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Three Nymphs and a Princess

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Four young women shared an apartment as they made their way through University. The most recent flatmate was amazed at the others’ lack of modesty. They always seemed to be undressed to various degrees, often naked, which she found delightful as they were all quite beautiful with bodies they were obviously proud of. In time she became less reserved, even displaying the firmness of her large breasts when she thought she had an ‘excuse’, giving her a warm glow inside, delighted that the others were ogling her.

One day she was aware that the others seemed to be talking amongst themselves about something, excluding her from whatever it was. The next evening she found out what it was all about, apparently their previous flatmate liked to play ‘games’ with them for ‘recreation’ and they wondered…… if…. she would…. like to……….? As they asked they were grinning and even blushing! Ganging up on her; standing too close; eyeing her up all over; the reaction on her face; she noticed one of them was staring at her breasts like a man would.

She’d been their flatmate long enough for them to become friends, she trusted them, they were all bright University students like herself. Part of her mind knew what kind of ‘games’ they wanted to play and sent signals to her cunt to help her decide.

Why not, she thought and was shocked to find she’d said it out loud. Some ‘games’ would surely help relax hard working students. More than she could imagine. Their ‘leader’ held up a silk blindfold. The ‘Game’ was briefly explained to her, it was more like a ritual, there was some pampering involved and she had to do very little except promise to go along with whatever happened. She so promised. The other three therefore loudly and ceremoniously announced: ‘The Three Nymphs and the Blind Princess’! Those were the last words spoken that evening, one of the rules, all further communication would be of the sensual kind.

The princess stood in the middle of the room watching her roommates undress to become three gorgeous, naked nymphs. With that breath-taking sight the silk blindfold was placed over her eyes. As one nymph prepared a fragrant bath the others painstakingly undressed their princess, kissing her skin as it was bared. Double kisses rained on her as the nymphs undid the tethers of her clothing. Her arousal to extraordinary peaks had begun. Accompanying the sensuality of the countless kisses, her ears heard the sensuous swishing of her clothes’ removal.

Graceful fingers held the straps of her bra and she knew soft lips would replace its touch on her skin. The profuse lubrication of the royal cunt had begun, increasing as her breasts were de-cupped. Two of the finest orbs of the realm jiggled as they received what their nipples had obviously anticipated. The nymphs smiled knowingly at each other and simultaneously took a nipple apiece between their teeth and licked the tips until the princess almost lost her balance. Only one item left so they kissed their way down. With exaggerated deliberation they were eventually removed, a damp cleft moulded at the front.

The nymphs had removed them from behind, the royal cunt being out of bounds at this stage, so the princess’s fleshy hillocks were treated to sumptuous attention. The cotton knickers were teased down, glorious flesh revealed inch by inch, each inch meticulously kissed until the knickers drooped from her sticky crotch. The nymphs decided that hands should aid the warming of the flesh, gliding effortlessly over the smooth skin, over and over interspersed with more insistent kisses smacking against swaying, clenching buttocks. Reluctantly the nymphs left the adorable roundness of her buttocks to take the final garment downward, accompanied by continuous attention from nymph lips and hands, passing delicate inner thighs, round to the back of the knee, ending at her feet, pampered until the third nymph returned to lead them to the steaming, scented spa.

The magical spa-room was lit by dozens of scented candles flickering a warm glow onto the magnificent forms of the four females as they entered. All three guided her into the pool and bore her weight as she lowered herself into the luxurious water. The chosen essential oils were as sensuous as the countless kisses that dissolved into the the liquid heat as she immersed. As the princess snuggled into her soak two nymphs warmed pools of liquid-silk cleanser in their palms. The other raised the upper body of her princess upright for her sisters of sensuality to each cup a wetted breast and anoint it with lather. The unseeing princess moaned contentedly as her breasts were engulfed in pleasure. Royal pink nipples shone through the foam, fingers snagged on the hard protrusions as her breasts were kneaded and lifted, flopping away from slippery hands. Over and over four hands tried to gather the fluid flesh as the third pair slid up and down her back, occasionally slipping between her arms, assessing the weight and squeezing the slippery handfuls. Hands sliding over each other as if in contest to grab the most, giggling in harmony with the princess’s moans. xslot She was, quite literally, awash in female sensuality.

