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Vegas Night Ch. 5

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College Sluts

Sandy woke bright and early and made sure I didn’t sleep on by giving me a quick, not too hard, jab with her elbow.

“Come on, sleepy head,” she cajoled. “Big day ahead! Long drive to Frisco ahead.” With that, she leapt out of bed, skipped round it, pulled me over onto my back, pressed her lips on mine and let her tongue gently wander round my mouth for a minute or two. She pulled away. “Don’t go getting ideas! We haven’t time. I gotta shower, dress and clean and tidy this tip up. We can’t leave it other than as we found it – spotlessly clean. Gonna show you I can be the ‘little housewife,’ and that I’m good at it but sorry, I haven’t got a little French maid’s lacy apron to wear! I know, you’d like me to, nothing else, just an apron narrow enough at the top so that my tits were on show, short enough so you could see my pussy and backless so that when I turned round my ass was on full display.” She giggled as she bounced out of the room and called back, “Bet that’s given you ideas and that Maxy’s risen to the occasion as always.”

I lay still for a moment, thinking, “Yes, Maxy bloody well has!” But he had when she kissed me, the thoughts of her wandering around the cabin in nothing but the delicious white, lacy, apron had only made him harder and ooze more pre-cum. I shook my head, sighed and climbed out of bed to make my way to the bathroom. By now, I didn’t need to ask Sandy’s permission, so I opened the shower door and stepped in beside her.

“Hmm, see he did rise!” she giggled. “But you’ll have to make him understand, he’s got a long wait today for any fun and games. Maxy won’t get any until he gets to Frisco.”

“Not fair,” I grumbled. “You’ve got a name for him, Maxy, but I haven’t got one for you.”

Sandy giggled. “You have, you know my name is Sandy, you call me that.”

“You know what I mean. I haven’t got a name for your pussy.”

“Oh,” she said, putting on her posh, prim and proper, voice. “You mean Mr Max that you would like to have a pet name for my clitoris and my vagina. Oh dear, I’m not at all sure I know you well enough for that, it’s ssooo personal. They’re my private, intimate, parts you know.” Her voice changed and there was laughter in it. “How about Sanditoo? I’m, I mean all of me is Sandy, my twat is Sanditoo — get it? I’m Sandy and my cunt is Sandy too, as well, part of me.”

“Yeah, like it,” I grinned as I gave her butt a thwack. “Get that, Sandithree, moving and let’s eat and hit the road.” Giving her no time to respond, I opened the shower door, stepped out and shut it behind me.

“Ouch, that hurt. I’m gonna get you for it later, you wait and see,” echoed after me.

By the time she emerged from the shower, I was dressed and in the kitchen rustling up some cereal — about all we had left from our meagre provisions. She walked in from the hallway with a towel wrapped round her head but otherwise naked, nodded approvingly at the bowls on the table, sat down, poured some milk into the bowl and set about demolishing its contents.

“Have you no shame, young lady?” I teased. “Sitting there calmly eating breakfast in the nude?”

“Huh,” she growled. “Ain’t nothing you haven’t seen at close quarters, nothing you haven’t kissed, licked, sucked, stuck your tongue in, fingered, pushed your fingers up, shoved Maxy into or let him shoot his load into. What the hell have I got to be modest about? If you don’t like looking at my tits resting on the table, take your brekkie and go and eat it somewhere else. I just didn’t want to dress” and adding in her clipped English, “Sandy want feel air on her body, not horrible clothes. Sandy like being all bare and naked.”

“OK, OK,” I protested reassuringly. “Wish I could look at what I’m looking at across casino şirketleri the table every morning! Sure make one helluva start to the day!”

“Hmm,” her thoughtfulness pervaded the air. “That mean that when we get back to England and go our separate ways you gonna miss little ol’ Sandy and miss Sanditoo as well?”

I couldn’t lie and didn’t want to. “You don’t need to ask, you know I will.”

She grinned. “Mmm.” Her eyes met mine and seared into them, eating their way through and into my brain to read my mind. “I believe you. Really, I do. Shall I tell you a secret? I’m gonna miss you and Maxy like hell. I wish this holiday would never end. There, I’ve said it, made a complete fool of myself — being stupid and sentimental again.” She got up, tossed her dish on the draining board and retreated to the bedroom to dress. She reappeared soon afterward attired in virginal white — clinging T-shirt, short skirt, ankle socks and sneakers. “Come on, get a move on, go and get dressed and help me clean and tidy.”

