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Trailer Trash Ch. 3

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Laura, looking devastatingly erotic with a sheen of my cum on her face and tits, looked at her mother who held a video camera in her hand and said, “Oh, shut up mom. You’re not going to do anything but jack off to that video tape. We don’t even have a website, so, stop threatening him, damn it.”

I just had the fuck of my life but was so depressed. I had fucked one of my students while her mother urged us on while videotaping the whole fucking scene. I had, of course, fucked the mom, Elaine, the night before. I was in so much trouble my mind was just shutting down. All I could see was the headlines, the courtroom, the trial, and the eventual jail time for what I’d done.

Elaine sensed that she had gone too far and said, “Don’t worry, stupid. We’re not going to do anything stupid. Look, I could probably get in trouble for this as well.” She paused to see if her reassurance was having any effect and continued. “But we sure could make some serious cash with this. It’s damn hot.” She looked at me with those beautiful ice-blue eyes and smiled. “Here, take the tape. We’ll talk later. I’m sure you’re tired, and I want to get this place cleaned up. It smells like a whore house. You go home and come back for dinner tonight.”

I had all I could do to just get back to my trailer without looking too guilty. I managed to get out of there without attracting too much attention and looking too guilty. I did run into another of my students, Claire, who was one of the few who lived in the trailer park outside of the rich community where I taught high school. Claire worked in the office of the park and was one of those quiet, mousy girls who hid behind oversized clothes and the hair that was always in her face. I’m not sure what she was doing around there, but she seemed as startled as I was and ran off with what sounded like a “good morning.” I watched her go and began to notice what could be a nice ass under all those baggy clothes.

I chastised myself by remembering what trouble my libido had gotten me into lately. I retreated to my trailer for the day, immersed myself in grading papers, and tried to sleep my nightmare situation away.

I awoke horny as hell. It was still so damned hot that I kept all my clothes off in the trailer. I decided to give the tape a whirl. I put it in the VCR and checked it out. It was damned good. That Elaine knew how to work the angles. She must have watched quite a few episodes of Buttman’s porn saga to have picked up such good camera work. I began to stroke my cock as I watched Laura lick mine on the screen. I was really getting into it as I watched my double penetrate the teenager’s ass. She was so sexy begging for me to give it to her in her butt. She was practically screaming for me to cum on her face. God, both of those are real prurient fantasies and fetishes of mine. I was about to loose another load to self-abuse when I heard a noise from outside. The window behind me had only a flimsy curtain which was not really there for the wind from the window fan, but it backed on a small wooded area beyond the park, so I didn’t think it mattered.

I gathered a pair of shorts and ran outside to see who the peeper was. There was no one around. But I did hear a door shut just down the next row. Strange, I thought that was where Claire lived with her old man, a nasty, drunken sot with a new, slutty wife who wore too much makeup and flirted with me too much. I shrugged and went back inside.

I surfed for some porn until it was time for the late dinner that Elaine had planned. As I walked to their trailer, I heard some noises from Claire’s trailer. There’s not a lot of privacy in a trailer park, kid of like thin walls in cheap apartments in the city, so I decided to investigate. I walked around to the woods behind my trailer and walked up to enter their row from the woods. As I walked up on the back of Claire’s trailer, I spotted her looking into her own trailer.

She had her baggy jeans loosened and her hand thrust down into her crotch. Her other hand was up under her shirt probably tweaking a nipple. I could tell from her body spasms that she was having a good time watching whatever was going on inside. Her old man was giving it to his new wife fast and hard. I could hear his moans and orders. “Yeah, bitch, you like it like that. Spread those legs. Tell me how much you like my dick.”

“Oh, yeah, baby. Give it to me. Fuck me hard.” She urged him on. “Suck my titties baby. Fuck yeah. Don’t stop.”

“Damn it. I’ve been waitin’ all day to get into your ass. Turn around and let me get you from behind.”

She protested, “Ok, but no butt tonight. I’m sore from the last time you fucked me there.”

“Shut up and get on your hands and knees, bitch. Oh, yes. That’s a nice pussy.” He exclaimed. But after a minute he said, “Bitch, that ass is just winking at me. I gotta get into it. Your pussy’s just too damn big.”

