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Tommy and Pam

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Man, was it ever cold that Saturday morning. It’d snowed a little but then the temperature went down so fast that it was just too cold to even snow anymore.

I kept checking the thermometer to see if I’d need to run the water in the upstairs sink. We’d had one pipe placed too close to an outside wall, when we built the house, and if it went below 5 degrees it’d freeze that pipe.

I looked out the window of the study and strained to see the thermometer. It was somewhere between 8 degrees and 10 degrees still, but it was only 4:30 and it could easily go down more.

I made a note to get a thermometer that was easier to read.

I get up early. Really early sometimes. It gives me a chance to write or just do some serious thinking. And, sure, it gives me a chance to look at and read porn.

But, the best porn is in my mind. I just love memories, don’t you?

And right now I was in memory heaven as I thought about the night last month that we had three couples here. Damn, Linda was hot. I’d wanted to explore her for years and finally had the opportunity. It was everything I’d thought it’d be too. I’ve just got to have her again, and this time all of her.

It was hot seeing my cute Jan with Linda’s husband too. And that little Sue of Jerry’s was incredible. I sure envied my friend Tom until Linda stole my complete attention.

In fact, the only negative was Linda stealing my complete attention. Why in the world didn’t I think to set up the video camera before we started?

Anyway, it’s damn cold this morning but my thoughts are extra warm.

Uh, oh…, seven degrees and it’s still only 5:00.

Think I better go let the sink, at least, drip a little before it’s too late.

“Is it that cold outside?”

I was, not only surprised but, startled a little when Jan spoke.

“Getting there,” I tried to sound composed, hesitated as I adjusted the water just right, then added, “can’t believe you’re awake this early.”

“Come back to bed,” Jan flipped the bedding aside revealing her beautiful naked body, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

And she did too. The only thing bad about morning sex is knowing you are on a time limit. And, being in sales, Saturday was a work day for me.

“Why don’t you ask Tommy if he and Pam would like to come over tonight?”

Jan liked Tom a lot. I’d known that for years. He’d been our friend during his first marriage, his divorce, his second marriage and divorce, and now his third marriage to Pam. I think she started calling him Tommy right after they met.

“Sure,” I didn’t hesitate to answer but paused before adding, “want me to ask Chip and Jerry too?”

“I knew it wouldn’t be too long before that came up.” Jan didn’t sound irritated but she didn’t sound excited either.

“Well,” I collected my thoughts and tried to find the best way to negotiate this sensitive subject correctly, “I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I’d been thinking a lot about that night.”

“You men,” Jan’s smile was definitely reassuring, “never enough.”

“Well,” I smiled back at her as we lay in bed facing each other, “didn’t you enjoy it too?”

“Yes,” Jan looked me right in the eyes as she added, “but I don’t want to be part of some swingers group.”

“We aren’t swingers,” I paused, “and they aren’t either. We just had a very adventurous and fun evening.” I probably should have left it at that but I continued, “And I’d love to do it again.”

The silence was really loud. The clock ticked away and I knew the first one to speak would lose.

“Me too.” Jan spoke under her breath.

“What,” I barely whispered and wasn’t sure it’d really come out so I spoke again, “what’d you say?”

“Me too,” Jan spoke more assertively now, “I’d like to do something like that again.” Before I could say anything she clarified, “But not with a group, Honey.” She smiled to reassure me. “It was fun but I hope it was a one-time thing. I don’t know how the other wives felt but I felt a little badly afterwards. Just not me.”

“OK,” I thought about what she’d said and was very careful in what I said, “what did you have in mind?”

“I’ve thought about it a lot over the past few weeks too,” Jan surprised me with that, “and since it’s something you really want,” I knew she’d put it on my shoulders, “and I did enjoy too at the time,” well that was a relief to hear, “then why not continue the adventurous part of our lives?”

“Oh, Jan,” I pulled her warm body against mine and whispered in her ear, “I love canlı bahis you.”

