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Turning the Other Cheek

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I am a deeply religious person. I believe in doing good and resisting evil temptation. I believe that Christians should practice humility and, when wronged, turn the other cheek. With the help of my wife, Eve, I work hard at being a good Christian.

I thought I would save Eve, and bring about her transformation. By any standard, Eve was a sinner. I met her at a moment of weakness. One day, I was lured into a “gentleman’s club” against my better judgment and my knowledge of good and evil. I was a virgin in every sense of the word, and seemed to have been drawn in by a strange, satanic magnetism beyond my power to resist.

Eve was an “exotic” dancer, and far and away the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was not an entirely natural beauty. Unsatisfied with her stunning creaturehood at the hands of God, she turned to the Devil to enlarge her breasts. I was mesmerized by this Delilah as she danced in a highly erotic and suggestive manner, devoured by the eyes of a roomful of men, including, I confess, myself.

Eve is unusually tall. She stands an even 6 feet, and almost always wears heels of about 3 inches. In contrast, I am rather short, about 5 feet 7 inches, and of slight build. I couldn’t get over her towering beauty and majesty. She immediately captivated me entirely, and I felt I would never be happy unless I devoted my life to her. (I felt this way before ever saying a word to her, or her to me.)

That night, I spent as much money as I had on me to have her perform a “lap dance”–by which she would successively straddle my legs, grind her bottom into my lap, and push her breasts into my face, while, according to the rules of the club, I was not allowed to touch her. I felt for the first time what it must be like to be a drug addict. I simply did not have the willpower to stop paying her $20 a dance until there was nothing left.

I began earnestly wooing Eve. I went back to that Den of Iniquity every day. I learned her work schedule, and hung around waiting for her to get off work. I spent a great deal of money on her (God has favored my family with wealth). I was able to convince her through my devotion, and my willingness to pay, to have her see me outside the club.

My interest was not entirely selfish. I did my best to tell her the Word of God and persuade her to change her sinful ways. I genuinely wanted to save her soul and lead her away from a life of sin. At the same time, I spent all the time when I was away from Eve praying to God for strength to resist temptation.

I promised that I would devote myself to her salvation, to lead her away from temptation and from seeking the attentions of unworthy men and the sins of the flesh. I made her spiritual restoration a personal crusade.

To convince her of my sincerity, I bought her her own apartment, a car, and clothing. I wanted to buy her good, Christian clothing, but she refused, and insisted on short skirts, spike heels, and even pulled me protesting into the ladies lingerie departments where she shamelessly bought the most sexually provocative panties, garters, and other paraphernalia.

I urged her to quit her job as a dancer, but she refused.

I did my best to get her to come to Church with me, but to no avail. Finally, one day, she said that the only way she would go into a Church would be to get married. At that moment, I knew my Christian duty. Dropping on one knee before her, I proposed marriage.

She grinned, not exactly a happy grin, more a mischievous, triumphant grin, and demanded to know why I only dropped to one knee, telling me that if I were truly devoted to her I would have gone down on both knees, and instead of asking for her hand in marriage, I would have begged her. And that is precisely what I did. My gesture of gallantry was transformed into one of submission. Kneeling before her, she looked to be an absolute giantess. I literally shivered at the sight of her.

As we planned our wedding and our marriage, Eve and I had long talks about sin and salvation. Eve loved the fact that I was a virgin. Although she had made me ejaculate in my pants many times during lap dances, we had never had intercourse, and I told her I was committed to being a virgin until our wedding night. Eve was fascinated by the Christian concept of forgiveness for sins–the idea that one could be a sinner, and yet still be forgiven. I told her that if she was bad, but said she was sorry, I would forgive her. That really appealed to her. She also liked that I regard humility as a Christian virtue, and that I strive to be a humble servant of God.

In order to persuade her to give up her sinful ways as an exotic dancer, I told her that if she would marry me, I would match her income through her illicit and immoral life with an equivalent “allowance” that I would pay her directly for leading an upright and virtuous life. When it came time to tally her allowance, I was surprised at how lucrative her life of sin had been.

Eve began to call me her guardian angel, or her “sweet little angel,” or just “angel.” I have a soft, angelic face that she liked. She made a strange request to prove my love for her. She took me to the beauty salon where the dancers go to have their legs and pubic areas waxed. She told me that big, hairy men got her sexually excited and made her think sinful thoughts. She said that she wanted me to make her think purer more spiritual thoughts, and asked that I shave and wax all my body hair.