Claire’s shakes got more and more pronounced. And as I looked through the dusk rokettube from behind my hiding spot, I could just make out her ass as her pants slid down to around her knees. Her had was working furiously on her clit from the front, but damn if she wasn’t working her asshole with the other hand!

I heard her futile cry of protest that was overwhelmed by his load moan of penetration. It was a mere twenty seconds before I heard his climactic cry. “Come on, baby. I haven’t come yet,” his wife cried. “Can’t you eat me out?” the woman’s voice pleaded. I heard a mumbled reply but then snoring soon after. She wasn’t going to get any satisfaction from him tonight. I hoped she had a vibrator for a companion.

Claire had barely stopped shaking when she quickly pulled her clothes back on and ran off. I stepped forward to look at the scene in the trailer. Claire’s father was indeed cashed out on his back with a rather tiny limp dick resting in its wetness on his leg while his wife was applying a wet towel to her red ass. Looking glumly at his cock.

I quietly made my way back towards the Elaine and Laura’s trailer when I, again, ran into Claire. This time she looked really embarrassed and surprised as she could tell, generally, where I was coming from. She barely acknowledged me before she headed off in the opposite direction.

Elaine was all smiles and playing very nice when I got there. I insisted we keep at least minimally clothed as both hot women, Elaine and her daughter Laura, wanted to go naked. But it was so fucking hot, I agreed to just underwear. I let them know that the sex part of our relationship had to stop. My job was too important to me. I wanted to keep tutoring Laura, but that was it.

Elaine smiled and said that would be fine, if that’s what I wanted. But she added, “Didn’t you like the tape?” Ugh, here we go again. I admitted I did, but that that shouldn’t change anything.

I looked at the two of them. Elaine’s dark nipples were showing through the flimsy wife-beater t-shirt she wore and her dark pubes were even poking out of her panties. Her daughter’s tits were spilling out of the bra she was wearing and I could see the pretty red hairs under her arms as she put her hand behind her head to cool herself off.

Elaine was really convincing as she closed in on me, stared me in the eye shoving her tits closer to my chest saying, “Look, we like to fuck. You like to fuck. What’s the problem? And you know that internet crap. I’m just saying we could make a buck or two off of what we love to do. Why don’t we just try it? If it doesn’t work, or no one’s interested, no harm. We just get to have some fun. You could even hide your face. Laura tells me most guys on the internet port sites do that anyway. You could even wear a mask or something.”

Then there was the killer ending to her pitch. Both women got on their knees in front of me. Laura finished me off with, “You can’t tell me you don’t want me and my mother. We’ll do anything… anything.” With that the wanton bitch sat on the floor and placed her sexy feet right on my crotch. Well, my trusty cock was the first to betray my real feelings on the subject. It poked right trough the hole in my boxers, and Laura immediately started stroking it with her feet. Those pretty painted toes a brilliant neon green sliding up and down my shaft.

Elaine had stripped off what few clothes she had on and told me, “Come on, baby, fuck us both. You know you want the mother and daughter team.” She then proceeded to put the head of my dick in her mouth while her daughter kept stroking my shaft with her feet. Goddamn. I was out-numbered and out-gunned.

Elaine took charge and lifted my feet onto the table. This gave her direct access to my ass as I leaned back in the chair. Fuck, that was so exciting as her tongue played with my balls running down to my asshole. Damn, that bitch was nasty. Laura had disrobed at this point and demanded my cock in her sweet, sweet pussy. She leaned over the table facing away from me while I sat in the chair. She lowered herself onto my shaft and started pumping up and down. She was so wet. I was in heaven watching her ass pound my cock. Her mother, ever the dirty slut, pulled her daughter’s ass cheeks apart to give me a better look at her beautiful puckered hole.

“Don’t you just love that ass?” Elaine questioned. All I could do was moan an approval as I stared at the pink hole surrounded by the cutest ring of red hair. Laura was rapidly massaging her clit and was approaching a big orgasm. I stuck my finger up her cute butt to send her over the edge. She started shaking and quivering whilst screaming, “Oh, fuck me, yes. God damn fuck me silly. I love your prick.” I could feel her butt squeeze my finger tightly as she orgasmed in waves.

