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Valentine Witch

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Public Sex

This is my entry to the Valentine’s Day contest. Thank you for reading it. I would appreciate your votes and your comments.

For a certain someone who watches me…

Tansy Bancroft hated Valentine’s Day.

No, that wasn’t exactly true. She loved Valentine’s Day. Every bit of it, from the sentimental specials on the Hallmark Channel to the shiny boxes of delicious chocolates to the television commercials featuring adorable tikes handing lopsided hearts to their television-perfect teachers or mothers or fathers as the announcer intoned the virtues of life insurance or overnight floral delivery services in a much too sincere baritone.

Each year on Valentine’s Day, her desk was festooned with a bright red dish of conversation hearts. She secretly left humorous little notes, along with a foil-wrapped kiss, to brighten up her co-workers’ day. Tansy even wore dangly little red hearts in her ears.

Really, Tansy thought, I love Valentine’s Day. What she didn’t love was the incessant insistence that she had to have someone to share all this with. She liked being by herself, even on Valentine’s Day . She felt no need to have someone by her side all the time.

From her co-workers to commercials, she was bombarded with messages that she should not be single, however one chose to define the term, on February 14th. But Tansy was quite happy to spend her evenings alone, reading a book and listening to her cat, Tom, purring on her lap as she stroked his soft yellow fur. She was perfectly fine with being alone.

Tansy was content to be a solitary witch, too. Technically, she supposed, she probably wasn’t a real witch at all. She wasn’t even sure if there was such a thing as “witchcraft”. She just knew there were so many more things out there than could be explained by the supreme being and the stories she learned in Sunday school classes and calling herself a solitary witch seemed to suit her just fine.

Solitary, because there wasn’t a coven for miles around as far as she knew. She didn’t have a official spell book to guide her. She didn’t even have spells. She preferred to call them wishes, good thoughts she imagined scattering through the universe like dandelion fluff. The candles she lit were simply ones she enjoyed looking at, the scented oils and spices were chosen because she liked their perfume, not for any mystical powers per se.

There was one time, however, when Tansy would have preferred not to live such a solitary life. While her days and her evenings were good just as they were, her nights were a different story. Late at night in her quiet apartment in her quiet bedroom on her quiet bed, Tansy frequently wished for someone to be with her. But that was not to be. Tonight it was just Tansy and Tom.

Tom watched intently as Tansy filled her bathtub with hot water and sprinkled in a few drops of essential oils. The scent of exotic spices and sweet tangerines wafted around Tansy as she chose some candles.

“So, Tom, what shall it be tonight? Pink or red?” she asked, smiling as she held the choices in her hands. Her cat stopped washing his white face, looked at the candles and batted at the red ones as she wiggled them in front of him.

“Red it shall be,” she said as she lit the group of red candles and placed them around the room. “You know, Tom, if you were only about six feet taller, well, and human, of course, I wouldn’t be alone tonight.” Tom chirped a quiet meow, pawed open the door and padded out of the bathroom.

Tansy sank down into the steamy water. Balancing her drink on the edge of the tub, Tansy opened her book and began to read. Her fingers drifted through the water and stroked lazily over her breasts bahçeşehir escort as the story progressed. She drained the last drops from her glass, then put the book aside and finished her bath. Grabbing her nightgown from the back of the door, Tansy wrapped herself in the cozy cotton and stepped into her bedroom.

Tom was in his usual place for that time of night. Curled up in the chintz chair in a dim corner of her bedroom. The room was so quiet, his purr could be heard rumbling from the seat. His green eyes blinked sleepily as Tansy got into bed.

Slipping between the sheets, Tansy tried to relax enough to sleep. She closed her eyes, but couldn’t seem to drift off. Her body was relaxed from her soak in the hot water, but her mind was restless from the story she’d been reading. The cotton sleep shirt she usually wore to bed felt rough and scratchy against her sensitive skin. She turned on her bedside lamp and threw the covers aside.

She opened the top drawer in her dresser and found something else to wear. Tugging the sleep shirt over her head, she exchanged the pastel knit for a jewel-colored silk chemise. She shivered as the cool fabric slithered over her warm skin. Her nipples immediately budded up and Tansy gasped at the sensation. Now, her body was as restless as her mind. She was wide awake and wanting. Wanting to be touched. Wanting to be caressed. Wanting to climax.