At first I objected, but she told me that she shaved and waxed “down there” to please me (and all the other men), so it was only fair that I should do the same. It was awkward and a bit painful, and made me embarrassed at the thought that others might see me naked, but I successfully removed all my body hair, making me look even more boyish and much younger than my already slight build makes me look. She also asked that I grow my hair long and let it develop its natural curls into soft ringlets.

Eve did agree to a church wedding. I brought her to my hometown. My family and friends were shocked when I announced my engagement, since none had ever met, or even heard of Eve, and none knew anything of her background. I made her promise not to tell them about her previous life.

Eve came with her best friend from the club, Honey, who would be her maiden of honor. Honey is also quite a beauty. Where Eve is a tall blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. Honey has darker, honey colored hair and deeply tanned skin with brown eyes. Honey is a bit shorter than me. She also sports a pair of breasts out of proportion to her other measurements, but all in all, she is petite, where Eve is statuesque. escort The folks in my town had never seen anything like them.

Eve and Honey had been expecting stag parties, bachelorette parties with drinking and carrying on, but I was born and raised in a devout, Christian community. We don’t drink, and while we know how to have good, clean wholesome fun, we don’t party like the fast city crowd. I pleaded with Eve and Honey to behave themselves. Eve agreed to wear a full-length, white wedding gown in deference to the sensibilities of my family and friends.

The night before the wedding, we had a rehearsal.

I introduced Honey to my best man, Paul, and my buddies from high school, who were also good churchgoers, who would serve as ushers. Paul is a big farm boy. He was the star of our high school football team.

Although the two of us are completely different physically, we have been best friends since childhood. I was the assistant to the coach for the football team, since I was too small to keep up with the big guys. We grew close nevertheless, and I always felt I was part of the team, although my only role on the field was to run out to get the kicking tee after kick-offs and field goals. Basically, I fetched water, taped ankles, cleaned up equipment, came earlier and stayed late making sure everything was in order.

The night before a wedding, a little innocent flirtation is to be expected between bridesmaids and ushers, but Honey and Eve were in another league altogether, and teased my buddies to the point of torment. Honey wore a very short mini shirt that kept hiking up, and she found many excuses to bend over and to cross and recross her legs, exposing bright red string bikini panties. Eve wore a pair of satiny skin-tight black pants, the kind that zipper on the backside, so they hug the bottom very tightly. Anyone looking closely–and who wouldn’t?–could see the lines of a thong underneath her skin-tight pants. The pants rode very low, below her hips, and she wore a midriff-bearing shirt that accentuated her already prominent breasts and the tightness and length of her waist.

Eve and Honey kept joking with Paul and my other friends, Matt, Steve, and Jeff, about how they would have to teach me what to do on my wedding night because I was so naive and inexperienced. This was all in good-natured fun, and I wanted to be a good sport, but it did make me uncomfortable.

Paul, who is built like a horse, could not keep his own reaction to Eve and Honey from being noticed, and Eve and Honey made no secret of admiring the huge bulge in his pants.

We had planned for a family dinner the night before the wedding, but Eve and Honey convinced Paul and the ushers to go out looking for fun. It is such a quiet town, there is really nothing happening at night, except to go to the movies. Eve and Honey persuaded the guys to go to a liquor store outside of town, and stocked up on distilled spirits, which they brought back to the hotel where the girls were staying in adjoining rooms, and where the wedding reception was to be held the following night, and where we would spend the first night before our honeymoon. They invited the guys and me to come and party, and, not really knowing where all this would lead, but not wanting to look unfriendly, we all agreed.

Pretty soon the girls were introducing my friends to drinking games, and everyone was getting more than a little tipsy. Against the better judgment of my friends and me, we played a strip card game at Eve and Honey’s suggestion. I had never really played cards before–my family regarded them as sinful. I was amazed at Eve’s dexterity with the cards, no doubt evidence of her misspent youth. She dealt every hand, and really knew her stuff. Watching her was almost like watching a magician.

I had the worst luck imaginable. Against all the laws of probability in a game of chance, I was the only one who lost, and I lost every hand. With each loss, all the others giggled like they were in on a joke of some kind. Piece by piece, I had a choice between taking a something called a “shot,” a whole little glass of whiskey–which I couldn’t stand–or surrendering a piece of clothing. Soon, I was naked, and a bit inebriated. I was ashamed for my friends to see my completely hairless body. When I finally lost my underpants, Paul, Matt, Steve, and Jeff just stared for a moment. Then, they laughed and teased me like they had never done before in all our years growing up together, even though I was always the smallest, in every sense of the word.

