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Trail Buddies

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Having Fun

It was a sunny Saturday in early spring—a day when Rick and I just had to get away from the routine. We drove to one of our favorite hiking spots, a remote area in the hills where we could relax and breathe again. The place was heavily wooded, with two or three small lakes and lots of great trails to explore. We parked the car, grabbed our lunches and backpacks, and headed into the woods.

It was wonderfully quiet. We saw and heard no one. We climbed a steep trail, then rested at the top. Rick found a good straight branch for a walking stick. I led the way down. Rick kept nudging and punching my back as we followed the narrow path.

“Hey, watch it!” I warned him. “What if I should slip and go over the edge?”

“Then I’d just have to rescue you in the nick of time!” he said, slapping my shoulder.

We crossed a dirt road and came to a grassy, open area. Rick was definitely in a playful mood. Every so often that branch would find its way between my legs as we walked. Once when we paused for a minute, it hit my crotch surprisingly hard.

“O.K., you asked for it!” I said.

I tackled him, then crawled on his back. He pushed up and tried to throw me off by flipping over. But my arms had locked around his waist. I held tightly as his back came crashing down on my stomach and chest. I jammed a hand between Rick’s legs. He let out a lusty shout as I put the squeeze on his nuts. My other hand unzipped his fly and pulled the jeans open. I shoved it inside his brief and attacked the long, rigid cock. I was getting him good, when we were both startled to hear laughter nearby.

I turned my head and saw two guys a few yards away, walking in our direction. They smiled and looked down at us. One of the hikers had jet black hair and a short beard. He looked to be about twenty-five. The other, a few years younger, was a blond. You couldn’t miss his snug, faded jeans: they pressed into his crotch, driving the balls apart and forward. His rod was also clearly outlined. It was a giant, and erect.

All this stunned me for an instant. I quickly pulled my hands away from Rick.

“Hey, don’t stop,” said the one with the black hair. “Let’s see you juice him!”

I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Go ahead,” said the blond, smiling. “Unless you need some help:”

If they want to see something, I thought, then what the hell! I shoved my hand back inside Rick’s brief. The hikers laughed and threw down their backpacks. Rick tried to roll over and make a slick escape in front of our audience, but the blond guy straddled him and sat on his knees. As I continued to give Rick’s cock the business, the guy studied my friend’s sexy, white bikini. His fingers hooked on to a couple of belt loops and jerked Rick’s Levi’s down for a better view.

He liked what he saw. The smooth, cotton brief clung tightly to Rick’s swelling basket. It seemed to attract the guy’s hand like a magnet. He rubbed his fingers on the soft cloth, gently curving them around each of the large, firm balls. I felt Rick’s cock jump. The guy also couldn’t resist playing a little. He gradually pulled the nuts toward him, stretching the brief like a slingshot.

Rick grinned at him and said, “I’m gonna get you, man!”

The black-haired guy bent down near Rick’s face. “Want some help?” he asked Rick.

“What do you have in mind?” Rick responded.

“A whole new ball game!” he said wryly.

The hiker slid a hand between Rick and I and rammed it into my crotch. I yelled as he put a crushing hold on my balls. There was nothing I could do. When I dropped my arms to the ground, Rick leaped up and knocked bursa escort the blond on his butt.

Black Beard still had my balls and wasn’t going to give them up. So I rolled into him, jabbing away at his crotch. He finally broke the hold. I got him in a half-nelson, opened his fly with my free hand, and started squeezing the life out of his rod. The blond dude quickly learned that Rick was an accomplished wrestler. In a flash Rick had him on his stomach in a hammerlock. Kneeling next to the guy, Rick pulled him over onto his side.

“Unbuckle your belt, hotshot!” ordered Rick, applying more pressure to the arm.

“O.K., O.K!” he said, wincing in pain.

“Now the jeans,” continued Rick.

The guy pulled down his zipper to reveal some prize-winning equipment.

“Hey, Scott!” Rick yelled to me. “You’ve gotta see this!”

But I couldn’t look. I was busy getting the best of Black Beard. I kept at his rod until his jockstrap was damp with drops of cum—and the rest of it was close behind.

“Time out!” he begged.

When I released him he turned and gave me a wide grin.

“You’re O.K.,” he said, zipping up his fly. “My name’s Paul, and that’s Kevin.”

I rubbed my crotch and chuckled, “You’re a beast, Paul!”

