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Tipping the Caterer

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You sat and watched in awe. Here was a man who’s around six feet tall and a little on the heavy side, looking like he couldn’t do anything more delicate than changing a tire, making intricate decorations from tomatoes with a calm confidence and skill level that rivaled any brain surgeon.

You let your mind wander so you can enjoy his large but skillful hands treating your body to things you could only dream of recently. For several weeks, after breaking up with your partner of many years, you hadn’t been in the mood for going back on the hunt. Problem was that your body had an itch that needed scratching as only a man can do.

You had been roped into throwing this party for your office staff or you’d be alone right now and masturbating. Instead you’re sitting there with soaked panties, dreaming about what the ‘rent a chef’ could do with you.

The hours have passed and the party went off without a hitch. Now you’re again alone with this man who has captivated your thoughts most of the night. With just a little alcohol in you the desires you felt were surfacing and you were abandoning any attempt to keep them under control.

“You certainly earned this!” you said, smiling as you hand him a check with a substantial tip included. He looked at the amount, did some quick math in his head, and realized the amount of the tip.

“That’s very generous, thank you!” he spoke softly as the check was folded and placed in his pants pocket. You watched his large and fascinating hand slide into his pocket. You suddenly find you’re wishing you were the check. Being that close to his genitals would make you quite happy right about now.

“I canlı bahis was thinking I should give you more than that,” you whisper as you run your hand over his face, down his chest, and to his stomach. You start to undo his belt and he grabs you tightly by the arms. His lips suddenly are pressing tightly against yours and his tongue is trying to pry your lips open. His strength is undeniable but very controlled as he pushes you backwards against the wall of the house.

Surrendering your mouth to his desires, your tongue dances with his. You feel the cool night air move over your thighs and know he has lifted your skirt. His hand is quickly slipping between the elastic of your panties and your abdomen. As his fingers glide over your trimmed patch you part your legs. His index finger slips into your slit which is soaked from your own desires.

The grip of sexual arousal clenches around your entire body as his finger rubs your hard clit. Reaching down you feel the massive bulge in his pants and again attempt to undo his pants. This time you succeed and soon his pants are around his ankles and you’re stroking his hard cock. He steps back a step and releases his grip on you.

You immediately squat down, taking his engorged member quickly into your mouth. His smooth flesh feels wonderful against your tongue as you force the fat tip of his cock in your throat. His hips thrust forward, burying him deeper in your throat. For several minutes you enjoy the flesh lollipop he is offering you and he removes his shirt almost without you noticing.

In one quick motion, he grabs you by your arms and lifts you to your feet as your dress bahis siteleri is lifted over your head and tossed aside. His mouth, lips, tongue, and hands are now roaming freely over your exposed breasts and torso. Your hand is again wrapped around his thickness as you feel his excitement oozing from him. The wetness in your pussy is calling silently to his shaft of meat. Seemingly to answer the call, his hands push your panties down and you step out of them as he steps out of his crumpled pants.

You’re forced to turn toward the chair and he quickly bends you over it as he steps behind you, immediately shoving his thickness into your sex craved and desire swollen pussy. The thickness of his shaft stretches you tight around him as his full penetration is uninhibited. A small but delightful orgasm washes over you as his strokes begin. His hands have slid down your sides and are now grasping your hips as his thrusts become quicker and harder.

His thrusts stay rapid and strong, forcing your large breasts to swing back and forth in rhythm. Moments later, after having several orgasms, you’re being pulled backward and to the ground, finding yourself positioned directly over his face and protruding tongue. You have no time to think about how he did it because you’re instantly taken into a massive orgasm.

His wide tongue has forced you there by licking rapidly over your clit like the tongue of a snake. He eagerly licks up every drop of your cum and has you close to another orgasm as you bend down and inhale his flesh sword which had been dancing wildly in the air as you rode his mustache.

He forces even more pleasure into your bahis şirketleri body with his mouth and tongue working feverishly on your pussy. His large, warm hands have been relentlessly exploring your body while you enjoy knowing you’re giving him pleasure as evidenced by his throbbing cock.

You reposition yourself quickly in the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position, impaling yourself on his delightful hardness that’s jutting from his groin. Rocking and bouncing on his cock like a tennis ball in the bed of a pickup speeding over a rough road, your release is almost constant. His enormous cock tightly stays deep within you while you take more pleasure.

He grabs your breasts as he sits up and rolls you over onto the patio floor. Now on your knees and elbows, he rams his meat back into your soaked pussy. The force of his thrusts is on the edge of being painful while he pleases himself with your body. The moans, gasps, and occasional screams drifting from your patio into the night air tells the neighborhood that you and your guest are enjoying a very private party.

You have given up counting how many orgasm this man has coaxed you to have, and his massive cock just keeps getting thicker and thicker. You squeeze him with your pussy muscles and his tempo increases. The velocity of his thrusting is making your ass tender and the tip of his rod is repetitively slamming into the ceiling of your cervix. His hips pound into your flesh as his fingers dig into your hips. Then you feel it.

The first of many forceful ejaculations from him. The warm fluid coats your inner walls as his cock pumps more and more of his juices into you. You join him with another orgasm of your own and soon the two of you lay on the patio, panting, sweaty, and satisfied.

You know that he will be the only one you call the next time you need a caterer!


July 7, 2009

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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