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Two Weeks

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It’s about 9:00pm, and she’s in the bedroom of her apartment. She’s just gotten home from work and is utterly exhausted. It’s only Tuesday, but it’s been a tough week already since she also worked most of the weekend. A glass of wine sits on the bureau, and she sips it as she removes her jewellery. She sighs. Don is coming back from his two week business trip tonight. He’s been driving all over the Midwest, and depending on what time his meeting ended this afternoon, and what time he actually got on the road, he made it clear that he planned on coming straight to her place if he could get there before midnight. She feels guilty when she hopes that his meeting ran late, or that maybe he hit traffic. She has missed him terribly but knows he’ll be horny as hell, and God forgive her, she is just not in the mood tonight.

Her fingers are on the top button of her suit jacket when she hears the key in the front door. Shit! She swears under her breath, and then curses herself for feeling this way. But damn it, she is tired.

“Carol,” he yells out as the door slams shut. “Where are you, Hon?”

“In the bedroom,” she calls back. She hears him place what she supposes is his briefcase on the coffee table along with his keys. The change in the sound of his footsteps lets her know he has now entered the kitchen. “Ahhhh….that’s my girl,” he says, and she assumes he has seen the open bottle of wine. A cabinet door opens, then bangs shut. Glunk, glunk, glunk sounds follow as he pours himself a glass.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna greet me? It’s only been two weeks,” his voice gets louder as he approaches the bedroom. There he is, leaning against the doorway, head cocked to one side, cute little grin on his face. The right side of his upper lip always rises slightly higher than the other when he smiles. For some reason, this is one of those things that makes him totally irresistible to her. She walks over to him, stands on her toes and kisses his cheek.

“Hey you. How was the drive?” She asks as she turns to walk back to the bureau. She takes two steps before she feels a hand on her elbow.

“Um, hello. Excuse me,” he says. “Is that all I get?” She turns back to him and wraps her arms around his chest, placing her head against his shoulder. His arms embrace her.

“That’s a little nicer. But this is even better,” he teases, as the hand without the glass of wine moves to her bottom and squeezes. She jumps, letting out a tiny squeak, then looks up at him.

“I’m sorry, Don. I am just so fucking stressed and tired. Can you wait until morning?”

He gives her his best pouty, little boy face, and she giggles. Oh, he is adorable, she thinks. She keeps looking at him, loving to gaze into his eyes, big and green and surrounded by thick black lashes. Damn, she wonders. Why do men always get the most beautiful eyelashes? She pulls away. Back at the bureau, she takes another sip of wine. She starts to undo her suit jacket, then pauses. Shit! It suddenly dawns on her what she is wearing underneath. This morning, she had dressed with all the best intentions of seducing him, throwing on her sexiest pair of underwear. Black low-cut bra, matching lace panties, garters, stockings….the whole works. Over that she wore a suit. Just a fitted jacket that buttoned to a v-neck and didn’t require a blouse beneath it, along with a tight skirt. But then today turned out to be as crappy as yesterday – employees fighting and threatening to quit, clients complaining – a real day from hell. And now, she could not get herself in “the mood” no matter how hard she tried.

“Hey…earth to Carol.” His voice breaks through her daze, and she jerks her head towards him. “You’ve got my favorite suit on. Did you wear that especially for me?” He asks, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively. He leaves the doorway and walks up behind her. She feels his arms wrap around her waist and looks at him in the mirror.

“Come on, Honey. I’ve missed you.” She watches as his head moves, then feels his lips on the back of her neck. “I’ve thought about you all day,” he growls, his breath warming her ear. Still watching in the mirror, she stares as one hand moves over her pubic area, palming it through her skirt, pressing on it as she feels him pushing himself against canlı bahis her bottom. His cock is already hard. The other hand slips under her jacket and cups a breast as he begins to nibble her ear, whispering, “Can’t you tell how much I’ve missed you?” God help her, she loves him more than anything, but she just can’t get into this right now.

Wrapping a hand over each of his wrists, she grabs tight. “Don, please, it’s been an awful day. I just want to sleep,” she explains. In the mirror’s reflection, she sees his face. His _expression is one of total disappointment.

He lets go of her. He moves away and gently says, “Sure, Hon. I’ll just go take a cold shower.” He hangs his head in an exaggerated pose, shuffling along toward the bathroom. Giggling, she tells him to stop being such a martyr.

She hears the door to the bathroom close, and lets out a sigh. She quickly undoes her suit jacket and slips it off. She’s about to place it on a hanger when she notices her reflection. Whoa, she thinks. Her movements throughout the day must have changed the position of the bra. Half her aureolas and nipples are exposed. She hears a noise and turns toward the doorway. There’s Don, towel around his waist, staring at her.

“Um…sorry, Carol. I was just coming to tell you that there’s no soap in the shower.” But he cannot hide the lust in his eyes. Within seconds, he is standing in front of her, hands on her face, holding it in place as his mouth covers hers. She has always loved the way he kisses, softly at first, then applying more and more pressure, his tongue making its way around her lips, then into her mouth. She feels herself responding to him, opening her mouth to allow his tongue to circle within and probe more deeply.