“OK big boy,” Jan playfully pushed me away, “before you get too excited let me finish.” She got into her attorney mode as she set the rules. “I don’t want this to be an every weekend thing, or even a scheduled thing at all. When we’re both, and let me emphasize, both, ready for some excitement we’ll do something.” Before I could agree she added, “And that, something, doesn’t always have to be totally sexual, OK?”

“Absolutely OK!” I was thrilled and Jan knew it. “Your call.”

“No,” Jan looked more serious as she responded, “it’s your call too. If there’s something you’d really like to explore we can, and will, discuss it, OK?”

“OK,” I quickly agreed, “now I’ve got to get my ass in gear and get to work.”

“So,” Jan was getting out of bed and putting on her robe, “are you going to ask Tommy if he and Pam would like to come over?”

“Sure,” I quickly answered then added, “for the evening or for the night?”

Tommy lived quite a drive from us and they often spent the night when they came over.

“For the night,” Jan spoke with no emotion, “I’ll call Pam later today too.”

The drive to work went faster than usual. Not only the lesser traffic because it was Saturday, but the thoughts going through my head had everything in fast motion.

When Tom walked in the store I immediately motioned for him to follow me to the coffee room

“What are you and Pam doing this weekend?” I saw that devilish smile on his face as I spoke.

“Not a damn thing planned,” Tom was grinning as he added, “until, hopefully, now.” He paused then asked, “are we all getting together again?”

“I wish,” I quickly answered then added, “but no,” I hesitated then spoke more seriously, “Jan just wanted me to invite you and Pam over.”

“Well, damn,” Tom didn’t pause before finishing, “I hoped it was going to be something really interesting,” he smiled before finishing, “I’ll call Pam and let you know.” As he said that he turned to walk back to his office.

“Well,” I spoke just loud enough for him, and only him, to hear, “it might be interesting at that.” I hesitated to let it sink in, “And, Jan said she’d call Pam.”

“No shit?” Tom turned around as he spoke. “What have you two got in mind?”

“I’m as out of the loop as you are, my friend.” I grinned at Tom and patted him on the shoulder. “But my sweet Jan has agreed that some excitement might be fun.”

“Abso-fucking-lutely cool!” Tom pronunciated slowly. “Now Jerry’s little Asian hotty was something else but I was wishing I’d had Jan that whole evening.”

“That was some evening, wasn’t it?” I grinned and teased as I added, “And knowing Jan, she probably wished it was you and not Chip that she was with.” Before Tom could reply I spoke in my manager’s voice. “Now go sale some cars!”

It was a very productive day. I was surprised too. Tom was my best salesman and he and I certainly had our minds occupied on more important things than selling cars. But we did sell quite a few.

“Why don’t you go take a shower and change,” Jan helped me get my coat off as she spoke, “I’ll have a nice drink and a warm fire waiting for you when you come back down.”

“Did you call Pam?” I spoke as I started up the stairs.

“Sure,” Jan looked a little confused, “why do you ask?”

“Well,” I stopped my ascent and turned to look at Jan appreciatively, “you’re not exactly dressed for company.”

Jan had on ‘that’ outfit. It wasn’t a negligee and it wasn’t a dress. But it was sexy as hell and she never wore it in public…, until now.

“Well,” Jan grinned the most provocative and sexy grin I’d ever seer on her pretty face, “Tom and Pam aren’t just company,” she hesitated then added, “at least not tonight.”

OK, I wanted all the details of her plan for the night. I wanted to know exactly what she and Pam had spoken about on the phone.

But, I knew that the fun part was the unknown and I wanted to be surprised so I hurried up the stairs.

As I showered I’ll admit to playing with my cock more than I usually would in the shower.

And I, for really the first time since I’d known her, thought about Pam sexually.

I don’t know why I never had before. Hell, I think about every attractive female sexually! And Pam was attractive. She had flirtatious eyes, a very cute figure, and the cutest dimples. Why in the world had I never thought about her in a sexual way? Well, I was now.

I thought bahis siteleri about trying to put something on a little sexier than usual but decide it just wasn’t me. So, jeans and shirt!

