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Theresa and her Neighbor

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Theresa was off in her own little world, daydreaming while sunning herself in her backyard. She figured she was safe enough with the privacy fence surrounding her yard, that she could do what she wanted out there without any recourse. She stripped off her bikini and slowly applied tanning oil to her body while lying in her chaise lounge. As the sun heated her skin, the sensation of her hands rubbing her erect nipples began to excite her. She slowly moved her other hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy, lightly teasing herself, while imagining her neighbor’s 20-year-old son massaging her body. She started rubbing her swelling clit a little harder, then inserted 2 fingers into her now soaked pussy. She started moaning a little out loud, when a loud rustle in the tree coming from her neighbor’s yard suddenly interrupted her.

She quickly sat up; covering herself with a towel that was lying next to her. She was blinded momentarily due to the sun high overhead and her eyes being closed. As she looked around, there was no other sound coming from that direction. She decided that it was probably a couple of squirrels that she didn’t pay attention to a few moments ago. She decided to jump into the pool to go for a swim since she was getting a little too hot just lying there.

As she was in the pool, she heard another rustle in the tree, but didn’t bother to look this time, assuming it was the squirrels again. All of a sudden she heard a, “WHOA,” then an alarming THUD as she quickly realized that was no squirrel. She jumped out of the pool, wrapped herself in the towel, and walked to the fence to see what happened.

“Hello? Who’s over there?” she called out, sounding rather stern.

“Sorry, Mrs. Willis, it’s me Steve,” a trembling voice came back over the fence.

“Steven, I thought I told you before, call me Theresa. We’ve known each other long enough by now. And I thought you and your parents were away on vacation! Were you just spying on me?” she asked. This started to excite her all over again, as Steven was the young man she had fantasized about earlier.

“They went, but I had to stay back last minute for work. I’ve been staying at my girlfriend’s house for the last couple of days, but had to come by here to get some things. And really, I only saw a little bit of you!” he tried to explain.

Of course he saw everything that was going on! He was up in the tree rubbing his 8-½ inch cock through his shorts when he fell. He couldn’t help it that his parents’ friend was a hot 38-year-old blonde. She stood just barely over 5 feet tall, weighed in at a tight 100 pounds. In the past, he’d have a few friends over and would treat them to his hiding spot in the tree, while she was in the backyard walking around in her tiny string bikinis. She had no clue, but then again, no one had fallen out of that tree till today.

“And what little bit were you able to see, Steven?” She tried to sound upset, but she was giggling the whole time!

“Really, Mrs. … uhhh, Theresa! I swear!” he pleaded.

“I don’t believe you! Get over here right now and apologize to me face to face!” She obviously had other things in mind. She had been alone for over a month since her divorce was final. She decided that she’d have a little of her own fun at his expense.

“Well, I have a couple friends that are here right now, can I come over later?” he asked?

“NO, right now, or I’m telling on you, you little peeping tom!”

She leaned up against the fence to hear him telling his friends that he’d be right back. It was as if they were all taking turns climbing up the tree.

“OK, I’ll be over in a minute,” he said back to her.

By the time he got to her yard, she had taken the towel and draped over her front, but he couldn’t really tell what pendik escort was going on. She made sure to face directly towards him until the right moment.

“So what did you see, Steven? Was it my ass?” as she turned around exposing her perfectly round ass.

He stood there completely dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to say.


“Umm, yeah, I saw some of your ass. I’m sorry.”

“And are you sure you didn’t see any of this?” She turned back around to face him and dropped her towel to her feet. She had a sly smile on her face, especially when she looked down and noticed the huge bulge in his shorts.

“Hmmmmm, seems like you DID see something. And I certainly see that you like what you see! Would you like to get a closer look?”

“Uh huh,” was all he could muster up to say.

She slowly walked over to him staring right into his eyes. She noticed his eyes darting from hers, to her tits then down to her pussy then back. They were moving back and forth so quickly, she thought he’d pass out. She stepped right in front of him rubbing her hands over his shoulders and chest. He stood 6-feet tall, so she had to reach up.

“My, Steven. I never realized how hunky you are! No wonder that cute little girlfriend of yours likes you so much. And especially with THIS (as she grabbed his hard cock) in your pants!”