We laughed and crawled over to our buddies. Kevin’s jeans were at his knees, and he wasn’t wearing anything under them. Rick was right. The guy was something to behold. Kevin’s tool was a whopper. It even beat Rick’s in length. But it was also incredibly thick—at least twice as thick as mine. Paul and I sat back and enjoyed the free, front-row action. Rick still had Kevin hammerlocked. Rick’s other hand was having a blast wrestling Kevin’s enormous muscle. He worked Kevin into a real frenzy.

Paul bent down close to his friend and said, in an amusingly gruff voice, “How does it feel, boy!”

Kevin could only gasp. His face was lost in ecstasy. Rick released the hammerlock and pulled Kevin up onto his hands and knees. He dropped onto Kevin’s back, wrapped his arms around the guy’s waist, and seized his cock with both hands. We couldn’t see what Rick did next, but Kevin reacted with several yells of delight. Finally the giant let loose, shooting load after load of cum onto the young grass below him. Kevin squirmed in pleasure as my friend continued to pump him. When Rick freed the long rod at last, Kevin sat up on his knees and smiled.

“Gotcha!” said Rick, smiling back at him.

“See what happens when you don’t wear your jockstrap!” Paul joked.

After Kevin got himself back together, the four of us relaxed on the warm grass and talked for a while.

“Are you spending the weekend out here?” asked Paul.

“Just the day,” answered Rick.

“We have a cabin down the road,” said Paul. “Why don’t you guys join us tonight?”

“Sounds like a great idea,” I said.

The cabin was small and rustic, but adequate. It basically consisted of a single room dominated by a huge stone fireplace. The kitchen area was near the door. In the back were two large beds and a bathroom with shower. In the main room a couple of old sofas stood on a big, shaggy rug near the fireplace.

After dinner we all lounged on pillows in front of the fire, joking and sipping wine. Whether it was the wine, the roaring fire, the jokes, or all three, the cabin became very warm.

“The last guy to strip to his jock gets gang-raped!” kidded Paul.

We laughed, but almost immediately the race was on. Paul had first place, Rick was second, and I was third. Being without a jock, Kevin decided to play it safe and keep his jeans çanakkale escort on. We kept taunting him about it. Finally he got up and did a little striptease for us. He was really pretty good, and funny. He danced around the room and onto a table, gyrating his hips and thrusting his half-open fly forward. He spread his legs and jacked off an invisible, two-foot-long cock. He reached a hand behind him, stuck it out under his crotch, and gave us the finger. At last Kevin peeled off his jeans. We clapped and whistled. For a finish, he bounded over to Paul and tied the jeans around Paul’s neck.

After the show we sprawled together, close to the fire and watched it slowly begin to die. Its glowing embers cast a flickering, orange tint throughout the cabin. We kidded Kevin again about the gang-rape. After all, he was already naked. We got him worried, but told him we’d forget the idea if he let each of us have a little time with his rod. So we took turns admiring and exploring Kevin’s ten-incher. It sure was a handsome hunk of flesh.

Soon our hands were roaming over other bodies as well. It was cool being sandwiched between Kevin and Paul. While Kevin massaged my thighs, my hand found Paul’s jock. My fingers pushed the cloth around his hard muscle and hugged it. I began to slide my hand along the smooth jockstrap from top to bottom, much to Paul’s delight. Sometimes I paused to work on his nuts.

Rick was kneeling next to Paul on his other side, naked. Paul had Rick’s cock in his fist and was slowly pulling and twisting it. Rick was really getting turned on. Paul kept it up, gradually increasing speed. Rick’s body stiffened. Paul finished the job by pulling Rick onto his stomach and rubbing the cock’s head across his chest. Rick cried out as his cock exploded. His hot juice shot down onto Paul, covering his chest. They both laughed while Paul dragged Rick’s rod all over him.

“What are you doing?” joked Rick. “Writing your name with it?”

Rick finally sank to the floor on his back, out of breath. Paul grabbed a towel and cleaned himself off. His cock had been stretching further in my hand as he worked on Rick. His jockstrap was moist and hot. I moved closer and pulled the tool out. My fingers caressed it. Paul’s bent knee rocked back and forth in satisfaction. I gave his rod a series of rapid jerks. He gasped. I waited, then jerked him again.

