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Vacation Hookup

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I flew down with my parents to their time share, having gone almost every year for the last 10 years it was almost a home away from home. I had left the kids at home with my husband, easier since they were in school, and it would be the first relaxing vacation I’d had in a long time.

I texted you when we landed. It would be the closest we’d ever been. We had been chatting for a few months and all the scenes and scenarios we had shared played out in my mind. You were coming my way to see a friend and we agreed we would try to meet up later in the week. We continued to text sporadically over the next few days. Playing out all the possible fantasies of meeting in person. The anticipation making me nervous and excited. I told my parents I was going out to a movie and would be back later. I took the rental car and met you at the local mall. My heart racing, I kept rubbing my cold hands on my denim shorts, a pink tank on top and a new bra and panty set beneath. I had never met someone in person before. I got out of my car and saw you walking towards me. When you got to me I didn’t know what to do. I awkwardly held out my hand to shake yours and your laugh broke the silence.

“Hi baby girl.” You said.

Shaking my hand briefly before pulling me into a hug, I could feel you smelling my hair and I laughted lightly.

“Hey handsome.” I replied.

“You are even sexier in person.” You whispered in my ear.

I squeezed tight. After months of talking you felt like an old friend. I pulled back, cheeks pink with a blush.

“You really do blush easily.” You laughed.

“Shut up.” I smiled.

“Where are we going?” I asked almost shy.

It was my first time meeting anyone offline and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t wasn’t to assume anything despite my desires and our previous conversions.

“A hotel room of course.” You responded immediately.

I smiled wide.

You took my hand and led me to your car, your thumb rubbing subconsciously on the back of my hand as we walked. I climbed into the passenger seat, glad the sun was setting as I had a few plans of my own. You turned the car on and I scooted closer to you on my seat. Lightly placing my hand on your thigh. You looked at me and smiled squeezing my hand once before you backed out of the parking spot and drove away.

“How long till we get to where we’re going?” I ask.

“Twenty minutes, maybe a little more. Why?” You respond looking at me quizzically.

“Just wondering.” I reply with a smirk.

My hand slowly moving up and down your thigh. I move my hand higher and I can feel the growing bulge near the top. I lightly trail my fingers over the outline of your cock, then lightly rake my nails up the growing length. I feel you shudder slightly and I hear a faint gasp. I smile, loving your reaction. Knowing you are getting hard because of me. I open your fly and slide my hand beneath the waistband of your boxer briefs. Finding the soft skin of your now semi hard cock. I wrap my hand around it and begin to slowly stroke you. My hand sliding up and down your growing cock. Continuing to stroke until my hand is moving faster up and down your now fully hard cock. I look up and see you breathing deeply with your eyes half hooded. Hips lifting ever so slightly.

I push your shorts and boxers down enough to pull your erection fully free. It was not quite dark outside and the roads are almost empty but I saw the incredulous look you give me. Like you can hardly believe I would actually expose you out in public. I unfasten my seatbelt and turn in my seat. Licking my lips as I look at you. I lean forward and kiss your cheek. I kiss the corner of your mouth canlı bahis briefly, then move my head closer to your delicious looking cock. It jumps in my hand and I smile licking my lips again. I stroke it a few more times, my breath ghosting over it, rubbing my thumb through the precum and spreading it around the large red head. I lean closer and I lick the tip. Licking the precum from the slit at the top. I take the head of your cock into my mouth and suck hard more precum escaping from your cock and I lap it up greedily. I back up and run my tongue along the length to get it wet and then again take the head into my mouth.

I begin to bob up and down your length. Slowly taking in every inch. My mouth moving closer, my nose closer to your pelvis. My fingers wrapped around the base moving slightly. Your hand sliding up and down my back. Your hips lifting slightly to try and get deeper in my mouth. I work my way down your shaft until you are buried deep in my throat. I hold you there gagging slightly and my eyes watering. I feel your hand move to the back of my head holding me there, holding me down with my nose pressed to your pelvis. I hum in my throat and feel your hand tighten in my hair in response trying to push even further into my mouth. I tap your thigh a few times to let you know I need a breath. You loosen your hold long enough for me to come up for a few breaths before pushing me back down on your cock. I began sucking deeply. Bobbing up and down. Your cock sliding in and out of my warm, wet mouth. One hand moving to massage your balls. I felt them tighten in my hand as you moan.

