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Three Redheads in a Hot Tub

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Driving north through the San Fernando valley on a lukewarm winter night, heading for Jimmy Jack’s annual Christmas orgy. I’m eager to blow off steam after the most stressful day (and month) of the year. Tired of pretending not to be a male porn star at my family reunion, and pretending to give a shit about my aunt’s quilting projects and my cousin’s Mormon mission to Timbuktu.

I run into a traffic jam on I-5, making me late for the party. When I finally get to Jimmy’s hillside mansion, everyone is already naked and going at it. A veritable who’s-who of “adult entertainers” are frolicking on the furniture and on the floor. I change into my birthday suit and take a tour, searching for an opening in the hardcore action. Jessa Rhodes is giving a double-fisted handjob to Johnny Sins, and Lana Rhodes is giving an energetic blowjob to Michael Vegas in the living room. Mick Blue is fucking Cory Chase in the missionary position in the dining room, while Kayley Gunner is getting double-penetrated by Jason Luv and Jimmy Jack in the breakfast nook. (I pounded Kayley’s pussy last month in Ghostfuckers: Porn After Life.) Twelve more stars are scattered around the mansion in various positions, moaning and groaning in surround sound. It’s always fun to watch people having sex, but it’s always better seeing it live, with no scripts, cuts, or edits. Pure erotic energy.

I step outside on a big patio with an eagle’s eye view of the suburban valley. My gaze is drawn to three gorgeous but unfamiliar redheads sitting in a hot tub, wearing nothing but red Santa Claus caps. Ho-ho-ho, indeed.

“Hey ladies. Mind if I join you in there?”

“Not at all, Mister Biggs,” the one on the right replies seductively, recognizing me as the highest-paid man in the industry. I have a major redhead fetish, so I descend eagerly into the bubbling cauldron and sit the next to the one on the left with the biggest tits. I warm them up with a little chit-chat and find out their names: Madison Daniels, Allison Ames, and Ciara. Just Ciara, with a sultry Irish accent.

“Hey Blake, I loved your role in The Real Hookers of Potomac,” Ciara says.

“It was really fun playing a sleazy senator, but I hate talking about politics in real life. How many videos have you girls made?”

“Just a few. We’ve barely broken into the business,” Madison says.

“We’re a bunch of up-and-comers,” Allison adds. “Come with a u.”

“Of course,” I snicker.

“We all work at a strip club on La Brea ankara moldovyalı escortlar avenue. Jessa Rhodes met us there last night, and she invited us to this party,” Ciara says.

“Jessa has a good eye for quality, and so do I. But you can never be sure until you sample the merchandise.”

“Fuck a sample,” Madison says boldly. “Why don’t you buy the whole thing right now? A three-for-one special.”

“What a great deal. You can charge those pussies on my gold card.” I point at my underwater prick, and Madison giggles sweetly. Ten seconds later, she’s riding me like a San Fernando cowgirl. Bouncing up and down in a red-and-white blur, with the little white ball dangling from her Santa cap bouncing against her pale neck.

“Oh my fucking god. Merry Christmas to me,” I groan.

“And a horny new year,” Allison adds wittily. I squeeze Madison’s soaking wet DD tits and slap them hard. She grabs my shoulders and fucks me faster.

“My turn!” Allison beams. Madison moves aside and Allison climbs aboard, bouncing on my ballsack and making waves in the chlorinated water. The humming of the motor and the sloshing of the jets drowns out the sexual noises emanating from the house.

“I love your big fucking dick, Mister Biggs!”

“I love your big freckled tits, Miss Ames.”

I smack her single-D breasts, making her yelp.

“Fuck yeah, you’re so rough and wild. That’s why you’re a famous porn star.”

“I’m gonna make you famous, bitch!”

I smack those boobies over and over, and she keeps bouncing and bouncing. Good thing I’ve had plenty of practice in holding back my load.

“All right, that’s enough. Give that Irish chick a chance.”

Allison scoots over, and Ciara rides me aggressively, growling like an Irish banshee.

“You think you’re hot shit, don’t you Mister Biggs? A girl like me can cut you down to size.”

“I love that Eurotrash attitude. Squeeze that pussy on my big cock.”

She squeezes it nice and tight and arches her back to hit her g-spot. I smack her flat muscular chest, then she returns the favor, whacking my man-tits real hard.

“That’s right, I’m a tough Irish lass. You hit me, I hit you right back.”

She slaps my face lightly.

“You hit like a girl.” I slap her face harder, and she reels in shock. “I’m gonna fuck you like an Irish setter.”

I shove her against the edge of the tub and pound her pussy doggy-style while spanking her wet ass cheeks, making her growl ankara ukraynalı escortlar even louder.