Elaine, her nasty mother, pulled her off my cock and started to lick her daughter’s juices off of my member. She looked at me with those piercing eyes talking dirty to me, asking, “Does it turn you asyalı porno on to watch me lick this cum off of your prick? She tastes so sweet. Did you like licking her before? Do I taste as good? Why don’t you try me out? Lick my big clit, you stud! Suck it!”

She demanded service, and I was quick to accommodate. I went down on her black, hairy cooter taking that big damned clit into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. I even gave it little love nips as I shoved a couple of fingers into her love hole. She was moaning to beat the band as she lay back on the table. She was quite a site as her feet were flailing in the air, her toes pointed sexy style. She was dripping sweet pussy juice down her crack. I spread some of it down to her ass as my tongue played havoc with her clit. I began to insert my finger into her poop shoot. She started moaning louder and moving her big butt back and forth on my digit.

I had lost track of Laura, but the warm feel of her mouth on my prick from under the table told me where she was and just how nasty this kid was. She attacked my cock like it was life itself. Her tongue was a blizzard of flicks just under the head of my shaft. Her hand moved around and up and down the shaft with just the right amount of pressure. And, my God, this bitch could deep throat with the best of them. I was building up a serious head of steam when Elaine exclaimed, “That’s enough! Fuck me in the ass! I want that beautiful cock in my ass. Fuck me, you nasty boy.”

Elaine leaned back on the table and pulled her legs back towards her chest giving me complete access to her beautiful butthole. I gave her a good rimming for a few seconds spreading the huge amount of pussy juice all around her brown hole. She was moaning and begging for my cock when I finally stood up and began to insert my member in her tightest of holes.

Laura exclaimed, “Goddamn Mom, that’s the hottest thing I’ve seen. Take his cock in your butt!” Elaine then did something I’ve only seen in the movies. That flexible bitch pulled her legs back behind her head. She then proceeded to give her a daughter instruction on ass fucking.

“You see, Laura, the key is to concentrate on relaxing. Think of his cock as a wand of pure pleasure that is filling you up. You’ve got to relax to take it in. Here, rub my clit and help me out. No, better yet, get that vibrator from the drawer. That’s right, put the tip right on my clit.” I swear I could see that bitch’s huge clit pulsing from the pleasure she was taking from my cock sliding slowly all the way in and almost all the way out of her ass.

Laura put the vibe right on her clit, and her mother started to shake. Laura, I noticed, was rubbing her own clit furiously as she observed her mother getting butt fucked. Laura started to come as well. I couldn’t hold back at this hot scene. I was ass fucking a hot, dark haired woman with a beautiful patch of black pussy hair while her lighter, strawberry blond daughter was taking a vibrator to her clit. What a picture. Yes, I had to agree, I wanted this on film. And it was that though, the thought of filming this and letting others see the whole scene that sent me over the edge.

I screamed, “Oh, fuck, I’m going to come.” Elaine’s ass started convulsing wildly as she came, and Laura was just shaking with lust. Laura’s tits were quivering as she orgasmed. She was leaning slightly over her mother to apply the vibrator, so she was in a perfect position to receive my cum as I let it fly.

As I pulled out of her mother’s ass, I noticed her butthole stayed open and pulsed open and closed as her orgasm continued. I aimed my cock at Laura’s waiting tongue. Elaine urged me on, “Yes, come on my daughter’s face! Let her have your come!” The first spurt hit her across the mouth. She eagerly licked up what she could. The next hit her in the cheek and dribbled down to her chin. The next two streams of cum began an assault on her beautiful tits. She gathered her tits up and held them directly under my cock. I landed the rest of my cum right on those lovely globes.

Elaine was suddenly kneeling beside her daughter. The mother pulled her daughter to her and said, “I just love the smell of cum, and I’ve got to taste his spunk.” With that, she proceeded to lick my love juice from her daughter’s face and tits. God damn was that a hot site.

Elaine licked her lips and asked, “Come on, why don’t we just try to make a few bucks off that internet thing while we’re having such a good time?” Laura looked at me with excited and pleading eyes. I just couldn’t turn down those lovely sluts.