The blind princess moaned of her growing excitement, splashing with agitation at her torso’s lathering. Then she was immersed deeper, only her head above the lapping bathwater. Her legs angled outward, tempting her nymphs with an alluring deep-pink gape, but the only caress it got at this stage was from the slosh of the hot water. The nymphs attended to her legs instead. Two had a leg each while the third amused herself by wobbling her highness’s buoyant breasts, framed by luxuriously cloudy bathwater washing over and between them. Nymphs knew they were not to enter the royal cunt without permission but fingers came so close, very close indeed, as they slid along her inner thighs with the barest of touch. Her nymphs massaged rich soapy lather over and over along thighs that wouldn’t keep still. More than once her highness’s hand crept towards her growing desire but an alert nymph gently ushered it away.

She was turned over, again one nymph supporting her agitated body. The swell of the beautiful buttocks rose above the white water and her nymphs almost forgot their place as her perfect twin roundness presented themselves. It too was painstakingly attended to, the princess splashing about as hands rubbed her foam covered cheeks, along her back, down her thighs and her feet were not forgotten. The nymphs began to breath like their mistress, beautiful melodious sighing filled the room as her pampered cheeks were massaged by tireless hands. As she clung on to the bathtub’s rim the bathwater sloshed over her writhing body. The captivating ‘V’ shape of her back came in and out of vision as did the sturdiness of her thighs with the pouting gap nuzzling between them. All the time her cheeks shone above the water, curving out of her back to disappear into the top of her thighs.

The ablution was completed. The nymphs prepared for the drying ceremony.

A pile of large, fluffy, terry-cotton towels lay on a chair. One was laid on the floor of the main room and the princess brought from her pool and laid upon it. Two powerful hair-dryers were plugged in and their hot jets aimed at the gently writhing and murmuring body. The third nymph hand dried her princess with a towel as she leant back into her lap, with just enough roughness to make her skin even more pink. The nymph used the texture of the towel to good effect as she wiped over her breasts, tweaking nipples, making very sure they were properly dried, until the princess squeaked. (Squeaky clean, indeed 😉

Meanwhile, hot air was waved in front of the princess’s bloated vulva. Her fine pubic hair wafted in the direction of the flow, then all along her body hot air blustered up her desire. When the nymphs decided her front was sufficiently dry (except the well between her thighs) the nymph supporting her back let her lay flat against the towelled floor before the three rolled her over. Her back was similarly dried, the creamy skin of her buttocks given particular attention. When they could find no more moisture that would dry they stopped, stood up and looked down at their blissful princess murmuring gibberish to herself amid heavy breaths as her needy body twisted on the towel.

The three naked nymphs watched the result of their labours; one highly aroused princess, compliant to their whim, her skin burnished so as to feel like finest satin. The next stage was to enhance her arousal.

While keeping an eye on the effervescent princess on the floor, the nymphs let loose their long tresses, tied up till now to avoid becoming wet. Shaking them loose then brushing each other down and forward. All three on all fours approached their bubbling, unseeing prey. The princess briefly lifted her head as if wondering where her attendees had gone, then her servicing resumed.

One blonde and two contrastingly wavy auburn nymphs, flowed their extensive tresses along her silky skin. Slowly at first as the princess writhed in appreciation, then more lavishly they brushed her skin with silkiness. They waved their heads as if choreographed, three whips delightfully whisking the princess into delirious pleasure, then s-l-o-w-l-y drawing their hair over skin pampered to exceptional responsiveness. Silken hair, as if charged with tingling excitement, wafted in turn over her breasts, nipples, thighs, face, legs and buttocks. Feeling like some magical gossamer, their hair brought the princess to a climactic precipice, which is where they stopped.

The three got up and watched their princess wrestle with her fever. Her skin seemed to glow from the passion within. She writhed on the floor, even turning onto to her back as she fought with the desire for resolution. Without her eyesight her other senses were enhanced, and not knowing quite what was happening or coming next was thrilling her to an exceptional degree. Her hands travelled over her torso, onto her breasts, she felt her body’s sexual energy, she was gloriously turned-on, every stroke of her fingertips felt electric on xslot Giriş her skin.