I could hear Paul breathing heavily through his opened mouth. The cock began to twitch nervously. Paul arched his back off the floor, straining in pleasure. I pulled his tool to the side and worked my fingers into its sensitive head. Suddenly the rod heaved. Then it began shooting. Countless streams of cum flew into the quiet darkness…

Kevin slid up near my crotch. I felt a friendly touch between my legs. His hands were inside my brief, each holding one of my balls. He held the hardening nuts for a long time, as if he were charging a battery. After a while I realized he was fingering them with almost no movement. It was a sensational feeling. In time his fingers found their way to the base of my rod and surrounded it. They began moving up the muscle so slowly that I was hardly aware of it. It felt like Kevin was slowly pulling my juice up drop by drop. My body rippled with anticipation. When his fingers got to the tip of the rod, they held it in a light but powerful grip.

The pleasure was unbearable. It seemed as though Kevin had crammed all my juice into the rod and wouldn’t let it burst out. The whole top-half of my rod tingled so much that I could no longer feel fingers on it. But Kevin was still crouched çankırı escort over me with his hands inside my brief. I couldn’t see what they were doing, but I’ll never forget how fantastic they made me feel!

My rod jumped, then began to jerk steadily. Kevin didn’t waver—he seemed to know exactly when it would explode. The pleasure continued to grow. My cock pushed against the brief time after time, trying to stand straight up. Each time, Kevin’s hands moved with it. Finally the tool pressed itself deeply into the brief, holding there as the juice bolted upward.

Cum shot out with terrific force. It covered Kevin’s fingers and hands. It poured into my brief. Kevin seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was—he didn’t free my cock until long after the last drop oozed out. I felt great and didn’t want to move. I just stayed on the floor, thinking about Kevin’s super hands.

After I took off my warm, wet brief, Rick put his arm around my shoulder. In the dim glow we could see Kevin get up and walk to the fireplace. Standing sideways, his immense rod was silhouetted against the fire. He rubbed something on his hands and took hold of his tool.

Six eyes riveted on Kevin. His hand began to cream its way slowly up and down the long, slippery tool. Kevin widened his stance. Amazingly, his shaft seemed to be getting even longer. Our own cocks were hard again—it was impossible to resist the scene taking place in front of us.

Kevin dropped to his knees. He held the base of the cock with both hands and started the huge tool swaying. Paul sat up on one knee, watching intently. Kevin held a hand out to the end of his rod and barely touched it with a finger. The rod twitched. He did it again and again, exciting the cock more each time.

We all gave up fighting our desire. Paul crawled over in front of Kevin. He looked down at Kevin’s giant tool and put his hands on his friend’s athletic thighs. He moved the hands along them as if the legs were mammoth cocks. Rick came up behind Kevin and began massaging his firm, round butt. I took Kevin’s rock hard nuts into my palm. Paul bent down and swallowed as much of the giant as he could. Kevin tilted his head back as his entire body drank in the pleasure.

Rick pushed his rod into Kevin’s crotch. Rick entered him slowly. Kevin braced himself. While the massive rod worked deeper and deeper into Kevin, I felt his nuts and shaft react with some forceful jerks. By the time Rick’s rod was fully inside him, Kevin was just about going crazy.

My free hand checked out Rick’s balls. They were solid and tense—primed with plenty of juice. I manhandled the nuts of both guys together. Spasms started to vibrate through Rick’s balls, building in strength. Paul’s tongue was driving Kevin’s cock wild. Suddenly Rick exploded. Kevin’s balls jumped up. The giant couldn’t take any more.

Kevin erupted in powerful thrusts that seemed to shake his whole body. Paul tried to drink in all of Kevin’s juice, but it was too much for him. When Paul backed off, streams of cum were still flying from the cock—flickering as they shot through the warm, amber air. It looked as though there would be no end to it. Even after Kevin’s juice ran out, the giant continued to leap up violently. At last Kevin sank into Paul’s arms and the two collapsed on the rug. Rick and I embraced as the coals faded into blackness.

In the morning Rick and I loaded our packs for the long walk back to the car. We didn’t want to leave Paul and Kevin behind, even though we had only known them a short time.

“What are you guys doing next weekend?” Paul asked us.

“We haven’t decided yet,” I said.

“How about hiking to a hot place in the woods?” asked Kevin.

“Where do you suggest?” replied Rick.

“Here, of course!” said Kevin, smiling. “Can you think of a hotter place?”

Rick looked down at Kevin’s bulging crotch and grinned. “No—this is as hot as it gets!”


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