“Are you just not wanting to outdo me?” Jan teased me as I came down the stairs.

“Hey,” I smiled as I took the glass of whiskey from her, “didn’t want to even try to compete with that.” I toasted her as I admired her from head to toe.

“There here already.” Jan lost her look of confidence as we saw the headlights of our friend’s car pull into the driveway. “Am I really doing this?”

“It’s fine, Honey,” I tried to sound like I wasn’t nervous as well, which I was, “it’s Tommy and Pam.”

“God damn!” Tom exclaimed as he came in and saw Jan, “Pardon my French, but,” he caught his breath and repeated, “God-fucking-damn!”

“Well,” Jan blushed, “I’ll take that as the most sincere, if not most vulgar, compliment I’ve ever had.”

“You do look really nice, Jan.” Pam smiled at Jan, then took off her own coat.

“Well, I don’t know French,” I took Pam’s coat and took a long moment to look at her, and what little she had on under the coat, “but you look absolutely incredible tonight.”

“Would you say that Pam looks good enough to eat?” Jan sounded a little nervous still and she had obviously planned, and probably rehearsed, her words.

“As my best friend Tom would say,” I smiled, looked at Pam again then held my glass up to Jan and Tom as well, “Abso-fucking-lutely!”

“OK,” Jan still sounded rehearsed and nervous but continued, “I do have something, food wise, prepared but it can wait until much later.” She, surprisingly to me, took Tom by the hand and led him to the stairs. “If you all are as nervous as I am then I think you’ll agree that the best way to relax is to do what we’re all wanting to do first.”

I was perfectly stunned. I was speechless. I watched as my wife led my, also bewildered, friend up the stairs, down the short hallway, and into our bedroom.

As the door shut I realized that I was standing beside a very beautiful, barely dressed, young woman. I turned to her, looked at her admiringly once more, and smiled. “Can you believe that?”

“Well,” Pam did have a sweet smile at that, “I’m sure Tom is having a little difficulty believing his luck right now.”

“Are you OK, with this,” I looked very seriously into Pam’s pretty eyes, “is this what you want too?”

“It’s what Tom has wanted for longer than I’ve known him,” Pam nodded her agreement as she spoke, “and I’m not only agreeable,” she smiled and winked, “I’m eager.”

“Want a drink first?” I asked out of courtesy but was relieved when Pam declined.

“He’s probably already fucking her, you know.” Pam was grinning as she surprised me with her blunt statement.

“Is that OK with you?” I asked her, then added, “And, it’s fine with me if they’re enjoying themselves.

“It actually turns me on,” Pam sounded a little hesitant to admit this, “I’ve often gotten turned on listening to Tom talk about all the times he’s gotten peeks at Jan and feels of her. He’s wanted her forever and I think it’s hot that he’s getting her right now.”

“Really?” I was surprised, “I think it’s hot too.” I grinned at my new friend and relished in the knowledge that she and I had this in common. “Want to go listen?”

“Do you?” Pam quickly responded, then added, “Really?”

We tried to be quiet. We tried to tiptoe. But we were in such a hurry that we likely sounded like a heard of elephants.

“Should we open the door?” Pam whispered after we got to the bedroom door.

“If you want to,” I whispered back, “but if they hear us it might break their mood.”

“You’re right,” Pam whispered, “let’s just listen through the door.

I was standing behind Pam who had her back to me and her head turned sideways with her ear to the bedroom door.

My wife was in that bedroom, probably, fucking Pam’s husband right now but I was still uncertain if I should put my hands on Pam. And, I sure wanted to.

“Tommy” We’d both heard it but hadn’t been able to make out any other words.

“Oh damn” Tom had spoken that plenty loud enough for us both to hear.

“You do like this,” Pam’s hand had reached around and grabbed my hard cock through my jeans, “my oh my, what a nice cock you have my friend.”

I’d never heard Pam talk like this before. I have to admit it was a little unusual, but it was also sexy.

