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Tropical Thunderstorm Passion

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Perthian Casil Island, off the coast of Malaysia has beaches that are snow white and warm crystal clear blue water. There are twenty or so thatch roofed and ornate huts on the islands like the ones in Tahiti resorts. Each of the huts has an outside shower and very clean inside bathrooms…with running water. All of the furniture is made of very stylish teak wood and the beds are only about a foot of the floor. The mattresses are soft with a thick non foam padding, firm but comfortable. There is a single ceiling fan at the peak of the rounded ceiling and the beds have a center draw mosquito net.

The day we arrived the water looked warm and inviting so we decided to take a dip from our own private beach. Kelly and I only knew each other for a few months and I teased her about being prudish as I stripped my swim suit off and threw it into the beach chair at the water’s edge. Being challenged she strip her suit off as well and lower herself in the water, being aware of her nakedness but unaware that the water was so clear that it was a thin disguise. I swam out to where the water was a deeper blue and deeper. She followed with a bit of trepidation of the fear of being over her head. When she swam to me we treaded water holding each other, laughing at first and then kissed deeply and allowing our bodies to sink below the surface. As if in a dream, we rolled in the warm water for an endless period of time. We broke free at the surface to catch our breath and saw clouds in the distance with the sun descending behind them.

Slowly I slid my knee up between her thighs until it nestled against her hair covered pubic bone. With my hands on her lower back at first, they slid down, gripped her ass and pulled her hard against me. Her mouth covered mine again and our tongues danced erotically as we slipped under the water again. Our bodies meld with the water and the slight current moved us to and fro gently as it seemed to breathe passion from each others bodies and not air. In what seemed to be short of an eternity and not wanting to let go we shot for the surface gasping for air. Her heaving chest prominently showed her best assets which attracted me several months earlier… her tits were fabulous, big rounded with perpetually hard nipples. The rest of her body is to my liking too… some would classify her as a BBW but I found her to be well proportioned and nice to hold onto. Her hair is raven black and long; past her shoulders and her eyes dark brown. She had told me that she was of Gypsy blood and I could believe it in how she had a very passionate spirit.

The sun had fallen completely behind the clouds and it seemed like we had played güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the underwater for hours. The sky had darkened, though it’s was early afternoon. As we made our way back to the shore, streaks of lightening flashed in the sky, still miles away but the clouds were moving towards us quickly and the sky turned eerily dark. We walked along the beach naked enjoying nature’s fireworks and the titillation of the approaching storms energy. Looking out over the sea it dawned on me that I underestimated the speed of the wall of clouds that just engulfed a nearby island.

“We’re about to get wet.” I commented and without much warning the rain started, followed by strong winds.

The initial fear passed quickly as we realized the rain was warm as we made our way back to the beach hut, nestled in the palms trees. Just as we make it to the hut the rain came down in earnest and the wind blew hard while the sky became as dark as midnight… the monsoon had started and visibility was reduced to inches. The darkness was cut through by a bright blue flash of lightening but the stroke was covered by the translucent veil of heavy rain. The thunder hit all most immediately in a deafening boom that traveled through our bodies as we held each other tightly. The electricity and thunder was titillating and I felt my cock getting hard, pressing against her belly button.

Her hard reached down, taking my rod in her hand and asked. “What do we have here?”

“Mmmmmm… your toy to play with.” I moaned with her hand gripping it tightly. Again we kissed passionately for several more minutes, my hands moving over her tits and thumbs teasing her very hard nipples. She stroked my cock until pre-cum covered her hand and then she smoothed the cream to her clit.

“Mmmmm… I need fucked.” she moaned, push me back and lay back on the bed with her fingers playing with her clit.

With each flash of lightening, to light the room, I found the matches and lit the several oil lanterns around the room. Returning to the bed I removed the Asti Spumante from an ice bucket and poured one wine glass, and held it to her lips as I lowed myself to the bed. We both sipped the intoxicating wine… in between kissing. As the thunder rolled on our passions rose, we felt the tingle of both the wine and each others tender caresses. Taking a drink of Asti, I held it in my mouth and kiss her, allowing the wine to pass between our lips to drink from me. Taking another sip of the cold wine, I quickly cover her right nipple, swirling it around the nice hard bud, then swallowing while sucking deeply then doing the same to the left nipple.

