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Touch Class Ch. 16

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Friday rolled around and I was really looking forward to the evening. I had a feeling everyone else was, too. It was going to be awesome.

Right at 7, Shiri and Christine rang the bell. I welcomed them in. Christine was carrying a salad, and Shiri had brought a bottle of wine. They were both wearing tight-fitting t-shirts and skimpy shorts. I hugged Shiri and she kissed me wetly. I took the salad from Christine and they followed me to the kitchen. I put the salad in the fridge and we opened the wine. Before pouring their glasses, Christine and I hugged tightly and kissed. It was good to be back together.

The doorbell rang and we all went down to greet the next guest. It turned out to be both Gretchen and Karen, who had walked up at about the same time. They were chatting, and we all exchanged greetings as they came in. Shiri, Christine, and I hugged with Karen, then I introduced Shiri and Christine to Gretchen. Gretchen proffered her hand for a handshake, and Shiri said “C’mere, Girl!” and embraced her in a snug hug. Christine got her turn at hugging Gretchen, who didn’t seem to mind either hug at all, and the doorbell rang again. Here was Ashley, looking mighty foxy. Introductions were made all around and I invited everyone to get comfortable in the living room. I got the rest of the ladies wine and joined them. Shiri and Christine made room on the big couch for me between them. Karen and Gretchen settled on the smaller couch, and Ashley took the reclining chair.

“I want to thank all of you for coming tonight,” I said, Shiri winking at me after that statement. “I hope you’ll all have an enjoyable time, and I want to especially welcome our new friends Gretchen and Ashley.”

“Hear, hear!” went up from multiple voices and wineglasses were raised and then sipped from. Various conversations were going when the doorbell rang again a few minutes later. Of course it was Jennifer, but neither Gretchen nor Ashley knew she was one of the group. The other gals kept quiet, enjoying the little charade as Jennifer said, “Hello Sir, your pizzas are here.”

“Hello, thank you.” Jennifer smiled as she handed me three pizza boxes. “Would you mind coming in while I get your payment?”

“Not at all, Sir.” She came in, I closed the door behind her, took the pies and put them on the table, and then startled the newcomers by grabbing the gorgeous delivery girl and kissing her. Jennifer returned the kiss, moving into me, and our hands ran over each other’s backs and backsides. We eventually came up for air and I laughingly introduced her to Gretchen and Ashley. Shiri, Christine, and Karen got up and hugged Jennifer. I got the salad and some plates and napkins and we made a feast of it in the living room.

After we had eaten our fill, I said “Anyone who wants their shoulders massaged, come sit on the floor in front of us.” Ashley came over and sat in front of Shiri, and Jennifer sat in front of me. Gretchen and Karen talked it over and decided to take turns massaging each other. Gretchen went first, sitting in front of Karen. That left Christine out, but she was content with watching.

Shiri started gently stroking and then kneading Ashley’s shoulders and neck. I did the same with Jennifer. “Oh that feels great,” Ashley said softly. Karen was also releasing tension in Gretchen’s back and neck. Various “Mmmm’s” and “Ahhh’s” were being emitted around the room.

I worked my hands further down Jennifer’s back, and further around her sides towards her chest. I glanced over and saw that Shiri and Karen were doing the same thing with their “patients.” I was feeling Jennifer’s breasts now, and I saw that this was not lost on Gretchen, who was watching those of us on or near the big couch as she received Karen’s attention. Shiri was brushing Ashley’s breasts with her fingertips. Karen tentatively touched Gretchen’s breasts, and when this was not rebuffed, Karen began fondling Gretchen’s tits with abandon. Gretchen was clearly loving this lesbian attention. She knew that one of the original ladies had a penis, but didn’t know which one. But when she leaned back and put her head in Karen’s lap, she was surprised to feel a bulge there.

Shiri was unbuttoning Ashley’s blouse, then ran her hands down inside and over her bra. I pulled up Jennifer’s t-shirt and pulled it off. Her great chest was right next to Ashley, who turned that way at the activity, and looked with interest at Jennifer’s filled bra, even as her own was being revealed. Karen lifted off Gretchen’s shirt, exposing her bare chest to view. Gretchen leaned back again and used her head to rub Karen’s lap. Christine was touching her own breasts through her t-shirt, then pulled it off, revealing her bare and beautiful chest.

Ashley was still checking out Jennifer’s chest, and Jennifer said “Don’t be shy, Ashley, you are welcome to touch me if you want.” Ashley needed no more coaxing and reached over with her right hand and put it on Jennifer’s right cup.

“Mmmm, your breasts are Escort Çankaya beautiful, Jennifer,” Ashley said.

