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Trying Something New

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Editor’s Note:

Peter and Madison are a married couple, who live with Kaitlynn in a polyamourous relationship. They recently resumed the sexual component after taking a break for a while. Ian is a friend of the family, who has been in a consistent FWB relationship with Kaitlynn for a couple years, and has also played with Madison once or twice.


Ian had just broken up with his girlfriend. Her excuse was that he “didn’t pay enough attention to her” and that he “wasn’t sensitive enough to her needs”. She also implied that this was true in the bedroom in addition to just general life. Of course, the actual facts were more along the lines that she was demanding all his time and not wanting him to hang out with any other friends. But the accusations still hurt, since Ian made a point of being very sensitive and caring for anyone he considered a friend.

Before he started going out with the other girl, Ian and Kaitlynn had made plans to get together for some erotic entertainment. Remembering this, and wanting to “redeem” himself, he got in touch with her and told her he wanted her to come over for a while so he could spend some time just focusing on her pleasure and making sure she was satisfied. He told her to make sure to bring any toys she wanted to so she could be absolutely sure of getting off.

“I have a better idea, if you’re OK with it,” she told him. “My situation has recently…changed…and there’s something I’ve been wanting to try.”

“Of course, I’m open and willing to pretty much anything with you.”

“Well, it’s a bit…unorthodox.”

Kaitlynn explained that a long time ago she had a physical relationship with Peter, but it had ended. Just recently they had gotten to a point where they were able to resume it. If Ian was willing, Kaitlynn had always wanted to try a MMF with the two men she cared about the most. Ian was uncertain at first, but he knew that if it was something Kaitlynn was interested in that he would certainly give it a try for her sake.

Kaitlynn and Peter came over, and each greeted Ian with a hug. He was shirtless, only wearing a pair of comfortable sweatpants. Ian checked that everyone was on board with this, and that everyone wanted it. Kaitlynn and Peter both assented, and Peter confirmed that he wasn’t planning on actually doing anything with Ian, but that they were both there to focus on Kaitlynn.

Kaitlynn stepped up close to Ian and they begin to kiss. As their mouths moved together, Kaitlynn let out a low moan, because of how much she had missed this and longed for it. Suddenly she felt another body behind her, sandwiching her in between, as Peter stepped close and pressed against her. She could feel the warmth of both Peter’s and Ian’s bodies, and while Ian kissed her lips, Peter moved her hair to the side and began nibbling on her ear. The attention of both men on her made her start getting wet already.

Peter moved down and started kissing the right side of her neck, while Ian’s lips moved to the opposite side. Two sets of hands were on her sides and her hips, and then as Ian’s lips moved further down, Peter moved away slightly. Peter grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up and off over Kaitlynn’s head, momentarily interrupting Ian’s kisses canlı bahis but also exposing her very hard nipples and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Peter’s hands came back and wrapped comfortingly around Kaitlynn’s slim waist, while Ian continued to kiss down her sternum. Ian’s hands moved up to hold and caress Kaitlynn’s breasts while he kissed in between them. Peter let go and knelt down behind Kaitlynn, sliding his hands down to her hips to grab her pants and pull them downwards as well. As they came down, they revealed that Kaitlynn wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Her pants had a noticable wet spot, and her scent was very strong in the air. Kaitlynn stepped out of her pants and Peter remained on his knees, inhaling her scent and admiring her incredible rear. Ian was busy playing with her tits, alternating between one and the other, and making it hard for Kaitlynn to remain standing on her feet. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Ian away.

“OK, you guys, this isn’t fair. I’m naked here and you aren’t.”

She reached out to Ian’s sweatpants and started pulling them down along with his underwear. His uncircumcised cock sprang out, quite hard by this point. Kaitlynn knelt down, removed the pants entirely, and took his cock in her hands. She began stroking it and then leaned over to put it into her mouth. She took a moment to enjoy the feeling and the taste of him in her mouth, before beginning to swirl her tongue on it. Her hands grasped his shaft firmly, before she moved one down to cup his balls.

Suddenly Kaitlynn became aware of another person behind her. Without removing her mouth from Ian’s cock, she let go and reached around to find that Peter had removed his clothing and his cock was also standing at attention. Peter moved so her reaching hand could find his circumcised cock, and she started stroking him up and down while her mouth and other hand remained pleasuring Ian.

After a moment she removed her mouth from Ian’s cock and just knelt on the ground, a penis in each hand, and stroked both of the men she cared about simultaneously. She moved her head over to Peter’s erect cock and sucked on it for a moment, before going back to Ian. She spent several minutes just stroking them both, feeling the blood pumping through their dicks, enjoying the differences between a circumcised cock and an uncircumcised one, and alternating her mouth between the two of them.

Eventually Peter told her to stand up. Without letting go of the cocks, Kaitlynn did so, and Peter told her to go over and lay down on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over. All three of them moved to the bed, with Kaitlynn laying on her back where Peter had indicated, and Ian kneeling near her head. Peter got down on the floor between her legs and placed a hand on each of her inner thighs, pressing to spread them apart and reveal her extremely wet, shaved pussy. Peter breathed in her scent and then bent over to begin slowly licking on the outside of her lips, avoiding the most sensitive areas and making her squirm.

While Kaitlynn was gasping in pleasure, Ian moved to put his cock near her mouth. Kaitlynn propped herself up on one arm to position her head at the right height and resumed blowing him, moaning around his cock as Peter bahis siteleri teased her with his tongue. As Kaitlynn worked her talented mouth and tongue on Ian, along with her free hand, Ian’s breath began to get more and more ragged. Sensing it wouldn’t be too long, Peter made sure to focus on Kaitlynn’s clit with his tongue, making her hips writhe more and more. Finally Ian exclaimed that he was about to cum, and Peter slid his fingers inside Kaitlynn at the same time, pressing up inside her while fervently working his mouth on her clit. As Ian exploded in Kaitlynn’s mouth, her orgasm also made her body shake as they came together. She gasped and swallowed his cum, breathing heavily.