I kept playing, thinking that my luck would change, but I kept losing, and with every loss, Eve and Honey suggested other penalties that I had to endure. Eve and Honey had my friends take off their ties, and with each loss, they tied my feet and hands to a chair.

At that point, I became a trapped and bound spectator. The others continued playing and horsing around, and drinking. Finally, with me out of the game, the guys insisted that Eve stop being the dealer, and the girls started to shed their clothes bit by bit, along with the guys. Eve wriggled out of her tight pants, revealing a black thong. Her bottom was beautifully framed by the little strip of material. Even bound naked to the chair, I couldn’t help admire her and feel proud that starting tomorrow Eve would be my wife.

When Eve revealed her breasts (she lost her blouse, and hadn’t been wearing a bra), I could just see everyone stop. All eyes were glued to her magnificent breasts–big round beauties standing at attention, highlighted by nipples that extended an inch beyond her twin round mounds.

Down to her far-too-small thong panties, Eve suggested that if she lost another hand, she would have to do a dance for the guys.

They readily agreed. None of them knew of her previous job, and I don’t think any of them had ever seen a dance of the “exotic” variety.

Eve lost the very next hand. She started in front of me, swiveling her hips, and getting the predictable physical reaction for all to see. She teased me, bringing her nipples close to my mouth, but moving out of reach as I stuck out my tongue or opened my mouth for her. I grunted and moaned in desperation and desire, which the others watched with glee.

Next, she started dancing in front of Honey. Honey, whose hands, unlike mine, weren’t tied, reached up and started massaging Eve’s breasts and bottom. The guys were speechless, absolutely in awe of the scene in front of them. Before long, Eve had Honey’s shirt off and Honey up dancing with her, and the two of them put on an amazing, incredibly sexy show.

As I said, my friends are all good Christians, but Eve and escort bayan Honey were too much temptation for them to resist. I couldn’t believe that my best friends, my Best Man!! and ushers for my wedding, would betray me in front of my own eyes, but Eve kept challenging them and teasing them to teach me what I should do the next night on my wedding night, to show me how a real man handles his woman. She concentrated all her feminine wiles on Paul. She coaxed off his shirt, and began playing with his hairy, barrel of a chest, cooing and saying what a big powerful man he is.

In the meantime, Honey was keeping Jeff, Matt, and Steve busy, letting them fondle her as she started removing their clothes, telling them how big and handsome they were.

What happened next was like a scene from Sodom and Gomorra. Eve took Paul’s gigantic member in her mouth, and with Honey’s coaxing, gripped Matt and Steve’s penises with each hand. Honey positioned Jeff behind Eve, and I watched as he played with my bride-to-be’s bottom and rubbed his penis up and down, around and around her beautiful buns. All the while, Honey was directing everyone and keeping it lively with teasing and encouragement for what all knew to be sinful.

Just as Jeff was about to mount Eve from behind, Eve said, “Paul goes first. I can see, he’s the best man.” As I squirmed and whimpered, my best friend and best man plunged his huge, engorged member into Eve. She wrapped her long legs around him, sucked and bit his hairy chest, and dug her fingernails into his back, shrieking with ecstatic pleasure. My ushers, Jeff, Matt, and Steve then took turns with Eve, as Honey worked to revive Paul for another round.

Finally, after my friends had all had their fill, and it was late, they left, leaving Honey, Eve, and me alone in the room. By that time, I was sobbing. I was still tied to the chair. Eve came up and kneeled between my legs, looking up at me with eyes filled with contrition. “I’m so sorry my sweet little Angel, I don’t know what got into me. You know I told you how irresistible I find big, hairy men. You hadn’t told me how big and handsome Paul was. Please forgive him, it wasn’t his fault. And forgive me too. I’m a weak sinner.”

Seeing the sincerity of her confession, my heart filled with love for Eve. I was angry at Paul and my other friends, but Eve reminded me that it was my Christian duty to overcome my feelings of anger and to be forgiving. She said that this was perhaps my most important lesson in Christian humility, and I had to agree. As she played with my hard little penis, I told her that I forgave her. I knew that it was tradition to sow wild oats the night before a wedding, and I looked forward to a faithful life together.

I was on the verge of an orgasm, but Eve winked and said I should save it for tomorrow night when I would lose my virginity.