He gasped so hard, he thought he was going to swallow his tongue! She rubbed his cock with one hand, then with both. He put his hands on her shoulders as she started to go down on her knees. Not another word needed to be said between the two of them.

She unfastened his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, along with his boxers. His cock practically leapt out at her. She giggled at first, then stared in amazement at the size of his cock. Her now ex-husband was no where near what this young man had waiting for her, and she was going to enjoy every last inch of him in every way she could.

She slowly started to stroke his cock with her right hand while massaging his shaved balls with her left. She looked up at him and noticed he was looking back towards the tree that he had fallen out of earlier. Without saying anything to him, she also looked over and noticed that his 2 friends had all found spots in the tree from his yard.

“SO YOU LIKE TO WATCH, DO YA?” she called out to them. She started laughing. “THEN I SUGGEST YOU GET OVER HERE RIGHT AWAY FOR A BETTER LOOK!”

They quickly jumped out of the tree, over the fence and into Theresa’s yard. At that point, she set the ground rules for what was about to happen.

“OK boys. Since I only know Steven, he’s the only one that gets to fuck me … this time! But if you’re comfortable enough, you can watch. But NO ONE can touch me, ok?”

They quickly all agreed without hesitation, and stood back to watch the show. She looked back up at Steven and took his cock into her mouth. Slowly she took some of his manhood into her warm mouth, then backed off. She’d kiss around the crown, licking him up and down the shaft. She would work her was all the way down to his balls, lightly teasing them with her expert tongue. Then she got back to his cock. She started to pump her head back and forth, letting his cock go a little deeper down her throat each time.

Steve had instinctively moved his hands to her head, trying to set a rhythm that was to his liking. She started sucking him harder and deeper, taking him all the way down the shaft every so often. She looked up at him while licking the head of his cock, noticing his eyes shut.

“Does your cute little girlfriend deep-throat you like this?” she asked him coyly?

“Uh-uh,” he replied.

“That’s too bad. Such a beautiful cock,” she said back tuzla escort to him, as she started sucking on him again.

She stopped again, moving her mouth off his cock and began stroking him. She looked around at his friends. They had all gathered lawn chairs, dropped their own shorts and were stroking themselves. She wanted to take them all at once, but decided to hold with her rules. After all, she was in charge of this show today!

“Let’s see what you do for your girlfriend, Steven. Get down here and lick my pussy. It needs to be licked real good before getting fucked.”

She took her towel and spread it on the ground. She laid back and spread her legs as he dove in face first. He started licking her slowly up and down her slit, lightly circling her erect clit. He teased her clit a little, then worked his way back down. With his hand on the backs of her knees, he’d force her legs wider and lift her hips up so he had access to her ass, too!

She gazed to either side of her watching Steve’s 2 friends sitting in their chairs almost hypnotized by what was going on in front of them. She reached out and started rubbing each of their legs, motioning for them to kneel next to her. They quickly did as she said!

“Now remember my rule, boys. NO touching!”

They nodded their heads, as she took each of their cocks into her hands and began slowly stroking them off. Steve, in the mean time, started licking and sucking her pussy harder by the moment. This was starting to bring her closer to orgasm. He’d slip one finger, then two into her hot pussy, rotating his hand around making sure she was massaged from the inside. While he fucked her pussy with his hand, he licked her clit frantically, making her body start to convulse with passion. Her grip would tighten around the two cocks on either side of her, like handlebars on a bike.

With a loud scream, she came and came hard. She was a squirter with her orgasms – this she failed to warn Steve. Obviously he was a little shocked, but he loved it. His hand was soaked, as was his face with her pussy juice and he could care less. He licked up what he could.

“OH GOD, that was unbelievable. I haven’t cum like that in a long time! Now you have to fuck me like the dog that you are!” She quickly got up off the ground, and got on all fours. “Fuck me from behind with that big cock of yours!” she demanded.

Steve moved in behind her, positioned his cock at her pussy lips. He teased her pussy at first, moving it up and down just at the entrance, making sure he got plenty of her juice at the tip. She tried to push back against him, but he’d back off slightly. This drove her nuts. The other two moved in closer so they were each kneeling in front of her. Then with one swift motion, he plunged his cock into her completely! There wasn’t much finesse in his motion.