Turning back to the dresser, she brought a small box back to her bed. Smoothing back the covers, Tansy opened the box and took out a small dildo and a silvery bullet vibe. She put the toys beside her as she stretched out on the bed. Tansy ran her fingers over her breasts and played with her nipples through the silky fabric. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her fingers brushing over them, rubbing circles around and around. She reached down to pull the bit of silk over her head.

“No, please. Leave it on for a little longer. The color looks so good against your skin.”

Tansy’s eyes flew open. There, sitting in the chair where Tom had been napping just a second ago, was a man. His face was lost in the shadows but she could feel his eyes watching her. He was wearing a crisp white shirt and khakis. Her cat was nowhere to be seen.

Tansy supposed she should be concerned about a strange man in her bedroom, but she knew this was just a dream. A very vivid dream, but a dream nonetheless. She smiled at the man in the corner and nodded in acquiescence.

Tansy played with her nipples once more, a little harder now, pulling at them and rolling them between her fingers. She cupped her breasts in her palms and flicked her thumbs over her now aching nipples. She slid the thin straps off her shoulders and pulled the cloth down until the areolae were just barely visible.

Reaching beside her for the bullet vibe, she switched it on, the low hum the only sound in the quiet room. Tansy touched it lightly to her breasts, circling the rosy pink skin surrounding her nipples, but not touching nipples themselves. She closed her eyes, blocking out everything but the sensation as the vibe edged ever closer to the tight pink buds. Tansy gasped as the toy finally reached her nipples, first one, then the other. She caught her breath and shivered.

“Nice,” the voice in the corner murmured. The man’s face was still not quite visible, but she could see his hand as he stroked his erection through his khakis.

Tansy paused, the humming vibe clutched in her hand, and looked at him.

“Show me, Tansy. Show me what you do when I’m not here.”

Tansy let her eyelids lower as she did as he’d requested. She teased the vibe over the apex of her thighs. istanbul escort Her hips lifted, meeting the toy as it touched the sensitive flesh through her chemise. Her other hand played over her breasts, lingering on the nipples, flicking her fingernails lightly over the little buds.

The almost imperceptible sound of a zipper caught her attention. She opened her eyes and looked over in the corner, never stopping the motions of her hands as they played over her body. The man bared his erection and cupped his hand loosely around it, sliding up and down as he watched Tansy.

She brought her knees up, her feet flat on the bed. The chemise puddled around her hips, her delicately trimmed triangle of curls visible in the warm glow of the bedside lamp. Her legs fell apart, showing him the smooth skin of her labia, freshly shaved in her bath, the texture under her fingers as silky as the nightgown she now wore ruched around her waist.

Tansy stroked her fingers over the soft skin. One finger slipped between her dusky pink folds to gather up the creaminess concealed inside. She circled the small bud, gently rubbing around and around. The room fell away as all her attention was centered on that little pearl. She was still very aware of the man in the chair, though. She could hear the sounds of the chair creaking as the man sat up, the change in the cadence of his breath, perhaps even the sound of his fist as he pumped his erect cock.

Her hand hesitated over the dildo on the bed beside her. She looked up at him through downcast eyelashes. His hissed “yes” was more an intake of breath, a gasp, than a vocalized utterance. She brought it to her lips, the tip of her tongue lapping at the head. Tansy imagined it was him, his cock, she was laving as her tongue licked long strokes over the veined surface. His low growl as she sucked the end of the dildo into her mouth told her he shared her vision.

Tansy slid the phallus between her breasts, licking the tip each time it neared her lips. She touched the vibe to her clit. His gasp was a lower-pitched echo of hers. The dildo moved down her body until Tansy’s hand stopped it just below the next of curls over her mound. The man’s movements stilled, watching and waiting, waiting until Tansy ever so slowly glided the dildo into her bare pussy. Just the head at first, but then she guided the rest inside her.

The movement of his fist wrapped round his cock matched the movement of the dildo as she slid it in and then out of her pussy. Only the tip still inside her remained hidden from his view. She focused intently on his face, wishing she could see him clearly, as she brought the dildo to her mouth and licked it clean.