The nymphs again denied a self induced eruption. Two of them lay down, one each side of their princess and placed their heads under her arms enabling her to caress their backs and hair if she wished. Each in turn kissed her, one deep sensuous kiss, tongues mingling, lips smeared against lips. One passionate kiss from each nymph as the other looked on. They cupped a breast apiece in both hands and kneaded gently as their legs entwined with hers, softly pulling and holding them apart. The nymphs seemed telepathically interlinked as both breasts received almost identical caresses. At the same instance they licked each nipple to solidity before sucking them inside their mouths, tongues circling areolae to milk a flow of juices from her cunt. Watched by an ever more excitable third nymph they sucked their princess to an orgasm reached by the sensuousness they induced from her skin. As the dam began to crumble the princess’s writhing got more and more animated, as did her groans. Held spread-eagled by the two nymphs her limbs struggled to express themselves, unlike her voice. Her hips bucked and evidence of her pleasure oozed out.

The spectating nymph had a similar response to the sight before her. Seeing her companions bring the princess to the point of orgasm and beyond aroused her so much she could hardly contain herself for the role she was soon to play. But for now she watched, and the blindfolded princess seemed to feel her stare on her over-excited body. The lavish fondling of her breasts and the thought of exhibiting her orgasm to an on-heat nymph cracked her dam and warmth flooded her body. Her breasts tingled from their sensation filled tips as the shock spread along her sensitised skin. Simultaneously, her clitoris throbbed in beaming pleasure, her throat spewed wild cries as it struggled for breath. Her audience of one collapsed to her knees at the spectacle, devouring every detail that her senses sent directly to her cunt. A bigger jolt sparked her clit as she saw the orgasm’s power clasping together the princess’s glistening red labia to a steady rhythm. Several strands of her pleasure juice spanned between the opening only to be crushed then reappear as the orgasmic wave prised her open yet again.

The breached dam kept on flowing its magic over the princess, making her jerk uncontrollably and attempt to loosen her limbs from the clutches of her nymphs. As her need was steadily quenched the torrent relented to a trickle; labia closed with less energy; wailing softened to contented murmuring; jerking eased to a gentle squirm, with just a few, more expressive aftershocks. The princess’s melody expressed the deliciousness of her release.

The watching nymph’s breathing also lessened as the exhibition before her settled down, her cunt was awash from her desire to swap places with the princess, or at least have her ache seen to, but this event was for the princess first and foremost, the craving of nymphs would have to wait and no doubt exacerbate before it could be attended to.

She got down on her knees to look closer. Sticky drool escaped from an angry looking cave simmering with every hue of red. Near its top an oval protrusion of perfect pink demanded attention. And boy, are you going to get some mused the nymph.

Approaching the royal cunt, the nymph blew open mouthed to announce her presence. The princess inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation of the warm breath and its implication. The two other nymphs adjusted their firm hold on her legs but allowed her arms over their heads. With urgent necessity she immediately grasped the plentiful flesh of her breasts to brace herself for the inevitable. The two side nymphs applied hands, mouths and hair on every reachable part of the princess’s luscious flesh, while the other one was in contemplation, lips breathing on lips, nose savouring aroma, eyes mesmerised by the sheer erotic beauty of a cunt perspiring as it waited for its devouring.

Her tongue reached out to taste, just the tip brushing an inch or so along bloated labia. The nectar tasted as nectar should, like you can never have enough of it. A jittery whimper escaped from the princess’s other lips. Her heightened senses magnified every sensory contact. It was exquisite torment to try and anticipate what the nymphs would do. As if to tempt the nymph, the princess’s juices hastened. A thick droplet descended along an inner labia. The nymph was not going to allow its escape. She opened her mouth to let loose a voluptuous tongue of startling proportions, and with one extravagant upward sweep wiped clean the defenceless vulva.

‘Mmmm’, sounded the nymph. ‘Ohhhh-h’, replied the princess, through hesitating breath. Another ‘mmmm’ accompanied the next lick and the princess responded with a groan of breathtaking eroticism. All three nymphs faltered in their task on hearing the cunt-dissolving sound, briefly looking at each other in open mouthed astonishment before continuing the princess’s pleasuring.