Lying güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back on the bed I dripped a little Asti down her body. The chilling sensation was followed by my warm mouth… kissing and sucking the sweet fluid away from her salty soft skin. By time I made it to her pubic mound the bottle was almost empty. I covered her mound with my mouth and strained a little of wine, mixed with her juices through her pubic hair. Her hands took my head and deftly guided me to her sweet hot clit. I parted her lips with my tongue and kissed her clit as deeply as I kissed her mouth earlier.

Her deep moans told me she was enjoying what I was doing. Releasing my mouth, I slide my tongue slowly up one side of her button, just as I hit her spot… the spot that made her quiver… thunder struck close. Startled she drew my head harder to her and I ground my mouth downward for the full effect. Releasing my mouth again and lulling my tongue over her clit, I realized the Asti bottle was still in my hand. I dripped the last few drops of Asti directly on her exposed hot button and blew cool air over it from my lips. As her lips pouted, I slid the smooth neck of the bottle along the side her button. The sensation of the smoothness of the glass and the bevel around the neck was almost too much for her to take as it touched her clit. I slid the beveled neck slowly over the button making her quiver even harder. I slide it back down the other side before she could recover… repeating it again.

She moaned lowly and whispered to me “Com’on fuck me…please!”

Whispering back “Not yet I’m having too much fun… I want you to cum first.” I suspected she wasn’t sure what to expect but she knew it wouldn’t take much and she’d be cumming hard.

I drew her lips in my mouth and sucked on them for a few seconds then slid the bottle downward so I could cover her button in a deep kiss again then flicked my tongue from side to side very quickly. I sensed she was about to cum and slid the narrow beveled neck slightly in her pussy. I slowly slid it back out with a slight popping sound then back again as I sucked her clit deeply, this time her body rose up to greet the entrance, taking the bottle in slightly more.

Releasing my suck…tion on her, she released her hips and the bottle eased out slightly. I slid it back but this time going further and deeper… spreading her walls a bit more with the widening girth of the bottle’s neck. I held the bottle in place and covered her clit with kisses and then circularly licked her until I hit the sweet spot again.

“Oooohhhh…fuuck!” escaped her lips slowly as güvenilir bahis şirketleri I focused in on making her cum.

Her moans became wild and guttural and I knew I was making her cum. Teasing was no longer wanted she wanted to cum right now. Though I held the bottle in place she manage to rise up and down, taking it in and out, over and over, as she fucked the bottle and my face. Suddenly she arched her back and pulled my head downward hard… erupting in a massive wave of passion and pleasure.

“I’m mmmmm fucking cuummminggggg!” she screamed.

Every muscle in her body tightened in a long strain before releasing. She then tightened again in what seemed to be a long wave. The troughs were peaking then ebbing quicker now. Trying to hold on to each orgasm until she pushed my head away… unable to take anymore, her clit tender and sensitive to any touch.

My cock and balls were ready for a release. I slid up along her body kissing my way then sucked on each nipple. Her hands trailed down my back and gripped my ass as kissed her lips deeply. Our lips parted and our tongues darted back, then forth as I slid my hard cock in to the hilt.

“Ooooooooo your cock is thick!” she cooed.

“All the better to fuck you with, my dear.” I replied

“Then FUCK me you bastard!!!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I pumped my hard cock in and out of her savagely. Her fingernails dug in to my ass urging me to go deeper. Straighten up she moved her legs over my shoulders.

“Pile drive me, prick!” she demanded.

The storm continued to rage outside, the wind howling in tune with her passionate moans as I drove my cock deep in her cunt. Her nails raked my back as I did as she demanded pumping in and out as hard as I could. Gripping my shoulders with her nails sunk deep in my flesh she again let out a scream.

“Oooohhhhh…I’m fucking cumming again… keeeep fuckkkin meeee… I’m cummmming…” she screamed to the darken room as if the thunder outside was filling her body. Her head tossed from one side to the other with her black hair covering her face.

My own orgasm grew in my balls. Reaching under her, with her legs still over my shoulders, I grabbed her ass and drove her hard to the bed. Sweat covered our bodies and I sent the first of my powerful load into her. Not pausing for a moment, I sunk another shot of hot cream deep in her cunt, then another. I knew my cream was more than she had space for and was slipping out, coating my tight balls and dripping down her ass.

“Take this for calling me a bastard you fucking bitch!” I moaned in moan that seemed to come from Thor the God of Thunder as I send my cock as deep and as hard as I could … sending the last solid spurt in her.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck! That was good!” She announced clearing the hair from her face and smiling.

“I aimed to please.” I teased and pumped my cock in and out a few more times slowly before collapsing to the bed.


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