I smiled and told them I’d think about the possibilities. So, I went back to my trailer to make some plans and make sure my digital camera was charged up. I just put on my shorts to go home because it was still so damned hot. On the way home, I rounded the corner of Elaine’s trailer when I bumped quite literally into Claire. “Wow, you scared the shit out of me!” azeri porno I exclaimed. Claire laughed at witnessing her teacher swear. At least that’s what I though she was laughing about. I could just make out her face from the harsh light of the street lamp, and I could swear she was flushed. Maybe it was just the heat. I then realized I probably smelled like a whorehouse. Claire mumbled an apology as I began to notice that her t-shirt was plastered to her chest and her nipples were poking through quite prominently.

I asked her if she was ok. She mumbled an affirmative sounding grunt. But, more curious now, I asked her if it was ok for her to go home now. Claire looked embarrassed and told me that her father would be asleep by now. This was an even more curious reply, so I pressed. “Is everything ok at home for you now?”

She just smiled a weird, knowing smile and said that, yes, everything was ok. She did use the opening to ask a question. This was, of course, more than I had heard from her all year, so I was quite startled. She said that she had been working on a story and wondered if I’d take a look at it. I said that, of course, I would. As we walked back to her trailer I noticed that she’d changed into shorts – cut-offs, to be exact. These shorts were years old and barely held together with the remains of worn denim and safety pins. I was really in heaven. She was giving me such a great look at her sweet ass as I followed behind her. We approached the trailer, and she dropped her keys! What luck. I know I saw a patch of brown hair as she bent way down to retrieve her keys. She spent way too long finding those keys on the ground for this not to be a planned ploy. What did this girl have up her sleeve? or shorts?

But just as my fantasies were being aroused her mother opened the door and demanded to know what was going on. “Where the fuck have you been, Claire?” she demanded as she covered her somewhat over-used body with a chenille robe. The mother wasn’t too bad looking but she had this Mrs. Robinson at the end of the move look going – too desperate and too used up. And I remembered she had just had her ass reamed only hours before.

Claire muttered a reply and introduced me as her English teacher. “Goddamn,” her mother retorted, “If they made them like that when I was in high school, I might have paid more attention.” She ogled me without even trying to hide it. I realized I was sweaty, but in this heat who wasn’t, and covered in sex. I was also shirt-less. Claire explained she had to get some “homework” for me and dashed inside the trailer. Her mother, watching me try to put my shirt back on, exclaimed, “Don’t bother. It’s too fucking hot. Come on inside while Claire gets her act together.” Well, I didn’t know how to refuse, so I followed her in.

I could just spot the passed-out pop laying in a stupor in the extreme rear of the trailer. Claire was digging into a drawer somewhere towards the middle while her mother and I waited in the kitchen area. Her mother lit a cigarette and began to ogle me some more. “Why do you live in this fucking dump? Don’t they pay you well at that school?” She started to loosen her robe to get some air to her chest. What the fuck was it with the mothers and daughters in this trailer park? I explained in brief terms about a divorce. She sympathized explaining, “Oh, yeah. Got me one of them. Claire’s father… what a shit. But god damn, could that man fuck.” She waited for me to react. I tried to remain neutral but couldn’t help looking towards the back of the trailer. “Oh, yeah, him. Well… he helps with the bills. What can you do?”

Claire came to the rescue with her “homework” and pushed me out of the trailer muttering something about explaining what she meant in her paper. On the way back to my trailer, Claire gripped the papers to her chest and was desperate for me to understand that this was her first work of fiction, that it was fiction, that it had nothing to do with her life, that it wasn’t about her, that it was only a fantasy of sorts, that I had to promise to keep it absolutely private, and that if I gave this to a school social worker or anyone else for that matter, she would deny writing it and never speak to me again. Wow. What the fuck, I had already bedded a student and her mother, what was one more ethics violation? I said I would keep it absolutely private with the stipulation that if I thought Claire was in any danger I would have to do something but that something would be to tell her about it first. Claire looked askance, but when I insisted that those were the only terms I could give she relented.

Well, I returned to my trailer with a whole lot to think about. I took a few pictures of Laura and Elaine and my cock in various poses to post to different newsgroups to gauge some interest. The e-mail interest in that hot mother-daughter team was amazing. We were definitely on to something here. I contacted one of my buddies who was doing some network administration after he lost everything including his great job in a dot-com debacle. He had even seen the pictures – the porn-crazed poor sap. He agreed to help set up a site. I did some designing over the next few days, and he set up the credit card pay crap.

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