We duly did the housework, during which Sandy amazed me with her domestic abilities. I found myself thinking she was a dream — sexually uninhibited, full of fun and fun to be with, carefree, good around a house and, from what little cooking she’d done, not bad at that either! Finished with the chores, we set off for the booking office to hand in the keys and set off for Frisco. I’d worked out a route — out of Yosemite on the 140 down to Mariposa and Merced, up the 99 and then across to Oakland and Frisco — and chosen to do the first stint of driving. At the exit from the Park, Sandy noticed a roadside restaurant and suggested we stop and have a coffee and donut or, if we had something more substantial, maybe we wouldn’t notice lunchtime come and go. Therefore, we stopped for about half an hour and indulged ourselves gorging on almost everything that was on offer before setting off again.

We’d finished the climb down from the mountains and hit more or less level country when Sandy reclined her seat, leant back, pulled up her skirt, yanked the tiny bows on her hips holding on her G-string undone, tugged it free, tossed it on the floor of the car and started fingering her clit.

“Oh, no,” she snapped as she saw my hand begin to move toward her. “You just drive. I’m in desperate need of a wank and want to wank myself off time and time again. Want to drive you crazy, get Maxy producing bucket loads of cum for him to shoot out when we get to Frisco. You can have a quick look now and again but otherwise you keep your eyes on the road! I don’t want to find myself in a smash with my fingers stuck up Sanditoo! That’d give the paramedics one helluva shock! Pull me out of the wreck in that state!”

I looked round. She’d closed her eyes and her lips were parted in a half-smile. Looking down at the long finger gently moving across and around her clit made the reason for the smile only too apparent. Sandy was enjoying herself! I wasn’t! Maxy had declared World War III on my jeans and thought he was a Sherman tank trying to force its way through a brick wall. As the miles passed, I felt my jeans getting damper from all the pre-cum he was oozing. Sandy’s heavy breathing made me think she’d fallen asleep but the smile and motion of the now glistening, wet, fingers one minute gently massaging her clit and the next burying themselves inside Sanditoo proved she was very much awake. Unless she could do it in her sleep! We passed Mariposa and Merced and had almost reached Modesto before she gave a little yelp, released the seat catch and sat up.

“Mmm, that was ssooo good. Lost count of the number of times I came. Could go on for hours but guess I’d better be a good girl and take over casino firmalari the driving. Come on, pull over when you can and we’ll swap seats.” She reached down for the G-string and then back to stuff it in the bag behind her. “Feel like driving with a bare pussy,” she grinned. “Any objections? Too bad if you have!”

I pulled over and we swapped places. We hadn’t driven far before she asked, “If I ask you to do something, will you do it? No, will you promise me you’ll do what I’m going to ask you to do?”

After a moment’s thought and reaching the conclusion it couldn’t be that bad — after all, we were driving along an Interstate, I gave a suitably doubtful sounding, “OK, promise.”

“Good,” passed from her lips with a wicked laugh. “OK. Recline your seat, real low so you’re almost lying down.”

I obeyed.

“Hmm,” she murmured approvingly. “Well below window line. OK, unzip your jeans, get Maxy out and wank. Do it real slow and whatever you do, don’t come. If you get near, stop for a few minutes. If you want lubrication, just reach in my bag there, it’s near the top.”

“You’re evil!” I protested. “I’m shy. Don’t know if I can wank with you watching!”

She glanced at me, grinning broadly. “Sure you can. You know you want to. Just lie back and think that I’m sitting here driving with Sanditoo bare, no panties or G-string, and she’s all warm and wet. If it were possible, Maxy would slide into her like a knife through butter!”

“OK, you win,” I beamed as I set about obeying her wish. The miles passed, Maxy kept threatening to spew out his load and grew redder, harder and angrier because I wouldn’t let him.

“Think you best stop,” Sandy announced much to my, and Maxy’s, relief. “We’re hitting real habitation now, city streets and someone is going to see what you’re doing for sure. Did you enjoy that? I sure did. No idea what I’m going to do when we get to the hotel ‘cos the back of my skirt is soaked with all the juices Sanditoo has been leaking. Well, it’s been running out of her like water from a tap!”

I put the furious and very disgruntled back into my jeans with some difficulty — rock hard, angry, cocks don’t bend! After circling my head from what I had only just realised had become a stiff neck, I released the catch and let the seat return to its proper, upright, position.

“Oh Max,” Sandy whispered, glancing at me briefly before turning back to concentrate on the road ahead. “You’re so good for me. Vegas. Yosemite. What we’ve done there and in the car on the journey. Us both wanking like crazy from Yosemite. You know, you’re more of a randy bastard than I am a horny bitch!”