“Fuck, you are gonna make me cum baby girl.” You groan.

I keep bobbing up and down, adding more suction. I hear you grunt and feel your hips lift off the seat, I feel the first spurt and push you deeper in my throat. Sucking deeply and swallowing every drop. Coming back off your slowly softening cock. I lick you clean, kiss the tip and put your cock away. Smiling and pleased I move to sit back in my seat but your hand grabs the back of my head and pulls me close, you kiss me hard and quick.

“Good thing we are almost there.” I hear you growl.

I sit back in my seat and your hand comes to rest on my thigh. Inching higher to tease the top of my shorts. Rubbing along my crotch. I push hard into your hand and grind my mound on your fingers and palm. I let out a little moan. Your fingers continue to slowly rub my slit.

After what feels like forever, but is really one a few more minutes, we arrive at the hotel. You take my hand and lead me up to one of the top floors. I walk in and take in the room. It’s larger than I would have imagined with a small infinity pool on the deck over looking the ocean.

“Can we please go in the pool?” I ask excited, “It looks so perfect.”

“Of course,” you chuckle “did you bring a suit?”

“No.” I reply smirking. “Is that a problem?”

I ask as I slowly pull my tank top over my head. Revealing a teal strappy and lace bra. Your eyes widen slightly and I hear your intake of breath. You had picked it out as a joke months ago while we were. browsing for lingerie together. I unbutton my shorts and slowly push them down to reveal the matching panties. You close the distance between us quickly. Pulling me close, one hand tangling in my hair and one firm on my low back, kissing me deeply and pulling my hips in tighter. My tongue probing your lips, teasing them, sliding into your mouth. Your hand in my hair tilting my head and deepening the kiss. Your tongue sliding against mine. Tasting and devouring each other. You push me backwards through the room. Your hands slowly roaming my body.

“Nice bra bahis siteleri and panties.” You whisper.

“I hoped you’d like them.” I pant my reply.

I pull your shirt over your head quickly and fumble with your fly before pushing your shorts and boxers to the floor. You step out of them and keep walking towards the deck and the pool. You pull me close again as we get the edge and you reach behind me to unclasp my bra, you step back and look at me. My cheeks begin to burn as I let the straps fall from my shoulders and the bra fall to the floor, my breasts are exposed in the cooling evening air my nipples quickly stiffening. I curb my instinct to cover them and let you look. You take another deep breath and again come closer. Your hands reaching out and cupping my large soft breasts. Your thumbs running over my hard nipples. You push my panties to the floor and rub your hands over my round ass. Cupping my ass with both hands you pull me close pressing my hips into your growing erection. I wiggle in response loving the reaction.

We turn and step into the water and sit on the built in seat. We sit hands slowly roaming. Touching every inch of each other’s bodies. Touching your chest. Hands sliding over your shoulders to your back and around to your stomach. Feeling the muscles bunching beneath my hands as they slide along. Sliding down your stomach till one hand wraps around your cock and my thumb runs over the tip. I begin stroking your cock, my hand sliding up and down. Your hand in my hair, gently pushing it out of my face. Your hand sliding down my back till you palm my ass in your hand and pull my bottom closer to you, your hand on my ass firmly and squeezing. My back arching pushing back into your hand. Looking into your eyes, seeing them filled with just and want. You lean in and kiss me slowly. Kissing you back, just as filled with lust and want. Tongue reaching out to probe your mouth and your mouth opening. Feeling you suck my tongue into your mouth and moaning in response. Pulling my tongue back and lightly nipping your bottom lip. I stop stroking you and climb into your lap.

My ass wiggling against you, hips rocking. You grab my ass again and rock me along your length between us. Your cock sliding along my wet slit. You stop kissing me and take one of my nipples into your mouth. I hold my breast out for you as you suck and bite at the sensitive bud. My heads rolls back and I moan at the sensation. You take the other into your mouth and give it the same attention. I rock harder onto your length between my legs. You reach between us and slide the tip of your cock along my wet slit, lining it up with my opening I slowly sink down onto your cock. I rock slowly at the bottom, grinding my clit into your pelvis enjoying the friction. Hands on my ass you help guide me as I ride you slowly in the water. The cool night air on my nipples keeping them hard.