The gaping slit looked xslot Güncel Giriş so enticing, plenty of nectar in there, she thought. The enormous tongue stabbed into the slimy entrance, wiggling its extent all the way in. The room echoed with the princess’s vocal gratitude of how it felt, letting the nymphs share the pleasure they gave her, her noises demanded that two nymphs send a hand to deal with their pounding clits, while the tongue wielder needed two between her thighs, her breasts cushioning her wriggling on the soft towel.

Awash with saliva and cunt-juice the tongue frolicked with the vulva, slithering over and between every fold and mound with astonishing speed and dexterity, hips matching its pattern as best they could. Penetrating deep inside, whirling and flapping, prising wide, scraping, jabbing in and out, the tongue curled into a funnel and probed, probing deep and yes, there above, a small patch feeling different to the tip of the talented tongue. The nymph marked that spot’s position in her memory and withdrew. As the delirious moaning lessened, each woman’s panting was made distinct. Each subtlety different, the erotic songs filled the air with audible bliss.

Back inside its mouth the tongue was sucked of all flavour as its owner, arms still stretched underneath and fingers dipped in her own honey pot, examined its effect. Turgid and flushed, the princess’s cunt glowed in pleasure and desire, its jutting head screamed in shocking pink for more attention. The other two nymphs contended themselves with a breast apiece to play with, their ears had become sexual organs thanks to the princess’s erotic mumblings. Their fingers too had been playing in honey pots. The princess’s sexual fever had infected those causing it, urgently demanding treatment, so, as protocol dictated the princess must come first….

With the tip, lick, direct on the screaming pink.

Another. It wasn’t just the pink that was screaming.

Lick, lick, lick, then without pause a change to ultra fast flittering, just like a soft vibrator.

The oral licentiousness that spewed from the princess made the nymphs undertaking very difficult. Every utterance, its tone, its delicious carnality buzzed at their clits.

From the middle of the tongue, a rasping lick, followed by many more with varying pauses between. An elongated whine accompanied each one of them. The rough texture on her delicate little bud sent her expressions to new heights, she lamely tried to close her legs to protect her delicacy, but she was snared by the three of them. Her arms reached down to the bobbing head between her legs. Her fingers briefly touched glossy hair before recoiling to the comfort of pliant breasts.

A brief withdrawal of her head enabled the nymph to assess and enjoy the effect of her tonguing. Raw and puffy, and about to become more so. She looked up and saw the princess desperately clasping her mounds, their solid red peaks seemingly about to erupt skyward.

The flat of her tongue wiped itself around the princess’s cunt, pressing and circling. Then the same movement right on top of her clitoris. When the shriek subdued she did it again, this time for a bit longer, and the pattern continued, lengthening every time. Somehow the nymph kept the princess’s orgasm at bay, unlike the cream dribbling down onto the towel. She kept her on a precipice while taking it higher. The tongue scooped up some royal cream and wallowed in it against the folds from where it came.

The princess lost control of her body, it reacted only to the sensation thrust upon it. It moved involuntarily with perplexing randomness. Her cries were now almost a single lament of the sexual energy burning her up. The nymph could arouse her no higher than this, the denouement must be applied.

The dexterous muscle that was the nymph’s tongue curled itself as tight as it could and stabbed once more into the soft flesh. It reached as far as it could then spread its girth wide and flapped with all its power. While not being as excruciatingly intense as a caress on her clit, the vigorous wriggling inside her somehow managed to begin the slide down the other side of precipice.

The princess was pure erotic sensation and her sensory Universe spoke to her. She snapped the tether holding her onto the edge of her Universe and began her fall into infinity.

To the princess, the change in her state of arousal was imperceptible at first but not to the nymph. As her tongue’s edges scraped the squelchy walls, she felt something different. As soon as she felt it her tongue’s tip aimed directly for the remembered patch and fluttered at it for all it was worth. The nymph’s upper lip barged against a tender clitoris as the tongue performed inside. The sensitised spot responded to the abrading tongue and to all the pent-up stimulation the princess had received from the nymphs. Her breathing slowed and deepened, the wild groans settled down to ominous murmurings in her throat. The nymph listened while internally flicking her until the first contraction nearly crushed her tongue as she withdrew it. The princess’s overwhelming but diffuse sensations of arousal condensed and focused in her clitoris. She simply was pleasure as electrifying jolts strafed the beginning of an almighty orgasm through her. Her cunt dissolved with a gush into the face of the nymph.

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