His “fuck” could hardly be heard, even in the quiet room, barely disturbing the air, but she felt the rumble all the way through her body from her taut pink nipples to her clit. She returned the dildo to her pussy and pressed the vibe against her clit. Her labia were all swollen, rosy and glistening with her juices as she pumped the dildo. She gasped at the sensations as her hand switched back and forth between the dildo and her breasts. Her fingers were wet with juices from her pussy. She spread the moisture on her nipples and then blew gently, shivering more from how good it felt than from any chill in the room.

A small moan escaped from her lips. The rhythm of her hips as they rose to meet the cock she held in her hand increased. Her fingers flicked faster and faster over her turgid nipples, pinching and pulling in a way that would have been almost painful any other time. But not now. Now she craved the stimulation, the way each flick, each pinch, each pull echoed in her clit. escort bahçeşehir

She thumbed the control on the vibe until the humming grew louder. Tansy touched it to her clit and stroked it back and forth over the swollen bud peeking from her widespread labia. She found just the right spot and shuddered as her clit began pulsing.

Tansy replaced the dildo with her fingers, pushing them in and out, feeling her pussy pulsate around them as her climax played over them. She quivered and shook, her entire body overcome with the feelings centered around that small pearly bud.

“Yes,” the man in the shadows moaned, “cum for me, baby.” His cum spurted over his fist as he stroked his cock. His shudders mimicked hers, his gasps for air a counterpoint to hers.

Seconds, minutes, hours passed and Tansy opened her eyes. She shivered once more, but this time it was from the coolness of the room. She pulled the slinky chemise from around her waist and tugged on the more substantial cotton sleep shirt. She yawned and reached over to gather up the toys abandoned and still buzzing on the bed beside her.

“Just sleep. I’ll clean up here,” he whispered.

Tansy’s eyelids grew heavy and a contented smile played over her lips as her body relaxed into the warm covers and she drifted off to sleep. She thought she could hear faint rustlings from the corner but they barely registered in her thoughts as her dreams began.

The buzzing of the alarm clock woke Tansy the next morning. Reaching across the bedside table, she shut off the noise. She brushed the hair out of her eyes and threw off the covers. As she sat up, her eyes rested upon the chair in the corner. It was drenched in the cool morning light filtering in through the window and completely empty.

Tansy made her way into the kitchen where she found Tom in his usual morning place, the counter right beside the cat food. He jumped down and went over to his bowl. Tansy opened the can and spooned the contents into his bowl.

“So, Tom, you won’t believe what happened last night. You turned into…” Her voice trailed away and she shook her head. “Ah, but let’s not go there. That’s impossible. I’m sure it was just a dream. A deliciously wicked dream, but just a dream nonetheless.” Tom paid no attention, much more interested in his breakfast than her words.

“Just a dream.” Those three little words became her mantra that morning, running through her head as she put away the red candles Tom had “chosen” last night.

“Just a dream,” she murmured over and over again as she showered, her bath sponge gliding over unusually sensitive nipples.

“Just a dream,” she said to herself, but the tingle of her body as she pulled on her bikini panties made her wonder.

“Just a dream,” she convinced herself, but still she folded the pale blue sweater she’d planned on wearing that day and chose one in another color, not as silky as her chemise, but the same vivid hue.

“I don’t suppose you let someone in last night?” she asked. Her question was directed to Tom who ignored her as he watched the birds on the fire escape from his perch on the back of the chair. His tail twitched and he turned to look at her and Tansy thought she saw him wink, but cats didn’t wink, did they?

Tansy finished getting ready for work and took one last look at her reflection in the mirror before she left. Her cheeks were rosier than usual and her eyes sparkled in the glass. “Just a dream,” she told herself and turned away, grabbing her purse and closing the door behind her.

Tansy hurried to catch the elevator just as a masculine hand reached out to stop the closing door. “Thanks,” she smiled at the man who’d held the door. They made small talk as the elevator made its way down. The elevator came to a stop and he stepped out. Tansy pushed the button to close the doors once more. Just as the doors whooshed closed, Tansy saw him turn and mouth the words “Cum for me, baby.”

The End

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