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Touch Class Ch. 06

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During the week, Christine called. “Jimmy, remember that girl Karen I told you about? The one with the unusual physical characteristics?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, I’ve gotten to know her and she’s interested in meeting my special playmate. Would you like to meet her?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

“Great! I’ll invite her over and you can join us.”

“Super. Just let me know when you want me to come over.”

That Friday Christine called again and said Karen was coming for dinner. I was invited, too. “I’ll be there,” I said.

Dinnertime arrived and I walked over to Shiri and Christine’s place. Christine introduced me to Karen, who was her age, pretty, and had a nice figure. She was wearing shorts and a tank top, and her breasts were well-developed and pushing out the sides of her top. You couldn’t really tell much about her unique physiology by looking at her shorts.

We ate an enjoyable meal, making small talk. Shiri was sitting next to me, and reached under the table and put her hand on my lap. She squeezed my cock through my shorts, then slipped her hand up the leg of my shorts, and worked it under my boxers and jock to its goal. Her blouse was open more than it would be in public, allowing her generous bosom to be displayed to advantage. I imagined that the teenagers were aware of something going on between Shiri and me. What I didn’t realize, maybe because I was somewhat preoccupied with Shiri’s attention, was that there was something going on between the girls as well.

What tipped me off was when we were all helping to clean up after dinner and Karen’s shorts had a discernable bulge in front now. Shiri put a movie on. We sat on the couch, Shiri on the right end, Christine on the left end, and Karen and me in the middle, Karen to my left. In order to all fit, we had to squeeze pretty close together, which I don’t think any of us minded too much.

“Karen, I hope you don’t mind if we get a little frisky with each other,” Shiri said.

“No, I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

“Good. I want you to feel completely at home with us. And I hope you enjoy yourself.”

“Thank you, I’m sure I will.”

Shiri leaned into me further and I put my arm around her. She tilted her face up and our lips touched. We kissed lightly at first, but it intensified quickly. My right hand found its way into her partly open blouse. Meanwhile Christine illegal bahis and Karen were snuggling closer and started kissing. Shiri had her hand back on my shorts, and this time she unbuttoned and unzipped them. Christine and Karen were feeling each other’s chests.

I undid the rest of Shiri’s blouse and she slipped it off. Her breasts were now out in public for all to see. We glanced over at the girls and Karen spent a moment admiring Shiri’s physique, licking her lips. Then she looked in Christine’s eyes and they both pulled their tops off. Karen’s teen tits were perfect, much like Christine’s, tapered, firm, medium large, perky, and topped by puffy areolas with hard thick long tips. Shiri had her hand inside my jock now and we pulled down my shorts and underwear to give her better access.

My dick sprang free and happened to bump Karen’s thigh. She looked down and when she saw the source of the contact, she sighed and said “Jimmy, it’s beautiful. May I touch it?”

“Thank you, Karen. Yes, I’d love it if you touched it.”

She reached down and gingerly touched it. Then she became a bit more emboldened and firmly grasped it, squeezing and fondling it. Christine was watching intently and played with Karen’s and her own tits while this was going on. “Jimmy can keep from coming for a long time,” Shiri volunteered with a big smile. “Karen, why don’t you hold Jimmy’s dick while I give him head?” Shiri then suggested.

Karen did so and Shiri bent down and started sucking me off. Christine now had her hand on Karen’s lap, rubbing there rhythmically. Karen’s bulge was growing. Christine kissed and licked Karen’s ear and neck, then worked her way down to Karen’s tits. She undid Karen’s fly, reached in and pulled out Karen’s pecker. Mmmm, what a nice-looking cock. It was huge, at least seven or eight inches, thick, and also circumcised. Christine continued her downward travels and soon had Karen’s member inserted in her mouth and throat. “Jimmy, maybe you can teach me how to hold back from coming,” Karen said.

“I’ll be glad to help,’ I said.

We all paused to remove the rest of whatever clothes we still had on. Shiri got out the goo and toys. “OK, let the games officially begin!” she announced with a laugh.

Up first, I mounted Shiri and stuck my dick up her vagina. Karen did the same with Christine. We fucked like that for awhile, mother and daughter building illegal bahis siteleri up to orgasms nearly simultaneously. We then switched partners, me fucking Christine and Karen shtupping Shiri.