Moving up and down your length almost painfully slowly, savoring the feel of you filling me, continuing to grind at the bottom. I feel your breaths growing more ragged and I smile and whimper at the sound. You stand up and bring me over the the edge where we can overlook the ocean. You turn me around and I brace myself on the side of the pool. Arching my back and giving you easy access to my needy pussy. I look over my shoulder, looking at you as you slide into my waiting pussy again and begin to thrust harder. Your hands in bruising grips on my hips.

Pulling me back again and again onto your hard waiting cock. You reach one hand around and rub my clit. I push up taller giving you better access and changing the angle, letting you get in deeper. My hand on yours I can feel bahis şirketleri my orgasm building. Your other hand reaches around and pulls me back further by my throat slamming into my wet cunt from behind I turn my head and kiss you hard. Moaning into your mouth. I feel your thrusts become more erratic and I know you are close. The walls of my pussy squeeze tighter around your cock and I feel myself reaching the edge.

“I’m gonna cum!” I whimper.

“Fuck yes, cum for me baby girl. Fuck. You’re gonna make me cum too. Cum with me baby.” You growl in my ear.

I let go and shudder my release. I feel you swell inside me and thrust hard and deep. Cumming in my pussy. We stay there for a few breathless moments my back pressed firmly to your chest. Your cock slowly sliding out of my pussy. We settle back in the water. Sitting back down and continue to kiss and touch lazily. I begin to shiver in the cold and you chuckle.

“Let’s head inside.” You say softly.

You take my hand and we shower off in the hot water. Washing each other, hands constantly touching and stroking. Kissing each inch. Kissing your chest. Shoulders. Licking along the length of your jawline, nipping at your ear.

Playfully enjoying each other.

You bring me over to the bed and we lay close together. Hands still slowly sliding along the soft expanse of skin. My fingers sliding up your inner thigh. Watching intently as your cock grows hard yet again. Watching it jump and twitch in response. My nails raking along the yet again growing length.

“I think he likes me.” I tease.

“You’re a fucking fox, of course he does.” You respond.

You fingers idly playing with my nipples. I take your cock into my hand and begin to stroke you.

Your fingers trail down and find my wet pussy. You pinch my clit and I cry out in surprise. You rub circles around it and then dip into my pussy. My walls clench around your invading fingers. I begin to stroke faster.

Suddenly you flip me over onto my back and climb behind me. Sliding the head along my slit before impaling me again from behind. Holding yourself balls deep you slap my ass.

“Fuck.” I cry out.

My pussy squeezing tight in response to the sting on my reddening ass cheek.

Pushing back into your hand and back onto your cock harder.

I look back and see you staring at my ass as the pale white skin turns a tinge of pink with a handprint. You slap the other cheek. I moan and push back on the headboard. You spank each cheek again, and again. My ass turning a bright shade of red. Burning with each spank but I want more. My walls squeezing you tightly with each slap of my ass. You begin thrusting hard into my pussy. Hands on my hips you fuck me hard and deep. You reach around and grab one of my breasts. Squeezing tight, pinching my nipple hard, I cry out.

“Fuck that feels good.”

You push me down into the bed, my ass raised in the air, my red ass cheeks glowing.

Your balls slapping crudely against me. You pound into me, faster and faster. I push back up onto my hands and push back against you, meeting you thrust for thrust. You pull me up and back by my throat and bite my shoulder. I cry out in ecstasy. The pain of my ass and shoulder mixing with the pleasure of you hitting deep inside my pussy is too much.

“I’m cumming!”

I manage to cry out. You cry out as well again filling my cunt with your seed. Pushing hard into me I feel you splash my insides with ropes of thick cum and we collapse onto the bed, both spent. Physically sated and exhausted. My pussy and my ass sore. You roll onto your side pulling me with you. My ass nestled against your hips. Your arms, one under me and the other over me pulling my back flush to your chest. My hands on your arms. Legs tangled and breaths becoming slow and steady. Heart beats returning to normal.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” You ask.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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