The wedding was beautiful, but a bit of a shock to my family and friends. True to her word, Eve wore a full length, white gown. However, it was of a sheer, translucent material, and Eve forgot to wear a slip or a bra. As she walked down the aisle, her breasts and nipples were clearly visible under the gown. And, standing at the alter in 4 inch heels, the entire congregation had a spectacular view of her taut, muscled calves and thighs, and the firm roundness of her derriere, accented by a small, white thong.

Standing next to her, Honey was a striking contrast. I had no advance promises from her, and Honey chose a micro-mini dress of hot pink that gripped her body, hugging her hips and bottom.

Paul looked more like a groom for Eve, and Honey would have been more suited to someone of my height and size, but, standing at the alter, we ended up looking like mismatched couples.

Our vows were also somewhat unusual. Eve’s was a simple, “I do” to the question, “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Mine, however, was written by Eve herself, and included not only my promise to “love, honor, and cherish” her, but also my pledge to “serve and obey.”

When I danced with Eve at the reception, I was a bit embarrassed when it became clear that with Eve’s height and heels, my face came even with her breasts. She pulled me tight to her breasts, and, as always, I couldn’t muster the will power to pull away, so nuzzled between her breasts in front of my parents, friends, and family.

During the reception, Eve and Honey danced with Paul, Jeff, Matt, and Steve, showing everyone that they were already very close friends and comfortable with each other physically. At one point, Eve was tired and sat down. I asked her to dance, but she told me she was tired, and instead pulled me to sit on her lap. I felt like a child sitting in her lap, and I could see odd looks on everyone’s face, but Eve kept whispering and cooing in my ear, how cute I was and how in love she was with me, and how she was going to take my virginity tonight, so I stayed where I was, enjoying the honor of sitting in such a beautiful woman’s lap.

We excused ourselves for our wedding night in Eve’s hotel room–the same room we had been in the previous night. When we got to the doorway of the room, Eve did the natural thing given our relative sizes and strengths, and picked me up to carry me across the threshold. When she turned on the light, I was surprised to see Honey in our bed. She must have confused our room with her adjoining one. Honey, smiled and sat up revealing a sexy little red silk nightie under which her perky breasts jiggled.

Eve said, “Oh, Honey, so nice of you to help show my little Angel how we make love.” Eve had me sit in the same chair I had spent far too long in the night before, as she went into the bathroom to “freshen up” and change. While she was in the bathroom, Honey told me that her feet and legs were sore from dancing, and she asked me to take some of the massage oil and lotions she had placed on the bedside table and massage her feet and legs. I kneeled on the side of the bed, as Honey extended her feet and legs to my touch. Although it was my wedding night with Eve, I confess to looking lustfully at another woman.

Honey had rolled on her tummy, and I had an incredible view of her legs and bottom, and was almost at the point of sneaking a hidden kiss on her foot, when Eve entered the room. I gasped in disbelief at the sight. Eve was dressed in a black “Merry Widow” corset that exposed her proud, powerful breasts, as well as black garter belt and stockings, exposing the whiteness of her thighs.

The heels of her black, patent leather boots must have been 5 inches. But the most shocking part of the sight was something I had never seen before–and escort bayan gaziantep only later learned the term for. It was something called a “strap-on dildo.” It made Eve, a magnificent amazon of a woman, look like she also had an erect, black penis.

“Stay on your knees,” she commanded me. She told me to “suck her cock,” which I did. Then, she had me apply the oils and lotions to the apparatus. “Kneel next to the bed, and watch how it’s done,” she said. With that she got on the bed, straddling Honey. Eve and Honey began kissing passionately, their mouths eagerly open to each other, their hands squeezing and fondling, their legs intertwined. I watched in awe these two beauties writhing in pleasure. Eve was clearly in control–“the man.” She dominated the smaller Honey, gripping her wrists as she penetrated Honey’s mouth with her tongue, forcing Honey to suck her breasts.

Finally, Eve positioned herself between Honey’s legs and thrust and thrust again, until Honey began gasping for air.

Honey had an orgasm, and rolled away. Eve got up and standing in front of me as I sat in the chair, I was face to face with the glistening black cock coming from my bride. “It’s your turn,” she said. I was stunned, speechless. She lifted me off the chair and threw me face down on the bed. “Time to lose your virginity, Angel,” she said.

“Not like this,” I pleaded.

Honey crawled back up on the bed, face to face with me, and began stroking my hair. “It will be OK, she said, just relax, don’t tense up.”