“Perhaps you’d like a better view,” I said, and undid Jennifer’s bra, removing it and freeing her breasts.

“Oh my goodness,” Ashley said. She returned her hand to Jennifer’s right breast and ran it along the whole smooth and tapered surface. She toyed with the nipple tip and it grew erect. Shiri managed to remove Ashley’s blouse without too badly disrupting Ashley’s exploration of Jennifer’s bounty, and then unfastened Ashley’s bra. She stroked Ashley’s breasts with downward movements, and Ashley’s bra slipped off. Now Jennifer returned the attention and reached over with her left hand and joined Shiri in feeling Ashley’s ample tits.

Gretchen suggested to Karen that they switch places, and they did. Gretchen spent a few moments massaging Karen’s shoulders and neck, then moved her hands down and around to Karen’s chest. It didn’t take long for Gretchen to have her hands all over Karen’s tits, and to pull up Karen’s t-shirt. Karen wasn’t wearing a bra and her perfect, hot tits sprang out. Gretchen fondled them eagerly and got the tips standing up.

Jennifer leaned over closer to Ashley, who was breathing heavily, and Ashley leaned toward Jennifer until their faces were only inches apart. They simultaneously bridged the gap, their lips touching in Ashley’s first lesbian kiss. The touch turned to a full wet smooch and they turned to focus entirely on each other. That freed Shiri and me and we turned smiling to each other.

“Why don’t I knead your shoulders?” I suggested.

“Lovely idea,” Shiri purred.

“And I’ll do yours,” Christine chimed in to me.


Shiri turned away from me and I put my hands on her shoulders. As I started massaging her, Christine leaned into my back with her pointy tits and began working on my shoulders. Shiri leaned into my hands, which didn’t take long to find their way around to the sides and front of her bursting busty t-shirt. I enjoyed feeling her massive firm tits again. I pulled off her t-shirt and Christine pulled off mine. My hands were roaming freely over Shiri’s great jugs and then I pulled on her nipples and they puffed up.

Jennifer and Ashley moved away from the big couch so they could lie down together. They had their hands all over each other’s torsos and their tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Their shift in position allowed the three of us on the couch to stretch out more. Without much ado, the three of us shucked our footgear and our shorts, and I continued on and dropped my boxers. So, Shiri and Christine were down to just their panties, and I was down to my jock. Jennifer and Ashley now were moving their hands down each other, over their asses and then into their crotches, rubbing firmly there. Gretchen was reaching down Karen’s front for her bulge, pushing her tits into Karen’s back in the process. She soon had her hands on Karen’s meat, rubbing it with both hands through Karen’s zipper.

Shiri put her hand on my jock and squeezed my cock through the fabric. I rubbed her mound through her panties, then slipped my hand under the side and into her slippery lips. My other hand was in Christine’s panties, and I slid a finger up and down her slick slit. Jennifer and Ashley had unzipped each other and had inserted hands into panties. They helped each other out of their shorts. Gretchen had Karen unzipped, too, and Karen stood up so they could embrace. As she stood, her shorts fell to her feet and her panties stuck out with her burgeoning boner. She undid Gretchen’s shorts, pulled them down, and she ran her hand up Gretchen’s crotch. Gretchen sighed and rubbed Karen’s dick through the panties.

In another moment everyone was removing their partners’ underwear and we all were completely nude. My girls were sharing my cock and balls, while I had fingers plunged into both their cunts. Ashley and Jennifer were fingering each other’s pussy and moaning. Karen had a finger up Gretchen’s vagina while Gretchen had a grip on Karen’s huge dong and was jerking her off. Shiri bent down towards my lap and started blowing me. Having removed my hand from her groin, I was working one of her tits conscientiously. It became too much for her and she spasmed in orgasm. Some secretion came from her pussy and also her nipple, and I picked up the now-empty clear salad bowl and used it to scoop up the tit-juice dribbling down her breast. Christine said, “Don’t forget mine,” as she had been working her distended nipples and had liquid leaking from both. I passed the bowl to her and collected her secretions with it.

Jennifer was climaxing on the floor, writhing in Ashley’s grasp, and gasped “Christine, quick, let me have the bowl!” and she squirted a sweet stream from her tit into the bowl. Ashley went over the top seeing this, and borrowed the bowl, putting it near her pussy. She came hard and ejaculated quite a nice puddle into the bowl.