But then the phone rings. Don sighs and pulls away. She freezes and listens as the machine picks up. It’s one of her employees informing her that she has a family problem and won’t be in tomorrow. “Son of a bitch!” She yells, throwing her hands up in the air, then slapping them back down against her thighs. She was hoping to sleep in a little late tomorrow, but that’s out of the question now. She plops onto the edge of the bed, hangs her head down and tries to take a few deep breaths. There’s movement in front of her. Looking up, she sees Don squatting, holding her glass of wine. Gently, he places a hand on her knee and says, “Here, have some of this.” She smiles weakly at him and takes it. She puts it to her lips, throws her head back and gulps down the remaining half a glass. Handing it back to him, she asks if he’d mind getting her some more. “In fact,” she says, “bring the whole fucking bottle in here!” He smirks as he gets up. “That’s my Honey,” she hears him mumble as he walks to the kitchen.

She flings her upper body back and lays down, legs still bent and dangling over the edge of the bed, high-heeled pumps not quite touching the floor. Her skirt rises up quite a bit and her legs spread as she stretches her arms above her head and arches her back, letting out a long, exasperated sigh. She stays in that position, staring up at the ceiling.

“Oh, for Chrissakes, Carol!” She hears. “Don’t tease me like this!”

Lifting her head up a bit, she sees Don. He’s in the doorway again. The side of the bed she’s lying on faces him, and she is sure he can see up her skirt. He confirms this suspicion by whispering one word. “Garters?” She quickly pops back up into a sitting position. Something does not feel quite right though, and she looks down. When she had stretched her arms up before, she must have pulled her tits with them, because now they were sitting on top of the lacy portion of her bra cups, fully exposed and propped up. She looks at the _expression on Don’s face and giggles. He still has a towel wrapped around his waist, but now it’s sticking out quite a bit down around his crotch. She points and begins to laugh hysterically. She realizes that her silliness is more from exhaustion and stress than from the actual situation at hand, but she cannot control herself. Tears are streaming down her face, and he is looking at her like she has lost her mind.

“Sure, go ahead. Have a good laugh at my expense. It’s a real boost to the ego that you find my blue-steel throbber so funny!” Shaking bahis siteleri his head, he walks over to the nightstand and puts the bottle of wine down.

“Blue-steel throbber?” She spits out, then laughs even harder. “Oh, Honey…I’m sorry,” she says between giggles.

“Sorry, my ass! I’ll make you sorry!” And with that, he walks over to where she is sitting, grabs her roughly by the wrists and pulls her to her feet. Her body rubs against him, causing his towel to slide to the floor. With a few swift movements, he yanks the straps of her bra down off her shoulders so that they hang around her elbows, then clasps her wrists within his hands, shoving her arms behind her back. His head falls to her breasts immediately. Jerking her arms again, he causes her back to arch and her tits to tilt up. She whimpers a little from the pain, but is still too shocked to say anything. It has all happened so quickly. “Oh, God!” She cries out, finally finding her voice when his lips clamp down on a nipple. He immediately sucks it to full attention, sliding it in and out of his mouth between his teeth. He tongues it, nips at it and finally bites down on it and tugs hard. Moaning, her hips begin to move, and he grunts as the material of her skirt skims the head of his penis. His mouth moves to her other nipple, and he attacks it just as viciously.

“Mmmmmmm……Don…..what’s gotten into you?” She asks, her words coming out in a breathless whisper. He responds by releasing her wrists, grabbing her waist and throwing her backward onto the bed. He immediately dives onto it next to her. A hand finds its way up her skirt. His fingers move along her nylons, lightly tickling the inside of her thighs until he reaches the point where he feels skin. Sliding a finger underneath the top portion of a stocking, he keeps teasing her flesh, watching her face as he does. She’s got her eyes closed and her head tilted back, her mouth open as she moans softly. His fingers move to her panties. He tugs at the crotch area and glides his middle finger and thumb beneath. Finding her nub, he pinches it and rolls it between his fingers. It never ceases to amaze him how engorged her clit gets when she’s excited. Her hips raise up, her body writhes and her moans become much louder. He stops and pulls his hand away. Her eyes pop open and look at him questioningly.

“Still tired, my sweetie?” He grins mischievously at her. She shakes her head. He bends over to kiss her, grabbing her skirt as he does, hiking it up higher. He rolls on top of her, propping himself up on his elbows. Kissing her roughly, he begins to run his cock along her thighs, groaning a little as he feels the silkiness of her stockings against him. She squirms beneath him, spreading her legs wider for him. He slides his lower body up until he is grinding against her panties. His mouth leaves hers and makes its way to her neck, lightly flicking his tongue, then kissing and sucking. Her fingers claw the back of his shoulders as her legs wrap around his.

“Fuck me, Don!” She whispers, through his kisses. “I can’t wait any longer.” He lifts his head and looks at her, staring her down.