Eve took a couple of pillows and stuffed them under me, lifting my bottom high in the air. Then, I felt oily liquid pour down my butt crack and dribble down my balls and legs. Eve leaned over me and whispered in my ear, “I’ve wanted to fuck your cute little butt for so long.” With that I felt her finger insert into me.

I twisted and squirmed in discomfort, never having felt anything like that there before. “Please be gentle, I whimpered.” She jammed her finger in all the way, then another. Tears ran down my face.

With Honey’s coaxing, and Eve’s skill, they worked that black dildo into me. Honey kept kissing my face and stroking my hair. As Eve started pounding me from behind, Honey positioned herself so I was able to lick and suck her own recently pounded pussy. I was overcome with excitement, and ejaculated on the pillows and bed.

Eve discovered first what I had done. “Look at this, Angel you wet the bed. Now you won’t be able to satisfy me.”

I apologized profusely, and offered to eat her, but Eve said she needed a big cock and she needed it now. She handed me the phone and told me to call Paul (who was still downstairs at the reception) on his cell phone and tell him that I needed him to come upstairs to our bridal suite to help me out.

I called Paul.

During this time, Eve told Honey to go back to her room. She went to the bathroom, and I watched as she put away her dildo, took off the black corset and black garter and stockings. I watched Eve as she washed up, applied make up and perfume, fluffed her hair, and put on a diaphanous, white bridal negligee that did nothing to hide her nakedness underneath.

Soon Paul was knocking on the door. Eve opened it. “Oh, Paul, I’m so glad to see you. Look what happened.”

She took Paul by the hand, and led him into the bedroom, where I was curled in a fetal position, trying to recover from the pounding I had taken. She pointed out the puddle of semen on the bed. “My new little hubby is so inexperienced that he got all excited just by getting near to me, and his little pecker came way too soon, leaving me all horny and unsatisfied. I need a real man with a big solid cock who knows how to use it,” she said, running her hand inside Paul’s shirt and brushing his chest.

“Angel, get back in your chair and watch how a real man does it,” she said in a husky voice.

She then undressed Paul, kissing and stroking him, especially fondling his hairy chest. She rubbed her face on his chest, and then moved downward, kissing all the way. Soon she was on her knees in front of him, completely submissive to his cock, which was pumping in and out of her mouth.

Eve guided Paul to the bed, and soon had him on top of her with her legs wrapped around his waist, and with him fucking her long and hard. Eve groaned and moaned like Honey had done under her a couple of hours earlier. Eve was completely lost in Paul’s strength and power.

When Paul was finished. Eve told him to go into the adjoining room, because Honey wanted to see him. After he got up and left, she crooked her finger, and motioned me to join her on the bed. I moved hesitantly to the foot of the bed, eye level with her feet, crossed at the ankle, legs together.

Eve said, “My little Angel, will you forgive me for being such a bad girl? I can’t help myself when I see a big man like Paul. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

I stayed kneeling at the foot of the bed, I was mesmerized by the sight of her legs, knowing Paul had just been where I had been dreaming of being for ages. “What can I do to show you how much I love you and how special you are to me?” she said, and with that she uncrossed her feet, exposed her wet crotch for a split second, and crossed her legs at the thighs.

I began crawling up unto the bed. But I still couldn’t find my voice. “Would you like to cuddle up between Mama’s slippery legs?

Would that make you feel better?” she cooed. I was overcome by her gentleness, her lovingness, and I wanted to show her that I did forgive her, and honor and cherish her as I had said in my wedding vows. So I snuggled up, burrowing my face into her warm, wet vortex, satisfying her with my tongue where my penis had failed, tasting my best friend’s cum inside my wife, and yes, finally, cumming myself, once again, on the sheets.

Afterwards, as I rested my head on Eve’s chest and she cuddled me close, she told me again what a good husband I was and how she admired what a devout Christian I was and what a wonderful marriage we were going to have with me as her humble, forgiving servant. She told me that if I could continue to pray for her salvation, and if I could continue to forgive her her uncontrollable urge to sin, that we would have many years of happiness together.

I write this on our honeymoon. Eve invited along Paul and Honey, and we are all getting along well. It is not what I expected, and I still haven’t actually been the man yet in having sex with my wife. But I love and trust Eve, and know she is more experienced than me and knows what’s best.

As we enter into our marriage, I recognize how wicked it must look. But I am still committed to “turning the other cheek” in a spirit of Christian humility, and to praying and working to save Eve’s eternal soul. I only pray that I don’t lose my own in the process.

Proudly signed,

Willing Wimp

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