I reached over to the wheel and touched her hand, just a short caress. “And you’re good for me Sandy. You blow my mind,” I laughed, “As well as my cock! Being serious, are you OK driving into Frisco or do you want me to take over?”

“Huh,” she snapped. “You haven’t criticised my driving so far so you must think it’s OK. Yes, I’m perfectly happy to drive to the hotel. Don’t have any problems driving round Birmingham, or London come to that. Can’t see SF will give me anything I can’t handle!”

Finding our hotel couldn’t have been easier, once we’d found Market Street. Sandy decided to hide her wet skirt by tying the arms of her sweater round her waist and letting its body hang down over her ass. We checked in and went up to our room — what seemed to be standard American fare, two massive double beds, very well furnished and appointed, luxurious bathroom — all we could want especially as it was the beds that were likely to take a bashing from us. As soon as I’d tipped the bellboy and he’d closed the door, Sandy ripped off the sweater, leapt onto the nearest bed, yanked güvenilir casino up her skirt, spread her legs and softly said, “Come here and fuck me! Let Maxy blast all that cum he’s got stored up deep into Sanditoo, she wants him to, right now!”

Before she’d finished speaking, I’d kicked off my sneakers, pulled off my socks, disposed of my jeans and pants and was naked, lying on top of her, letting Maxy slide his way into the warm, welcoming, dripping wet hole that was Sanditoo.

“Not so fast, hang on, let me get this skirt and T-shirt off.” Having briefly disengaged Maxy from his quest to see just how deep inside Sanditoo he could go, Sandy was as naked as me in seconds. “OK, now put him back and start real slow!”

Our lips met and she bit and sucked at my bottom lip. I let my hips rise and fall gently, easing Maxy back and forth, in and out, of Sanditoo. Their pace quickened and the soft mattress took over some of my exertions — building in a natural bounce as Sandy’s hips were forced down into it with each inward and upward thrust and released as I drew back. She let out soft moans in time with Maxy’s increasingly frantic pounding into her and I whispered, “Not hurting you am I?”

“No,” came the reply. “Shut up, don’t talk. Fuck me. If you hurt me, I’ll let you know, don’t worry. Meantime, fuck me harder!”

I broke from our kiss, gave my hips free rein to thump down on her, forcing Maxy deep inside her cunt, and suckled a nipple, teased it with my tongue and gave it an occasional gentle nip with my teeth.

“Bite the bloody thing,” she wailed. “I’ll tell you when and if it really hurts. Fuck me hard and bite my tits. Hell, I’m horny. Must be us wanking on the way here. Want you to keep going until my cunt and tits are sore and I can’t take any more and then at that moment, when he’s as deep in me as he can go, I want Maxy to fire on all cylinders, one last jab of pain, well a series of jabs, as your cum smashes into the deepest part of my cunt. Then, your cum will cool, dribble down and soothe away any soreness. Aren’t I a dirty bitch? Can’t wait to feel your cum dribbling out of my cunt!”

My teeth locked onto her nipple and I bit, hard I thought but, without speaking, she made it clear she wanted more. I lost track of what my mouth was doing as my hips went wild to the point they’d inched Sandy up the bed and her head was crashing into the bed head in time with each downward and upward thrust. She didn’t complain as the minutes passed.

“Nnnoowww damn it, cum now,” she bellowed. “Bite my tit and cum!”

That was all the encouragement Maxy needed. My teeth seared into her hard nipple and Maxy shuddered in his death throws of blasting jerk after jerk of cum into Sanditoo before he would inevitably, and inexorably, start shrinking and easing himself free of his present captivity.

Sandy’s hands gripped my head and pulled my face up to hers so that our lips met in what was to be a long, gentle, tender kiss. “You bastard! You utter bastard! Do you know you’ve given me a headache, bashing my head against the bed head like that? And do you know I was wrong, that’s the third bloody time you’ve given me the best cum I’ve ever had! Keeps getting better and better! Hell, if I thought I’d had orgasms with blokes before you, I was wrong! Oh, so very wrong!”

She saw my hurt expression.

“Oh, don’t worry! You haven’t given me a headache, I was only joking! All I can feel right now is a slightly sore nipple and a very happy, but throbbing like mad, Sanditoo. Think she’s had a good enough seeing-to for a while.” She paused, “Well, guess it might take her as long as an hour before Maxy will be welcome inside her again!”

She pushed me away. “Come on, it’s getting dark. Let’s get dressed, drive up to Twin Peaks and look down on the city, drive back and find somewhere nice for dinner and, when we get back, who knows? Sanditoo might let Maxy play with her again!”

What Sanditoo let Maxy do next is Part VI of this saga!

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