“A little harder” Jan whispered so loudly that bahis şirketleri we could hear.

“How’s that” We could hear the slapping sound as Tom answered.

“I’m so wet.” Pam turned her head and looked into my eyes, invitingly, as she spoke. “And you’re too hard to be so confined,” she looked inquisitively at me before finishing, “Want to get undressed?”


We were undressed and our clothing lay in a pile in the hallway in record time.

I think we were in a hurry, not only to be naked together, but to get back to listening.

“I can’t believe I’ve wanted to find what makes that bed creak and fix it.”

“I’m sure glad you never did.” Pam looked back at me and grinned, then took my bare cock in her little hand and began stroking it behind her back as she, again, placed her ear against the bedroom door. “This is so sexy, isn’t it?”

“It sure is.” I eased my body up against her back and felt my cock rest against that cute little ass of hers. I felt as her hand began to rub my cock against her ass and then push it down and let it slide against her wet pussy. I reached around Pam and took her breasts in my hands and fondled, exploring, each one. I kissed the back of her neck and whispered in her ear. “And you’re pretty sexy too!”

“I’m close” Jan panted through the door.

“I’m really close, Tommy, don’t stop”

“Take your time, Baby” Tom sounded in control.

“Make it last…, make it good”

The bed was really squeaking now. In fact, we could hear the headboard banging against the wall and could easily imagine the scene that the door was preventing us from seeing.

“Squeeze them harder.” Pam reached up with her free hand and pushed one of my hands more firmly against her breast.

I complied and began to really pinch her hard nipples while kissing her neck more.

“Can I put you in me now?” Pam asked but didn’t need to.

She was wet. I was totally hard. Pam had one of those pussies that were far lower than most and the way we were standing by the door, her leaning forward, my cock slid right into her wet pussy as though we’d been designed by some generous God to be together.

“That feels so good.” I spoke without even thinking.

“Me too.” Pam breathed her words.

As I heard the bed squeaking, the headboard pounding, and my heart beating, I felt that wonderful pussy around my hard cock as I slid in and out of it.

“I’m cumming” Jan almost shouted.

“Go ahead and cum good, Baby” Tom encouraged her.

We continued to fuck our slow, in and out, pace not wanting to miss anything in the other room.

But, I have to admit that my attention was now about as much on Pam, and her wonderful little ass and pussy, as on the action in the other room.

“Oh, God!” Tom’s exclamation stopped abruptly then he shouted again, “Oh God Damn!”

The squeaking stopped. The headboard no longer banged against the wall.

But I was still fucking this gorgeous young woman that I was really liking more and more.

I let go of one of her tits and let my hand go down to her nice belly and then her clitoris.

I started fucking her harder and harder and soon we were both oblivious of anything except our fucking and fondling each other’s body’s.

“I’m going to cum.” Pam was pushing back against me and matching my every thrust.

“Tell me when,” I grunted back, “I want to cum with you.”

“I’m close.” Pam grunted and really slapped her ass against my groin as we fucked.

“I’m really close.” Pam pushed again and again, faster and faster. “I’m there.”

“I’m cumming.” I had my mouth right at Pam’s little ear as I spoke and thrust with even more force. “Can I cum in you?” I asked really too late.

“Yes,” Pam yelled each time I thrust in and shot my cum into her, “yes, yes, yes.”

I’ll admit that it was a bit awkward for everyone that evening. We, pretty much, stayed paired up with each other’s spouses as we ate the nice dinner that Jan had ready, then had a few drinks afterwards.

I thin we were all four relieved when someone, I don’t remember who, suggested we call it a night.

I was very glad when Jan grabbed Tom by the hand.

And, I was delighted when I found out just how good eating Pam was.

It was probably the first time I’d really had that much sex with a woman before I’d had oral foreplay with her. And, maybe I should more often. Maybe getting that worked up and then fucking makes a woman taste better.

Pam and I had something deliciously in common besides just the sex we were having together. And, we had sex four times that night.

But, we also listened to Tom and Jan have sex three more times and even watched them once.

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