Not wanting Ankara Escort to be left out, Gretchen said, “Please pass the bowl.” Ashley did so. Gretchen’s ministrations were bringing Karen close to climax, and Karen was working Gretchen’s tits instinctively in a way that was taking Gretchen to ecstasy. Suddenly Gretchen came loudly and shot an impressive stream of jug-juice into the bowl. Moments later her jerking Karen’s dick came to fruition and Karen launched a fountain of sperm into the air towards Gretchen. Most of it splattered Gretchen’s front and the rest Gretchen snagged with the bowl. She then got all the cum on her body into the ever-filling bowl, using the edge to acquire it. I was the only one left who had not made a contribution to the secretion collection in the bowl yet.

I got a box from a corner of the room, which was full of lubricant tubes and toys. “Ladies, help yourselves any time you feel inclined.”

Jennifer said “Jimmy, maybe we should help ourselves to your beautiful cock!” which elicited murmurs of agreement from around the room. “Why don’t you lie down here on the floor and relax. Leave the rest to us.” I did as requested, lying on my back. All six hot women converged on me. Jennifer led the way, kissing my half-erect dick, then licking and sucking the head. Ashley got her face in there and started licking my balls. Shiri and Christine each started licking and nibbling one of my nipples. Karen lubed a finger and reached under Jennifer and Ashley, liberally rubbing against their tits in the process, and inserted the finger into my anus. Gretchen took over blowing me from Jennifer, who moved her mouth up my body until she could lick my armpits, negotiating access to my upper body with Shiri and Christine.

Karen next lubed up a dildo and worked that up my butt. Ashley now had my cock and sucked the whole length, looking lustily in my eyes. The combined treatment succeeded and I blew my first load up Ashley’s throat. She got the bowl and dribbled my cum into it. As Jennifer’s sexy ass was sticking up towards those down by my legs, both Gretchen and Ashley couldn’t keep their hands off it. This was Gretchen’s first good look at Jennifer’s 2-inch clit, which hangs down enough to be seen from behind. Gretchen reached through and took it between thumb and forefinger. She started tweaking it and Jennifer moaned. Ashley pushed two fingers up Jennifer’s pussy. Since I was resting, Karen got up and moved behind Jennifer, straddling me. Karen then lubed Jennifer’s ass and started working her 8-inch dick inside.

Christine got a two-headed dildo and she and her mom lay back on the couch and availed themselves of it, connecting their cunts. Jennifer came violently, tit-liquid squirting down on my face, which I caught in my mouth. Ashley alertly located the bowl and kissed me so I could swap the nectar with her. She then deposited it in the bowl. Gretchen and Ashley had their otherwise free hands up each other’s crotches from behind. Jennifer was still getting reamed up the ass and having her vagina and clit stimulated, and came again hard. This time she secreted a lot of sticky pussy-juice onto Gretchen’s hand. Gretchen dutifully transferred this to the bowl. I reached up and fondled Karen’s dangling scrotum, then fingered her ass.

Coming alive again, I crawled out from under and approached Karen from the rear. Lubing it well, I penetrated her luscious ass with my hardening pecker. Shiri and Christine got up and came over to our group. They both lubed up a strap-on dildo. Shiri rammed hers up Ashley’s ass while Christine shoved hers up Gretchen’s butt. The new girls were getting it good and apparently loving it from the sound of their intense moans. Karen let out her own primal shout and came up Jennifer’s rear-end. I had one hand on Christine’s ass and the other on Shiri’s, and plunged my fingers into their twats, soon turning those connections into full-fledged fisting.

So, to recap our tableau, Jennifer is on her knees resting her chest and arms on the couch. Karen’s monster cock is planted deeply up Jennifer’s upturned ass, her hot tits brushing Jennifer’s back. Gretchen is on Karen’s left, on her knees, reaching under Karen, thumb and forefinger tweaking Jennifer’s 2-inch clit. Ashley is on Karen’s right, on her knees, finger-fucking Jennifer’s pussy. Christine is fucking Gretchen’s ass with a strap-on, while her mother is doing the same to Ashley. Both dildo’ers are resting their breasts on the backs of their partners. Finally, I’m butt-fucking Karen and am fisting Christine and Shiri. The room is filled with moans and cries of pleasure, as well as a strong scent of sweat and cum.

We keep this configuration intact for quite awhile. Every so often one or another of the ladies goes over the top and screams out evidence of an orgasm. Tits are jiggling, butts are wiggling and fuckers are wriggling their rods, rubber or real, around inside their dripping sheaths.