Shiri suggested we move to the bed, where there would be more room, so we did, Christine leading me by the dick and Shiri leading Karen likewise. We resumed where we had left off, me inside Christine and Karen fucking Shiri. Christine got some goo on her fingers, shared some with her mother, reached around my side, and lubed and fingered my ass, while Shiri did the same to Karen. Karen squirmed around on Shiri’s finger, her tits swinging quite sexily. I reached over and played with her tits.

We eventually dismounted and lay in a sprawl, my hand still on Karen’s tits, and the other ladies’ fingers still up our butts. Karen reached over and took my dick. I reciprocated and took hold of hers. We tugged and jerked each other. Playing with her was just like masturbating, except with a different cock. I had sometimes had dreams where I was sucking my own cock, and though I wasn’t attracted to men at all, I liked cocks a lot. I was very attracted to hot women, and Karen was a hot young woman, so when she ejected a bit of pre-cum due to my ministrations, I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted it. It was quite tasty, actually.

“Jimmy, is it alright if I kiss yours?” Karen asked shyly.

I said, “Please feel free to do whatever you’d like, Karen.”

“Thanks!” she breathed, and proceeded without delay to swivel around so her face was by my groin. That placed her throbbing schlong not that far from my face. As she kissed the tip of my dick and then gradually took more and more in her mouth, I tentatively brought my face right up to her dick. “This is some clit you’ve got here, Karen,” I joked.

“Mmmpphh,” she replied, sucking me now with unbridled lust. I licked the tip of her dick, and felt a thrill go through me at the thought of realizing a long-standing fantasy. She must have felt my dick tighten. Next I kissed the pink head and put my mouth around the whole tip, using my tongue to titillate the tip. Pretty soon I was getting more and more of her huge dick up my throat, sucking it with abandon. It had a pleasant tang and felt incredible.

Meanwhile Shiri and Christine were busy lubing dildos and inserting them in my ass and Karen’s. “I have an idea,” Shiri spoke canlı bahis siteleri up. “Karen, you sit on Jimmy’s dick with your back to him. See if you can bend your cock under you towards your ass and into his.” So we repositioned to try that configuration. Our asses were prepped by the girls’ dildoing, and hers slid down my pole without too much trouble. It felt fine, nice and tight, her sphincter and anal tunnel alternately tightening and loosening its grip on my dick like a pussy. The challenge was hers — she bent her big dick down and under and Shiri took it and helped get it the rest of the way to my rectal entrance. Then I felt it poking in a little, pushed toward it a bit, and then Shiri guided it inside further, until several inches were up my hole and filling me with bliss-stick.

Karen tried carefully thrusting, which felt wonderful, and Shiri vigilantly shepherded Karen’s love totem pole in and out, without it plopping out all the way. As she fucked me, her ass would clench my cock. We got our rhythm down, dicks in each other, her tits flopping against her chest. As Shiri was more or less positioned with her head near our groins, and occupied keeping Karen in me, Christine moved around so she could eat out her mom’s pussy. She got her own crotch draped at an angle across my chest and pushed it up into my face. I happily lapped her now overflowing pussy juices, working her erect clit into my mouth and sucking it hard, licking the head. She came, squirting her girl-sperm down my throat. Shiri must have done something similar, as I heard her voice reflect a climax, and Christine was “mmmm”-ing.

“Jimmy and Karen, I want both of you in me together,” Shiri said. We disengaged, Shiri sat on my cock slowly engulfing it with her pussy, then lay forward on my stomach, stuck her ass in the air, and Karen entered her waiting anus. We got going, thrusting and squirming together, and ever-resourceful Christine took a three-pronger with very long arms, inserted one end in my ass, one in Karen’s, and the third in her own. We kept this tableau going for minutes, the women coming over and over, until Karen and I shouted and shot our loads into Shiri at almost the same time.

“Karen, you held off from coming really well. Looks like there isn’t much I could teach you about that, though I’d enjoy playing any time you’d like to,” I said after we’d fallen back in exhaustion.

“Thank you, Jimmy, I’d like that very much.”

I was looking forward to lots more dick play with Karen. I hadn’t drunk her jism yet, and anticipated savoring its flavor. That thought was going through my mind as I fell asleep in her arms.

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