“DAMN, you’ve got a thick cock! I want to feel every inch of you inside of me!”

“Oh, you’re gonna feel it, all right!” he said back to her.

He grabbed her hips for leverage, and slowly started to fuck her. He’d pull almost all the way out, then slowly reenter her till he was completely inside of her. He’d hold that position for a few seconds, then repeat. Once his tempo started to pick up, she decided to take advantage of the view in front of her. She started sucking on the two young hard cocks that were in front of her the best she could. She would deep-throat the one to her left, then the one to her right.

Steve, in the mean time, quickened his pounding of her pussy, much to her delight. She began grunting and groaning with every thrust, meeting him with his rhythm. This also made her suck the other two boys’ cocks that much harder.

“You’re gonna like this, baby,” maltepe escort Steve said to her. He licked his thumb to get it moist, and plunged it deep into her ass all at once.

“OH, FUCK YEAH, BABY!” she yelled, as she briefly came up for air. She tried to keep her screaming down, by keeping a cock inside her mouth at all times, but it was difficult. As she sucked their cocks one at a time, they started rubbing her back and reaching around to squeeze her tits and nipples. She wanted to say something about the “no touching” rule she tried to enforce earlier, but decided that this was much better!

“Enough of this shit, I want to watch your face while I fuck you!” Steve pulled his cock and thumb out of Theresa, picked her up and carried her over to the chaise lounge she had been relaxing on a while ago. He set her down, and quickly re-entered her wet pussy with his cock.

“Forget my pussy, baby, stick that cock up my ass! I have to feel that cock in my ass NOW!” she demanded.

She grabbed her own ankles to spread her legs as far as she could, which opened her ass to him. He crouched down and began licking and sucking her asshole, but only for a moment. He then straightened back up, grabbed his cock and placed the tip at her ass. He slowly pushed against her, while she tried to relax her sphincters to let his cock in. Once the tip made it in, the rest was “smooth sailing.”

He started to pump his cock in and out of her ass, while she frantically rubbed her pussy with her hands. The other two boys moved to either side of her again. They stroked their cocks and squeezed her tits hard resulting in her squealing in delight.

The view that Steve had of his cock sliding in and out of his older neighbor’s ass was almost too much to take. He could feel his balls starting to swell with cum, as he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m going to cum soon, I can feel it. Tell me where you want me to cum,” he said.

“I want all you fuckers to cum all over me. And you better do it at the same time, otherwise, this isn’t going to happen again,” she said to all three of them. She was so horny at this point; she wanted a cum-bath right then and there.

With that, Steve withdrew his cock from her ass and stood up and over her. The other two boys, who had been jerking their cocks for a while, also stood up on either side of her. There she was, she thought. An older woman with these young 20-year-olds jerking their cocks right above me. This is going to be a great summer!

She looked up at all three of them, reaching with her hands to massage their swelling balls. She could tell they were getting real close as their bodies started to tense up.

“Closer, boys, closer. I want your cum all over my face and tits!”

With their hands moving so fast they were in a blur, they all started to squat closer to her. The one to her left started shooting his load across her cheek and mouth. The boy to her right followed seconds later covering the other side of her face. Her mouth was wide open with her tongue trying to catch as much as she could. Watching his two friend’s cumming all over Theresa was all it took for Steve. He squatted further down which had his balls rubbing against her stomach. He squeezed his cock then released, allowing a huge load of his cum to shoot from the middle of her tits up to her forehead. The next shot reached up to her nose. His next few shots he intended for her tits.

She was so enthralled with the soaking she received, she came one more time without any contact to her pussy. They stood over top of her, feeding their cocks to her while she licked and sucked them dry. Steve started to dick-slap her tongue and chin. The other two started doing the same thing, as Steve moved back down and started to slap her pussy and clit with his cock. She was so sensitive from the pounding he gave her earlier, that she came one more time.

Yeah, she knew this was going to be a long summer. Especially since she talked to Steve’s parents the week before and found out they were going to be gone for the next 6 weeks!

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