As Ian was spent, he moved back to rest at the head of the bed. Kaitlynn remained sprawled out near the foot of the bed, with Peter on the ground in front of her. No longer continuing his relentless assault on her, he just gently ran his tongue on her thighs and the crease of her legs, simply enjoying the copious amounts of fluid Kaitlynn had generated and the wonderful smell of her. After Kaitlynn had had a few moments to recover from her orgasm, she told Peter to come up on the bed with them. He climbed up, cock still hard and wanting attention. Kaitlynn sat up and began to stroke it, admiring it and going up to the sensitive head and down to his balls.

While he enjoyed this quite a lot, Peter wanted something else. He told Kaitlynn to lay back down again with her head in Ian’s lap. Ian was gently stroking himself, watching Kaitlynn manipulate Peter’s penis, but he shifted a little so Kaitlynn could lay her head back on him. Peter positioned himself between Kaitlynn’s legs and lifted them up, resting his very hard cock along her very wet lips. Peter started to slowly slide back and forth, gliding easily along Kaitlynn’s pussy with all her natural lubrication, his head pointing steadily up towards her stomach, and her tits, and her face. Peter’s hard shaft rubbed against her clit, getting her very worked up again as he pressed against her. At this point it was all Peter could do to not blow his load all over her front side. Ian was gently cradling Kaitlynn’s head in one hand, while his other continued to rub his now hardening cock.

Reluctantly pulling back just a little, Peter adjusted Kaitlynn’s legs so that her ankles were up by his shoulders. He positioned his cock, glistening wet with Kaitlynn’s juices, right at the entrance to her ass. Slowly he glided in, with Kaitlynn’s juices and her level of arousal meaning there was no resistance. As had happened in the past, the mere feeling of Peter entering her ass at that angle produced an immediate orgasm, and feeling Kaitlynn squeezing around his penis combined with seeing the look on her face as she came, was more than Peter could take. Within seconds he was also filling Kaitlynn with his cum.

Between holding Kaitlynn and watching her orgasm from up close, Ian was fully ready to go again by this time. Peter removed himself from Kaitlynn’s tight ass, giving it a firm grab for good measure, and went to wipe himself down before returning to the head of the bed near where Ian was. Ian had gotten up, fully erect again, and asked Kaitlynn if she could roll over onto her hands and knees. Kaitlynn did so, draping bahis şirketleri her hair down onto Peter’s lap, and stuck her ass back up in the air towards Ian at the foot of the bed. Ian climbed up and positioned his cock right at Kaitlynn’s dripping pussy, before sliding effortlessly in all the way until he was fully inside her.

Having already come before, there was no sense of urgency, and Kaitlynn and Ian both just took the time to enjoy the feeling of him fucking her doggy-style. Peter’s hands reached up underneath Kaitlynn’s chest and found her breasts hanging down. Taking one in each hand he began to caress them, and each time Ian would thrust all the way inwards Peter would gently but firmly tug on one or both of her nipples.

Kaitlynn was moaning at all the sensations, enjoying being fucked and having her nipples played with at the same time. Ian found a steady rhythm and just kept moving in and out of her regularly. Seeing Kaitlynn so fulfilled and being able to touch her, Peter’s cock began to also get hard again. Noticing this, Kaitlynn bent her head down and started to lick it while being fucked from behind. Peter removed his hands from Kaitlynn’s breasts and moved them up to cradle her face, cupping it in his hands while Kaitlynn’s mouth gently licked and sucked his hardening penis.

As Peter got harder and harder, his hands held Kaitlynn’s face firmer and firmer, and gradually he was just holding her head and fucking her face at the complementary rhythm to Ian fucking her pussy. Kaitlynn moaned around Peter’s cock at the feeling of being “spit-roasted” and pleasing both these men while they pleased her.

Not wanting to come just yet, Peter asked if Ian could lay on his back and have Kaitlynn ride him. Both of them happily complied, Ian exiting Kaitlynn’s pussy and laying down with his head towards the foot of the bed, as Kaitlynn turned around and straddled him. She positioned herself over his dick and thrust herself down onto him, her hands holding herself up on his bare chest, and his hands reaching up to play with her breasts.

After a moment of stroking himself while watching Kaitlynn ride Ian up and down, back and forth, Peter was ready to do his part. He told her to lean forward, and while she was still astride Ian with his cock deep inside her, Peter came over and started rubbing his dick on her ass. Initially just rubbing the shaft between her cheeks, he then moved down and entered her asshole. Kaitlynn was overcome with the feeling of being so completely filled up, with one cock deep in her pussy and another one deep in her ass. Taking a couple awkward thrusts finding a good rhythm, it didn’t take Kaitlynn long before she was once again coming, her juices pouring out onto Ian’s groin, allowing herself to scream at how good it felt as her body shuddered over and over again. Between this and feeling how much tighter Kaitlynn’s insides were, Peter and Ian were soon coming as well, both shooting deep into Kaitlynn in their respective areas.

After everyone started coming down from their highs, Peter could no longer hold himself up and slipped out to collapse on the bed, while Kaitlynn fell forward onto Ian. They all lay there for a few moments, just breathing, and enjoying how they had made each other feel. Peter went to get a few more damp washcloths, and they were all soon getting each other cleaned up. Kaitlynn gave Ian a deep kiss, and thanked him for “paying enough attention to her” and being very “sensitive to her needs”.

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