“Fuck me like a dog,” Madison orders. She assumes the position next to Ciara, and I fuck her with my usual gusto. Spanking her big white apple butt and watching it go round and round. I love her sweet submissiveness after getting a taste of that Conor McGregor wannabe. I grab her red pigtails and yank her head back.

“That’s right, pull my pigtails like a big bully.”

“I am a big bully, bitch!”

I fuck her hard and spank her harder. Allison taps me on the shoulder, and I turn my head in her direction.

“Fuck me against the railing, Mister Biggs,” she utters meekly.

“Ah-ah, you didn’t say the magic word.”

“Pretty please?”

“That’s more like it.”

Allison drapes her body over the diagonal railing that leads into the hot tub, grabbing a vertical bar for support. I drape myself on top of her and pound her twat right into the stainless steel.

“You love these kinky positions, you little freak,” I growl.

“I love kinky freaks like you.”

“Lick that metal, bitch.”

She ignores me and keeps moaning.

“Lick it!”

She obeys my order, licking that warm humid steel like a jawbreaker. This is the best sex I’ve had in nearly two years, ever since my role as a male nurse in COVID Lockdown Gangbang. I gaze down at the San Fernando valley, feeling like a king surveying his realm from the royal harem. Someone opens the patio door behind us, and laughs at what she sees.

“Well, well. I admire your taste in women, Mister Biggs.” The unmistakably smooth voice of Jessa Rhodes. She closes the door and walks right up to us, naked as fuck. She takes a sip of champagne and watches me hammer that ginger. Jessa is still a blonde bombshell at 29, but of course her gigs are getting fewer and farther between.

“These are the cutest redheads I ever saw, so I had to scoop them out,” Jessa beams. “Stand up, ladies. I want to lick your pussies.”

“Yes ma’am, Miss Rhodes,” Allison says while getting on her feet in the steaming water.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a hot tub orgy,” Ciara says while getting next to Allison.

“Me too!” Madison beams while wriggling off the railing. “But I never dreamed I’d be having it with two big-name porn stars.”

“Wake up and smell the roses, honey,” Jessa replies while kneeling down in the tub. She buries her face in Madison’s fire crotch, sincan minyon tipli escortlar and she moans approvingly. I just stand there jerking off to the entertaining show. Jessa licks her pussy for a full minute, then she licks Allison’s pussy for another full minute. Ciara is obviously impatient.

“Lick my cunt, Jessa. I’m way better than those bitches.”

“I’ll see about that,” Jessa giggles. She works her tongue between Ciara’s legs, making that Irish lass holler. She grabs Jessa’s head with both hands and fucks her face with reckless abandon. Hot red-on-blonde lesbian action. Ciara reaches a loud climax; cumming right in Jessa’s mouth. She swallows it with a pleasant hum and turns in my direction.

“Last but not least.”

“It’s been a while, Miss Rhodes.”

“Too long, Mister Biggs.” Five years, in fact. She wades over to my cock and sucks it like the all-star she is. The same way she sucked it during our hot tub scene in Avengers: Age of Orgasmatron.

“I know you want to fuck me, Jessa.”

“Damn right, baby. Just like last time.”

She gets up, bends over, grabs the railing, and sticks one leg horizontally up in the air. I grab that leg and pound her pussy, just like when I played Thor and she played Black Widow, getting down and dirty in the steam baths of Asgard. Meanwhile, the ginger trio engages in some friendly finger-fucking. I keep fucking the shit out of that legendary blondie, holding back my load until I feel like Krakatoa.

“I’m gonna cum! Everyone out of the pool.”

I exit the hot tub and stand near a railing overlooking the valley. The ladies march right over and drop to their knees, tilting their heads at awkward angles to form a solid mass of faces, framed by Santa Claus caps. I bust my best nut of the year, splattering those sluts with a triumphant roar. Jessa’s face takes most of the damage. Ciara licks it all off and swaps into Madison’s mouth, then Madison swaps it to Allison, and Allison swaps it to Jessa.

“You better swallow that shit, Miss Rhodes.”


She tilts her head back, points at her Adam’s Apple, and swallows my frothy semen in a three gulps. The scene dissolves into a lesbian kiss-fest while I reel in the afterglow.

“That was super-funzies!” Madison beams.

“Fuck yeah. We should totally hook up again sometime,” Allison adds.

“Can you really make us stars?” Ciara asks.

“Of course we can,” Jessa replies sweetly.

“Tell you what, why don’t you all stop by my house tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll do this again on camera,” I propose. “In my own big hot tub.”

“And then we’ll sell the video to a big studio, and split the profits,” Jessa continues.

“Awesome-sauce!” Madison beams.

“Yes indeed,” I reply hazily. “Merry fucking Christmas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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