as nervous as me? Probably not!!!

I start pacing again as the belts start turning at the baggage claim. Behind me I hear a crowd of people coming toward me. I slowly turn around and begin searching for the rose, picking up the pink one I was to bring to match. Through the crowd I see a glimpse of yellow, and my heart starts racing. I hear it thunder through my ears, and I can’t take my eyes off the rose as you come closer and closer. I can only see the yellow, not the person holding it. My throat quickly dries up as he is suddenly standing in front of me.

“Hey,” I hear you say.

Blinking out of my thoughts, I slowly look up. I stop at the smile. It is such an easy smile, warm and comforting. I can’t help but return it. I continue raising my gaze to rest on your eyes, and see the smile reflected in there.

“Hi” is all I can get out.

You lean towards me and I think you’re coming for a hug, but you turn your face towards me and kiss me. Your lips are soft and your tongue gently probes my mouth. I feel one of your hands on the back of my neck, and the other slide around to my back and draw me closer to you. It takes me a minute, but my stunned reaction quickly dissipates and I respond. I wrap my arms around your neck and press myself to your body.

All too quickly, it was over, and you pull away from my mouth. Still holding me in your arms, as I struggle to steady myself. I stand mobilbahis güvenilir mi there trying to catch my breath, not being able to think of anything to say to you.

Stupidly, I say “How was your flight?”, as I fight the instant attraction.

You laugh and say it was fine. Releasing me slowly, you walk to the rotating belts to retrieve your bag. You take my hand as you came back, and I lead you out to the parking lot. We drive in silence to the hotel across town (mainly because I couldn’t think of anything to say!)

Once we get up to the room, as soon as the door closes you reach for me and kiss me again. This time, I’m ready for it and I grab on for the ride. Our hands rip at each other’s clothes as we tear the fabric from each other’s bodies, hands finding sesitive spots on each other. I gasp as your fingers harshly squeeze my nipples, shivers run through my body as you gently bite my neck.

My hands tear at the fastenings of your pants and I rip them from your body, stroking the hard cock found beneath, I hear your breath catch, and your fingers slow at their sweet torture. I have found your distractions!

My hands stroke and tickle the sensitive skin beneath your testicles, and you groan quietly, trying to hide it. After a few minutes of the torture to your body, you start to back me up towards the chair by the bed. Once we get to the chair, I turn you around, and push you into the seat. Removing what’s left of my clothes, I kneel in front of you…gently crawling between your legs, my face in line with that magnificent jutting cock in front of me. I continue my tickling, and gently run my fingers up and down the shaft. My tongue joins my fingers, and tickles gently under your testicles, and around each one. I lick slowly at the base and run my tongue up to the top, stopping just under the crowned head of your cock. mobilbahis I slowly circle the lip of the head, flicking my tongue just under the sensitive spot at the front. I glide my tongue up to the head and flick it across the tip. Smiling, I listen to your groans and the catch in your breath with each stroke of my tongue.

My hands grasp firmly around the shaft of your cock, as I close my mouth over head. Slowly, I swirl my tongue around the head, and lower my mouth down the length of the shaft. I slowly go lower and lower, and at the same time I am tightening my cheek muscles around you. I go about a quarter of the way down and slowly come back up, and all the way off. Before your complaints can be heard, I take you back in my mouth again, and lower further than before. I keep going down, as far as I can take you in my mouth, and stroke you with my tongue and my mouth muscles. I feel your body react to me, and I begin to pick up the pace. I glide my mouth up and down on your cock, teasing with my tongue at the same time. I reach down with my hands, and stroke your testicles, and the spots of skin underneath. I feel your hands rest on my head as it bobs up and down, and your body begins to tense up. I know that you’re going to cum soon, and I have to decide how I’m going to handle that. Making a decision, I speed up the pace. After a few minutes more, I feel your hands grasp my hair, and you start pulling me more and more onto your cock. I take it willingly, and eagerly. I continue stroking and sucking on you, until I feel your body shaking, and I feel the cum shoot into the back of my throat. I try to take all you give me…but some slides out through the corners of my mouth. I swallow all I can…and gently lick you clean.

I wipe the corners of my mouth off, and smile up at you. You’re lying there with your head back against the chair, your breath mobilbahis giriş is ragged, and you are flushed. It’s a wonderful sight! Looking down, I see your cock is still hard. Wanting to take advantage of it..I crawl up into the chair with you, and straddle your legs. You grab my ass and impale me with that wonderfully hard cock. As excited as I am, you slide right in, bringing a cry of ecstasy from me. I hold onto the back of the chair and you tighten your hold on my ass and move my body on yours. I hold my legs tight to you, and try to get you as deep as I can in my dripping pussy. Your hands gently knead my ass, and I feel a finger slide down to my pussy from behind. You soak your fingers in the juice there, as you pump in and out of me, and after a few seconds I feel one of those damp fingers stroking my ass.

Moaning at the thought of your finger fucking me like your cock, I grind a little more against you and try so hard to get deeper, as I take all of your cock in me. I try to keep the pace, and finally feel your finger enter a tiny bit in my ass. The sensations are enough to send me over the edge, and I start cumming. All the muscles in my pussy start convulsing around your cock, as well as the ones around your fingers. I scream at the sensations, gripping the back of the chair. As I slowly come down from the orgasm, you start sucking on my nipples. The stimulation is almost enough to make me cum again.

You then pick me up and while staying inside me, make your way to the bed. You lay down, still inside me, and roll us to where I’m underneath you. I’m already exhausted, but definitely ready for more. You sit up on your knees, and bring my legs up to your shoulders. Holding on to my hips, you start to fuck me again. Your pace picks up and you begin slamming your rock hard cock into me. I grab onto the headboard and hold on for dear life.

You finally cum again…your hands gripping my hips, fingers digging into the skin.

Exhausted, you fall to the bed. I wrap my arms and legs around you, and hold you as we both fall asleep, deliciously spent.

(interested in Saturday? you gotta tell me what you think of Friday) 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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