We finally wind down, Sincan Escort disengaging and flopping across each other on the floor, laughing. We just lie there spent and grinning blissfully, idly stroking a neighbor’s tits or cock or pussy or anus. Gretchen asks for the bowl. She turns on her side, squeezing and kneading her tit until she squirts a stream of pent-up breast-cream into the bowl. Shiri starts going down on me, savoring the slight tang of ass on me from being in Karen. Ashley’s face is near Christine’s crotch and she starts eating out Christine. Christine reciprocates by lifting Ashley’s leg, wedging her head between Ashley’s thighs, and beginning to munch Ashley’s beaver. Jennifer starts sucking Karen’s schlong back to tumescence. Gretchen can’t get enough of Jennifer’s big clit, so she scooches under Jennifer’s upturned butt on her back, and raises her face up to Jennifer’s pussy. She begins lapping Jennifer’s clit, then starts sucking it like a cock, bringing Jennifer off, which causes cum to leak all over Gretchen’s face. Gretchen’s lower body isn’t far from me, and I start frigging her own clit and fingering her sopping cunt.

Shiri now has a finger up my ass as she blows me. One huge tit is draped over my leg. Her backside is near enough that I can reach it with my other hand. I grab a handy two-prong dildo and fit an end in each of her holes. She quickly comes, releasing a puddle of pussy-juice. Karen and Jennifer change positions and now Karen is mounted on Jennifer and thrusting her raging hard-on all the way up Jennifer’s cunt. Gretchen, being deprived of Jennifer’s pussy, joins Ashley and Christine in a 3-way daisy chain, happy to be munching muff again.

Shiri works her oral magic on my dick and I spout gooey sperm into her mouth. She reaches for our love-juice bowl and lets the cum fall into it. We are accumulating quite a stash. Momentarily there are more contributions — Shiri herself gushes pussy jizz and is able to scrape most of it into the bowl. She also exudes some liquid from her breasts and donates that. Karen climaxes and pulls out of Jennifer in time to shoot a shower of semen into the bowl. Jennifer comes, directing a fountain of twat squirt into the receptacle. We bring the bowl over to the three ladies in the daisy chain, and Ashley lifts her leg and sprays hot cunt juice in. Gretchen squeezes her titties and adds more of her mammary secretion. Then Christine gets some fluid to ooze out of her pussy and tits and completes the current round of sauce submissions.

“What shall we do with our cum collection?” Shiri asks.

I answer, “I suggest we stir it and then drizzle it on the rest of the pizza. I’ll bet some of us have the munchies by now.”

“Great idea!” chimes in Jennifer.

So I get a big spoon and stir our cum gumbo, then pour a bunch of it on a pizza. After reheating several pieces, we all scarf down our snack with gusto and grins.

“Mmmm, this is yummy!” exclaims Gretchen.

“I concur,” adds Ashley.

“Definitely delicious!” says Karen.

Christine dipped her fingers in the bowl and licked them clean. “Oh, you guys gotta have some of this pure!” So we all followed her example, tasting our exotic and erotic home brew and loving it. I smeared some on Karen’s dick, then went down on her, having had a need to suck her all night. Others took my cue and slathered tits, pussies, and asses with our wonder gel, which was turning out to be quite an aphrodisiac.

Moans were emanating from lust-driven hotties all around the room. Karen and I were locked in a 69 on the floor. I had several inches of her thick dong up my throat, in heaven with my penile Popsicle. She was vacuuming my cock, clenching it and licking around the head. I had one hand poking around her anus and the other fondling her firm, puffy-nippled tits.

Gretchen was fisting Shiri and butt-fucking her at the same time with a strap-on. Ashley and Christine were double penetrating Jennifer with strap-ons of their own. Christine was on her back with Jennifer lying face-up on her, Christine impaling her squishy asshole with her rubber appendage. Ashley was prone on top of Jennifer, her pseudo-dick up Jennifer’s cunt.

Shiri told Gretchen “OK, now it’s your turn.” Gretchen had never been fisted before, so Shiri went very slowly and gently at first. She inserted two fingers easily after adding liberal lube to augment the grease already coating Gretchen’s snatch. A third finger was added. Then all four fingers, Gretchen involuntarily spraying Shiri with tit-juice. Shiri kept working the four-fingered bunch in and out until she pushed her whole folded hand inside. From there it was relatively straightforward to get her arm inside well up the wrist. She fisted Gretchen with a rhythm and Gretchen went crazy.

“Hey Mom, back up so I can use my foot on you,” Christine called out from under Jennifer and Ashley. Shiri didn’t have far to go, and soon Christine had a foot rubbing Shiri’s slippery crotch. She worked the end of her foot gradually into her mother’s capacious vagina, then got most of her foot up Shiri’s canal. Speared on Christine’s foot, Shiri rocked back and forward on it while continuing to fist Gretchen. Shiri’s huge tits swayed beneath her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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