“Oh, now you wanna fuck, my Honey?” He rubs his cock into her harder, in a circular motion. “Don’t tell me what you want. You drove me crazy before, now it’s my turn. Beg me.” She meets his grinding, and at the same time, arches her back so that her tits brush against his chest, trying to coax him. He grunts. “Not going to work this time, Carol. I don’t want you to TELL me what you want….BEG me.”

He pushes himself up and slides off of her and the bed. Standing over her, he rips at her garters, tearing them away from their hold on her stockings so that he can get at her panties. Yanking forcefully, he pulls them off. During all this, she has been lifting and moving her lower body to assist him, moaning the entire time. His aggression is driving her insane. She lifts her legs up, then spreads them as wide as she can, making a large “v”. She’s always been extremely flexible and uses that ability now. Grabbing an ankle with each hand, she pulls her legs back.

“Oh, God, Carol!” He exclaims. He draws in a deep breath and exhales it loudly, letting out a short laugh as he does. “You’re fucking incredible!” He bahis şirketleri groans low and long as he stares at her glistening, fully-exposed pussy. Taking a finger, he runs it all around her lips and vulva, then shoves it deep inside her, curling the tip so that it probes her inner walls. She cries out.

“Dammit, Don!” She yells. “Fuck me already! I can’t stay in this position all night.”

He pulls his finger out and crawls back onto the bed. Kneeling up against her ass, he holds his pulsing cock, sliding it over her a few times, teasing her clit with it. Her head pops up, and she looks him straight in the eyes. He stares back, an _expression of dead seriousness on his face.

“I won’t say it again, Carol. Don’t TELL me what you want. BEG me for it!” She whimpers. He knows how much this is killing her. She usually likes to instruct him. But he can also tell how excited this has made her, to have him take total charge and command her for a change.

“Okay….okay.” She’s panting heavily now. “Don, please. Please fuck me……YOU BASTARD!” She spits out the last two words.

He places the head of his penis at her opening, circles it, then stops. “Ask me nicely, Carol. No need for name calling now, is there?” She realizes how much he is truly enjoying this. She flings her head back in exasperation. She moves her hips and ass so that her wet cunt rubs the tip of his cock. He pulls back. “Uh-uh. No cheating,” he teases. He looks at her and wonders how much longer he can continue this. Her tits are up higher and firmer than usual due to the bottom of the bra pushing at them. Her legs are as far apart as he’s ever seen them, and her cunt is spread wide open, inviting him to have his way with her. Finally, he hears what he’s been waiting for.

“Don,” she says, almost too calmly. “Please sweetie….please. I’m begging you. Please fuck me. Please do whatever you want with me.”

She has barely completed the last sentence when she feels his cock stretching her opening and entering her. His dick is thicker than any guy she’s ever been with, and it still surprises her how fantastic it feels when he first presses against her. That initial stretching of her rim is always somewhat painful, but it’s a pleasurable pain, and she cries out.

“Oh, your cunt feels so good,” he moans, as he thrusts into her again and again. She still has her legs way up, but they’re curled now, her hands resting behind her knees, holding them in place. She moves with him as best as she can. When she gets as excited as she is now, it doesn’t take her long, and she already feels her orgasm drawing close.

“Oh, Don……right there! Don’t stop what you’re doing! Right there!” She tells him, panting heavily. Her body is on fire, the heat being strongest in her clit. Suddenly, she is ‘there’; she’s in the throes of a full-blown orgasm. She lets go of her legs and lays them on the back of his, sliding one up and the other down continuously while her body bucks and spasms. Her nails dig into his arms, her head thrashes wildly and her moans become screams. She’s aware that Don has started to cum also, and his own shuddering adds to the intensity of her orgasm.

Minutes pass before they are both able to speak, their breathing finally becoming somewhat normal. He rolls off of her, and lays on his side, propped up on an elbow, watching her. She looks at him and smiles. She’s not sure if it was the two weeks without him or his ‘attack’ of her that did it, or maybe a little of both, but she’s positive about one thing. It was the most exciting experience they have shared so far.

“That was unfuckingbelievable!” She says, voice still a bit husky.

“You liked that?” he asks, teasingly. She laughs, covers her eyes with a hand and nods her head ‘yes’. “So, should I do that more often? Is that what you’re telling me?” He’s playing with her now, trying to act naive and innocent.

“You are SUCH an asshole!” She responds. “What the FUCK do you think?”

“I don’t know. You didn’t seem to enjoy it much.”

“ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!” She yells, then smacks him on his head. She goes to get up, and he grabs her, pulling her to him, hugging her tight, laughing as he nuzzles her.

“I’m sorry,” he says in a mockingly sweet tone. “I won’t ever do that again. I guess I just got carried away.”

“Oh my God! Stop it now!” She snaps at him. “It was the best fuck you ever gave me. Is that what you wanna hear? Ya happy now?”

“Yup.” He laughs. “Very happy.”

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